The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 109: Pure sweet fanwai (li*willow)

In order to get to Yan country before the New Year’s Day, Yu Chili spent almost two or three days without sleep, and after dealing with the trivial matters that the King of the Northern Territory had handed her, he hurried to bid farewell to the King of the Northern Territory in a day when the sun was shining brightly. Luo Yi left Egu together.

Only this time, Yuchidie and Ange claimed to have something to do and did not follow, so they were the only two of them and Xin Ran sharing a carriage, and the carriage was covered with animal fur for windproof, so although the north wind outside the carriage was bleak , The sky is cold, but the car is still warm.

Although Yu Chili went to Yan Guo this time, although he was to meet Liu Luoyi’s father, he also had to worship Emperor Yan Guo, so he also brought some people, all of them are martial arts high-powered generations. After going to many troubles, I finally arrived in the capital before the snow.

The scenery along the way is not much different from when I went back, but because of the different seasons, the trees were withered and looked a little depressed. However, people’s lives have improved a lot with the naked eye. It is said that after the new emperor took office, he has stepped up reforms in taxation and replaced local officials, so even the poor villages are very happy to look at.

Outside the city gate is already full of red flames, on each side are hung a huge red lantern, dangling in the cold wind, the people coming and going wrapped in winter clothes, carrying chicken, duck and fish prepared for the New Year , Laugh loudly everywhere, very peaceful.

Yuchili’s carriage slowly stopped, followed the **** Mu Yang all the way to open the heavy curtains, and asked in a deep voice: “Madam, now the sun is going down, shall we go to Beijing to meet the emperor today or tomorrow?”

“Today, see you early and feel relieved.” Yu Chili said, she breathed into her hand, and then covered Liu Luoyi’s cold fingers.

“It’s frozen.” Yu Chili said, holding Liu Luoyi tighter, and helping her tidy up her cloak.

Liu Luoyi shook her head. Regardless of the cold wind, she looked out through the curtain, with an unconcealable smile in her eyes. Since she left the Northern Territory, she has been like this, smiling all the way, and never shouting cold.

“Ali, let’s meet the emperor first, and then go back to the house to see Daddy, how about?” Liu Luoyi retracted his stretched neck and looked at Yu Chili expectantly.

When Yu Chili saw her happy, he was also happy, so he smiled and said, “That’s natural.”

The horse-drawn carriage drove into the capital. Their team aroused the curiosity of the people in the city and made people look sideways. Someone saw the face of Yu Chili from the gap, and was surprised. So the late arrival of the lady of the Northern Territory to the capital soon fell on the people. It spread through our mouths.

Since Yuchi fled them and escaped from the capital, she has become a legend among the people. Her deeds of breaking out of the city alone have also been added to her by people. It seems like a myth, especially when she led the soldiers to fight back Yan. After the Chinese army, people respected and feared her, for fear that the two countries would become enemies and provoke this majesty.

Fortunately, the country is peaceful now, but people still don’t dare to approach. So where Yuchi left the carriage, he automatically widened his way in the crowd.

“Look, isn’t Mrs Liu’s daughter next to the lady?” someone whispered by the roadside.

“It’s true, it’s not that there was news before that they were married. Is it true or false? The marriage of the two women is unheard of in Yan Guo…”

“Shhh, the carriage is coming, keep it quiet…”

Yuchili is not as energetic as Liu Luoyi, she is just hungry now, just want to meet the new emperor soon, and then fill up her stomach, I don’t know if the former Cao’s meat pie was still open.

After finally entering the palace, someone had been greeted at the door, respectfully leading them all the way, leading them to the main hall. When they climbed the steps, Yu Chili looked around. This palace city has not changed in the past, the only thing is What has changed is that the people sitting in the hall have changed.

Also, everyone in the surroundings respected her a lot.

“The Princess of the Northern Territory, Wei Chili, cooperated with the Princess Liu Luoyi and met the emperor.”

“You don’t need to be polite.” Shen Sheng glanced at the two of them, and finally he forcibly retracted his curious gaze.

Yu Chili looked up, and saw that Shen Sheng himself still had no change, he was clear and gentle, with a smile on his lips, and a humble expression, but his previous decaying expression disappeared, and he looked quite majestic.

