The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 105: afterwards

Turning her head, she saw Liu Luoyi shrunken in the quilt, only revealing a scattered green silk. Yu Chili stretched lazily, then propped up the bed with his arms, got up sideways, and tried to pull the quilt covering Liu Luoyi.

“Why do you wake up so early?” Yu Chili asked, with the first awakening tiredness in her words, she hadn’t slept so securely for a long time.

Liu Luoyi still didn’t look at her and didn’t make a sound. Yu Chili guessed that she was shy, so he smiled secretly, and then sternly said, “Then you will sleep for a while, I have something to prepare, and I will come with you in the evening. meal.”

After speaking, she stretched out her hand to pick up the untidy clothes and put it on casually, and strode out the door.

When Liu Luoyi saw her leaving, she threw down the quilt covering her head. She bit her lip, and there was a trace of loss in her eyes. She was shy and shy, but she just did something like that to her last night. Just leave without mentioning.

She lowered her head and touched her tired body, the red marks everywhere on the snow-white skin caused a burst of red clouds on her face.

She snorted slightly, then looked around for her clothes, but the originally thin dress was now falling softly on the ground, still stained with damp moisture, and could no longer be worn.

Liu Luoyi froze in the same place for a while, not knowing what to do, but she would be too embarrassed to dress like this.

She hesitated, and finally tore off the silk that was on the bed, put it on her body, and walked out of the bed barefoot.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened. After Yu Chili finished washing and stepped across the threshold with a huge plate, Liu Luoyi was startled. Even though he exclaimed, he turned around and wanted to hide in the quilt again.

Yu Chili had quick eyes and quick hands, set the plate aside, and pulled her back in one hand, holding her arms in his arms to prevent her from fleeing.

“I haven’t seen you, so why are you ashamed?” Yu Chili looked helplessly at Liu Luoyi, who had wrapped himself tightly, only showing his head.

“Could it be that you drank alcohol last night, so you forgot everything that happened?” Yu Chili made a deliberately aggrieved expression.

Liu Luoyi felt her body become hot again, she shook her head, but did not dare to look at Yu Chili’s eyes again, and buried her head in her arms.

Yu Chili felt the hotness of her body and smiled with her eyes crooked. Holding Liu Luoyi in her arms, she opened the cabinet with difficulty and found a set of dresses from it: “Here, wear mine first. No, I’ll help you. Right.”

She said to herself, and then pushed Liu Luoyi back onto the bed.

“Hey!” Liu Luoyi was anxious when she heard the words, she clenched the cloth wrapped around her body tightly with one hand, and blocked her in front of her with one hand to prevent Yu Chi from approaching.

Yu Chili wanted to say something, so she was kicked, stepped back abruptly, and almost sat on the ground. She grinned and clutched her thighs, and was forced to turn around.

She deserves to be her Xiao Liuer, who is talented in martial arts.

After Liu Luoyi was dressed neatly, Yu Chili was allowed to turn her head. She rushed onto the bed and smirked beside Liu Luoyi.

“What are you laughing at.” Liu Luoyi was very uncomfortable with her.

“It’s so beautiful to laugh at you.” As Yu Chili said, he rubbed against Liu Luoyi’s body, and was pushed away by Liu Luoyi’s forehead.

“It was obviously enthusiastic last night, why is it so cold today?” Yu Chili said aggrievedly, and she held Liu Luoyi’s hand to prevent her from moving.

Liu Luoyi didn’t speak.

“Could it be that I just turned a blind eye to you?” Yu Chili went around to sit on the other side of Liu Luoyi, and pushed the plate on the table, “I am teasing you, I just took it for you. Rinse with hot water and breakfast.”

Liu Luoyi couldn’t help but curled up her lips and smiled slightly. She stretched out her arms around Yu Chili’s neck, and then took the initiative to lean against her arms.

Everything from last night rushed to her mind again, she closed her eyes tightly, forced herself to stop thinking, and buried her head deeper.

Yu Chili suddenly reached out and opened her sleeves and touched the red marks with his fingertips, then touched her slender neck again, put a smile away, and said distressed: “Last night, it hurt. I never did it. These things are very strange. When I ask my sister for advice, I will definitely not make you so uncomfortable when I get married.”

“Stop talking.” Liu Luoyi was thin-skinned after all, and she hurriedly covered Yu Chili’s mouth, not allowing her to speak any more.

“I don’t hurt.” She whispered in a low voice, and then touched Yu Chili’s palm with her silky jade palm, “I am very happy, as long as I am with you, I am very happy.”

Yu Chili was overwhelmed by her words. She resisted the throbbing in her heart, lowered her head and kissed her lips, and smiled: “But I really have to go. There are important things. These days may be very difficult. It’s hard to see you.”

Liu Luoyi nodded, and she also opened her arms to embrace Yuchili, and kissed her forehead like a dragonfly, smiling radiantly.

“Go ahead, I’ll wait for you.”

When Yu Chili walked out of the palace, her whole person was floating. She was blushing and she was out of the sky, but she was blocked by one person.

The visitor was dressed in a dazzling red dress, with a lot of red beads hanging from his forehead, making his red lips even more coquettish. It was the Yuchidie who had just gotten up early in the morning to watch a good show. She looked at Yuchi teasingly. Li, reached out and stuck her neck, watching the red marks on it.

