The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 1: Wear book

“Weichi! Yuchi!”

I don’t know anyone’s screams echoed in his mind. With a sense of weightlessness, the violent airflow made Yu Chili’s eyes blurred, and the surrounding scenery was squeezed and deformed. Yu Chili tried to open his eyes, trying to keep the last piece of sky in his sight.

I think that her famous explorer, Wei Chili, died because of a bird hitting a cliff.

The light in front of me dimmed and brightened again, but this time it was candlelight.

WTF? Yu Chili opened his eyes wide, trying to see the carved candlestick that was only an arm away from her.

The candlestick is very old, with rusty bronzes, and it is covered with old candle tears, wax oil dust, which makes it a little uncomfortable. Yu Chili moved his arm, and there was a warmth from his fingertips, ticking.

She turned her stiff neck and stared at the woman below her.

The woman was crying, and Yu Chili couldn’t tell what kind of eyes they were, misty, but they seemed to contain the vast rivers and seas, weak and stubborn.

And Yu Chili was holding a cold, sharp knife in his hand, the blade still close to the woman’s face.

Seeing this situation and this scene, Yu Chili’s eyes went dark and almost fainted. Thanks to the experience of walking north and south by herself for these years, she just stood firm, and the knife in her hand had not moved half a minute.

The woman trembled all over, staring at Yu Chili with a pair of apricot eyes, her clothes half untied and tearful eyes, but instead of concealing the stunning eyebrows, she added a touch of beauty.

The candlelight was dim, and the spots of light trembled in her misty eyes.

This scene, this posture, how does it look so wrong…

“You kill me.” The woman tried to stand up straight, her voice trembling.

Yu Chili wanted to cry too, she didn’t know who was more afraid of them now, who she was, where was she, what was she doing?

A thought flashed through Yuchi’s centrifugation. Isn’t he… the other girl?

She wanted to cry without tears. Could it be that she is dreaming now, but the touch in her hand is so real, the woman’s skin is like a piece of warm jade, it feels smooth and can be broken by blowing.

The woman was extremely hard-tempered. Taking advantage of Yuchi’s effort to escape from the soul, she broke the knife from Yuchili’s hand and slashed her white and slender neck.

Upon seeing this, Yu Chili let out a cold sweat, and hurriedly reached out and grabbed her wrist. At the moment of the moment, he forced the blade to turn in the opposite direction, and the knife fell to the ground with a clang.

Yu Chili put the woman in his arms, twisted her hands behind her, and firmly controlled it.

“Are you crazy?” Yu Chili was in shock, but as soon as his voice fell, he felt a tingling pain in his shoulder.

This guy actually bites! Yu Chili gritted his teeth and whispered, “Are you from a dog?”

However, before she did her hands, a scabbard hit the woman’s shoulder heavily. The woman softened and fell forward, and Yu Chili subconsciously hugged her.

She was very light, under her clothes made of tulle, she was pitifully thin and weak, and she hugged her with just one ring.

When Yu Chili looked down, the woman also looked at her, with endless sadness and hatred in her eyes. She said every word: “Wei Chili, one day, I want you to pay for it.”

“What nonsense?” There was a voice behind him, and Yu Chili was startled, and turned around to look at him, and saw a girl in a long robe with wide sleeves, holding a sword in her arms, slamming in the corner like a god.

Looks like a maid, or guard.

Seeing that Yu Chili looked at her, the girl immediately became respectful, with a gentle expression: “Princess, it’s late, let’s do it.”

“Move, what hand?” Yu Chili was stunned.

“Take Liu Luoyi naked and throw it under the city wall. Didn’t you plan for a long time?” The girl was also dumbfounded.

Liu Luoyi…how could this name be so familiar? Yu Chili looked at the woman in her arms, Luo Yi, a woman with such a look, the name was worthy of her.

But the top priority now is to figure out what the **** is this?

