The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Vol 3: Chapter 548: celebration

The mysterious man is dead!

Such a news, like a bolt from the blue, spread throughout the British Isles in this midsummer.

The British wizards were confused by the news at first, and many people even thought it was fake news…

Because of some repeated experiences in the past, many wizards even have the illusion that mysterious people will never die and will only be defeated.

However, as the Ministry of Magic publicly confirmed at the press conference, the “Daily Prophet” published the news on the front page of the headline, as well as a joint statement by several tabloids…

They are gradually realizing that this news is likely to be true.

A few days later, when the famous Auror Aristo Moody, a certain director of the Ministry of Magic Arthur Weasley, and the well-known Order of the Phoenix member Sirius Black, and others returned to England, they brought the body of the mysterious man When I came back, and published the photos of the body in the Daily Prophet——

All the witches and wizards of England really realized that the mysterious man was really dead this time!

At the same time they are boiling!

Celebrate fervently and begin to sweep the entire British Isles.

As Minister Amelia Burns said: “I insist that the celebration will be our inalienable power!”

In the past few decades, although the mysterious man has left people’s sight many times, even if he does, his terrifying deterrent still exists.

Those wizards and wizards who are unwilling to succumb to mysterious people are always worried that one day, the mysterious people will return and threaten their lives again.

But now, this threat has completely disappeared…Because the mysterious man, this time left this world forever.

Someone began to release a large number of owls and inform everyone they knew about the news; some began to celebrate in the Muggle world; some even planned to openly create a meteor shower… But these violations were quickly stopped by the Ministry of Magic. Up.

“Celebration party, also need to abide by the confidentiality law”… This is the new slogan put forward by the Ministry of Magic.

And the Ministry of Magic stated that it will impose severe penalties on violations of the “Wizard Secrets Act” during the celebration.

At the same time, what is more concerning is who actually eliminated the mysterious man?

In the past, the wizarding society always believed that Albus Dumbledore, the former headmaster of Hogwarts, was the person most feared by the mysterious man.

But a few months ago, with the unexpected death of Professor Dumbledore, people even thought that the mysterious person would become inextricable.

Unexpectedly, just a few months later, the mysterious man also followed Dumbledore and left the world…

But the answer to this news soon came to fruition.

According to the news from insiders of the Order of the Phoenix, it was not someone else who killed the mysterious man, but it was Jon Hart, the new young principal at Hogwarts.

Many wizards talked about this, discussing how President Jon Hart defeated the mysterious man.

Although the members of the Order of the Phoenix were silent about the process of this battle.

But everyone guessed, in any case, this must be a very difficult battle…

After all, the opponent is a mysterious man, the most powerful dark wizard in the past half century.

Even some tabloids published the whole process of the battle between Principal Hart and the mysterious man in a duel…Finally, at the very moment, Mr. Hart narrowly defeated the mysterious man and won the final victory.

There are also many wizards discussing that Principal Jon Hart has the power to defeat mysterious people at a young age.

So in time, after a few years, will he be able to stand higher than the former Professor Albus Dumbledore?

The answer to this question is still unknown so far, but many people agree with the answer.

Some important international wizarding organizations have also responded to this.

For example, the Sir Merlin has decided to award Jon Hart the first-class Merlin Medal to reward him for defeating the mighty dark wizard Voldemort.

He therefore became the youngest recipient of the Merlin Medal of the First Class in history.

Many organizations, including the International Wizards’ Federation, Wizengamore Tribunal, and the European Wizards’ Association, have all issued statements, hoping that President Jon Hart can succeed the late President Albus Dumbledore and inherit An important position in the association.

Of course, Jon Hart himself, who is at the heart of the storm, has been very low-key and has never appeared in the UK.

There are rumors that he is still in the Balkans to deal with the final aftermath of the Voldemort incident.

Even the first class Merlin Medal was received by Professor Minerva McGonagall, the vice president of Hogwarts.

As for the body of the mysterious man, it was taken to Azkaban Island in the North Sea.

The Ministry of Magic made a humanoid statue from the corpse of a mysterious man and placed it at the front entrance of the Azkaban Wizarding Prison.

With this statue, be wary of the dark wizards throughout England and even all of Europe. Don’t try to use dark magic to commit illegal acts…Even a dark wizard as powerful as a mysterious man will eventually be defeated by justice. So, don’t have any chances.

According to the design of the Ministry of Magic, this statue can last at least three hundred years.

I believe that for many years in the future, the dark wizards hiding in the dark corners will timidly retract their feet.

According to rumors, when this statue appeared, many criminals in Azkaban who had been imprisoned for life went crazy overnight; at the same time, many criminals committed suicide in fear of crime.

Harry Potter did not return to Privet Drive.

Although he is not yet seventeen years old, he is not officially an adult.

But the protective magic of No. 4 Privum Road has expired.

The protective magic that Lily Evans used with her life during her lifetime was aimed at Voldemort and his followers… With the death of Voldemort, this magic was completely useless.

According to rumors, a wizard wearing a black robe and cloak, along with Harry Potter, went to No. 4 Privet Road and picked him up from there.

As for where Mr. Porter spent this summer vacation, I don’t know.

From Southampton to Glasgow, wizards across the UK are now eagerly gathering.

Every time you go to a gathering place for wizards, you can meet at least ten different parties

People raised their glasses and shouted: “Cheers to the hero who wiped out the mysterious man, Mr. Jon Hart!”

It’s a pity that Principal Jon Hart could not see such an exciting scene for the time being.

Because at this moment, he is still in Greece.

It is different from Harry Potter and the Weasleys who have finished their trip to Greece early.

He also needs to continue his summer trip with two companions.

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