The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 102: Open the cabinet door~

On the day when the wolf riding class returned to the court, the whole country celebrated. The streets of Egu were surrounded by the people. Only a road was opened in the middle for Yuchili to pass. Yuchili stretched out from the carriage with a standard smile. A head greeted the people friendly.

Where Yuchili passed by, people knelt together and shouted the princess, making Yuchili very embarrassed.

After the end of that day’s battle, the news of victory quickly spread back to Egu. After the people who spread the word added fuel and jealousy, people portrayed Wei Chili’s battle like a **** from the sky, saying that she was heroic and mighty, and one of them went deep into the enemy army and beheaded. The leader of the enemy army, burning the enemy’s flag, is very legendary.

So when she came back, the people almost cheered her as a god.

When Yu Chili retracted her head, her face was already stiff. She stretched out her hand to rub the muscles on both sides of her cheek and made a grimace at Liu Luoyi.

The chaos of the war has been successfully concluded, and then there is another major event, that is, how to tell the king of the Northern Territory that he wants to marry Liu Luoyi.

How do you think about it, how difficult it is.

“Why don’t we pretend to hug, and then ask Xin Ran to attract Father King to let him find out?” Wei Chili touched his chin.

Liu Luoyi’s face turned red when she heard this, and she shook her head hurriedly.

“Let sister tell?” Yu Chili frowned.

“Not right.” Liu Luoyi continued to shake his head.

“Then you can only say it straight.” Yu Chili gritted his teeth.

She kept taking deep breaths, rectifying her emotions, and speaking out the truth in such a calm manner, it was more tense than just blurting out with excitement. But fortunately, she just won the battle, no matter how the Northern Territory King, she wouldn’t blame her too much.

For the first time, Yu Chili felt that Egu was so pitiful that he arrived at the gate of the palace within a short time. The curtain was opened, and the light of the day hit Yuchili’s face.

Liu Luoyi turned to look at Yu Chili, then gently raised her hand, and the two got out of the carriage together.

“Ali, don’t be afraid.” Liu Luoyi said softly beside her, and Yu Chili laughed out loud when she heard the words. She didn’t expect that she would be comforted by Liu Luoyi one day.

“Yeah.” She nodded with a smile, and followed the entourage who led the way, walking along the path, and came to the palace of the palace to meet the distinguished guests. The hall was not golden and magnificent like Yan Guo, but it looked a little simple and simple. , Yu Chili met a tiger skin lying on the back of the throne.

The tiger’s eyes were two big holes, and Yu Chili suddenly got goose bumps. The hall looked very empty, and the roof was round, painted with various strange patterns, which was very depressing.

“Li’er!” With a violent roar, Yu Chili’s body trembled, and he was embraced by the King of the Northern Territory, who had rushed up from nowhere. The King of the Northern Territory raised his powerful hand and placed it on Yuchili’s back. Take a few happily.

“I thought this war would need to last a long time. This king is about to order more troops to go to the border, but unexpectedly you broke the enemy’s offensive so quickly, you deserve to be this king’s good daughter!” Smiling, holding Yu Chili’s shoulders with both hands, pushing her far away, looking up and down, seeing that she was really not injured, and then relieved.

Yu Chili was clutching her chest and was almost injured internally by his palms. She grinned reluctantly, listening to the compliments of the Northern Territory King.

“Since I’m back, I don’t have to go to the military camp in a short time. I have to take a good rest. I have already issued the will of the Lithodox. I will be able to perform the ceremony in a few days. At that time, you will be the true prince of my northern region.” The King of the Northern Territory laughed from ear to ear, and looked at his baby girl with satisfaction.

Yu Chili felt that the time was almost right, she gritted her teeth, and just about to speak, she was suddenly pulled aside by the collar of the Northern Territory King.

He mysteriously took out a stack of paper and stuffed it into Yu Chili’s hand.

Yu Chili took it confusedly, and asked, “Father, this is?”

“They are all the horses chosen by this king for you. You can choose them first.”

Yuchi stunned, she turned a few pages stiffly, and sure enough, on the top was the portrait of Baili Mingyuan. Yuchili rolled her eyes and threw the portrait onto the table.

“Father, I’m not telling you anything, I…” Yu Chili stretched out his hand to reach Liu Luoyi who was standing behind, trying to tell the truth, but was interrupted by the King of the Northern Territory when he was halfway talking.

“Since the last time I saw this young generation painting, this king has been very fond of her. Come here, this king has something to tell you.” The king of the Northern Territory placed his gaze on Liu Luoyi, and Liu Luoyi trembled. , She looked at the Northern Territory King, hesitated for a moment, and nodded.

Although the King of the Northern Territory said that he had a kind of amicable heroism when he laughed, but if he didn’t laugh, he would be terribly majestic. Liu Luoyi couldn’t prevent him from catching his sight, and his heart was tense.

But she still tried to smile, patted Yu Chili’s hand, indicating that she was okay.

Yu Chili was a little puzzled about what the King of the Northern Territory could say to Liu Luoyi, she clenched Liu Luoyi’s arm tightly and did not let her go.

The King of the Northern Territory didn’t speak any more, he tilted his head and walked into the back of the hall alone.

Liu Luoyi patted Wei Chili reproachfully, and said softly, “Ali, I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Yu Chili bit her lip and refused to let go. Liu Luoyi chuckled. She touched Yu Chili’s chin like a child, then stood on her tiptoes and rubbed her face with her fluffy hair.

