The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 12:

Yu Chili suddenly realized something, and kicked Xin Ran out of the door with his leg raised.

She touched her forehead and said that she was so dangerous that she almost got help.

Liu Luoyi opened his eyes and looked around, feeling a little dazed, not knowing where he was now.

The bed underneath is very soft, covered with a thick quilt, and a layer of fine sweat oozes from his forehead, but the body feels much better, as if floating in the clouds.

For a moment she even wondered if she was dead.

Suddenly someone stretched out a hand from the side and gently put her arms around her shoulders, she involuntarily sat up and slowly leaned against the bedpost behind her.

Her mood jumped for an instant, and her heart gradually filled with something.

Although this excitement is short-lived.

“Do you still have a fever?” The man put the warm back of his hand on her forehead, and Liu Luoyi subconsciously hid back, his body shuddering.

“Sorry.” Yu Chili withdrew his hand and put his back behind him, looking a little uncomfortable.

At this time, she used her internal force to lower her voice, in order to prevent Liu Luoyi from hearing it.

But she didn’t dare to say much, just silently took out the food prepared before and placed it in front of Liu Luoyi.

Liu Luoyi didn’t speak anymore, and the two of them seemed to have formed a tacit understanding. She just lowered her head and ate the porridge and small dishes that were very rare for her, and looked up at Yu Chili from time to time.

A pair of apricot eyes were hazy, as if afraid she would abandon her.

Looking at her cautious appearance, Yu Chili suddenly felt pain somewhere in her heart.

The white rice porridge is dotted with green onions, and it is sweet and fragrant when eating imported. Liu Luoyi ate it, tears running down his jaw and infiltrating the delicate gold embroidery petals on the quilt.

“Thank you.” Liu Luoyi said.

When she finished eating, Yu Chili squatted down and said with a deep voice, “How is your body?”

Liu Luoyi didn’t say a word. After a while, she suddenly said softly: “Can I see what you look like?”

She suddenly had a very strong selfish mind, and wanted to take a last look at this light before reentering hell.

Yu Chili was stunned when she heard the words, she subconsciously placed her hand on the face towel, but she couldn’t stop moving. If she were to let her know that she was the woman she hated the most, she didn’t know what her mood would be.

It would be better to stay in the dark forever.

Liu Luoyi lowered her eyes to cover up the momentary loneliness under her eyes, then she raised her head and wiped away the tears from her face, her eyes became determined again.

“I have to go back,” she said.

Yu Chili was stunned for a moment, a little puzzled, she was silent for a moment, and said, “Why?”

“If I leave, he will hurt Chang’er.” Liu Luoyi said, she seemed to suddenly realize something, struggling to get out of bed, but almost fell due to the weakness of her legs.

Although Yu Chili felt a little frustrated at this time, he couldn’t ignore it, so he had to take a step forward and steadily support her.

“Have you decided? From now on, I won’t come again.” Yu Chili’s voice was dull.

She always has her own things to do, and when she is initially assured that she will not die like the original owner, she will find a way to leave here.

At this time, Liu Luoyi was almost close to Yu Chili’s chest, and she took a step back uncomfortably, a light pink on her cheeks, she no longer looked like a porcelain doll.

She covered her thumping chest, and felt that the smell of the other person was familiar.

“You don’t know how terrifying he is. On that day, he came with officials from the government. After ransacking his home, he was beaten to death by someone in front of me…”

Liu Luoyi let out a sob, her hands tightly grasped Yu Chili’s sleeves.

“Chang’er is just a teenager. She has been weak since she was a child, and couldn’t resist so many people at all. He was pressed in front of me and called Auntie in his mouth. I knelt and begged everyone, but I was incompetent, I couldn’t save him. He saw that he was dragged away. Now that he saw that Chang’er was born well, he imprisoned Chang’er, not knowing what else to do.”

Liu Luoyi seemed to be unable to speak any more, she suddenly softened, her shoulders trembling like butterfly wings.

Yu Chili was stunned by the sudden shock, and there was a buzz in her mind, even if she was furious.

What kind of scum can do such things to the beloved woman? Even the bandits on the top of the mountain still have a trace of humanity. As a scholar, his mind is so terrifying!

Moreover, he still attacked a half-year-old boy, simply disregarding his relationship!

Liu Luoyi suddenly pushed Yu Chili away. She wiped away the tears on her face with her sleeves, stepped back and looked out the window.

“My account with him. I will do it myself in the future, and in the future, please stop me from interfering.” Liu Luoyi said.

Before Yu Chili got rid of the shock that was just now, she fell into puzzlement again. She hurriedly stepped forward and blurted out: “I can help you.”

“No. You have nothing to do with this matter.” Liu Luoyi looked back at Yu Chili, his eyes stayed on her bleeding wound for a moment, and then immediately moved away.

“I don’t need your help either.”

Before Yu Chili could answer the conversation, she opened the door on her own, and walked downstairs quickly, with an indifferent expression. She was just like two of them, as if she had recovered her cold appearance.

It’s just that if you look closely, her fists are clenched extremely tightly, and the palms are bleeding.

The door opened again, and Xin Ran walked in with a cat waist down, also looking puzzled: “Princess, why did you let her go again?”

Yu Chili could not speak, and shook his clothes in angrily. She turned her head back and sat down heavily. She only knew that the male protagonist was mentally disabled, but the original book never wrote that he was so abnormal.