He didn’t mention anything in the past, as if nothing had happened before. It was nothing more than polite, polite, and it was late, and Yu Chili was sent out of the palace again and walked towards the gate of the palace.

Seeing no one beside him, Yu Chili lowered his voice and asked Liu Luoyi, “What do you think of this person.”

Liu Luoyi, who had not spoken, frowned at her.

“I mean, how about he is the emperor?”

Liu Luoyi turned his head, looked at the road under his feet, and said slowly: “I have never seen him before. I just feel that there are many things hidden in his heart. Although he has been suppressed, it is quite Forbearance.”

Yu Chili slowly nodded, and worked with Zhou Qing for so long, step by step, forcing the palace to seize power, and maybe even killing his father… How could it be a fuel-efficient lamp, but after he became the emperor, he treated the people very well, indeed as written in the original book. The same, is a Mingjun.

“Finally I can rest.” Yu Chili stretched his waist as he said, but just ran into a person head-on. The person stopped when he saw it, and the entourage behind him almost smashed into one.

“Four princes? Long time no see.” Wei Chili smiled.

Shen Chu reluctantly squeezed out a smile, seeming very tired, but the look in Yu Chili’s eyes was still sincere, and he whispered softly: “Long time no see, father, no, your Royal Highness. Now I am not the fourth prince.”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Liu Luoyi who was aside, never spoke again, and did not look away.

Liu Luoyi said hello politely, and then, a cold hand was sneaked into Yuchili’s palm, Yuchi smiled in ecstasy, and took advantage of the situation.

There was a trace of panic in Shen Chu’s eyes. He looked at the hands of the two of them holding each other and looked away.

Yu Chili hesitated, and just about to speak, Shen Chu said, “You and me are friends, you don’t need to mention the past. I have something to meet with the emperor, so I will leave first.”

He nodded hurriedly, and then strode away. Yu Chili turned and looked at his already somewhat rickety back, a sadness gushed in his heart.

“Really, good luck tricks people.” Yu Chili shook his head, and Shen Chu’s current appearance was completely different from the liveliness before.

“The best brother killed her father.” Liu Luoyi said lightly. She didn’t look back, but leaned a few steps towards Yu Chili.

Listening to her saying this, Yu Chili didn’t want to let her always happy mood cool down, so he wrapped her hands around her waist and changed the subject: “Okay, now things have been resolved, let’s go back to Daddy? Long time no see Changer, I don’t know how well he practiced Kung Fu.”

Liu Luoyi laughed again and nodded.

As soon as the two entered the mansion gate, a young man swooped over and almost hugged Liu Luoyi, but in the end he stopped with a dreadful face. He looked at Liu Luoyi face to face and said with a grin: “Sister! “

“Shang’er!” Liu Luoyi smiled and held Liu Wenshang’s arm, and happily circled him around, “But I haven’t seen him for a few months, and Chang’er has grown taller.”

“Madam, sister, Chang’er has hired a master now to practice martial arts every day, and she does not forget to read books. Now she has a much stronger physique, so she can protect her!” Liu Wenshang laughed from ear to ear. Has been stuck at the door jumping.

Yu Chili smiled helplessly, she leaned on the door and shook her head and said, “From now on, you don’t need to call me the maternal daughter, just call my sister. And your sister is protected by me, so you don’t need to worry about it.”

Liu Luoyi blushed and pushed her back.

“Daddy, Daddy, sister and sister are back!” Liu Wen Chang smiled shyly, then turned around and yelled, and ran towards the house. When Yu Chili heard him calling Liu Ru, he subconsciously stunned.

Then he took a deep breath and walked into the courtyard, just as Liu Ru came out of the house and made a face-to-face encounter.

Liu Luoyi hurriedly stepped forward and stood beside Liu Ru with red eyes and whispered: “Daddy…”

Liu Ru sighed, tears flashing in his eyes, he reached out and patted Liu Luoyi’s head, his lips moved, and it took him a long time to speak: “This kid looks thin again.”

Liu Luoyi bit her lip, shook her head hurriedly, then raised her eyes to see Yu Chili.

Yu Chili took a step forward slowly, his heart beating like a drum, bending over and opening his mouth, but did not make a sound for a long time, so he blinked desperately to ask Liu Luoyi for help.

