The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 101: intimate

The enemy seemed to realize what she was planning to do, and they swarmed forward one after another. The shadows of the swords and swords dazzled people’s eyes, and Yu Chili almost no longer relied on his eyes, but listened to the sound of the whole body with his ears, killing a **** path.

Mu Yang was anxious, but helpless. He simply stepped on the corpses of others and got up. Several jumps fell to Yu Chili’s side, resisting part of her force, and several lieutenants also followed to protect Yu Chili. .

“Princess, danger!” Mu Yang said halfway, but was interrupted by Yu Chili.

“Take advantage of it.” Her tone was quiet, without any panic. After Mu Yang met her, she could almost see the light in her eyes.

He slowly lowered his head, supported his knees with both hands, and exposed his shoulders to Yu Chili’s eyes. In the next instant, the soles of Yu Chili’s feet landed heavily on his body. Mu Yang endured the huge impact while holding back. Raise your back.

Suddenly, with Yuchili as the center, internal forces surged out, and the crowd seemed to be blowing up a hurricane. The enemy was swept by the air wave and hit the surrounding companions, causing them to fall apart. The dust was flying all over the sky, blocking everyone’s sight into a haze. When he could see clearly, Yu Chili had already appeared in the distance, heading towards the flag that Yan Guo was defended by layers of defense.

Mu Yang concealed the worry in his eyes, and no longer looked at Yu Chili, but continued to lead the wolf cavalry to disperse Yan Guo’s forces.

I don’t know how long it took, Yu Chili was already covered with blood, and even her white cheeks were stained with a dazzling red, which made her eyes flushed and became even more fierce.

The enemy in front of her seemed to be overwhelming. She was already able to feel the exhaustion of her body, but Mu Yang’s training for several days was always good, and she could support her for a while.

She took a moment to look up, feeling a little excited, and saw that the bright yellow flag was not far ahead, and the enemy troops began to have a commotion. She must have been threatened by her, protecting the leaders. Retreat back.

Yu Chili groaned from his throat, and backhanded the people approaching him.

Suddenly several screams screamed in front of her eyes, and Yu Chili frowned, only to see people from Yan Guo slamming under her feet, with a **** arrow stuck in the sky spirit cover.

Yuchi caught a cold in his renunciation. In order to get rid of her, they could completely ignore their lives or death. In the next second, fire arrows flew from all directions, aiming at Yuchili, and at the same time knocking down a piece of surrounding soldiers. For a time, the battlefield was like a fire field, and countless screams echoed around.

Yu Chili avoided these arrows, raised his eyes and saw that he met a pair of eyes, which seemed like an endless deep ocean, unable to see to the bottom.

She felt her heart fall, and the owner of her eyes drew her bow indifferently, and one arrow whizzed towards her. He shot very accurately, and each one went straight to the gate of Yuchi’s life.

No matter how much Yu Chili dodges, she felt that those arrows seemed to stick to her, wherever she went and followed, her heart raged, and she simply stopped dodge and rushed towards the person.

The person didn’t seem to expect her to be so bold. He slowed down and let Yu Chili find a gap. He swung out the dagger in his hand. The dagger was faster than the arrow with the sound of the wind, and the person’s eyes flashed slightly. Leaped up. The blade was inserted into the horse’s body, and after a neigh, the horse crashed down.

When the man landed again, he ran into Yu Chili head-on. With his eyes facing each other, Yu Chili smiled, and the scattered black hair was flying in the wind, making her evil charm and fierce.

“Master Zhou Qing, long time no see.”

Zhou Qing’s pupils shrunk slightly, then nodded politely, and then raised his sword to face each other. Yu Chili raised his hand at the same time. When the blades collided, Yu Chili felt his tiger’s mouth numb.

The skill of the person in front of her should not be underestimated, she squinted her eyes.

“To take refuge in the enemy’s country and dare to personally lead the army to attack the Northern Territory, Lord Zhou is really a loyal and good general.” Yu Chili sneered at him.

Zhou Qing did not speak, he still had that elegant appearance, and even the depth in his eyes did not change, making it difficult to understand any of his emotions.

