The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 108: Pure sweet fanwai (li*willow)

The winter in Egu seems to come extremely fast. The people who come and go on the street will soon be able to blow out the white mist. Charcoal stoves are also set up in various shops, and there are often large Hans from the city shivering with cold. When the foreign cargo comes back, I lift the curtain and ask for a cup of hot shochu.

In the noisy street market, a woman in a lake-blue cloak hurriedly passed by, trotting all the way. Seeing that, she seemed very anxious. People on the street gave her way.

Her attire is very different from that of the people in the city, and she wears a lot of clothes. There is a circle of fluffy fur around her thin neck, which makes her face more rosy, and her feet are a little awkward because of the heavy clothes.

She ran across a street and ran into the same person at the corner. She subconsciously wanted to apologize, but was grabbed by the soft hair on her neck. She smiled helplessly: “Today, Xiaohan, you Why don’t you run out for shelter from the palace?”

That person was Yu Chili. She had just returned to the palace after discussing the court affairs with the king of the Northern Territory, but she couldn’t find Liu Luoyi everywhere, so she went out to look for it.

Liu Luoyi breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the sound. She opened Yu Chili’s hand and raised her chin and said, “There is no good Chengxintang paper in the palace. I will buy it from the palace.”

Her face was red from the cold, especially the cheekbones, and it was even a little rough on closer inspection. Yuchi reached out in pain to support her face, and helped her to cover it carefully. Then she said: “How can the palace lack this? , Even if you are missing something, just ask others to buy it. I think you just can’t be bored. Let’s sneak out and play.”

Liu Luoyi smiled and didn’t answer her, just holding tightly the booklet that China had just bought, and walking towards the palace.

Maybe she was wearing a lot more, her back was a little bulging, she didn’t have an image at all. Yu Chili looked cute and tight, and walked side by side with her, leaning over to sniff the clear fragrance of her body.

“Beneath the crowd…” Liu Luoyi sullenly, pushing away Yu Chili’s face to prevent her from approaching.

Yu Chili had to stay away as she meant, and shook her head. Although Liu Luoyi said that during this period of time has changed a lot, she still cares about some etiquette and only willing to act coquettishly with her when there are no people around. It’s still serious and indifferent.

“Tomorrow my father will summon the Nanxiang envoy, I want to keep it aside.” Liu Luoyi said.

Yu Chili forcibly took what she was holding, and gave her a hand warmer, and then said aggrieved: “Now you see your father more than you see me, and you are closer to those paintings than me.”

This is a bit true. Liu Luoyi has never been idle since he got married, especially in the last few days, the two of them have been busy with each other, and have hardly seen each other.

Liu Luoyi thought for a while, she was indeed a little guilty, and she felt that Yu Chili was left out.

She rubbed the hot hand stove in her arms, and in just a few short steps, she circled her thoughts a few times. She felt that it was wrong for her to leave Yuchili in the cold, and she felt distressed that Yuchili was inevitably tired of learning to deal with government affairs.

Thinking about it, she suddenly stopped, stretched out her hand and patted Yu Chili’s head, then stood on her tiptoe and kissed her on the cheek before hurried forward.

Her set of movements was too fluent, causing Yu Chili to be stunned. When she reacted, Liu Luoyi had already walked far away.

Yu Chili grinned, hurried to catch up with her, and pushed her with her shoulders: “Xiao Liuer, it was too fast just now, kiss again.”

Liu Luoyi blushed and quickened his pace. Yu Chili followed her all the way to begging for a kiss, until he reached the gate of the palace and stopped a little.

The two entered the palace gate, and then detoured back to the palace for a while. Xin Ran was opening the door and walking out. After seeing them, Chong Wei Chili blinked, and then there was no shadow.

Yu Chili was confused, turned to watch Xin Ran’s back disappear into the gate, and then turned to ask Liu Luoyi, “What’s wrong with her?”

Liu Luoyi’s eyes moved slightly, and then shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know.