Liu Luoyi received her suggestion, so she turned around and pulled Liu Ru’s sleeve, and whispered: “Daddy, A Li treats me very well. Now I am married to her, and I have done a gift of heaven and earth. Daddy… “

Liu Ru looked at the two of them frowning, shook his head and said solemnly: “Okay, Daddy understands.”

He watched Yu Chili for a while, and then bent down: “I used to have a radical temperament, it was difficult to figure out for a while, and I was offended. I hope that your Royal Highness will not blame it.”

“Don’t don’t…” Yu Chili hurriedly reached out to help him, “Master Liu is also dedicated to his daughter. The matter has already passed, so there is no need to mention it.”

Liu Luoyi looked anxiously on the side, so he shook Yu Chili’s sleeve with one hand, and grabbed Liu Ru’s sleeve with the other hand, both sides hinted at the same time, so busy.

Yu Chili and Liu Ru were both frustrated. They both opened their mouths in embarrassment at the same time. In the end, Yu Chili stepped forward and said, “We have seen Yuchili, Daddy.”

Listening to Liu Ru’s eyebrows smiling, he nodded and hurriedly showed them the way, his steps were a little messy: “I heard that you went to meet the emperor, so you prepared meals at the same time, come and come.”

After they were full of food and drink in the Liu Mansion, they refused Liu Ru’s invitation and drove back to the mansion where they used to live.

From the outside, there are still some glue-stained paper remaining at the door, which should have been left when the door was closed.

Xin Ran opened the door cautiously, only to see that the inside was not as uninhabited as it looked outside. On the contrary, everything was clean, especially the flowers and grasses raised by Liu Luoyi opposite the main entrance, now replaced by Several pots of winter plums and four seasons crabapples are exuding a rich fragrance.

“Princess, there are still people here.” Xin Ran said in surprise.

Yu Chili and Liu Luoyi looked at each other and stepped carefully. They saw that the mansion was very quiet and there were no people around. They walked through the veranda by the lake, and everything in front of them was very familiar with no change.

A thin layer of ice formed on the surface of the lake, and the boat was still parked in the distance, frozen by the lake water motionlessly. As Yu Chili walked, there was a feeling of nonsense.

The familiar courtyard door, the familiar house, the inside is very clean, every piece of furnishings is in order, the house is still lit, and the light shines through the door crack in the cold wind, bringing a touch of warmth.

“Princess?” A small call sounded, and the person seemed unsure, and called again, and then quickly walked to Yu Chili’s face and knelt down with a plop.

“Lan Ji?” Yu Chili was very surprised. She thought that after she left, the people in the mansion should have escaped with the objects and silver long ago, and she never expected someone to keep it.

“Are you still packing here?” Yu Chili asked.

“Wan Ji has seen the maiden and the concubine.” Wan Ji said softly. She raised her eyes carefully, but didn’t dare to look at Yu Chili’s eyes, and immediately lowered her head. “Since the maiden left, late Ji stayed here all the time. At first, someone came to seal the place and snatched some valuables, but fortunately, there was no violent smashing. The slave and maid kept the house clean, waiting for the maid to come back to live.”

Yuchi was sour in his eccentricity, he leaned over to help, but suddenly remembered something, so he patted Liu Luoyi lightly.

Liu Luoyi immediately understood her thoughts, so he nodded, took a step forward, carefully lifted Wanji up, and whispered, “Thank you.”

Wan Ji smiled, and finally took a look at Yu Chili and then stepped back, without saying much.

The house was clean and tidy, and everyone settled down. Yuchili had been tired for a day, and now he couldn’t move his feet when he saw the bed. He lay down before taking off his clothes and hugged the soft quilt comfortably. The intention surged.

Liu Luoyi didn’t rush to wash up. Then, pulling Yu Chili’s sleeve, he persuaded him with good words: “Ali, get up and change clothes first.”

Yu Chili didn’t want to move, so he pretended to be asleep, breathing evenly.

Liu Luoyi couldn’t scream, nor could she drag it, and finally sweated profusely. She stood up angrily and threw her quilt on Yu Chili’s face.

However, she hesitated, and finally bit her lip and knelt up, leaning over to untie the clothes for Yuchi, and then tore off the clothes. When the clothes were almost taken off, she wiped her face again.

