The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 107: Bridal chamber (final)

She kept watching Yu Chili in this way, and the two of them started running slowly. The wedding dresses were red and dazzling in the sun. They swayed and hunted. Seen from the back, they are a good pair of people, everyone can see. After all, no one pointed out their irregularities.

The Northern Territory King raised his hand to say something, but he sighed, helplessly put it down, letting them mess around.

When the two of them stood on the steps, Liu Luoyi still panted slightly, and she always looked at the people down the steps with a smile that could not be concealed.

Next to him, a very festively dressed entourage reminded in a low voice: “Madam, see the king.”

Only then did Yu Chili react, and pulled Liu Luoyi a hand, and the two turned around at the same time, leaning down, and Yu Chili respectfully said: “Wei Chili pays respects to his father.”

Liu Luoyi bit her lip and looked at Yuchili, but didn’t dare to look up at the King of the Northern Territory. He spoke in a much quieter voice than that of Yuchili: “Liu Luoyi, see the King of the Northern Territory.”

The king of the Northern Territory was unhappy when he heard the words, blowing his beard and staring: “Silly queen, call father king!”

Liu Luoyi flushed, and quickly lowered his head again, and whispered: “Liu Luoyi, pay homage to your father.”

“This is just like talking.” The King of the Northern Territory nodded, then piled up a smile, took out a stack of paper from his arms, and handed it to Liu Luoyi. “This king doesn’t know what to reward you. These are the shops and fields. Kind, there are some silver taels, you keep them, and if you don’t treat you badly in the future, you can have a place to go.”

Yu Chili coughed **** the side.

“Thank you Father.” Liu Luoyi accepted it politely, and Yu Chili couldn’t wait to take her hand again, and turned her around.

After that, everyone bowed their heads and shouted: “Well, see the princess, and see the princess.”

Low-pitched voices filled the entire venue, and they rang three times before giving up. Liu Luoyi heard the three words for the concubine, her ears were red, she quietly tugged at Wei Chili, and whispered: “It’s not a concubine. Well, why did you become a princess.”

Yu Chili also whispered back, “I forgot this.”

After speaking, she wiped off her sleeves and said with a serious face: “Flat.”

At this kind of moment, she could not even forget the tiredness of running around for a day, and only hated that the chapel was too cumbersome to go into the night immediately. She suddenly remembered something, then stretched out her hand to embrace Liu Luoyi and turned around, facing the south, pressing her back, and bowing gently.

Liu Luoyi was a little puzzled. She turned her head and met with Wei Chili, but saw that while Yu Chili stuffed her with a letter, she said softly, “Wei Chili pay her respects to Dad.”

Liu Luoyi’s hand holding the letter shook, and her eyes became blurred. She burst into laughter again soon, and followed Yu Chili in a low voice, “Liu Luoyi pays respects to Daddy.”

After the salute, Yu Chili, as the princely daughter, was dragged to meet the relatives of the emperor, and Liu Luoyi, escorted by Xin Ran and the maidservants, returned to the bedroom first. The place has been rearranged. Also in accordance with the customs of the country of Yan, red silk was covered everywhere, and soft blankets spread all the way to the bed. Two lanterns were also hung in front of the door.

Liu Luoyi covered his hijab again, and carefully sat on the edge of the bed. The red quilt embroidered with gold silk was sprinkled with dates, peanuts, etc., to express some meaning.

After seeing this, Liu Luoyi’s expression dimmed a little, but she was soon dimmed by the unknown expectations. She sat quietly, waiting for Yu Chili’s arrival, the veil in her hands was a little wet.

Xin Ran on one side didn’t dare to show up, just busy preparing the drinks he needed, holding a clean veil to wipe Liu Luoyi’s sweat from time to time.

“Miss Liu, the princess said that if you are tired, you should rest and you don’t need to sit here.” Xin Ran looked at Liu Luoyi’s thin waist and felt distressed, so she stuffed a small snack into her hand.

Liu Luoyi smiled and ate, and shook his head: “Nothing, I’m waiting for her like this.”

Time gradually passed, and there was no candlelight in the house, only the light of the two lanterns at the door was reflected on the wall through the window, and it looked dim and warm.

Today, for most people in Egu, it is a night of celebration, like a festival. Liu Luoyi listened to the noise of people outside the house, as if he was set on a fire, filled with warm heat.

She suddenly remembered the letter that was handed to her by Wei Chili just now, and then took it out of her sleeve and unfolded it in the dim light. She watched, and tears dripped frequently, moistening the strong and powerful words on the paper.

