The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 100: Behind you

Yuchili took a bath, took some clothes and so on, then took Liu Luoyi and rode back to the barracks. At this time, the sky was getting dark, and when he looked up, he could see a huge round sun falling on the ground. , The world is reflected as blood red.

I didn’t hear the sound of military training today, and it was probably a few days later that he was about to go out, so I temporarily relaxed, Yu Chili jumped off his horse, and then reached out to pick up Liu Luoyi.

“The princess came back a bit late.” A voice rang from one side, and Yu Chili raised his eyes to look at him. He didn’t reply, but drove the horse into the stable on one side.

“I said I was in Egu today, what are you waiting for here?” Yu Chili took Liu Luoyi and strode into the camp.

“The princess hasn’t trained today.” Mu Yang respectfully picked up the sandbag, and respectfully placed it at Yuchili’s feet.

Yu Chili looked at the familiar sandbag, and her heart burst into anger, but she quickly suppressed the heat, and looked at Mu Yang without a smile, and nodded heavily.

She lifted the sandbag and threw it on her shoulder, Liu Luoyi hurriedly reached out to help her and looked at Yu Chili worriedly.

Knowing that she was worried about the wound on her shoulder, Yu Chili smiled relievedly, and said softly: “If there is nothing wrong, just run and run. Don’t let a shepherd dog look down on her.”

Mu Yang frowned slightly, but as usual, he didn’t care about it. Instead, he stretched out his hand and made a gesture of asking.

Without saying anything, Yu Chili ran towards the school ground. She had gotten used to it these days. It was not because she was a little bit tired and tired, but she could bear it. It was only a lap at first, and her legs seemed to be filled with lead, and her shoulders were so painful that she could not bear it.

But the breath in her bones still allowed her to support her to accomplish everything. On the first night, she was so tired that she couldn’t get out of bed.

As a princess, she is definitely the worst one.

After running two laps, she returned breathlessly and threw the sandbag under her feet. Mu Yang nodded in satisfaction as if she had completed the task, and then turned her gaze to Liu Luoyi: “Dare to ask the princess, this Yes……”

“You don’t need to care who she is, she will follow me from now on, and you ask people to protect her.” Yu Chili wiped the sweat from his forehead, and fell into Liu Luoyi’s arms.

Liu Luoyi felt so distressed that she wiped her sweat with her sleeve over and over again, trying to use her body as a support.

She could imagine how tired Yu Chili was, but now that she met in person, she felt even more sad.

Mu Yang looked at them, wanted to say something, but didn’t say anything, and simply changed the topic: “Princess, Wang just ordered us to go to the border in the future. The battlefield is dangerous. Are you sure you want to take this girl?”

“OK.” Yu Chili said, taking Liu Luoyi’s hand and walking towards the camp.

Mu Yang looked at their backs, silently packed up the scattered things on the ground, and then stood quietly on a high place and looked down. I just heard in the past that the person he and Langqi are about to be loyal to is such a princess. At that time, there was a bit of resistance in my heart. But after deliberately making things difficult for her these few days, he found that this princess was quite different from the rumors. It is hard to imagine that a noble princess from a young age could endure all this almost humbly.

She used to grow up in a military camp, but no one really dared to trouble her like this, and he also dared to use this method to grind her temper after listening to the instructions of the king, but after these few days, he found that, Yu Chili’s temperament does not need to be grind. She works hard, has always been peaceful, and occasionally fierce. In this respect, she is almost perfect.

Make him a little admiring.

But the battlefield is not so simple after all. He is very much looking forward to what this woman who is going to be king will look like when facing a **** battlefield.

One day passed quickly, and when the sky was getting light, the camp blew the horn, and the dull sound of the horn penetrated the mist and echoed in the vast world. When Yu Chili went out, the curtain was lifted and he was startled by the yang Yang standing at the door.

“General Mu is really diligent.” Yu Chili patted his chest.

“I seldom fall asleep in the battlefield,” Mu Yang whispered.

Yu Chili looked at his eyes, always felt that the emotions in this man’s eyes were very deep and difficult to understand, but now she suddenly understood that it was numbness after too much experience.

“Princess prepare.” Mu Yang finished speaking, then turned and left.

Yuchili turned her head and looked at Liu Luoyi. Liu Luoyi’s expression was very calm and there was no worry. She gently squeezed the red string around Yuchili’s neck, took out the jade pendant hidden in it, and held it in her palm. .

Then he leaned over and printed a kiss, and the red dot in the center of the jade seemed even more red after the kiss.

“Ali, I’m behind you.” Liu Luoyi smiled at Yuchili, she lightly hooked Gou Weichili’s hand, and then followed Xin Ran to the distance and got into a carriage.

When Yu Chili was provoked by her, she couldn’t close her mouth from ear to ear. She clenched the jade pendant tightly, then secretly put it to her lips and touched it. Then she closed her smile, put on a majestic expression and walked up to a high place, standing in Mu Yang Before you.

“Princess, raise the flag.” Mu Yang said softly behind her.

According to what he said, Yu Chili raised the army flag beside him into the air. Suddenly, the crowds underneath began to raise their arms and shout. They couldn’t see clearly in the smoke, but could only see the neatly squirming dots. , That is their high arm.

