The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 103: Share bath

Yu Chili was really sour all over the journey. Although the agreement was too easy, she was too lazy to think about it. After all, the result was very good.

After the serious matter was resolved, it was as if a stone finally fell to the ground, and she started to walk briskly, holding Liu Luoyi’s hand all the way, humming a little song to her bedroom.

“Xiao Liuer, what kind of wedding dress do you like?” she asked.

“Um… it must be as gorgeous as possible, and it must not be looked down upon by others. I will find the best craftsman and give you a set of prominence.” Yu Chili talked to himself, imagining the scene of marriage, and felt happy. of.

Liu Luoyi had been listening quietly, and the more he listened, the happier he became. He couldn’t help but tilt his head and leaned on Yu Chili’s shoulder, smiling blatantly.

She is finally going to marry her beloved.

It was almost like a dream, she even pinched herself secretly, after feeling the pain, she relieved herself.

When the two arrived at the bedroom, they saw Xin Ran waiting at the door, and greeted them when they saw them, with an unhappy expression on their faces.

“What’s the matter?” Wei Chili looked at the closed door suspiciously, and at Xin Ran wrinkled.

“Xiao Anzi didn’t ask me to go in, saying that he would give the princess a surprise.” She said angrily.

“Surprise?” Yu Chili scratched her head, she didn’t want surprises, she wanted to sleep more now.

But since it was my sister and they wanted to pick up the dust on her behalf, she was too disappointed to betray other people’s kindness, so she could only wait outside the door. After about a stick of incense time passed, the door opened and Yu Chidie walked away embarrassed. come out.

Her body was wet, and the red dress was pressed against her skin, making her look extremely bumpy.

Yu Chidie wiped her face and flung the long hair that was in the way to the back. Then she twisted her waist and walked straight to Liu Luoyi. His arms wrapped around Liu Luoyi’s shoulders, and Liu Luoyi froze in fright. .

Yu Chili hurriedly stretched out his hand to block: “Sister, what are you doing?”

“I’m exhausted, it’s all for you, making me like this. I asked Xiao Liuer to choose clothes with me.” Yu Chidie looked at her soaked dress with disgust.

After speaking, she put her arms around Liu Luoyi involuntarily and dragged her aside, Yu Chi couldn’t stop her, she looked at the back of the two, and some monks were confused.

About a stick of incense passed, Yuchili was about to fall asleep just standing up, she yawned for a long time, collapsed on Xin Ran, and wailed: “Why is it not well, I really sleepy……”

Xin Ran bends down a bit to make Yu Chili feel more comfortable. She said embarrassedly, “Princess, otherwise I will knock on the door and hurry up.”

Yu Chili nodded desperately. At this moment, the door opened again, and An Ge poked out his head, gave Yu Chili a sneaky glance, and then sneaked out again.

She was also almost wet from head to toe, looking very embarrassed.

Yu Chili reluctantly watched An Ge walk to her opposite one step at a time, always feeling that everyone seemed abnormal today.

“Okay?” Yu Chili said first.

An Ge nodded, the expression on her face was a little strange, as if worried, as if shy, and a little bit pitiful, it made Yu Chi leave her back for a while.

“The second princess is advanced.” An Ge spread his hand and turned sideways to invite.

Yuchili looked around, guessing that Liu Luoyi should be still dealing with Yuchidie. She couldn’t make it at the moment, so she was going to go ahead and wait for her. The three of them walked to the gate together, and Yuchi was the first one to enter, An Ge followed When Xin Ran was about to enter the door, Singer An quickly closed the door.

The open wooden door banged and almost hit Xin Ran’s nose. She hurried back, and when she reacted, the door closed tightly.

“Princess? Xiao Anzi! Open the door!” Xin Ran yelled.

No response.

Yuchili walked a few steps in a daze, then looked back afterwards, raised her eyebrows, and asked An Ge: “Where is Xin Ran? She was just here.”

“She said she has something to do, so go ahead and work.” An Ge replied with a heartbeat, “Second princess go first, and the subordinates will go down to find the princess.”

Yu Chili nodded suspiciously. She always felt that something was wrong, but she didn’t think much about it. She walked through a screen made of animal skins and entered inside.

At this time, she finally knew what was wrong. The whole room was filled with a special fragrance, which was refreshing and refreshing. Moreover, there was not a single maidservant who was usually ebony.

Her bedroom was very large, and there were several rooms in it. At this time, the one with the bed was locked by a simple brass lock. She picked it up and shook it, helplessly continuing along the corridor.

She wanted to see what Yu Chidie was doing.

Seeing that all the doors that could be opened were locked, she went all the way deep, and finally opened a door. She had never entered this place before, and it must be an abandoned house.

As soon as the door opened, the hazy water vapor forced her back a few steps. The scent here became more intense, and Yuchili could not help smelling more, and she was a little dizzy. She hurriedly covered her nose and mouth, and her movements closed.

Water vapor permeates the entire house. There is a lot of space here, but all my eyes are mist, hazy, shadowy, and I can’t see anything.

Yu Chili hesitated for a moment, and walked forward. The ground under her feet was very slippery. She simply took off her boots and walked barefoot.

In the center of the house is a sunken pool, from which more than half of the mist floats. The pool is sprinkled with petals, the fragrance is tangy, colorful, and it looks like a fairyland.

Yuchili finally knew what Yuchidie was doing. She sighed and almost laughed out of anger. This kind of thing can only be imagined by a character like Yuchidie.

There was a soft click from the door behind him, and Yu Chili knew that it was locked without looking back.