Yu Chili looked at the girl and tentatively said: “Sister…”

The girl frowned and said, “Princess, Xin Ran has warned you many times that now you are not in the Northern Territory. You can’t call your slaves sisters. If you let Lu Yunkui again, no, my uncle will see you again.

When the name Lu Yunkui was mentioned, her expression showed a hint of disgust, but it seemed that it was because of the presence of Yu Chili that he had taken the disgust back.

Lu Yunkui, Liu Luoyi… Yu Chili thought for a while, and his body suddenly trembled three times.

Isn’t this the novel she read before! ?

Yuchili received an invitation from several geologists a few days ago and entered Shennongjia with them. Before entering the depths of the forest, he stayed at the homes of local villagers.

At that time, she was idle and bored, so she picked up an old novel with an old cover. The story in it was called a thousand times, and the blood was so terrible that Wei Chili was so angry that she scolded him while watching it.

The general content is that the male protagonist Lu Yunkui admires the female protagonist Liu Luoyi and came to propose marriage, but because of his low status, Liu Luoyi’s father was ridiculed by Liu Luoyi’s father, and finally fled and hated the female protagonist since then.

It is described in the secret book that Lu Yunkui is very thoughtful and he must report to him. It happened that the neighboring country Northern Territory brought a princess to visit. He set up a situation to make the princess fall in love and marry him desperately.

Lu Yunkui also designed to frame the heroine’s father, causing the heroine’s father to go to jail and his family was destroyed.

The hostess was also demoted as a slave, so he bought the hostess back at a very low price and stayed with him.

Next is the common essay abuse routine. The male protagonist used all methods to abuse the female protagonist in the early stage, and as a vicious female partner with the pro-princess, he naturally has to be virgin to struggle with the protagonist.

Finally, under the torture and courtship of the male lead day after day, the female lead finally accepted the male lead. After the female partner tried her best to promote the male lead to a high position, she was framed by the male lead for not observing the woman’s way and was locked in the house day and night. Torture, painful.

In the end, the blackened heroine stabbed the female partner to death with a big vengeance.

Happy ending, happy and healthy.

The most terrifying thing is that the vicious female partner who died tragically was also called Yu Chili.

Yuchili shivered again.

“Princess, if you don’t do anything, Auntie will be back.” Xin Ran warned.

Yu Chili suppressed his mind forcibly, not to mention what the strange thing was, as long as he didn’t die, it was a good thing.

Although this identity now seems to be not far from death.

Liu Luoyi’s clothes should have been torn apart before, revealing half of his thin, white shoulders, with bruises scattered on it. It made Yuchi frightened, and a trace of pity could not help but gush out.

She sighed and took two steps, trying to put Liu Luoyi on the bed. Liu Luoyi was startled and then struggled hard.

“Wei Chili, you let me go! You can kill me if you hate me, so why humiliate me!” Liu Luoyi said bitterly.

“I won’t move you, don’t be afraid.” Yu Chili said softly, and she leaned down, acting very gentle.

Liu Luoyi lost consciousness for a moment. She clutched Yuchili’s clothes tightly. The fine silk was wrinkled by her. When Yuchili leaned down, she almost covered her in her arms, with a clear fragrance. Threads permeated.

But this was just a momentary trance. The next second, Liu Luoyi released Yu Chili, curled up, and looked defensively at the woman who feared and hated her.

At this time, Yu Chili’s heart can be described as mixed. Now, even if she finds it difficult to accept this situation, she must be convinced that she has crossed and became a female partner with a terrible ending.

How to survive is a top priority.

Yu Chili looked at Liu Luoyi’s slender neck, and a bold idea came to his mind.

Since the female protagonist will eventually blacken and kill, in order not to die, why do we take the female lead first?

At this moment, the door behind him was smashed open, and a man rushed in angrily. He stretched out his hand to pull Wei Chi Li, who was unprepared, and he almost pulled his clothes against the wall.

Yu Chili only heard a “bang”, and then there was a sharp pain in her arm. She took a breath of cold air and raised her eyes to look at the man.

