The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 10: Desperate

It has been two full days since the man in black left, and after that, no second person has come.

Not even Lu Yunkui.

Liu Luoyi lay quietly on the hard bed, staring at the ceiling, feeling that his strength was losing little by little from his body.

She didn’t expect anything anymore. Whether it was saving her father and brother or her stable life in the past, she once thought about committing herself to Lu Yunkui and just begging for family safety.

But she really can’t do it. Although she is weak, she is also proud.

Although this arrogance is indeed worthless, Liu Luoyi closed his eyes, his eyes were hot and wet.

The door opened and someone walked in. Liu Luoyi suddenly turned his head, but his eyes suddenly dimmed.

The one who walked in was a woman, her appearance was exquisite, her pupils were black and translucent, and she was wearing a light cyan dress, her black smooth hair hanging behind her, two strands swaying in front of her chest.

Beauty is beautiful, but there is a kind of wind and dust, and you can see that it has been forever, and the corners of the eyes and brows are all amorous.

“Oh, are you still alive?” The woman chuckled while covering her lips with a handkerchief.

Liu Luoyi turned his head and said nothing.

The visitor was Lou Yue. She saw Liu Luoyi ignored her, but she was not annoyed. She still avoided the debris on the ground with disgust, and talked to herself.

“Lu Lang was really angry a few days ago. I have never seen him angry like that before. All the decorations in the room have been smashed. I guessed it and knew it was because of you.”

“You said that you are half-dead, and there is no softness of a woman. Why does he have a deep love for you alone? And I have been with him for so long, but he is only willing to obey me in bed.”

“It’s really puzzling.” Lou Yue approached Liu Luoyi and patted her face vigorously, “Or, you ladies of the big family, really are born noble?”

Liu Luoyi turned her head and avoided her hand, and said coldly: “I have never thought so, and I would rather not have his love roots.”

Lou Yue laughed out loud: “So noble, but unfortunately, I will ask Lu Lang to put you into the room in the end.”

When Liu Luoyi heard the words, she felt a bit of cold in her heart. She raised her eyes to Lou Yue and said firmly: “Never!”

“Really?” Lou Yue looked at her with mockery in her eyes.

Liu Luoyi was angry, but didn’t know what to say, so she could only suppress her anger, close her eyes, and decided to ignore her.

“You don’t have to hate me. It was Lu Lang who asked me to give a message today. He said, since you betrayed him first, it’s no wonder that he is not welcome.”

“Remember Liu Wenshang, it all comes from you, you will pay for his pain, this time, even if you really ask him like a dog to accept you as a general house, it will not help. “

As soon as she said this, Liu Luoyi’s throat immediately surged with sweetness and blood surged, making her eyes dark and almost fainting again.

Liu Luoyi exhausted all his strength to get up, and stumbled across the wall towards Lou Yue: “What is he going to do, what is he going to do to Chang’er?”

“I just said, I’m just a message, this matter has nothing to do with me, but seeing your appearance, my heart is very happy.” Lou Yue lightly avoided Liu Luoyi’s hand and let her Kneeling and falling to the ground.

Liu Luoyi wanted to question Lu Yunkui, but she was so weak that she couldn’t even climb.

She struggled hard, and finally knelt down along the wall, covering her face and crying.

No one can save her, she can’t do anything, she can only watch her relatives suffer brutally because of her.

Sadness occupies her whole body, and the majestic feeling of powerlessness almost crushes her here.

Lou Yue looked at her and wanted to say something, but in the end she didn’t say anything, turned around and wanted to go, but Liu Luoyi held her clothes corner.

Lou Yue snorted mockingly, kicked her hand away with one kick, and walked away from here, locked the door tightly, Liu Luoyi was in pain, but she was sluggish without saying a word.

The sky is getting dark, the setting sun is sinking, and the last ray of light disappears from the door, everything seems to have fallen into darkness.

On the tree trunk outside this courtyard, two figures lie on their stomachs.

“Princess father-in-law… slaves are afraid of heights…” Xin Ran hugged the tree trunk beside him tightly without tears, not daring to open his eyes.

Yuchili stood boldly on the tallest branch, akimbo and looked into the courtyard, as if walking on the ground at ease.

“Do you think my uncle will be furious and choke her to death, otherwise, why hasn’t there been any movement at all after so long?” Xin Ran asked with trembling eyes closed.

“What nonsense? Shut up.” Yu Chili looked at the probe and said angrily, “If it is really dead, would it be possible that so many people at the door are keeping filial piety?”

Since that day, she has been a little unreliable in her heart. Although she just wanted to prevent them from falling in love at first, how Liu Luoyi was actually was not in her consideration.

But now it has been a long time, but she is always cruel, at least sneak in first to see if there is anything wrong.

To know that a man like Lu Yunkui, even if Liu Luoyi keeps rejecting, he still thinks that Liu Luoyi is his possession. Now Liu Luoyi’s “betrayal” behavior has completely shattered his ridiculousness. dignity.