After a few rounds, he breathed lightly and said, “I never thought that the princess should be so bold.”

“Thinking that this battle will be won, and then go back to show loyalty?” Yu Chili said, changing his dagger to a sword and using a set of swordsmanship, forcing Zhou Qing to retreat several steps.

Zhou Qing smiled, did not speak.

“You never thought about what will happen if you lose this battle? Master Zhou has been busy all this time, and some of the gains are not worth the loss.” Yu Chili pursued the victory and said with a smile.

Zhou Qing shook his head, and didn’t speak any more, just sweat gushing from his forehead, and crystal clear drops of sweat slid down his face, dripping onto the blood-stained grass blades.

The dried blood gradually melted.

The fight between the two had long been concluded. Although Zhou Qing said that martial arts was also excellent, it was nowhere near too late. The two quickly stood up and out, and Zhou Qing’s moves became chaotic.

“Believe it or not, I now cut down your first level on the spot and take it back to make amends for my father?” Wei Chili still teased Zhou Qing, and finally, when he heard the word father and king, Zhou Qing remained unchanged. His expression finally loosened.

As soon as he shook his mind, Yu Chili waved his hand and used his internal strength to knock him to the ground. Yu Chili immediately jumped up. At this time, the surrounding soldiers were already very few, and it was too late to block her movement.

So, amidst a few screams, Yu Chili pulled out the flag that was stuck in the high place, and picked up a burning fire bolt. Suddenly, the tongue of fire licked the whole flag to light, and thick smoke drifted towards it. The sky seemed to be still around.

Then, the battlefield showed tremendous changes. The soldiers of the Northern Territory who had been retreating steadily saw this situation. They immediately yelled and their morale increased. They swarmed forward as if desperately. Begin to retreat, and the army was defeated in one blow.

The wolf riders had also penetrated the inside of the army, showing a half-encirclement trend, intercepting the rout of Yan Guo’s army.

The war lasted for a whole day and night before it finally came to an end. Yan Guo had only half of his army of hundreds of thousands of people. Yan Guo dispatched people to urgently send a letter of truce, saying that they would retreat and the two countries would rebuild their old good.

On the fire-spreading battlefield, there were almost no people standing, only some soldiers staggered and shuttled among them, looking for comrades who might be alive. Looking around, they were full of corpses, and the border was barely visible.

Yu Chili can be regarded as an insight into what is called a river of blood.

She collapsed on the ground, leaning against the wall of sandbags, carrying a blood-soaked knife handle in one hand and dripping blood slowly, and the other hand resting on her knees, hanging unconsciously.

People were constantly being carried past her, the wounded kept crying, stumps and broken arms scattered in front of her eyes, Yu Chili couldn’t bear to look any more, she lowered her eyes and quietly looked at her shoes.

Someone appeared next to her, handed her a water bottle, and Yu Chili took it, and poured water into his mouth with his eyes blankly.

“When the next war is the first time, it will be just a very small battle. I was so scared that I peeed my pants and carried it back to my forehead.” Mu Yang sat next to her, his tone seemed very sentimental, as if carrying Smile.

He touched the scar on his face, and said: “The king and I used to think that the princess should shrink in the camp and dare not show up in such a scene.”

“The king’s original intention was to let the princess see it just once, but he didn’t expect the princess to follow the battlefield and make us win so quickly.”

Yu Chili glanced at him. At this moment, Mu Yang’s eyes were no longer the fake respect when he first saw him, but true admiration and looking up.

She nodded, stood up tiredly, and asked, “Where is Zhou Qing?”

“Behind, waiting for the princess to interrogate.”

“Take me to see.”

Zhou Qing knelt down on the ground embarrassedly, with a heavy hemp rope wrapped around him. He was still expressionless, and if he looked closely, he seemed to have an elegant smile.

He even nodded towards Yu Chili.

“Collaborating with the enemy and treason, the crime of beheading, what else do you want to say?” Yu Chili asked indifferently.

“The minister pleaded guilty.” Zhou Qing opened his mouth, speaking very slowly. He looked up and down at Yu Chili, and then said, “The moment I met the princess from the Northern Territory, I regretted it. If I knew that the princess was like this. It might not be so.”