“Ali,” she said softly, with a smile in her eyes, as if she was acting like a baby.

Only then did Yu Chili let go of her hand unconsciously, and when she reacted, Liu Luoyi was gone.

Behind the hall is an open space for people to pass through. There is only a small window, so it looks a little gloomy. The King of the Northern Territory turned around and waited quietly for Liu Luoyi.

Liu Luoyi swallowed, she lowered her head and walked over, bowing to the people here.

“Who are you?” the king of the Northern Territory asked.

“The girl’s name is Liu Luoyi, and she is the daughter of Liu Ruo, the minister of Yan Guo.” Liu Luoyi said, lowering his head.

The king of the Northern Territory squeezed the shiny silver bracelet on his wrist, his eyes were deep, and he didn’t know what he was thinking. He looked at Liu Luoyi for a while before he said: “This king has heard some rumors a while ago. Although they are rumors, after all With nose and eyes, I have to doubt it.”

Liu Luoyi only felt as if her heart was being held by someone. She was so tight that she couldn’t breathe. Time seemed to stand still. After a long time, her knees suddenly softened and she knelt down.

The Northern Territory King frowned, but did not move, still looking at Liu Luoyi quietly.

“What does this mean.”

Although Liu Luoyi was kneeling, she was still stiff. She squeezed her sleeves tightly with her hands, her eyelashes fluttered up and down, and she slowly spoke.

“Going back to the King of the Northern Territory, the rumors spread by Egu are facts.”

The king of the Northern Territory shook his hand slightly. He squatted down calmly, spreading his palms, Liu Luoyi could feel the waves of air rolling in his rough palms, and she would definitely die under this palm.

At this moment, she was suddenly not afraid. She raised her head, looked directly into the eyes of the king of the Northern Territory, and said every word: “The girl had a deep love for the princess as early as in Yan State. The princess also said that in this life It’s me who won’t marry.”

“Aren’t you afraid of death?” The king of the Northern Territory heard this, almost gritted his teeth.

Liu Luoyi still didn’t look away, and shook his head.

“Even if you want the girl to die, the girl will not take back what she had just said.” Liu Luoyi said, her eyes were red, and her tears matched the stubborn look in her eyes.

“I love the princess, especially.”

The Northern Territory King stared at Liu Luoyi’s tearful eyes, and after a while, he finally put his hands down, and his internal strength was retracted, as if nothing had happened.

He stood up, pulled Liu Luoyi up easily, and then strode out of the hall. Liu Luoyi was shocked and hurriedly chased him out. He saw that the King of the Northern Territory was saying something in front of Yuchili. For some reason, he Suddenly raising his hand, Yu Chili was startled and instinctively raised his hand to resist.

Everything happened so fast that Liu Luoyi had no time to react. She even felt that she had never run so fast, and then suddenly hugged Yu Chili and stopped in front of her with her whole body.

With the inertial blow from her, Yu Chili almost fell on his back. Thanks to her stable chassis, she retreated a few steps and stood still.

The expected pain did not happen, Liu Luoyi dared to slowly turn his head, only to see that the face of the Northern Territory King that had been tight at this time finally loosened, as if helpless, and as if feeling annoying and ridiculous.

Yu Chili hugged her waist, then stretched out his hand and rubbed her head, dumbfounding: “Xiao Liuer, what’s the matter with you?”

Liu Luoyi realized that she was now leaping in front of Yu Chili, hanging on her like an octopus, her posture was very indecent, she flushed immediately, let go and jumped off to tidy up her skirt.

But he still stood in front of Yuchili intentionally or unintentionally, for fear that the king of the Northern Territory might be angry at Yuchili.

The King of the Northern Territory gave a light cough. He touched his chin. His expression was a little embarrassed. He didn’t even dare to look in the direction of Yu Chili. After a while, he said, “I still have government affairs. You go back and rest first. stop.”

“Father, wait.” Wei Chili hurriedly called him.

“Needless to say, this king has found out about this a long time ago, but it is just to test you.” The king of the Northern Territory sighed, and then shook his head, “You kid, it’s always like this, you haven’t suffered from the last loss. enough?”

He glanced at Yu Chili’s arms with red eyes again, glanced at Liu Luoyi, who was leaping forward with a very brave posture, and sighed again: “No matter, you won’t suffer. “

He waved his hand: “Die’er is said to be picking up the dust for you. If you don’t ask my king to be there, go.”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left, followed by a row of entourage who had been shocked by the sight just now, and they dared not speak.

“Wang, are we going to the study?” one person asked cautiously.

“Fuck you. When I go to bed, the king will cry for a while.” He said angrily.

“This king’s granddaughter…” His sigh echoed on the road for a long time.

Yu Chili’s expression was still a bit sluggish, she rubbed Liu Luoyi’s hair again, and asked, “Why, what did you just say?”

Liu Luoyi blushed and hesitated: “It’s just that I said about us.”

“Did you tell him?” Yu Chili swallowed in surprise. She never expected that she hadn’t even spoken about the matter, so it was over, and it felt very untrue.

“Father, what do you mean by agreeing?” Yu Chili said again. She was pushed out of the door by Liu Luoyi, still chattering.

“It should be.” Liu Luoyi blushed and went to hold Wei Chili’s hand. When she thought of her own behavior, she was so ashamed that she didn’t know where to go.

But what she couldn’t think of at this time was that the things that made her even more embarrassed were yet to come.

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