She couldn’t help crying. Xin Ran, who was guarding by her side, was startled. She hurriedly handed over her new veil, raised her hijab and put her head in her head: “Miss Liu, what’s wrong with you?”

Liu Luoyi was busy wiping her tears with her hand, smiled at Xin Ran against her red nose, and shook her head gently: “It’s nothing, it’s Daddy’s letter. Daddy said that he agreed to our marriage and asked me to spend some time. Go back to see him on the day.”

She doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh for a while. She has never liked to express her thoughts in her heart, so since she left Yan, she has never shown homesickness in front of others, but after all, she is the father who raised her. I don’t miss it at all.

At this moment, footsteps came from outside the door, and Xin Ran hurriedly pulled Liu Luoyi’s hijab, took the wine glass next to him, and greeted him, and handed it to Yu Chili who was helped by Yu Chidie to enter the door.

“Princess, can the princess still drink?” Xin Ran scratched his head while watching Yu Chili’s squinting eyes.

“It’s fine, just feed it boldly.” Yu Chidie raised her hand boldly.

Xin Ran nodded, then handed the wine in the glass to Yuchili’s mouth, watching her drink the wine clean, and then handed Liu Luoyi a glass.

“Princess, hijab.” Xin Ran cautiously stuffed the Xi Scale into Yu Chi Li’s hands, and then walked out the door step by step. Yu Chidie reached out and patted Yu Chi Li’s arm, and then put on a meaningful smile. The maidservant left with the house full.

Soon there were only two people left in the house.

Liu Luoyi couldn’t see her surroundings, her eyes were only red. She could only look at the fuzzy shadow under her feet, and clenched her hands nervously.

After everyone left, Yuchili started to walk briskly. First, she walked to the table full of dried pastries and fruits, lit the candlestick, and the fire swayed twice, filling the whole room, illuminating it brightly. stand up.

She moved to Liu Luoyi’s side with the hi-scale, took a deep breath, then tremblingly lifted the hijab, and because of being too nervous, using the wrong force, the hijab vacated and landed on Liu Luoyi’s face.

Liu Luoyi laughed, she directly stretched out her hand to lift off the hijab, then raised her eyes and looked up at Wei Chili with a smile.

“You are not drunk.” She said, putting her hand into Yu Chili’s.

“No, it’s just pretending to be drunk, otherwise I won’t be able to come back to see you even when it’s time to come.” Yu Chili smiled, and she threw the scale aside, “Who prepared this thing.”

Liu Luoyi shook her hand and said, “I. Because my father said that when you get married, you have to pick a hijab to be satisfied for a lifetime, and for a long time.”

“This way…” Yu Chili scratched his head and immediately changed his words. “It was so prepared, I almost forgot such an important thing.”

Liu Luoyi pursed her mouth. She pulled Yu Chili to sit on the bed with her, and then took the letter in her hand and asked, “This is what you prepared?”

“Well, I asked Xuege to fly a trip before and send the letter back. After all, we are married and we have to ask for your father’s consent. Fortunately, after so long, your father has also figured it out.”

When Liu Luoyi heard the words, he placed the letter in his heart, his eyes curved into bright crescents.

“Daddy said he missed me very much, let us go back to see him as soon as possible after we get married. Thank you, Li.”

Looking at Liu Luoyi’s smile, Yu Chili felt happy. He stretched out his hand and squeezed her face, and said softly, “I like to see Xiao Liu’er smile the most. As long as Xiao Liuer smiles, Ali is willing to do anything.”

As soon as she finished saying this, she felt very numb and got goose bumps, but Liu Luoyi was happily soft and leaned on Yu Chili’s shoulder when she turned her head.

Yu Chili touched her hair, smiled and said, “Xiao Liuer, your phoenix crown will crush me to death.”

Liu Luoyi was shocked when she heard the words, and quickly sat up straight. As expected, Yuchili’s forehead and left half of her face were already red, and she quickly reached out to help her rub.

Yu Chili was a little helpless. She turned her head and carefully helped her to remove the huge phoenix crown on her head. This thing was studded with a dazzling array of jewels. The beauty was beautiful. Even if she held it in her hand, she was so heavy that she didn’t know Liu Luoyi was. How did it last all day.

After removing the phoenix crown, they both breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time both raised their hearts.

It seemed that everything that could be said was finished, but the two were sitting side by side, and neither of them moved.

“What should I do now?” Yu Chili said nervously.

“Sleep.” Liu Luoyi sounded more nervous than her. After she said this, she blushed again, always feeling that she was a little bit ambiguous.

This day is different from that day. Both of them are sober sober, and the glass of wine just now seems to be not drunk, not drunk at all, so it is even more embarrassing.