Yu Chili frowned.

“After more than ten years of meticulous work, I almost forgot what the Northern Territory looked like. Originally, the king refused to listen to the persuasion of his ministers and insisted on making you a prince, so I became rebellious.” Zhou Qing said slowly. He raised his head and looked at the dark grassland in the distance, with a trace of nostalgia in his eyes.

“Don’t dare to get ahead, don’t dare to fight, I can only stay anonymous, and honestly be an upright official of the country of Yan. For more than ten years, the minister is tired.” He sighed.

“Don’t put yourself so high.” Yu Chili sneered.

“Yes, desire is lost. The Northern Territory cannot give power and money to the minister, nor can the king give it to the minister, and the minister dare not even marry a wife and have children.

“The minister wants too much, Bei Yu can’t give it.” Zhou Qing smiled, and for the first time such a real smile appeared in his eyes.

“Then why are you here? Wouldn’t it be better to accept the prince’s favor. Is it possible that you have tried so hard to help the prince, but still can’t get his trust?” Yu Chili leaned slightly and looked at him.

Zhou Qing tilted his head noncommittal: “Originally, this battle is bound to be won. The princess is an accident.”

Yu Chili nodded, stood up straight again, and turned around, not wanting to look at him again. She didn’t want to know the extra, because it was wrong and there was no excuse.

“Princess, what to do?” Mu Yang said loudly from the side.

“According to the Northern Territory’s laws and regulations, kill without mercy.” Yu Chili said flatly, and then no longer cared about everything behind him, and strode away.

Back on the battlefield again, the flames had been extinguished, and the smell of blood and disgusting unpleasant smell rushed over her face. Xunde Yuchili was a little dizzy. She immediately felt that all her strength was relieved, and even her footsteps were a little floaty.

She walked aimlessly on the battlefield, helping to find soldiers who might survive.

She didn’t see that behind her, a weak figure was following her footsteps, cautiously walking around the corpse on the ground, and the skirt was stained red with blood and didn’t care.

When she noticed the movement behind her, the familiar breath had already surrounded her, and Yu Chi’s eyes blushed, and he turned and leaned directly into the arms of the incoming person.

“Xiao Liuer…” She said softly, weakly.

Liu Luoyi embraced her distressedly. Her embrace was clean and dust-free, while Yu Chili’s body was full of blood and dirt, embarrassed.

The two embraced on the battlefield like this, behind which was a huge full moon, shed holy light, in sharp contrast with the devastated earth.

Liu Luoyi could feel that Yu Chili’s body was trembling slightly. She could only stroke her shoulders over and over again, using her fragrant embrace to stop all the blood, trying to calm her down.

After a while, Yu Chili finally raised her head, her eyes were a little moist, and she looked at Liu Luoyi carefully, paused, and said, “They are all dead, aren’t you afraid?”

“Not afraid.” Liu Luoyi smiled softly, and she reached out to wipe the dry blood on Yu Chili’s face.

Yu Chili looked down at her skirt and shook her head. She felt that a clean person like Liu Luoyi should not be stained with blood.

So in the next second, she hugged Liu Luoyi sideways, Liu Luoyi exclaimed, and hurriedly stretched out her hands to wrap her neck. She didn’t blame or say anything, but nestled quietly. Yu Chi left him, waiting for her to lift her out of this shocking battlefield.

When she stood on the grass, before Wei Chili put her down, she craned her neck and kissed the lips of Wei Chili. She dexterously, bit by bit, Jiang Wei Chili’s lips were blown dry. warming.

Yu Chili hugged her with her arms, and the tighter she hugged, she lowered her head and began to take the initiative to deepen the kiss.

The numbness and pain in Cai Cai’s heart seemed to be gone. She just wanted to continue this moment forever.

The author has something to say: “Today Tanabata, have you ever been with you. What? No? Haha, I have!”-Wei Chili from Liu Luoyi who smiled and hugged Liu Luoyi tightly

“…”-from Xin Ran

“Grandma Di…Believe it or not, I write you BE!”——From the lonely and angry scent of a single dog

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