Suddenly Yuchili was so frightened by her that she immediately freed herself from a silly smile. She touched her stiff cheek, and kicked her feet without saying a word.

After all, Yu Chidie still has the kung fu, she hurriedly avoided, she said angrily with her arms akimbo: “Wei Chili, you are not big or small, you dare to kick me!”

Yuchili didn’t speak much, and he chased her after talking about his fist. Yuchidie was frightened and ran away. So early in the morning, there was another spectacle of two princesses fighting each other in the palace, so the people who arranged the flowerbed stopped. , The sweepers stopped moving, one after another came to watch the excitement, and the whole palace was stunned.

In the end, Yuchi Die rushed out of the courtyard gate in a panic, and almost ran into the same person. She didn’t care about the three-seven-two-one, she pulled over the jacket of the man and hid behind him, but Yuchili didn’t stop the car and held her hands. The fist hit the man.

Fortunately, she didn’t really fight, she didn’t use much strength, and was easily blocked by someone.

The visitor still had lingering fears, he clutched his chest, looked at Yu Chili in surprise, and whispered: “You two, what kind of style is this?”

As soon as the sound came out, both of them opened their eyes, and Yu Chidie also hurriedly jumped out of his back, standing on one side with Wei Chili, the two looked at each other and said honestly: “Father…”

The King of the Northern Territory was holding his neck and was violently tugged by Yu Chidie. At this time, he was still a little bit painful. He wanted to say something, but finally swallowed the words and raised his hand weakly: “Last night, you guys How are you playing.”

Yu Chili had contacted the King of the Northern Territory several times. She was no longer afraid of revealing her identity as before. She scratched her head and replied, “It’s a good time.”

Yu Chidie on the side couldn’t help laughing, and was stared back by Yu Chili.

“That’s fine. After a few days, you have to behave a little bit in the ceremony. Don’t make trouble. After the ceremony, you will try to take over political affairs. There will be more to learn in the future. Don’t play outside. A victory is incredible.” The Northern Territory King scowled and looked at them.

Yu Chili hurriedly nodded and said yes.

“And you, that offspring. You have to clarify the matter with your parents. They can say that they are also the best ladies of the scholarly family. Everything must be done in accordance with etiquette. Yan Guo is not better than the Northern Territory, so don’t cause trouble. Fortunately, These Japanese kings are all dealing with the relationship between Yan Guo and the Northern Territory. Now the two countries rebuild their old friendship and become allies. The two of you are really a marriage, you know?”

“Yes, yes.” Yu Chili nodded desperately.

“Father, I want to get married on the day of the ceremony, okay?” Yu Chili asked cautiously.

The King of the Northern Territory squeezed his mouth vigorously. He looked at Yu Chili for a while, and then sighed: “You take care of this matter yourself, and this king doesn’t care about it, but you have to think clearly about marrying a woman. thing.”

“Thank you, Father.” Wei Chili endured the excitement in his heart and hurriedly bowed his hands.

The King of the Northern Territory shook his head again, touched his neck and left. Yuchili was very happy, and was thrilled by the Yuchidie on the side. She said viciously, “Do you know that you can have it today? Thanks, white-eyed wolf!”

“You last night…” Yu Chili muttered and said nothing.

“How is the effect of that incense? It was shipped from Nanxiang, very expensive, and the effect is very good.” Yu Chidie said triumphantly, she patted Yu Chili on the shoulder, “If I don’t help you One hand, with your temper, I don’t know how long it will be delayed before I dare to do it.”

“How did you feel last night?” Yu Chidie whispered to Yu Chili’s ear.

Yu Chili blushed.

“Also, why do you think your father agreed so quickly? When he first learned about it, he held up his shoes and chased me three streets. Fortunately, my tongue is like a splendid lotus flower, adding fuel to the love of the two of you. , He only accepted.”

Yu Chidie gently pushed aside the dazzling red beads on her forehead and raised her eyebrows to watch Yu Chili.

Yuchi moved in his ecstasy, only to feel that although it was autumn, the sun was making people’s backs hot.

“You don’t have to look at me like that.” Yu Chidie suddenly became serious, and she gently stretched out her hand and patted Yu Chili’s shoulder, “We are sisters.”

The palm she was holding on Yu Chili’s shoulder tightened slightly, and the two smiled at each other.

Yu Chidie’s eyes were a little red, she suddenly looked away, and leaned on Yu Chili as if she had no bones. She smiled sweetly, but Yu Chili pulled out from her emotions when she said something.

“Is it a bit unfamiliar last night, nothing happened? For the first time, it is inevitable. I will talk to you about how to make Liu Luoyi feel good, come…”

Yuchili hurriedly looked around, then covered Yuchidie’s mouth, and said viciously: “Hush, be quiet!”

Yu Chidie pushed her hand away: “Have you just washed your hands?”

Yuchili was about to collapse, she dragged her to a place where no one was there, from blushing to the base of her neck, and said grumpily: “washed, washed!”

“Let go of me, do you want to know?”

“Yes!” Yu Chili said through gritted teeth.

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