After busying for a long time, it was over, turning over and lying beside Yu Chili.

She lay down for a while with her eyes open, and then suddenly got up again, looking at Yu Chili, she blushed with shyness in her eyes, but boldly and slowly stretched her hand onto the skirt of Yu Chili’s shirt.

With dexterous fingertips slowly untied the strap, Liu Luoyi held his breath and carefully peeked at Yu Chili. Seeing that she was not awake, he was relieved and continued to accomplish the important task in his hands.

With sweat on her palms, she slowly lifted off Yu Chili’s quilt, and completely untied her jacket, then leaned down, looked at her sleeping face, and then secretly revealed it.

She kissed her cautiously, and the movement in her hand continued, as if she had completed a very secret and exciting thing, and nervously bit her lips into a row of white teeth.

Yu Chili’s shoulders were exposed to the air, his clavicle lines were smooth, his shoulders were bony but smooth, and his skin became more delicate in the dim light, making people want to touch them.

Liu Luoyi blushed when she looked at it. She took a deep breath and continued down.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, Yu Chili suddenly opened her eyes. She looked at Liu Luoyi with a smile, and raised her eyebrows at her.

“What are you doing, Xiao Liuer.”

Liu Luoyi’s movements froze in place. She was stunned for two seconds, before turning around to get down to the ground and flee. Yu Chi quickly grabbed her with a quick hand and pulled her back again.

Liu Luoyi fell on Yuchili’s body. She shook her head while turning her face, not daring to look at Yuchili’s eyes.

What a shame…

“The trick of pretending to be asleep is really unsatisfactory.” Yu Chili smiled triumphantly. She raised her neck, fully exposed her white neck and throat in front of Liu Luoyi, and then spread her hands in a large font.

“Since it’s all to the side, don’t stop.” Yu Chili looked at Liu Luoyi teasingly, with ambiguous eyes.

“Ali, it’s getting late, let’s stop…” Liu Luoyi knew that he was wrong, and his speech became a little softer. There was a small pleading in his throat, soft and sweet, and it sounded nice and tight.

“Not good.” Yu Chili shook his head solemnly, “My clothes are all taken off. It’s the twelfth lunar month now, it’s very cold.”

When Liu Luoyi heard the words, she moved embarrassedly, pulled one side of the quilt and put it on the two of them, and then twisted and untied her belt, then rubbed and kissed Yu Chili’s neck.

Unexpectedly, her other hands were much faster than her. Soon, Liu Luoyi felt cold on her body. She hurriedly wrapped the quilt tightly. She didn’t dare to show a little bit, but didn’t dare to move.

“I’m in a quilt, what’s the use of wrapping a quilt?” Yu Chili was a little bit dumbfounded, her hands began to restlessly, Liu Luoyi’s body was wrapped, and she couldn’t move, so she could only do whatever she wanted.

“Hi, Ali!” Liu Luoyi trembled, and hurriedly pressed Yu Chili’s hand, but before he had time, he collapsed on her chest.

“Just now what you wanted to do. Although I didn’t fall asleep, I can continue. I will never fight back.” Yu Chili tilted his head and kissed Liu Luoyi’s ear, smiling.

“Stop talking…” Liu Luoyi whispered and said intermittently, not forgetting to beat Yu Chili with a flushed face, “What am I doing now…”

Yu Chili held her hand, kissed her on his lips, and said, “Okay, then you can call me a good one.”

Liu Luoyi’s body trembled, and she clasped her fingers with Wei Chili’s backhand, clasping very tightly, and then panted and said, “Ah, Ali.”

“It’s not this.” Yu Chili bit his lip in disappointment, and he used his hand harder. “I have been begging you many times, so you just don’t shout.”

Liu Luoyi was angrily after hearing the words, “On what occasion do you beg me, how can I call you.”

“This kind of occasion.” Yu Chili smiled, holding Liu Luoyi’s hand and putting it in the quilt, Liu Luoyi shook again and fell softly on her.

She finally compromised, her voice muffled in her throat: “Mother, lady.”

Yu Chili smiled openly and was very satisfied. She twisted her body and both of them got into the warm bedding.

In the darkness, Liu Luoyi sobbed quietly. In the chaos, it seemed that he heard the whispering of Yu Chili in her ear.

“I love you.”

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