If he doesn’t get so angry about this, she will have the surname Liu Luoyi!

Still too impulsive, Yu Chili blamed himself.

Xin Ran endured his fear and opened his eyes and looked at Yu Chili: “Princess, when did you care about her so much? If Liu Luoyi died in the usual way, you would be very excited and mentally disordered.”

I was messing with idioms again, and Yu Chili was too lazy to talk to her.

Since that day, Lu Yunkui has hired many guards at a high price, and wrapped the three and three layers of the yard tightly. These guards all have martial arts, and she can’t handle it alone.

Need to be outsmart.

“Hey, I told you to take the medicine. Have you taken it?” Yu Chili asked, turning his head.

Xin Ran nodded honestly. She hadn’t done anything in the past few days. She had been thinking about drugging others all day, and was not idle for a moment.

“Then wait.” Yu Chili said. She looked at the door of Liu Luoyi’s house, clenched her fists, her eyes gradually sharpened.

The passage of time became very slow, and Yu Chili felt that he had been waiting for almost a century before all the guards fell asleep one by one.

It was almost time for Yu Chi to watch, and then he jumped down from the tree, supported the ground with one hand, and landed silently on the ground.

The nearby guard seemed to be awakened, and moved a little, Yu Chili quickly gave him a hand knife with his eyesight, and the man dropped his head again.

Seeing that the surrounding area is safe, Yu Chili pushed the door in. The room was still dark, exuding an aura of corruption.

Yu Chili fumbled for the candlestick according to his memory, lit it with a fire fold, and then looked at the bed, but was surprised to find that there was no one on it.

She frowned, her heart is not good, could she be deceived?

But in the next second, she saw a body lying under her feet, and she squatted down, carefully turning the man over, and her heart sighed.

I saw Liu Luoyi lying there, his white clothes in a mess, his body was limp, his face was pale and transparent, there was no blood, and it seemed to be broken at the touch.

She cursed in a low voice, and hurried to sniff her. After feeling the weak airflow, she felt relieved.

If Liu Luoyi really died, she would have to be condemned by her conscience.

“Princess, someone is here again!” Xin Ran ran in from the outside, leaning close to Yuchili and said.

“Take her away,” Yu Chili said decisively.

“Ah? Where to take it?” Xin Ran was very surprised.

“It doesn’t matter so much, it’s important to cure the disease. If she burns down again, maybe she will die tomorrow morning! That bastard, is there such a treatment of a weak woman? When the old lady can do it, he must be screwed off! “Wei Chili sipped.

Liu Luoyi’s face was full of tears, and his body was hot and fragile, and Yu Chili couldn’t bear to look again.

Xin Ran hurriedly said yes, and then knelt down to try to lift Liu Luoyi, but was stopped by Yu Chili’s hand.

“I’ll do it,” she said.

Yu Chili carefully wrapped Liu Luoyi’s slender shoulder with one hand, and put his arm around her knee with the other hand, and hugged her up with a gentle force.

The body under the wide coat robe was as thin as a firewood stick.

As soon as I got out of the house, I heard messy footsteps coming here, and then the courtyard door was slammed open. Several people barged in with torches, and the leader shouted at Yu Chili: “Bold and small. Thief, don’t stop quickly!”

“Your father is the little thief!” Yu Chili snorted at them, then rushed towards the corner of the yard, set up light work, and jumped onto the wall easily, and soon disappeared.

“Hurry up to chase me! Catch this daring madman back to an official!” Lu Yunkui pointed at the star-filled night sky, gritted his teeth, and almost fainted with anger, “The woman who dared to grab me, I will smash you into pieces. segment!”

Yuchili Gu ignored him, her spirit was tense at the moment, and Liu Luoyi’s body in her arms was terribly hot, as if it would burn at any time.

She just became more familiar with the lightness of this body, and she carried a person to the house to uncover the tiles. It was really dangerous. At this moment, a few dark arrows were shot from behind. Wei Chili could not avoid it, so she had to let it pass by. Got his calf.

There was a burning pain, and Yu Chili took a breath and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Xin Ran supported her from behind, and this prevented a disaster.

Soon, they turned out the door of Lu Mansion. It was late at night and the street was empty, only a few beggars were still groping on the side of the road.

Only then did Yu Chili stop, and ducked into a corner.

“Princess, are you in serious trouble?” Xin Ran rushed forward, bending over worriedly to see Yu Chili’s injury.

Yu Chili lifted the hem of her clothes, and saw that the fabric on her calf had been torn, and through the moonlight, she saw blood stains on it, which looked a bit dazzling.

“Princess, you are Jin Zhi Yuye, what do you think to save her from such a serious injury!” Xin Ran looked at Yu Chili, feeling terribly distressed.

Yu Chili endured the pain and put down her clothes, feeling a little puzzled. She almost gave up her life in order to save a Liu Luoyi. What happened to her?

Liu Luoyi uttered a small murmur, and Yu Chili was taken aback for a moment before letting out a sigh: “Is there a medical clinic nearby?”

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