The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Vol 3: Chapter 547: Death of Voldemort

“Jon… Sirius… Mr. Weasley…” Harry was dumbfounded, looking at the faces that suddenly appeared around him.

Although he didn’t understand what happened, one thing was certain, and that was that they seemed to have come prepared.

Even Snape, it might be the case, he was already prepared.

Among the people present, he and Voldemort were probably the only ones who were kept in the dark.

But if there were any surprises, it was Voldemort himself.

The former Dark Lord now looks around with dull eyes, watching the wizards approaching each and every step…

A look of fear began to appear on his face.

Because he can feel that the power in this body is not his own power…This power is very weak, like a young wizard, like a Hogwarts student.

The wizards of the Order of the Phoenix in front of him, even if they were together at his peak, even if Snape and Potter were added, Tom Riddle would not have any fear… But now, he might even have one of them. One cannot deal with it.

what is the problem……

Why is this…

Tom Riddle looked around in confusion.

In the end, he focused his eyes on Jon Hart.

“Hart!” Voldemort said fiercely, even though his low growl now smelled of incompetent rage.

“Good afternoon, Tom.” Jon greeted with a smile.

“What the **** did you do to me?” Voldemort said tremblingly.

Jon Hart is not in a hurry at this time, because at this moment, he has a complete victory…He is fully qualified, just like the villain, to let Voldemort die clearly.

“Well, you might be able to step back. I have something that I want to talk to my old friend.” Jon glanced at the wizards of the Order of the Phoenix and said calmly.

Moody, Lupin, Weasley… they all stepped back a few steps, and withdrew dozens of yards away.

Sirius Black looked at Harry Potter with some worry, and then turned into a **** dog, backing away a little.

Now, there were only four people left here: Voldemort, Snape, Harry and Jon.

“As you guessed, Tom… Harry is one of your Horcruxes.” Jon said slowly, “But it’s also your weakest Horcrux… You just passed the death curse inadvertently. A small piece of soul bounced off, attached to Harry…”

“…But on the other hand, Harry is also the Horcrux most closely connected with you.” Jon continued to explain, “Because when he became your Horcrux, he was still a baby, almost nothing… …Your soul grew up with his soul and lived for sixteen years…In a sense, Harry Potter is your best amulet, because once you die, he will follow Death, and we usually don’t want to see this happen. It’s a pity that you never realized it, Tom.”

“Harry Potter…” Voldemort’s gaze glared at Harry’s location, but it was a pity that Snape had firmly protected him behind him.

“And there is only one way to solve this problem.” Jon smiled, and then said: “That is to let you use your Horcrux Harry Potter to reshape your body…”

“What are you talking about?” Voldemort’s face changed slightly.

“I’m not bragging, Tom… I may not be under you for the understanding of Horcruxes.” Jon spread his hands: “Your soul on Harry is too weak, so once you make it into a Horcrux, That piece of soul will return to you… But the soul of Harry’s body, after more than ten years of nourishment, its soul strength is much higher than your original soul that is riddled with holes and rags… …”

Voldemort’s hands were shaking.

“…Do you know what will happen next? That is the soul that you grew up on Harry, occupying the initiative of your soul… Therefore, the resurrected Dark Lord, whose body really gets magical power, and Ha Lee Potter is comparable, not the same body you used to be!”

Everything is very clear.

Voldemort understood it all!

No wonder the strength of his body is so weak.

It turned out that it was the soul fragment in Harry Potter’s body that took the initiative in his body…

No wonder, all this went so smoothly; no wonder, Harry Potter was sent to him like a vain; no wonder, Jon Hart and his lackeys did not appear until the end of reshaping his body .

“Then Severus…” This time, Voldemort looked at Snape: “Why? Why do you want to betray me?”

“It’s a pity, Tom… Severus Snape was never yours!” Jon spread his hands again. “He’s from Dumbledore… Uh, or mine… “

Snape glared at Jon suddenly, trying to stop Jon from continuing.

But Jon ignored him.

“… Ever since you started planning to kill Lily Potter, he has been on our side. It’s a pity that you never realized this, or you don’t know love at all. You have never seen Sze The patron saint of Nep, Tom?”

“Hart!” Snape reminded softly.

“But I have seen that Severus Snape’s patron saint is-the deer!” Jon continued, “Well, exactly like Lily Potter…the two of them grew up together as their childhood sweethearts. Since they were children, he has loved her almost all of his life, do you understand?”

He saw Voldemort’s nose flapping.

“So at the beginning, he begged you to spare her life, didn’t he? When he secretly told you that prophecy!”

“He wants her, that’s all.” Voldemort sneered: “But once she is gone, he also knows that there are other women in this world, women of pure blood, more worthy of him—”

“Of course he would say that…” Jon also smiled: “Because he has been a spy for the Order of the Phoenix from that time… It starts when you decide to kill Harry Potter.”

“Enough, Hart!” Snape roared.

“Okay, don’t say it.” Jon sighed: “Just looking at Tom’s expression, he doesn’t seem to believe what I said.”

“He was right…” Snape said coldly, “Let’s!”

After all, he grabbed Harry Potter and forced him out of here.

“Okay, Tom.” Looking at the lonely Voldemort in front of him, Jon said calmly: “I have said everything, and be a good wizard in your next life. If you can also go through…”

At the same time, he raised his wand:

“Avada Kedavra!”

A green light flashed, and Voldemort, who had not yet had time to react, fell to the ground.

he died.

This time, it was really dead.

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