The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 104: One night

“Is it all right?” Yu Chili hurriedly wiped off the water on her face. Liu Luoyi coughed a few times, then opened his eyes, and he became a little more sober.

For a moment, she seemed to have doubts about the situation she was in now.

The water in the pool was very deep. Even if the two of them stood up straight, they almost flooded their chests. Yuchili was okay. Liu Luoyi just exposed his shoulders, and his already white shoulders were set against the pool or pink or white petals. Underneath, it looks like a white jade, exquisite and delicate.

She stretched out her hand from the water, and the silver bracelet hung on her wrist, which suddenly merged into one.

Liu Luoyi wiped the hair that was blocking his eyes to the back. It was an unintentional action, but there was a hint of flattery. Compared with the usual sense of coldness, it seemed like a different person, and Yu Chili couldn’t help it. He bit his lips tightly.

She didn’t endure the throbbing until the smell of blood appeared in her mouth.

“Little Liuer, let’s go up.” She wanted to help Liu Luoyi, but she was caught off guard by her arm. Then, Liu Luoyi slid into her wet hand like a mud loach. Her arms are bent.

In the steaming water, it seemed to be even more confusing. Yu Chili couldn’t help but look down. Liu Luoyi’s eyes were still a little drunk, but it was more of a clear shyness. Her face flushed, like Dyed by the blooming flowers in the pond, he became coquettish.

She leaned on Yuchili, like a bud that had been wet by rain, and was ready to be put in the bud. Yu Chili wanted to put on her clothes that had been washed loosely by the water, but she was in a rush, making everything even more embarrassing.

“Ali…” Liu Luoyi said, Xu Luoyi was drunk. Her words dragged a long, soft tone. She pursed red lips and looked aggrieved, “You are hiding from me.”

“I didn’t.” Yu Chili said quietly while avoiding her eyes.

It was the first time that she experienced this kind of thing, and her heart became confused, and her hands did not dare to touch Liu Luoyi’s skin.

“Then why don’t you hug me?” Liu Luoyi questioned, stubbornly grasping Yu Chili’s sleeve, and gently pulling it, as if he had suffered some great grievance.

“Ali…” There was a small cry in her tone.

How could Yuchili stand her pleading like this, and hurriedly folded her hands in distress, and hugged her hot body tightly. Her cheek was against Liu Luoyi’s forehead, and she could feel that Liu Luoyi was a little hot. unusual.

She gently combed her messy hair and whispered: “Xiao Liuer, we are going to get married soon.”

“What did sister do to you?” Yu Chili said again.

“The princess gave me a glass of wine, then brought me here and said, let me wait for you.” Liu Luoyi tried to make herself clearer. She felt dizzy and very uncomfortable.

“She is so unreliable, why do you want to listen to her.” Yu Chili blamed slightly.

Liu Luoyi was silent for a while before he realized that he was unreasonable: “She said, if you give you a surprise like this, you will be happy.”

Yu Chili felt that his heart was blocked by something again. He trembled and ached, and his eyes were a little fuzzy. A person as clever as Liu Luoyi was always stupid because of her affairs.

Such a girl, she doesn’t know what to do to her.

“Ali, I’m a little uncomfortable.” Liu Luoyi said, she pressed Yu Chili’s body even more, as if she had caught some antidote.

Yu Chili looked at the censer that she had put out, and shook her head. She finally bent down and pressed her close to Liu Luoyi’s ear, and said softly, “Do you know what will happen?”

When Liu Luoyi heard the words, a wave of timidity surged into her heart. She nodded and shook her head again, looking very ignorant.

Yuchili bit her lip, and suddenly stretched her hand into the water, around Liu Luoyi’s knees, and hugged her sideways. Liu Luoyi who suddenly left the hot water felt a cool breeze, and she hurried to Yuchili’s arms. Shrinked.

The woman was soaked and her clothes a bit transparent. Yu Chili was afraid that she would catch a cold, so she directly set up light work and floated to the ground, bringing out a water stain, and dampening the ground again.

The disturbed petals in the pool gathered together again, gorgeous and fragrant.

Yu Chili was walking barefoot on the icy ground. The coldness under her feet could not extinguish the fire in her heart. The body in her arms was weak and boneless, soft and slippery, but it had an almost fatal attraction.

With each step, this attraction becomes more intense, making people dizzy.

The door was still locked, and Yu Chili didn’t hesitate to raise his leg and kicked. He only heard a bang, dust was everywhere, and the door hit the ground together with the frame. The dust and water vapor merged together, making it hazy.

She strode to the bedroom, leaving behind a string of wet footprints, and there was a rustling movement at the end of the corridor. Yu Chili raised his hand and picked up a bead placed on the wall, and threw it back at the sound. Go, the bead drew an invisible arc and hit a person directly.

There was only a muffled sound, and then the movement disappeared.

The lock of the bedroom had been unlocked, and Yu Chili strode in, closed the door firmly, and then carefully placed Liu Luoyi on the clean and flat bed.

Liu Luoyi suddenly felt cold in front of her, and her shyness immediately stained her whole body red. She hurriedly reached out to touch the quilt, but Yu Chili held her wrist and couldn’t move.