Yu Chili gritted his teeth and slowly held Liu Luoyi’s hand.

She gently raised her hand, a light went out, and only a few wisps of smoke came out, leaving only a bean-like lamp, which lined the room in a quiet and dark environment. Under this atmosphere, the ambiguity began to grow slowly. Surround them.

The incense ignited at an unknown time wafted a faint scent, leaving Yu Chili indistinguishable for a moment. The hot scent in front of him came from Liu Luoyi or the incense burner with light smoke in the corner.

She slowly raised her hand, her fingertips first stopped on Liu Luoyi’s face, and then slowly slid down. When they passed her lips, both of them couldn’t help holding their breath.

Liu Luoyi’s skin was as smooth as a piece of tender tofu, and Liu Luoyi’s lips were soft as another piece of tender tofu, Yu Chili thought in a daze.

“Call me.” Yu Chili said suddenly. She lightly tapped Liu Luoyi’s earlobe. She discovered it last time. When she touched her, she would tremble, which was very interesting.

At this time Liu Luoyi was very well-behaved. She let out a cry of milk in her milk, dragging a long tone, and then said softly: “Ali…”

Yu Chili was overjoyed when she heard it, she simply put her palms on both sides of Liu Luoyi’s body, covered her with her arms, and then kissed the corner of her eye.

“Call again.”

“Ali.” Liu Luoyi called again, she always smiled slightly, squinted slightly, feeling Yu Chili’s kiss.

Her A Li has a good smell and the softest kiss. She smiled sweetly, and then pecked on Yu Chili’s cheek, following her way of commanding: “You also call me.”

Yu Chili chuckled. She put her forehead against Liu Luoyi’s, and said with an aura: “Lady.”

She had never called Liu Luoyi like this before, turning Liu Luoyi’s heart into a puddle of water, leaning out, she timidly got into Yu Chili’s arms, not daring to look at her again.

Yu Chili hugged her easily, then bit her ear, calling out again, Liu Luoyi’s body trembled suddenly, numb from her heart to her fingertips.

Seeing her like this, Yu Chili’s heart was full of love. She felt that she couldn’t see enough, and she couldn’t hold her. She gently lowered her head and kissed her dazzling red lips today.

This time she did not hesitate in her movements, gently opened her protection, and straight into it, there was a sweet fragrance in her lips, like the smell of sweet-scented osmanthus cake, the entanglement of lips and tongue became more intense, and the temperature of the two of them was also Ascending in a straight line, Liu Luoyi was already full of tears when Yu Chi left his hand.

The big red that was painted has been rubbed off, and a few sticks to the snow-white skin. There is a shocking feeling, which makes people feel hot.

Yuchili could no longer bear the three-layer and three-layer wedding gowns on her body. She tore them off and threw them aside. The red dress fluttered and fell on the blanket, gently and subdued.

She used a bit more strength and accidentally pulled her neckline loose. Liu Luoyi looked into a daze, but not long after she stayed, she was overwhelmed by Yu Chili on the bed. From her perspective, Yu Chili’s long hair was hanging down beside her, and she propped herself up with one arm. His snow-white coat was not tightly sealed, revealing the same white and tender skin.

Her collarbone is very beautiful, and her shoulders are also very beautiful. Liu Luoyi thought about it, and put her arm around her neck, pressed her face to it and rubbed it gently, whispering “Ali”.

Her A Li smiled mildly and dazzlingly beautiful. He lowered his head and kissed her lips, and his hands were not honest. Liu Luoyi subconsciously grabbed her hands and shook his head gently.

“What are you afraid of, or you come.” Yu Chili said, turning over gently, lying flat on the bed, teasingly turned his head to look at her.

Liu Luoyi bit her lip and suddenly turned over, pressing his entire body on Yu Chili.

Yu Chili didn’t struggle either. She lay with her hands spread out, her hair scattered, and her complexion was even more pale. She looked at her with a smile in her eyes with a unique charm, her long eyelashes fluttering, very attractive.

Liu Luoyi squeezed her skirt, swallowed, and then… did not dare to move.

Yuchili smiled happily, she touched her hot cheek lovingly, and teased her: “You won’t move, then I will come?”

Under Yu Chili’s gaze, Liu Luoyi was so ashamed that he didn’t know what to say, and finally bit his head and nodded.

In the next instant, she was turned over and threw herself on the bed. She was startled and wanted to struggle, but was hugged by Yu Chili from behind.

When she reacted again, the layers of coats on her body were gone for some time, and appeared on the ground far away from her. She turned her head to talk to Yuchili, but was held back by Yuchili. There was a close kiss on the neck and behind the ears.

