The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Vol 3: Chapter 551: Sister and younger sister compound

It was getting dark, unknowingly it was late.

Jon and Astoria, the two have been strolling along the beach for a long time.

They talked to each other sincerely… talked a lot about the past, about the present, about the future!

While chatting, while walking on the beach.

Until the two of them both walked a little tired…

“How about… shall we go back?” Jon asked in a low voice.

“Okay!” Astoria nodded, her face suddenly flushed.

Soon, they returned to the beach hotel where they had stayed.

Thinking of what Astoria said before, Jon suddenly became nervous.

In fact, it is not just him alone. Astoria’s small hands are also full of sweat at this time.

They walked past the room where the Greengrass sisters had lived, and then walked to the room Jon had reserved.

The two could not help slowing down, no one spoke, just holding hands, close, close…

Soon, they came to the door of the room.

Jon took a deep breath, then held the door handle and pushed it lightly.

The door opened, but the two of them still stood at the door, looking at each other, neither dared or embarrassed to go in.

“What are you waiting outside?” A slightly bored voice suddenly came from inside the house.

Whether it was Jon or Astoria, they were almost taken aback.

“Sister… why are you… in Jon’s room…” Astoria stammered.

“I’m waiting for you to come back…” Daphne Greengrass replied faintly: “To be honest, I’ve been waiting for a while!”

Jon and Astoria looked at each other, then involuntarily looked at Daphne in the room.

Daphne sat there quietly, her waist straight and her face very serious.

“Sister!” Astoria seemed to have a sense of crisis, she quickly took a few steps forward.

“Mr. Hart!” Daphne looked at Jon suddenly, and said coldly: “I want to talk to my sister, okay?”

On the surface, this sentence was an inquiry; in fact, while speaking, Daphne stretched out her hand and closed the door.

In this way, Jon Hart was easily shut out by her.

At this time, he suddenly realized…This seems to be his own room.

Sisters Astoria and Daphne, they face each other like this, looking at each other.

“Sister!” Astoria took the initiative: “Why did you come to Jon’s room?”

“What about you?” Daphne did not answer, but instead asked: “Why did you come to his room instead of going back to our room?”

“I’m Jon’s girlfriend!” Astoria said confidently, “So I will come to his room. Is this reason sufficient?”

As she spoke, Astoria’s eyes looked straight at her sister.

“I’m here to find my sister!” Daphne said quietly, “Is this reason sufficient?”

Astoria was stunned, her cheeks flushed slightly: “How would you know…how would you know that I would be here…”

And Daphne calmly said: “I am your sister, how can I not understand you, maybe I know yourself better than you.”

The two sisters couldn’t help being silent for a while, and there was nothing to say to each other.

“Sister, what do you want?” Astoria took a breath and asked formally.

“What do I want?” Daphne smiled: “If I say, I want you to give Jon to me?”

“I can’t do it!” Astoria shook his head decisively: “Other things…anything…maybe I can let you…”

“…But Jon can’t!”

“I know, you will definitely answer that way!” Daphne said softly.

“Sister, I don’t understand… Why do you have to grab it with me?” Astoria said angrily: “Since I was a child, I grabbed toys with me, and then grabbed snacks with me, and later with I grab clothes to wear…”

“Because I like him!” Daphne said confidently.

“Huh?” Astoria gave her sister a strange look.

“Yes, I just like it.” Daphne’s voice seemed unusually calm: “I watched him come together with you, I watched happily getting along together, I watched him work hard for your curse , I know how much pressure he is under, and I also know how much risk he is risking…”

“So, I’m slowly falling in love with him… When exactly did it start, I don’t know… In short, just like!” Daphne continued, her voice not excited: “It’s wrong to like someone. Huh? I’m also a woman! Maybe when I was on the train, if I didn’t say that, it would be me sitting in your seat now…”

“…And it will be you who are jealous and envious…”

Astoria looked at her sister, she was very surprised and a little scared, she didn’t know what to say!

“So, are you scared?” Daphne smiled again: “Actually, you were the one who was wrong. Since childhood, you have been robbing me…”

“You are more beautiful than me, gentler than me, and more affectionate than me… Whether it’s mom, Emily or Hodder, they all like you more… Whether toys, snacks or clothes, you can get it, It’s always much more than me… It can even be said that I can only use what you have left…”

“Of course I knew why, but I didn’t know…”

“So you have always been stealing my things, not me, my dear sister!”

Daphne stood up suddenly, she walked to Astoria’s side, and then hugged her sister tightly:

“But as a sister, I always let my sister… even if it is something very important in her heart!”

“Because… that is my dearest, favorite, and most beloved sister!”

She bent down and kissed Astoria’s cheek:

“good night!”

Daphne Greengrass had already walked out after Astoria Greengrass was stupefied.

“Sister…” Astoria murmured, tears left behind her eyes.

Jon was still waiting at the Suddenly, the door was opened.

Daphne Greengrass came out.

She said coldly: “Mr. Hart, if you fail my sister in the future, I won’t forgive you!”

After speaking, she turned and left.

Jon looked at Daphne’s back with a little surprise. He always felt that the tone of the other party talking to him this time was completely different from before.

Daphne Greengrass walked like this, walked…

Go all the way to the corner of the stairs.

She bent down and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.

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