This is considered a hit, Yu Chili shook his head.

Some other things could be vaguely seen in the mist. Yu Chili wiped the wet eye area and walked cautiously towards the inside. Apart from the pool in the middle, there was an area marked out inside, and a place was placed there. A big beauty couch.

There was a person lying quietly on it.

The man was dressed in white, and it was a bit wrong to say that it was white, because the cloth that was already thin as a cicada’s wings was soaked and stuck to his body, showing the young woman’s figure vividly.

Especially a pair of slender and straight legs, slightly curved on the red beauty couch, it makes people feel hot.

Yu Chili felt a rush of heat in her nose, so she hurriedly turned around and covered her nose with her hand. Fortunately, there was no bleeding on the spot, otherwise it would be even more embarrassing.

She cursed Yu Chidie in her heart. Why did she think so many crooked ideas, and she was so bold in thinking and doing them. This time she went out, regardless of the kinship between the elders and children, and decided to beat the girl first.

Yu Chili hurriedly dragged off his coat and stepped back, planning to try to cover Liu Luoyi.

But it was unsuccessful, because Liu Luoyi pulled her jacket and threw it out.

Yu Chili was startled, she turned her head, and saw Liu Luoyi just opened her wet eyes, her eyes were still a bit blurred, and she stared at Yu Chili’s face motionlessly.

Yu Chili swallowed. She scratched her head in embarrassment. She didn’t know where to put her eyes. She could only look at the top of Liu Luoyi’s head. She was draped with blue silk and leaned on the ground along the beauty couch, like a black strip. stream.

It’s over, why even the hair looks so beautiful, Yuchi panicked in his centrifugation, and quickly moved his eyes to the left again, staring at a peculiarly shaped incense burner with white smoke curling up from it, and the strong fragrance in the room wafted from here.

Yu Chili turned around and grabbed some water from the pool, and then extinguished it with his back. Only then did he feel that the heat on his body was reduced.

“Xiao Liuer, get up first.” Yu Chili reached out to pull Liu Luoyi, but Liu Luoyi opened his hand.

Only then did Yu Chili realize that Liu Luoyi’s blush was a little abnormal, and she hurriedly got closer and smelled a faint smell of wine from her body, but fortunately, she didn’t drink too much, so she wouldn’t lose her mind like last time.

“The eldest princess said, you haven’t formally begged me, so I can’t marry you.” Liu Luoyi suddenly said, her voice sounded soft and sweet, with drunkenness and sweetness.

“Then let’s go out first, and I’ll beg you to kiss.” Yu Chili smiled helplessly.

Liu Luoyi shook her head. She turned over laboriously and lay down on her side. Her bright eyes looked like some kind of small animals in the mountains and forests. She was ignorant of the world and was crystal clear.

At this moment, Yu Chili didn’t even know where to look, she felt that her blood vessels were about to move again, ready to burst open at any time.

“That…” Yu Chili said, he touched his body, and he did not find any valuable objects all over his body. Only a long armband was put on his arm, which was originally put on to prevent the sword from being cut. , Can only be used to recharge at this time.

She took off the armband, put it beside Liu Luoyi tremblingly, and dodged away from the distance, before saying: “Will this be all right…I will look for other objects when I go out.”

“Okay, then I agree to marry A Li.” Liu Luoyi grinned. She put the armband on her hand. The size of the armband was not suitable, but she was very happy wearing it.

“So I agree, I haven’t asked yet.” Yu Chili couldn’t laugh or cry after hearing this, she coaxed the child and said, “Okay, I also ask for a kiss, and you agree, can we go out?”

Liu Luoyi nodded strenuously. She stood up on the beauty couch with one arm, but because of drunkenness and weakness, her body shook and turned down.

Yu Chili hurriedly stepped forward, supporting her shoulder with one hand, and holding her calf which had fallen off the beauty couch with the other, and set her sitting upright. The hand feels very smooth, like holding a pinned lotus root.

Liu Luoyi sat up and slowly turned to Yuchili. Yuchili suddenly realized that such a posture was unsightly. She hurriedly released her hand and took two steps back.

Her brain is in chaos, a chaos that she has never had before. She even feels that she doesn’t look like herself anymore, and her body and brain are not under her control.

Liu Luoyi stood up and walked staggering two steps. Only Yu Chili seemed in her eyes, and it was too difficult for Yu Chili to step back, so she could only obediently accept Liu Luoyi’s embrace.

Her soft body, which was even much softer than usual, was attached to her arms. Yu Chili regretted taking off her coat just now. If she still had it at this time, the touch should not be so obvious.

Or if she had known so long ago, she might as well wear a armor, she must be more calm.

“Don’t move.” Yu Chili’s voice was already muted.

Liu Luoyi’s hands passed through her armpits and touched her shoulders upside down. She raised her head and wanted to kiss Yuchili in a daze, while Yuchili stepped back subconsciously.

She didn’t want to be so scared, but her body was not under her control.

So soon she felt a bad voice in her heart, but it was too late. The two fell into the pool together. The water splashed in all directions, and the water in the pool was about to overflow. At this time, it was splashed. On the ground, it was wet everywhere.

The water mist soon surrounded them, and Yu Chili choked for several sips of water before he got a firm foothold and emerged from the water.

She hurried to pull Liu Luoyi again. Because there were petals in the water, she couldn’t see clearly. She had no choice but to hold onto the person underwater. Several times, Yu Chili felt that she had touched something that shouldn’t be touched.

After Liu Luoyi stood up, Yu Chili’s face was flushed and almost exploded.

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