The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 9: On the Hogwarts Express (middle)

   Repeated apologies from the other party made Jon’s impression of her a little better.

   Just saw the little snake on the suitcase. He thought this girl was one of the noble Slytherin pure-blooded members, so he never gave her a good face.

   Probably only in a small area like Europe, where close relatives are generally married and religious oppression is serious, there will be such a stupid argument that blood is everything and pure blood is noble…

   On both sides of the Pacific, a sentence “The princes will have a kind of peace” or “Everyone is born and equal” can suffocate these pure-bloodists to death.

   “In other words, are you Muggle born?” The girl looked at Jon’s expression a little softly, and asked softly.

   “Yes!” Jon frowned when he heard the word Muggle, but he nodded, “My father is a lawyer, and my mother is a costume designer!”

   “Wow!” Miss Greengrass looked very interested: “So hemp… Ordinary people also have professions like lawyers and fashion designers! I have never contacted them, and I don’t know their world at all…”

   “Of course, I think ordinary people should do better than wizards in these aspects.”

“My parents both work in the Ministry of Magic.” Miss Greenslas said casually, “I have an older sister named Daphne. She is now in the second grade. When I just got in the car, I got separated with her, uh, and a younger brother. …”

   Daphne Greengrass?

The name    sounds familiar, but there is no related memory… She should have appeared in the original Harry Potter books, but there are very few scenes, otherwise it is impossible to remember with her own memory.

   “I don’t have any brothers or sisters!” Jon said, and opened the book in his hand at the same time: “I hope there is one!”

   This sentence is true, he is an only child for both lives.

   “What are you looking at, Mr. Hart?”

   “Where are the magical animals!” Jon showed her the book in his hand: “You can call me Jon, Miss Greengrass!”

   “Then you should call me Astoria, too.” The girl blinked slyly: “Do you like magical animals too, Jon?”


   They quickly became familiar and began to discuss eagerly.

   discusses who is the smarter dwarf or fox, which is more suitable for pets and how to gain the trust of a tree guard…

   It can be seen that Astoria does know a lot about magical animals.

   “You know so much!” Astoria said with a look of envy.

   Her mother is the director of the Department of Management and Control of Magical Creatures in the Ministry of Magic, so she can learn so much about magical creatures. Unexpectedly, she pales in comparison to a Muggle-born peer like Jon Hart.

   Jon smiled, his outstanding memory is one of the few benefits he has traveled through.

   “Right, Jon!” Astoria asked suddenly, “Which college do you want to go to?”

   This question was asked by Jon all at once.

   “What about you?” He could only ask back.

   “Slytherin!” There was a trace of pride on the girl’s face: “Our whole family graduated from Slytherin! How about you?”

   “I think I should go back to Hufflepuff!” After thinking about it for a while, Jon said.

Slytherin eliminated the four colleges first. After all, he was a “sordid” hemp, and couldn’t be worthy of the noble pureblood college; Gryffindor was eliminated second and went to Gryffindor. It’s like getting close to the protagonist trio and Ginny Weasley.

   is the question of choosing one between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. In fact, neither of these Jon matters. It’s just that if I go to Ravenclaw and have to endlessly guess the brain teasers of the door knocker, it’s a bit troublesome; it’s better for Hufflepuff…

“Hufflepuff?” Astoria raised her tone subconsciously, her tone stammered: “How is this possible…I mean… My sister told me… Hufflepuff has many… …”

“Hufflepuff has a lot of eateries?” Jon smiled. It seems that Hufflepuff is at the bottom of the Hogwarts chain of contempt: “Isn’t this because Hufflepuff is the closest college to the kitchen… …To be honest, I still want to be a rice bucket!”

   “I still don’t want you to go to Hufflepuff!” Astoria lowered her head:

   “I hope you can come to Slytherin…”

   Her last sentence is very light, as small as a mosquito.

   Jon didn’t seem to hear, he was rumbling through the box.

   Soon, he uncovered a big bag from the box, which was densely packed with a lot of snacks.

Snacks on the train are always very expensive. This law is also true in the wizarding world… A year ago, the two main protagonists of Porter and Weasley, it was here that they spent almost two-thirds of the extra to buy snacks. Long.

   Jon, who has a “poor family background”, naturally won’t spend this amount of wronged money.

   Two days before departure, he went to the ASDA supermarket on Eastleigh Road to buy a large bag of snacks, enough for him to eat at Hogwarts for a week.

   “This is hemp… your ordinary snack?” Astoria asked curiously. U U Reading

   “Of course, do you want some?” While talking, Jon threw a bottle of Coca-Cola over.

   “Thank you…” Astoria hurriedly caught the bottle of drink.

   “But you better not open it directly…”



   Astoria directly unscrewed the can of Coke, and then countless bubbles burst and splashed on her body!

   “Ah…what kind of magic is this?” She smiled happily, “It’s really interesting!”

   “Uh, you’d better wipe it, this thing will be sticky after it dries.” Jon quickly handed over the tissue, and put a bunch of snacks on Astoria’s seat. Including grilled French fries, raw French fries, French fries; as well as grilled cod, grilled trout, grilled salmon and grilled flounder…

   At this moment, there was a loud noise from the aisle.

   “My dear, do you want to buy some food in the car?”

A woman with a dimpled smile and a dimpled face pushed open the compartment door, looking at Astoria, who was full of bubbles but happy on her face, and Jon, who was holding a tissue next to her, she couldn’t help being stunned. .

   “I want it!” Astoria blushed immediately, pushed Jon away, and ran down the aisle.

But she came back soon, holding bibidu beans, super bubble gum, chocolate frog, pumpkin pie, pot cake, licorice stick, and some weird things that Jon had never seen before. food.

   “Come on, give it to you!” She pushed half of it to the opposite side.

   “Thank you!”

   Just as the two were eating, the compartment door opened again.

   “Astoria, you are here!” A sharp voice came from outside the door.

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