The man is tall, with sword eyebrows and star eyes, and looks very good-looking, just like a vicious look in his eyes.

“Who let you touch her?” The man lowered his voice, as if suppressing anger and violence.

Sure enough, he was a domestic violence man, Yu Chili thought, this must be the male lead Lu Yunkui.

Before Yuchili spoke, Lu Yunkui suddenly raised his arm and slapped it over. Yuchi was taken aback, and he hurriedly moved around the root of the wall.

After Lu Yunkui was surprised, a murderous look flashed in his eyes.

However, his expression returned to calm in just an instant, and it seemed that it was just an illusion of Yu Chili.

“Li Li, I was a little anxious just now. Don’t be angry. Be careful of your body. I just came back. I haven’t seen you, so I’m worried.” Lu Yunkui squeezed his lips and smiled warmly and softly.

Good acting skills, Yu Chili was a little angry, no one dared to do anything to her in his previous life.

Lu Yunkui said to himself: “Li’er, since I met you in the street, you have been my beloved in this life. It is not for the same girl to breathe. You grow in my heart. It is the little blood in my heart that no one can take away. , Can’t get in either.”

The more he talked, the more intoxicated he was, and his eyes were really tender. If it were the original owner, he would have plunged into his arms long ago.

However, Yu Chili only felt sick for a while.

Fortunately, she didn’t attack Liu Luoyi just now, because she wanted to dominate the male lead more than the female lead.

Lu Yunkui drew a charming smile and waved to Xin Ran. Before Yu Chili screamed, don’t leave, Xin Ran rushed out of the door and shut the door with his backhand.

Yuchili had lived for more than 20 years. For the first time he experienced such an embarrassment, Liu Luoyi was lying on the bed. Lu Yunkui could guess what Lu Yunkui wanted to do with his toes.

Using this kind of mischievous tricks to get angry with the heroine is simply a beast, Yu Chili cursed secretly.

Yu Chili glanced at Liu Luoyi and found that she was closing her eyes tightly, but the tears and clenched fists in the corners of her eyes betrayed her.

On the opposite side, Lu Yunkui had already taken off his cloak gently, and was unfastening his belt while watching Yu Chili affectionately, as if looking at some prey.

The belt was untied, revealing a smooth and flat abdominal muscle.

“Come on, ma’am.”

Yuchi turned over in his stomach for a while.

Lu Yunkui slowly approached, opened his arms, trying to hold Yu Chili into his arms, who knew that Yu Chili suddenly staggered, grabbed his collar, and began to vomit.

Although the twitching of the stomach felt very uncomfortable, it would not delay Yu Chili’s position, and Lu Yunkui accurately vomited.

Lu Yunkui is obsessed with cleanliness. Where do you see such filthy scenes, he hurriedly backed away, but Wei Chili didn’t give him a chance at all, and still dragged him tightly, making him immobile.

Lu Yunkui’s affectionate expression became distorted in an instant. He yelled and screamed, very embarrassed.

After he finally broke free, Yu Chili had already vomited up. She retched while holding on to the wall, as if she was very weak.

“Yuchili! You shrew…” Lu Yunkui was so angry that his face changed shape. He pointed at Yuchili with his finger, and was so angry that he could not speak for a long time.

Yu Chili only supported the wall without raising his eyes.

After a while, there was a loud noise at the door, and Lu Yunkui left.

Yuchili was relieved, Xin Ran hurried in, seeing the situation, and said in surprise: “Princess!”

“Clean up for me, thank you.” Yu Chili clutched her stomach and stood up. She now needs a quiet place to digest the current situation.

One foot stepped out of the door, and Yu Chili stopped again. She turned her head to the side, and under the flickering candle light, her profile was drawn into a silhouette, soft and delicate, and with a bit of fortitude characteristic of foreigners.

Liu Luoyi opened her eyes and happened to look at her from a distance. Her eyes were dark and deep, making it difficult to see through.

“Why cry, just for this kind of man?”


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