The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 106: Big wedding

Yuchili had never seen Liu Luoyi since he was flushed by Yuchidie that day, but it was not because of shyness, but Yuchidie and the others clamored that they must follow the customs of Yan Guo, before getting married. On Japan, the two newcomers could not meet each other, saying that this was the only way to win favor.

Together with Xin Ran, they guarded at the gate of the bedroom, and they rushed to the study room to stay overnight, for several days.

There are many things to be busy in the day. Preparations for the grandma ceremony, interviews with the ministers, and preparations for the wedding. The king of the Northern Territory was too troubled and only handled political affairs. Therefore, these were all handled by Yu Chili alone. She was as busy as a top, from morning to night.

Fortunately, as the eldest sister, Yu Chidie did not lose her conscience. She helped a little bit with big and small things, otherwise Yu Chili felt that she would die young before she officially became a prince.

Sometimes Yu Chili was very tired, and would still slander the King of the Northern Territory for so many years, why there is not even a woman in the Great Palace, but if there is a stepmother, she would not be so tired.

The good auspicious day was approaching soon, and Yu Chili finally prepared a seven-seven-eight. She thought Liu Luoyi was desperate. She sneaked in several times, but was blocked by An Ge, who was guarding her every step of the way.

An Ge listened very much to Yu Chidie’s words now, so Yu Chili couldn’t persuade no matter how bribes she was. In the end, she had to go back to the study again in despair and spend the last night of sleepless night.

Before dawn the next day, she was woken up by the influx of maidservants on their knees. Under their service, she wore an indigo-colored clothes in a daze. The clothes were very tightly wrapped in three layers. , With gold silk embroidered with strange patterns, she looked carefully and found that they seemed to be all kinds of legendary beasts, so she felt that they were solemn and solemn.

Compared with the well-known large-sleeved Chinese clothes, these clothes are narrow-sleeved, which is in line with the folk customs of the Northern Territory that are good at riding and martial arts, but they are very heavy, and people can’t breathe. The handmaid had very clever hands, and in threes or twos they untied all her tied hair, draped them behind her, and tied them loosely with a hair band of the same color, leaving only two thick strands of her forehead.

Although the dress is a bit strange, fortunately, she is long and thin, with long hair hanging behind her, looking at her with a kind of handsome air.

After finishing finishing, a maid covered her lips and said: “The princess is so good-looking, so we are almost tempted.”

Another person hit her, and the two stopped talking. These days they found that the second princess had become more gentle and tolerant, so they dared to make some jokes.

Sure enough, Yu Chili just smiled lightly and said nothing.

After finishing the order, he went out. The King of the Northern Territory had already been waiting there. He looked up and down at Yuchili, nodded in satisfaction, and then took the lead on a carriage. With an order, the long line drove out of the palace. .

The people on both sides of the street were also full of people, everyone with a beaming look, threw the flowers in their hands to the carriage, and yelled some blessings that Wei Chili had never heard, but could understand.

After Wei Chili passed, they knelt down towards their prince, the future king.

Walking through several streets, it was the same. The hopeful eyes of the people quickly made Yuchi Li’s chest feel bulging. She took a deep breath and suddenly felt that her clothes became heavier.

The King of the Northern Territory who was in the carriage seemed to see through her nervousness, and suddenly reached out and patted her on the shoulder, and whispered: “Do you know why this king chose you?”

Yu Chili retracted his gaze and shook his head.

“Before you were born, the queen of your mother was in poor health. Knowing that you were the last one, she always worried that I would marry another person. If you want to eat, you can’t sleep at night. The king coaxed her. No need to rebirth, regardless of whether the man or woman born this time is the prince of my northern region.”

“Later, just a few years after you were born, your mother died. She liked to hold you on her lap and tease you. You did not let her down. She was extremely intelligent. Swordsmanship dances to the wind.”

“So even if you left the Northern Territory, this king never thought of moving you to the position of prince. Fortunately, after returning this time, you have been experienced and more sensible and capable than ever.”

Yu Chili listened, but for some reason, the corners of her eyes suddenly became wet, and she wiped it with her fingertips, wondering why she was crying.

This doesn’t seem to be her thoughts, but it seems to be hers.

The King of the Northern Territory is not good at showing tenderness. He speaks dryly. At the end, he finally spit out: “Go bold, Li’er.”

He patted Wei Chili’s shoulder again, and finally turned his face away.

This trip traveled through the entire Egu, and after slowly winding around, the sun had already risen to the top of his head, and Yuchili finally got out of the carriage and was almost lifted onto a high platform. I have seen the maiden”.

The bold person looked up. Yuchili’s slender figure stood in the sun, standing upright, as if able to resist the world. She took a long knife in her hand, turned it a few times in her hand, and thrust it into the wood. The ground is half a sword deep.

Then, the shouting sound became louder, people began to jump and cheer, and the entire ancient town was empty and lively.

After this, the ceremony was completed, and Yu Chili left the high platform again surrounded by people, ran directly back to the palace from the dark, panted and changed into makeup and went to see Liu Luoyi.

The clothes for married couples are much more cumbersome. In order for Liu Luoyi to adapt, she prepared Yan Guo’s gift. The two of them were dressed in red, with phoenix crowns and xia, long skirts dragging behind them, full of momentum, the only difference is that , She did not cover her face.