The voices of the people merging together were louder than the horns. They rang through the grassland through the clouds and cracks. Listening to Yuchili’s ears made her immediately excited. There seemed to be a bubble in her heart slowly bulging, reaching a critical point. But it didn’t explode, and it was so exciting.

The long line is like a long dragon, one word spreading to the back, walking on the flat and boundless grassland, Yuchili and Muyang and the two lieutenants are sitting in the carriage, the carriage is bumpy, but she stares at a map with a look usual.

“In other words, there are twice as many people sent by Yan Guo than we are guarding at the border?” Yu Chili asked thoughtfully, biting his index finger knuckle.

“Yes, they dare to provoke aggressively. They must know the defense of the Northern Territory well. The dense forest will not be able to stop them for long. Once war starts, our army will definitely suffer.” Mu Yang said.

Yu Chili looked at the map and fell into deep thought. The northern region was almost entirely grassland, with only a few small ups and downs. If they were in line, they could only fight head-on.

“But why not send us soon?” Yu Chili frowned.

When Mu Yang heard the words, there was an unnatural look in his eyes. He paused before saying: “Wolf Cavalry is the most sophisticated unit in the Northern Territory. It has never been defeated because it is better at raiding, just like on the grassland. The wolves are good at catching enemies off guard when they relax.”

“So you already have a plan?” Yu Chili raised his eyes to look at him.

“No, everything is up to the princess to decide.” Mu Yang lowered his head.

Yu Chili sighed. In other words, they were not actually reinforcements, but were in charge of attacking behind. In this case, the garrison at the border would definitely sacrifice a lot.

“There are fewer people in the Northern Territory, so there will be fewer troops. Princess, there will be death on the battlefield, and your heart will be more cruel.” Mu Yang said, he met Wei Chili’s gaze straight for the first time. escape.

Yu Chili looked at his scarred face, was silent for a while, then continued to lower his head to study the map.

“I know, but at least it must be in time.” Yu Chili whispered, pointing his finger to a corner on the map, “This is all over the swamp? Can I pass by?”

“Yes. It’s just a bit dangerous, and the princess will just be able to follow.” Mu Yang nodded.

“No. I will explore the road with you.” Yu Chili said indifferently. She put away the map without any explanation, and leaned against the carriage blankly, no longer speaking.

The other two lieutenants didn’t dare to get out of the air, and after listening to Mu Yang’s arrangement, they said goodbye to Wei Chili, and then got out of the car tremblingly.

Mu Yang sat beside her without speaking. Yu Chili turned his face to look at the brighter scenery outside the window. The blue and clear sky floated like a picturesque over the endless grass, quiet and peaceful.

After a while, everything she saw was corpses everywhere, blood flowing into rivers. She didn’t know what kind of sight it was. Mu Yang was right. War must be sacrificed. Anyone who is willing to stand up and protect these scenery. People should have already accepted the possibility of death.

She clenched the jade pendant on her chest and closed her eyes.


The scorching sun burned on the sky like a fire, and the cold wind of autumn resisted its temperature, allowing the sprinkled flame to gradually cool down.

The yellow-green blades of grass curled up people’s trouser legs and shoes, and were stepped on their feet mercilessly. When the blades of grass rose up again, they were stained with blood, and they looked at everything around them tremblingly and alone.

There was a corpse on the grass, countless corpses lying on the ground, whether they were wearing Yan Guo armor or northern cloth clothes, they were all entangled together and there was no sound. The blood gathered together and flowed, stained with red soil and The grass, looking around, was devastated.

The wind brings freshness in the distance, merges into the blood, and is also stained with blood, and madly brings the breath of fear and killing to the distance. The war has swept across this land, and on countless corpses, there are still people red. Eyes, slashing with a machete.

The armor’s light flickered, almost occupying more than half of the position. The soldiers of the Northern Territory looked a bit pitiful. While shopping and retreating, the scene seemed to have been finalized, and the side who would win stepped on his own body. , Red eyes excitedly.

Yu Chili, who had just walked through the swamp, stood watching all this in the distance and clenched her hands. In her eyes, the once green grassland in front of her had turned blood, and the smell of blood in the air made her want to vomit.

Since coming to this world, she had never seen such a scene. Compared with the small killing she saw in Lu Mansion, the shock and shock brought by the scene before her were many times greater.

She was about to bite her mouth to bleed, and Mu Yang by her side pressed her shoulder and said calmly: “Princess wait, it’s not the time.”

Yu Chili took a deep breath and continued to watch with wide eyes.

After another stick of incense, Mu Yang released his hand, and Yu Chili raised the military flag in his hand and thrust it deeply into the ground, then roared and took the lead to rush forward.

Yan Guo’s team was quickly dispersed by them, and the wolf ride was like a pack of wolves, having entered the enemy force without losing deployment. Yu Chili could feel countless people disappear in front of her, and her mood changed somehow. It was very quiet, and the dagger in his hand swung into a light and shadow, and everyone who approached her fell.

She went all the way forward, not caring about the enemy, she heard Mu Yang screaming in panic behind her, but she didn’t care.

If you want to die fewer people, you have to take risks. This kind of risk is not something others can take, but she can.

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