The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 11: snuggle

Liu Luoyi uttered a small murmur, and Yu Chili was taken aback for a moment before letting out a sigh: “Is there a medical clinic nearby?”

Xin Ran ran out and looked around, then came back and said, “Where can I find the hospital at this hour? There is only an inn nearby. The princess might as well settle her down and make plans for tomorrow.”

Yu Chili frowned and placed his hand gently on Liu Luoyi’s forehead.

“It’s all fired like this…”

“Fine, let’s find an inn first, if it’s deeper and more serious, if she catches a cold again, I’m afraid her life will really get in.” Yu Chili hugged her again and held her tightly in his arms.

The inn was brightly lit, but there were not many people. Xu Shi was already asleep. Yu Chili was dressed in black and wrapped in a face towel. He held a woman in his arms. He suddenly broke in and scared the inn’s second child. Go to the bottom of the cabinet.

“What are you hiding? Why don’t you give my father-in-law… an upper room!” Xin Ran followed, and drew out the cold sword with a scream.

That Xiao Er was even more frightened, and crawled out shivering, quickly wrote a list, and shouted dumbly: “Noble and distinguished guests, one by one!”

Yu Chili didn’t bother to pay attention to the others, and went straight to the third floor with Liu Luoyi in his arms, found the room, and gently laid her flat on the bed.

“Liu Luoyi, are you awake, are you still alive?” Yu Chili stretched out two slender fingers, pinched her face, and lifted it up.

The deformed face is cute, she thought.

Liu Luoyi moved a little, and murmured: “Don’t, don’t touch him, you come at me, I will give you everything…”

“Don’t touch Chang’er, he is still a child…”

She started to cry again. Yu Chili subconsciously wiped the crystal clear tears off her face with his sleeve.

“Xin Ran! Go to the doctor, if the doctor is all asleep, drag him out of the bed!” Yu Chili said suddenly.

Xin Ran was startled by her tone, jumped up hurriedly, and strode out the door.

Could it be that she had hallucinations, just a moment ago, the princess seemed to be a different person, the kind of aura emanating from the inside out, people couldn’t help feeling palpitations.

It’s just an illusion… She comforted herself.

Yuchili has always had a good physical fitness, and he occasionally caught a cold in the wild, and he just got better after a while. He never took it seriously.

But now looking at Liu Luoyi, she was at a loss.

As if facing a very precious porcelain doll that can be broken at the touch of a touch, you can’t hold it or let it go.

Liu Luoyi began to tremble, and Yu Chili only then woke up, patted his forehead in annoyance, and cursed that he had suddenly become stupid. Why not take care of a patient?

She hurriedly picked up an embroidered quilt from her side and gently covered Liu Luoyi’s body, and then awkwardly helped her tuck the corners.

“It’s cold…” Liu Luoyi closed his eyes and said finely.

Yuchi left the place and turned around, then tore off the fluffy blanket on the chaise longue and covered it on Liu Luoyi.

“Why are you still shaking…” Yu Chili scratched his head in depression.

Liu Luoyi turned over and curled up into a ball.

It looks like an insecure doll.

Yu Chili sighed heavily, and she sat down on one-legged half-kneel next to Liu Luoyi, reached out and fished her out of the bed, letting her lean in her arms.

The hot, weak and boneless body felt a wonderful feeling in his arms.

Her hair was fluffy and itchy against Yu Chili’s chin.

Liu Luoyi suddenly stopped shaking, she even shrank a little into her arms again, and Yu Chili suddenly felt like she was frozen, she didn’t dare to move.

It was not until Liu Luoyi went to sleep again that she remained motionless, and she stretched out her stiff hand and wrapped the quilt around her.

It’s all to save people, I’m such a kind and compassionate person! Yuchi read silently in his centrifugation.

Don’t blame her for thinking, the atmosphere at this time is really a bit charming. Yu Chili leaned on the bedpost behind her, while Liu Luoyi leaned on her chest and shrank into a ball.

Although Liu Luoyi’s face is not as white as a living person at this time, she is still beautifully shocking. Her apricot eyes are tightly closed, her eyelashes are thick, her eyebrows are lightly curtailed, like a fine jade, no matter how thin it is. Look, there are no flaws.

It is like a snow lotus, cold and fragile, and inviolable.

Yu Chili stared at her face and shook his head, such a beautiful girl, someone had the heart to treat her.

Liu Luoyi was probably hot, and a pair of jade hands stretched out and rubbed it, pushed the quilt away, and pulled down his outer shirt, revealing her soft shoulders.

Yu Chili suddenly felt a buzz in her mind, and almost died on the spot. She closed her eyes hurriedly, thinking of her sins and sins.

The hand was still pulling downwards, while Yu Chili cursed in his heart, he held it tightly and pressed it to the side before he could cause more sins.

There was the sound of footsteps on the stairs outside the door, Yuchi was taken aback, jumped off the bed hurriedly, arranging Liu Luoyi hurriedly, and covering it with a quilt, turning around for several times, and then whistling and leaning against On the chaise longue.

Xin Ran rushed in with the doctor and saw such a scene.

“If you are so happy, why bother to find a doctor?” She was puzzled.

Yu Chili coughed twice and jumped off the chaise longue.

The doctor looked like he was getting up. He took out a handkerchief from his arms and covered Liu Luoyi’s wrist. Then he put his fingers on him and frowned for a while.

“Who are you from her? How can you make people like this? From the pulse condition, the body is extremely weak. It must have not been dripping for many days, and the intense fire attacked the heart, which led to fever and coma!”

“What a wonderful girl, why did you run into a man like you?” The old man touched his beard while looking at Wei Chili with very dissatisfied eyes.

Yu Chili: I was wronged…

Although the old doctor said that his eyes were not good, he was extremely serious and responsible. While spreading out a whole piece of medicine, he cursed Yu Chili with blood.

When he finished speaking and left, Liu Luoyi also drank the medicine, and the sky turned white.

Yu Chili sat down and took a bite of the bun Xin Ran bought from outside.

Xin Ran squatted down and smeared the wounds on Yu Chili’s legs with the golden sore medicine: “Princess, what shall we do next? My uncle is afraid of attracting people’s attention at night. If today is bright, he will definitely search around. “

“When she wakes up, we will change to a more concealed place. As a princess, don’t I have any shops or property in this capital?” Yu Chili asked.

She has forgotten about this issue these days, no matter in ancient times or in modern times, it is impossible to do without money.

Xin Ran put down the medicine, stood up, biting his lip and said: “Yes, yes, and when you entered Beijing that day, the emperor rewarded many fields and houses, but…”

“Just what?” Yu Chili had a bad feeling.

“It’s just that my uncle didn’t know what to say to you, you gave them all the land deeds the next day, and now there are only a few scattered things, and there is not much left just to maintain life.” Xin Ran said with a bitter face. Say.

Yu Chili only wanted to hit his head on the wall to death.

Even the property can be handed over for the so-called love, which is really stupid to a certain extent.

Liu Luoyi moved on one side and opened his eyes.

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