If she was solemn and solemn at the time of the Tai Nv ceremony, now she is excited and intolerable. She is looking forward to seeing Liu Luoyi’s appearance and hoping to hold her in her arms.

Since then, the two of them have truly become married, and thinking about it makes people excited.

But before the phoenix crown was put on, she couldn’t wait to jump up, scared a group of maids chasing her behind, yelling: “Princess, the phoenix crown has not been put on!”

“I won’t wear it!” She responded and rushed out of the door, and ran to the door of the bedroom. At this time, the door was opened, and Yu Chili could not hide her excitement, and rushed in.

I saw a woman sitting on the neatly cleaned bed, wearing a red dress with a hijab on her head, sitting tremblingly.

Yu Chili raised his eyebrows, slowed down, and walked gently in front of the woman.

Then, smiling evilly, grabbed her skirt and turned her upside down on the bed. With a scream, Yu Chili strode around to the screen and pulled Liu Luoyi out.

Liu Luoyi covered her head with a hijab and couldn’t see anything. She could only fall into her arms like this. She supported Yu Chili’s hand to stand firm, knocked her, and whispered, “What are you doing!” “

“I knew you were going to fool me, saying, was it your sister’s idea?” Yu Chili said with a smile.

Liu Luoyi blushed and nodded lightly. He didn’t forget to push Yuchili away, and said stiffly: “You have to salute later, you don’t want to be so close to me, how proper you are.”

Yu Chili pulled her at her unwillingness to let go: “Then do you want decency, or do you want me?”

Liu Luoyi hummed a little, and then said, “I want you.”

Yu Chili’s heart was itchy as if crawling over a group of ants. By the way, she spit out warm bubbles. She hugged Liu Luoyi directly and took her out the door, ignoring that she was being wrapped in a huge hijab on the bed, wriggling. Xin Ran couldn’t get up.

The sedan chair was already prepared outside the door, and Yu Chili hugged Liu Luoyi in, while riding on the horse, the group of people went out again, and the street that had just calmed down once again became lively.

The common people had long heard that the father-in-law had married with a woman, and it was rumored that the woman looked like a fairy and was extremely beautiful, so everyone was very curious and watched on both sides.

In that short time, someone had already hung the entire Egu capital with red lanterns, and a small river lantern was hung beside each lantern.

Everyone didn’t know what it meant, but when Liu Luoyi, who was hiding in the sedan chair, saw it, his eyes blushed.

Suona and other music sounded around the sedan chair, and there was joy, and there were people sprinkling copper plates and caramel on both sides of the street, causing the people, especially the children, to cheer.

Soon after the sedan chair, he followed a long line of carrying wooden boxes. Everyone was wearing red bunts and carrying wooden boxes, with the same expression of joy. Some objects were not even packed in boxes, but on the car. , Tied up and pushed with a red string.

People looked straight, and some of the big families were even more amazed. Those objects that were taken out were all priceless treasures. The last time I saw such a grand scene was the day of the wedding of the King of the Northern Territory and the Queen.

As a result, people began to say that the women married by the princess were like a fairy descending to the earth, all over the country, and the princess almost lost her soul.

A week after the sedan chair circled the city, he carried it back to the palace and stopped on the highest hall. The sides were already surrounded by hundreds of civil and military officials, some were still whispering, as if dissatisfied with the marriage, but Yu Chili jumped off immediately. Later, they fell silent.

“Xiao Liu’er.” Yu Chili lifted the curtain and passed his hand to Liu Luoyi’s hand, carefully leading her out of the sedan chair.

At this moment, Liu Luoyi’s face could not be seen, but just the exposed soft white jade made Yu Chili feel suffocated, and the surrounding eyes gathered here.

The two of them joined hands and slowly walked up the steps. The surrounding civil and military officials and relatives of the emperor and relatives stood there, afraid to speak, watching them go higher and higher.

At the gate of the main hall, the king of the Northern Territory was sitting in danger.

Liu Luoyi’s sight was covered and her steps were inconvenient. She could only hold onto Yu Chili’s hand tightly, her palms were sweaty and slippery. Feeling her nervousness, Yu Chili suddenly turned his head and asked, “Do you want to take off the hijab?”

Liu Luoyi hesitated and asked, “Can you? But this is not in compliance.”

“If you say yes, it’s okay to have me, you are the rules.” Yu Chili rubbed her hand and said softly.

Liu Luoyi’s empty hand slowly touched the hijab, and then, without pausing, he raised it forcefully, the fiery red cloth flew up with the wind like butterfly wings, and fell to the ground. Her appearance fell into the eyes of everyone, and spread out. There was a small exclamation.

When Yu Chili saw this, Liu Luoyi smiled, and there was a hint of sly in this smile, and a hint of joy, and it looked cute and tight.

Today, she applied pink and daisy, her lips were painted red, gold powder gleaming in the sun, her skin was like fat, which could be broken by blows, her beautiful eyes looked at Yuchili, and her red dress was like a fire. No longer resembling a fairy born in Qingchen, but a coquettish and seductive, this coquettish brings her unique coldness, and the beauty is suffocating.

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