There was a charcoal basin for heating in the room, which was much warmer than outside. Yu Chili rubbed his frozen hands while taking off his cold coat. When he warmed up, he reached out to help Liu Luoyi. Take off her three-layer and three-layer cloak.

“You grew up in the south, and it is hard to guarantee that you will not adapt to the cold here. I asked my father to go back to Yan Country with you during the New Year. I have never seen your dad since you got married. You have to visit him anyway. “

Liu Luoyi’s eyes lit up when she heard the words. She grabbed Yu Chili’s hand that was arranging her hair, and said in surprise: “Really?”

“How can there be fakes?” Yu Chili smiled. She stretched out her hand and rubbed the tip of Liu Luoyi’s nose. “I know you must be homesick. It just so happens that you have done almost the same business way, so you can go faster along the way, and leave in a few days. When it comes to Yan Guo, it’s just the end of the new year. But I’m afraid that you can’t stand the cold on the road, so when you return, it’s up to you.”

“Just now.” Liu Luoyi smiled so that his eyebrows were bent into crescents, very happy, “I am not afraid of cold.”

She had long been homesick, but knew that Yuchili was very busy, so she never mentioned it.

She was in a better mood now, and she was a little more dexterous in her every move. She seemed to remember something suddenly, took Yu Chili to the table, and seated her on a chair.

“What is this?” Yu Chili asked, looking at Liu Luoyi enthusiastically as she spread a piece of newly bought paper, pen and ink, and handed a brush moistened with ink to her hand.

“Hush.” ​​Liu Luoyi said sternly, she straightened Yu Chili’s posture, and then grabbed Yu Chili’s hand behind her. Her hand was smaller than that of Yu Chili, so it was a bit hard to hold.

Yuchili left her to control, drew some lines on the paper, and she was a little distracted as she drew, turning her head slightly to look at Liu Luoyi’s profile.

The faint scent of her body surrounds her, and the smell is very reassuring. The sound of charcoal crackling and burning in the charcoal basin on the side is sometimes not, accompanied by the cold wind roaring outside the window, which sets off for a while. The world seemed to be quiet, only the warm heat and Liu Luoyi’s hanging hair were scratching her face intentionally or unintentionally.

Yu Chili suddenly had a strange feeling, which reminded her of when she was young, the same time when the family was surrounded by the fire in the cold wind, the warmth of the flowing water.

If they get old one day, it will be the same day, there is only one room and one stove.

When wandering beyond the sky, the painting on the paper slowly took shape. It was two cuddling backs, but a few quick strokes could make people see the affection between them. The more he looked at it, the more he liked it, and he couldn’t help but softly speak. Ask: “This is us?”

Liu Luoyi said calmly and seriously: “Don’t make a noise.”

Yu Chili closed his mouth obediently.

After the painting took shape, Liu Luoyi added another sentence to the side, and her handwriting was very beautiful without losing strength.

“I only hope that your heart is like my heart, and it will be worthy of love.” Yu Chili whispered, and then laughed out loud. She twisted her body and put her arms on the table, looking at Liu Luoyi who was obviously blushing. , “What happened today?”

Liu Luoyi still put the pen and paper in an orderly manner, and then stood up straight and looked down at her, and said softly, “Not so.”

She was about to turn around and walk away, but suddenly she was hugged by Yu Chili’s waist. Yu Chili held her tightly, not allowing her to move, and then leaning her head vigorously and asked: “You are not allowed to go before you have made it clear.”

Yuchili was still sitting on the chair, so that he just pressed his face against Liu Luoyi’s abdomen. Liu Luoyi looked outside with a blushing face, and when he saw that there were no maids, he lowered his hands and stroked Yuchili’s shoulders in a tone of voice. With a little sullenness: “Did you really forget what day is today?”

Yu Chili blinked and passed through his heart quickly, but in the end he didn’t remember anything, so he shook his head.

