The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Vol 3: Chapter 550: Break between sisters

Dinner is a very rich seafood feast.

Clams, scallops, shrimps, cod, salmon, hermit crabs, oysters, fresh squid, sea intestines, razor clams… all kinds of seafood, almost everything, and the taste is very good.

Astoria looks very happy.

“Open your mouth!” She leaned over to Jon and said softly.

Jon opened his mouth without hesitation, and then, something soft was stuffed into his mouth.

It is Astoria’s freshly peeled oysters.

“Is it delicious?”

“It’s delicious!” Jon said.

“Then do you remember the Christmas Eve three years ago.” Astoria said with a smile, her face filled with happiness: “That’s how I fed you oysters back then!”

“Of course I remember.” Jon also said with a smile: “I still remember that you wore a white dress and light makeup that night… That was definitely the most beautiful time in my memory.”

“Then am I not beautiful now?” Astoria pouted.

“You are naturally beautiful now!” Jon nodded quickly.

“Then me now, or the me on Christmas Eve three years ago, which one is more beautiful?” Astoria still didn’t give up and asked.

“Of course you will be the most beautiful tomorrow.” Jon blinked, not falling into the girl’s “trap”.

Astoria’s cheeks suddenly turned red.

She turned her head slightly to the other side: “Huh… glib tongue!”

Jon picked up a tissue and wiped his mouth gently.

“Didn’t you just feed it?” He said, “Good oil!”

“Ahem!” A dry cough made Jon and Astoria’s eyes turn to the other side of the round table.

They just remembered that there was another person on this round table, Daphne Greengrass.

Daphne stood up expressionlessly: “I’m full!”

Then, she lowered her head, hurriedly left the position, and went back to the hotel room upstairs.

Seeing her sister’s back, Astoria suddenly asked softly: “You said, we are like this in front of my sister, is it too much?”

“…” Jon closed his mouth obediently, and began to say nothing.

“Say it!” Astoria pushed him gently.

“I…” Jon could only shook his head: “I don’t know either!”

“Huh.” Jon only felt that he was pinched slightly, and then Astoria’s voice came from his ear: “Playing stupid again.”

“really do not know……”

“Actually…it seems a bit too much!” Astoria muttered to herself:

“But seeing my sister being unhappy, seeing my sister crying secretly, watching my sister deliberately avoiding me… I don’t know why, I will be very happy!”

“…” Jon suddenly felt that he was walking on the edge of a cliff, and would fall into the abyss if he was careless.

“Jon, am I bad?” Astoria pinched him lightly again, her voice becoming softer and softer: “Aren’t you very selfish?”

“Um… actually… it’s okay…” Jon could only say perfunctorily, “This is normal!”

“But, who told her to fight with me!” Astoria pouted suddenly:

“After a few hours, grab toys with me, then grab snacks with me, and then grab clothes with me…”

“I can give them to her and share them with her. After all, we are good sisters!”

“But not now!”

“Absolutely not!”

“Absolutely absolutely!”

“Right, Jon?” Astoria blinked, then looked at Jon’s eyes.

Jon could only nodded dumbly.

“Shall we go to see the sea?” Astoria suddenly put down the cutlery in her hand, then stood up.

“Okay, I have no opinion!”

Jon also felt the pressure in this seafood restaurant.

He also wants to go out, breathe a little.

In the calm night, the sound of the waves of the sea can be faintly heard.

A round bright moon hung in the sky. There is also a full moon in the endless sea, which is a reflection.

The summer sea breeze has a faint smell of sea, blowing on the hair, cheeks and body of Jon and Astoria.

“I’m a little cold!” Astoria said softly.

Jon took off his coat and prepared to put it on Astoria.

However, Astoria shook his head.

“No, I want you to hold me tight, Jon!”

Jon nodded, then opened his arms, holding Astoria tightly in his arms.

In the roaring sea breeze, the two cuddled closely together, as if they would never separate…

“Jon…I am so happy to have you by my side!” Astoria shrank into Jon’s warm embrace, whispered.

“Me too…” Jon nodded, “Meeting you is also the happiest thing in my life.”

“What about sister?” Astoria suddenly asked again: “Is it happiness to meet her?”

“Actually…” Jon’s tone gradually became serious:

“The first time I saw your sister, it was not long after I met you… If I saw you at the first time, it left a deep impression in my heart; then when I saw your sister at the first time, it also left behind I was deeply impressed, but it was the opposite.”

“But later, with certain contacts, my attitude towards her changed, and my impression of her gradually improved…not because of anything else, but because she is your sister!”

“But no matter how you change, she is far inferior to you!” Jon said softly, “I don’t know what you are worried about… From the beginning, you are not on the same starting line; from the beginning, you are better than her. A lot ahead…”

“So! I met her only because she is your sister; my true feelings for you will always be ten thousand times more than her!”

“Jon…” Astoria’s voice suddenly became tender.

But you can hear she is really happy and happy.

“Or… I won’t go back to my sister’s room tonight!” She said tremblingly.

“What…what…” Jon’s voice couldn’t help but trembled, his face flushed slightly in the dark.

“Ashamed of me… Do you want me to repeat it…” Astoria retracted her head completely into Jon’s arms and refused to look up.

On the other side, in that Muggle hotel.

Daphne Greengrass looked at the mirror in front of her.

She thought for a long time… a long time…

In the end, she seemed to have made some determination!

She stood up.

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