She couldn’t help her body becoming soft, unable to move even if she wanted to, she could only whimper in her mouth.

“Don’t bear it. Don’t be afraid.” Yu Chili said softly in her ear again, her voice lowered, it seemed soft and deep, and it sounded very warm.

Her delicate hands slowly grasped the gorgeous quilt on the bed, and the golden silk embroidery was quickly wrinkled by her. At first, Liu Luoyi bit the quilt with her teeth, but then gave up, and the sob in her throat also turned. To cry quietly.

Fortunately, the pain was no longer there, she could not turn around, and gradually could not think, her vision gradually blurred, and the candlelight turned into a shaking light and shadow.

Two longan eyes were rolling around, Liu Luoyi was perplexed, seeing them constantly colliding and separating again, it was hard to separate. After an unknown period of time, she was finally held by Yu Chili and turned around, and then tightly wrapped around Yu Chili’s neck, as if holding a life-saving straw and refused to let go.

Her brain was in chaos at this time, and feelings of happiness and depression appeared in her mind alternately, making her almost dead, without the strength to move, she could only lean completely on Yu Chili.

She heard Yu Chili’s equally tired chuckle, and then felt that she was lying down firmly, Yu Chili’s movements were very light and light, and she did not even forget to put her legs that had been curled up for a long time.

“I’m tired,” Yu Chili said in a low voice. She also lay down on the side and reached out to hug Liu Luoyi. Liu Luoyi also rolled over to her side. Even so, she was a little out of breath.

“Ali…” She said with a dumb voice, almost biting her lips. Yu Chili reached out to rescue her swollen lips, and said with a nasal voice: “Huh?”

“Help me, cover some.” She whispered.

Yu Chili pulled the quilt under him and placed it across the two of them, and then gently wiped away the remaining tears on Liu Luoyi’s face.

“Silly girl, cry every time.”

“Fine, only I can make you cry in the future.” Yu Chili said to herself, she stretched out her arm to let Liu Luoyi sleep, and the two cuddled together.

The moonlight outside the window was brighter, and the room was shining brightly. The moon in the northern region seemed to be larger, as if it was resting on the ground, shining with due diligence.

“Ali, I sometimes think, if you didn’t show up that day, what would I look like in the end.” Liu Luoyi looked out the window through Yu Chili’s neck, reflecting the moonlight like water.

Yuchi was in pain, she hugged Liu Luoyi a little bit, thought about it, and said softly.

“Xiao Liu’er, will suffer a little bit of hardship, and then gradually become stronger, not be fooled by others, kill all the bad guys, rescue daddy and younger brother. Like her mother, she will be the first female official in the capital, earning a lot of money, and drawing and circulating The paintings of a hundred generations, choose your own life.”

Liu Luoyi smiled openly when she heard it, she struggled to look at Yu Chili’s profile: “Really, can I still meet you?”

“I will come a few years late, be your disciple, and then fall in love with you, desperately asking you to marry me.”

Liu Luoyi listened, her eyes were moist for some reason, she hugged Yuchili’s waist tightly, trying to get closer to her, and then said, “I think I would be like this too.”

She must be like this.

The two lay in silence for a while, Yu Chili and Liu Luoyi clasped their fingers, and then asked, “Are you tired?”

“Fortunately.” Liu Luoyi didn’t realize how dangerous this problem was, and shook his head gently.

As a result, in the next second, Yu Chili was pressed under her body again. This time she was covered by a quilt, making her even more reckless, causing Liu Luoyi to keep hiding behind her.

“There is another question,” Liu Luoyi hurriedly covered Yu Chili’s mouth and said loudly.

Yu Chili blinked at her disappointedly and motioned for her to ask.

“If, if you are a king in the future, you need to have heirs…” Liu Luoyi said, his voice gradually softened.

“So what, I only have you in this life, and you must be only me.” Yu Chili said capriciously, then buried his face in Liu Luoyi’s neck and kissed him softly.

“Other problems, with the two of us, can definitely be solved together, don’t think about it too much.”

Before Liu Luoyi could speak again, Yu Chili raised his hand and broke the silk and satin that was bound to the gauze account. The graceful red gauze poured down, completely covering the two of them, leaving only the twins. That’s right.

The ancients said that a spring supper is worth a thousand dollars. On the earth where the moon is shining, every household has already gone to sleep, leaving only the silver-plated moon, secretly watching the joy of the world.

Moon Road, the word of love is shallow, but the word of love has not fallen.

The word love is as deep as the sky.

(End of text)

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