Liu Luoyi nodded on her forehead like iron and steel, then tried to push her arm away, pursing her lips: “You said, you have forgotten it, but I remember it for so long.”

Yu Chili really didn’t think of it. She racked her brains and thought again, and finally gave up. She suddenly stood up, and with a harder hand, she held Liu Luoyi upright.

Liu Luoyi let out a soft cry, and when she reacted, she was already sitting on the table. She wanted to jump off quickly. Unexpectedly, Yu Chili held her hands beside her and controlled her in her arms.

“Wei Chi Li!” Liu Luoyi pretended to be angry, and coldly stretched out her hand to pull her ears.

Unexpectedly, Yu Chili didn’t seem to feel any pain, but slowly approached her. Liu Luoyi leaned back more and more in order to escape, and almost turned over and planted. Fortunately, Yu Chili stretched out a hand behind her to protect her. Stayed, then buried her face in her shoulders and kissed gently.

“Wei Chili…” Liu Luoyi whispered blame, his voice trembling slightly.

“Tell me, what’s special about this day.” Yu Chili leaned on her shoulder, then turned his head and asked, “Otherwise, this place looks pretty good…”

She smiled a little bit of evil charm, and then got close to Liu Luoyi, and slowly hugged her legs. Liu Luoyi couldn’t run or scold her, and she was so ashamed to say it. what.

In the end, she compromised, turned her head away from Yu Chili, and whispered: “You said that today is your birthday. I have been thinking about it, but I don’t know how to celebrate for you.”

The smile on Yu Chili’s face froze, but then her eyes suddenly became hot and humid. She curled her lips slightly, lifted Liu Luoyi into her arms, and rubbed it carefully.

That was just a long time ago. When she was telling her about her previous life, she casually mentioned that, even in the past, Yu Chili rarely remembered her birthday, let alone now that she has a new identity. I can’t remember it even more, and didn’t care.

Unexpectedly, it was just that casual sentence, but Liu Luoyi remembered it silently for so long.

Liu Luoyi was held tightly by Yuchili, a little breathless, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he stretched out his hand at the same time without saying a word and patted her back gently.

“How do you remember?” Yu Chili choked a little, she asked in a low voice with a heavy nasal sound.

“I will remember every word you say.” Liu Luoyi said softly, and then patted Yu Chili over and over again, like coaxing a child.

Yu Chili wiped the teardrops from the corners of his eyes with his fingertips, then let go of his hands and backed away.

Liu Luoyi frowned a pair of eyebrows, gently wiped off the remaining water vapor for her, and said: “Birthday should be happy, why are you crying.”

Yu Chili didn’t know what was going on. Even though she wiped off her tears, new tears continued to gush out. She hurriedly raised her head and tried to hold back the tears.

She simply didn’t know how to treat Liu Luoyi. To others, it seemed that Liu Luoyi was dependent on her. But she knew that if they were to compare the love they gave to each other, she would be far invincible.

After the tears finally went back, Yu Chili lowered his head, but was suddenly kissed by a pair of warm lips. The kiss was very gentle and long, and the tip of her heart quivered.

After the kiss was over, Yu Chili opened his eyes and saw Liu Luoyi smiled, stretched out his hand to pull on her skirt, and whispered, “Ali, happy birthday.”

Yu Chili sucked his nose, and suddenly leaned over on the table, making a pitiful look with tears in his eyes: “I like the birthday gift just now, but I want something else.”

Liu Luoyi leaned back and froze for a moment, then opened his eyes, somewhat puzzled.

Unexpectedly, in the next second, Yu Chili reached out and took off her boots, and then slammed her body against the eaves of the table, deliberately or unintentionally separating her legs.

“Yuchili!” Liu Luoyi was whispered by her sudden beriberi, but looking at Yuchili’s rare red eyes, the next words got stuck in his throat and could no longer speak.

In the end, she was helplessly pushed down on the table, gritted her teeth and followed her.

Who made her the one who wanted to grow old with her.

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