She blinked her eyes and looked at Yu Chili, her heart beating suddenly.

Yuchili has already taken off her outer shirt, so now she has only a white shirt. After being dipped in water, she perfectly sets the curve of her body. She is now leaning over her, with water drops flowing along the wet hair. Pass the perfectly curved jaw, and then drip from the chin to her collarbone.

Drop by drop, with the heartbeat, like beating a drum.

She could feel the heat coming out of Yu Chili’s body, as hot as hers, and then, Yu Chili’s hand touched her cheek.

Liu Luoyi trembled all over, almost yelling, but Yu Chili covered her mouth.

Yu Chili curled up the corners of her mouth and smiled very softly. She gently leaned down and said in her ear: “When it is not yet called, Xiao Liuer.”

Liu Luoyi suddenly blushed again. She clenched her palms, and her eyes looked at Yu Chili with a timidity towards the unknown, and there was a trace of impatience. She couldn’t help but move and was fixed by Yu Chili again. Waist.

“You provoked this.” Yu Chili said, she gently kissed Liu Luoyi’s earlobe, and then used her chin to lift the blue silk that was blocking her eyes.

The touch on her cheek already made Liu Luoyi uncomfortable and almost fainted.

“Don’t cry.” Yu Chili said with a smile. She went to kiss her lips again, like a fragile treasure, again and again, with unreasonable demands.

“Why…” Liu Luoyi said timidly, her eyes were already red at this time, and her body was as soft as water on the ground just now, unable to flow by herself, and could only be at the mercy of others.

“If you cry, I won’t be able to do anything.” Yu Chili said, suddenly reaching out his hand to block the back of her head, and Liu Luoyi’s unspoken words were pressed against her lips, and she was disturbed to pieces. It turned into a small whimper.

This kiss was different from before. Liu Luoyi thought in a daze. She couldn’t help but break free from Wei Chili’s control, and took the initiative to get into her arms, as if seeking protection, as if seeking letting go. .

Unexpectedly, he was pushed out by Yu Chili again, and fixed to the bed in the same manner as before. Liu Luoyi was wronged again, and Yu Chili had never been so rude.

Although she used a very light force, she pushed her away, Liu Luoyi thought, and with a sigh of relief, she wanted to break away from Wei Chili’s kiss, but she didn’t succeed. Instead, she was attacked harder.

After finally finishing the kiss, Yu Chili embraced her with one hand again. Liu Luoyi could only see the black hair scattered behind her and the petals still sticking to it.

“Ali, what are you doing…” Liu Luoyi asked softly.

“Are you still uncomfortable?” Yu Chili didn’t answer, but instead asked nonchalantly.

“Yeah.” Liu Luoyi nodded obediently.

Suddenly, the world turned over again, and Liu Luoyi lay flat on the bed again. She couldn’t help holding Yuchili tightly, even bit her arm. Yuchili was in pain, but she didn’t say anything.

Liu Luoyi didn’t cry anymore, she didn’t even have the ability to think anymore, she could only grasp Yuchili like a straw, she could feel the hot heat radiating from Yuchili, or it was her own.

The gauze of the bed hanging from the roof was tied only by a thin piece of silk, but suddenly it broke, and the light-colored silk, which was as silky and thin as clouds, slowly hung down, completely shielding the bed.

Liu Luoyi opened her eyes and saw that her brain was in a mess, but she still had time to think about why the silk and satin would split, it hurts.

Her eyes were blurred, as if they were still stained with water vapor on the pool just now, and she couldn’t see anything. The light-colored curtains swayed under the wind, and she felt like she was in a fairyland for a while.

She finally understood the meaning of Cai Yuchili’s words, and finally couldn’t help crying. In the chaos, it seemed that only Yuchili was the only shore that could be stranded.

She held her shore desperately, buried her weeping cheeks deeply into Yu Chili’s hair, smelling the fragrance of her body.

“Ali…” she said in a crying voice, and then jammed the whisper between Yuchili’s neck and said like a child who had bumped into it, “Ali, it hurts…”

Then she heard Yuchili’s full and gentle voice, she seemed to be coaxing her, saying it over and over again.

“I love you.”


The night passed, the morning light passed through the silk, and the thin fabric softened the tough light and gently sprinkled on the sleeping two.

Liu Luoyi moved gently and opened her eyes. For a while, she hadn’t remembered what had happened, but her head was a little bit painful.

But when she tried to get up, everything came back into her mind again, her eyes widened suddenly, and then a sore feeling attacked her, her arm weakened, and she fell beside Yu Chili again.

She hardly dared to think about last night, and she never dared to believe that she would be what she looked like and cry so violently.

She blushed, got into the quilt, and didn’t want to come out again, so she was thinking wildly under the quilt.

Seeing such an unbearable self, will Yu Chili…

She couldn’t help but touched her clothes secretly, so she didn’t want to show her face any more, she desperately blamed Wei Chi Li in her heart, she didn’t know how to arrange her clothes, and at the same time she was ashamed.

In this way, how would she face the waking up Yu Chili.

The bed moved, and Yu Chili also woke up.

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