The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Vol 3: Chapter 552: The returning principal

For Harry Potter, there is no doubt that this is the most relaxing, happiest and happiest summer vacation he has ever had.

Since he is seventeen years old, he can now use magic unscrupulously outside of school (the feeling of apparition from the bed to the restaurant to eat is really great).

Even life at No. 4 Privender Road has become a lot more interesting.

Professor Severus Snape visited here again, and he met Aunt Petunia…

Harry didn’t know what they were talking about, but since then, Aunt Petunia’s attitude towards magic has improved a lot.

Together with Uncle Vernon and Dudley, their attitude towards him has improved a lot; at least for things like magic, they suddenly became less disgusted.

If it were placed a few months ago, Harry never thought that he would live in harmony with the Dursley family, and he never thought that there would be a day to repair his relationship with Professor Severus Snape… …

Sometimes life is so incredible!

In addition to Professor Snape, another wizard also visited No. 4 Privet Drive——

Sirius Black, Harry’s godfather.

Because of his previous “wanted criminal” experience, Sirius was obviously not very popular with the Dursleys; although they tried their best to show this unwelcome and not on their faces.

Sirius was here to pick Harry away, because he was officially seventeen years old, and because the unnamed demon has died… Harry finally no longer has to return to his uncle and aunt’s house every summer vacation. Up.

This was good news… But when the final parting took place, Harry suddenly felt a little bit reluctant.

In retrospect, he had been here for sixteen years…Although the sixteen years of life were not pleasant, after all, his uncle and aunt raised him a little bit, allowing him to grow up healthy for so long.

“Goodbye,” Harry Potter said, and he waved toward No. 4 Privet Drive, toward Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley.

He also bid farewell to his youth.

And at Hogwarts–

Professor Minerva McGonagall, the vice-principal, was very busy during this time and there was almost no time to rest.

On the one hand, it’s about the school–

Although Hogwarts has come to the summer vacation and the students are enjoying their vacation at home, the work of teachers can continue.

The first thing that Professor McGonagall has to solve is some questions about the freshmen and send them a letter of admission. Those Hogwarts freshmen from Muggles still need guidance from the dean; of course, there are also old students. Transcripts, especially those students who took the OWLs and NEWTs exams, can’t easily make mistakes; not to mention those graduates, their career guidance and graduation tracking, Hogwarts is responsible for it… …

Of course, Hogwarts also needs two new professors, a professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts and a professor of Potions.

Professor Galatia Melos has decided to resign. She is too old to withstand the toss of Hogwarts; and Professor Horace Slughorn, because of some personal affairs, He is no longer willing to teach at Hogwarts…

Professor McGonagall retrieved Professor Snape, he had been cleared of his grievances, and there was no longer any restriction on the status of Death Eaters.

He also agreed to return to Hogwarts, serving as a potions professor and dean of Slytherin College.

As for the position of the professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, this annoying problem has been tossing Professor McGonagall for more than a month… For some reasons, this position is not easy to recruit.

These tasks should be taken care of by the principal.

However, Principal Jon Hart has “disappeared mysteriously” more than a month ago…

Of course, it was not completely lost contact. Every few days, he would still take Phoenix Fox to send a letter back to Hogwarts; “pretend” to understand the situation at Hogwarts.

Professor McGonagall, as the vice president, was almost itchy to the young principal.

But she also had to take on these tasks to maintain order at Hogwarts.

On the other hand, it is related to the mysterious person who was wiped out not long ago-

The young principal of Hogwarts, Jon Hart, wiped out the most terrifying black wizard of the 20th century. This news has spread throughout the magical world…Countless letters, mailed from all over the country, and the target Naturally it was Principal Jon Hart.

The principal’s office is already in chaos, because at least dozens of owls pass by every day…If it is not cleaned up in time, there might be more owl droppings and feathers than the owl shed.

To be honest, Professor McGonagall has lived so long, this is the first time he has encountered this situation.

Even ordinary letters, many excited wizards sent roaring letters… If this kind of letter is not processed in time, it would be terrible.

Professor McGonagall is almost exhausted by this, she is almost exhausted…

Until one day in mid-August, the exhausted Professor Minerva McGonagall sat at the principal’s desk and ended her tiring day.

At this moment, she heard the sound of the ugly stone monster downstairs.

“Damn it!” Professor McGonagall’s expression suddenly shook, and he sprang up.

There is no doubt that only one person can easily break into this principal’s office——

“Principal Hart!” She opened the door and shouted angrily.

But it was not Principal Jon Hart who appeared in front of her, but a little girl.

And Principal Jon Hart was behind her with a radiant face.

“Oh, Miss Greengrass…” Professor McGonagall changed his face slightly, “Well, I’m not targeting you, but I have something to report to our principal, many, many…”

She said angrily.

“Jon, Professor McGonagall…” Astoria Greengrass whispered, “I’ll avoid it first…”

She quickly turned and walked down the stairs.

Professor McGonagall couldn’t wait for her to, pointed directly at Jon Hart’s nose, and began to complain–

Including so much work at Hogwarts, and those **** roaring letters, and owl droppings…

Jon was a little embarrassed, so he had to explain: “Well, Professor McGonagall… I’m sorry, I was injured a little while fighting Voldemort… So during this period of time, more than a month, I have actually been Heal… well, heal…”

This clumsy excuse deceived the “innocent” Professor McGonagall.

“Then are you okay, kid…” she quickly asked with a look of concern, “Is the injury still serious?”

“No…nothing…” Jon was a little guilty and shook his head quickly.

Of course there is nothing to recuperate… Jon spent more than a month on vacation. After his trip to Greece, he went to Geneva again.

The headquarters of the International Quidditch Federation is located there… The main purpose of Jon’s passing was to talk about the new Quidditch rules… During his free time on vacation, he took some time to write. Some improvements to the Quidditch movement-

Including the cancellation of the seeker, changing the timing rules, giving the batter a better weapon to control the ball, and better protection measures for the goalkeeper… and so on.

To this end, he had a cordial exchange with Mr. Hassan Mustafa, Chairman of the International Quidditch Federation.

“Professor McGonagall, what’s going on at Hogwarts?” Jon sat down and asked.

“Actually it’s nothing…” Professor McGonagall’s expression eased, “It’s just that we need a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher!”

“Don’t worry about this.” Jon smiled:

“I have found someone…”


“Her name is Professor Vita Rozier!”

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