She was only compassionate at first, but she just wanted to take Liu Luoyi away on impulse. She didn’t know what was wrong with herself, who had always been rational.

Yu Chili slapped the bed with a palm, and only heard a bang, the bed collapsed. She was unprepared and fell to the ground.

The light gauze tent hanging on the bedpost baffled her.

Yu Chili was already angry, and now it was even more smoke on her head. She struggled to get up, kicked the broken bed fiercely, and then died.

Xin Ran covered her mouth and laughed happily.

“Princess, then are we going back home now?”

“Naturally return to the house, the money is in the hands of others, where else can I go!” Yu Chili said depressed, kicked out the door, and ran into the inn shopkeeper head on.

The shopkeeper was an old man with a white beard. He glanced at the room and almost shook his neck before he tremblingly said: “The guest officer is really at night, so fierce.”

Yu Chili heard what he meant, but he didn’t know how to argue. He flushed with embarrassment. He hurriedly took the money bag from Xin Ran’s hand, stuffed it into the old man’s hand, and ran away.

When I returned to the mansion, I devoured a meal of roast goose, and my mood calmed down.

“How is her over there?” Yu Chili couldn’t help asking.

“The sister who just went to take the water said that Liu Luoyi was released from confinement by his uncle and was dragged out to work.” Xin Ran sighed.

Although she didn’t like the woman who robbed the man with her princess, she couldn’t bear the sins she suffered.

Yu Chili hummed indifferently.

Liu Luoyi was originally soft on the outside and strong on the inside. She was born arrogant and stubborn by nature. She didn’t want to drag others down, not to mention that her younger brother was still in Lu Yunkui’s hands. This choice was reasonable.

And he, to put it bluntly, is a stranger, he has no obligation, and no time to help her solve everything.

It’s just that Yu Chili was always a little uncomfortable in his heart, for some reason.

She shook her head, snapped a piece of the bone in her hand, and chewed.

By coincidence, Xin Ran asked at this moment: “Princess, my uncle just now sent me to ask you to accompany him to the birthday banquet in Guannanhou in two days, saying that there will be many dignitaries, so you will dress more solemnly. “

Upon hearing this, Yu Chili gave a cold snort and ordered her to accompany her. If it weren’t for her name as the princess of the Northern Territory, he would be a petty official, and he would not be worthy of the invitation to the court.

“Don’t go.” Yuchi said away.

“It’s okay if you don’t go, I heard that my uncle is going to bring Liu Luoyi, and I look upset when I go, so it’s better to relax in the house.” Xin Ran said cheerfully.

“Hold on!” Yu Chili suddenly stopped her, “Do I have more serious clothes?”

Face slaps always came so fast, and in the early morning two days later, Yu Chili was already fully dressed and wandered lazily at the door.

There is no such thing as solemn clothes. She reluctantly chose a slightly less fancy dress. She didn’t bother to comb her hair. Instead, she tied a ponytail high above her head with some colorful twine rope hanging from it. , Full of exotic style.

Xin Ran was under the carriage, watching Yu Chili, admiring in her heart, if she said, the appearance of her princess would be one of the best, not to mention the sizzle that belongs to the vast land, which is these weak The Central Plains women are comparable.

Back in the Northern Territory, when the princess had just turned sixteen, she provoked the young men in the Northern Territory to have dreams.

But why doesn’t Auntie dislike the princess? She really didn’t understand.

The door opened, and Lu Yunkui was dressed in a dark blue brocade robe with a large cloak, and his eyebrows were handsome. He looked at the Yushu wind, he raised his eyes and saw Yu Chili, then the corner of his mouth twitched and he stepped forward with a smile.

He stretched out his knuckle-knotted hand and said gently: “Li’er, I will help you mount.”

Yu Chili skipped his hand straight, and looked behind him. Liu Luoyi was wearing a light cyan dress, standing there with no expression on her face. There was no injury on her face, but Yuchi’s eyes were sharp. Saw the exposed wrist.

There were a few bloodstains scattered on it.

She glanced at the gentle and gentle Lu Yunkui again, and she couldn’t help feeling a cold back. This man was really terrifying.

Lu Yunkui didn’t care about Yu Chili’s avoidance, he gently took the hand of Yu Chili and walked towards the carriage, suddenly pulled a delicate figure from above, and pushed the man to Liu Luoyi severely.

Liu Luoyi, who was still indifferent just now, suddenly widened her eyes. She hurriedly met the man, grabbed his arm, and hugged him tightly in her arms.

“Shang’er, are you okay, Chang’er!”

It turns out that this is Liu Wenshang, just like the description in the book, a thin and frail young man in white, with red lips and white teeth, and a pair of peach blossom eyes misty, as if always with tears.

In terms of looks, they were carved out of the same mold as Liu Luoyi, like the person in the painting, one like a lonely bird in the sky, and one like a canoe in the sea. If it weren’t for the body to be too slender and weak, he would be a handsome man.

He pursed his lips and called out in a very low voice: “Sister.”

“Did he do anything to you? Chang’er, sister A is not good and failed to protect you.” Liu Luoyi resisted the tears, holding Liu Wenshang’s hand unwilling to let go.

Lu Yunkui looked up at Yuchili, with a playful expression on his face, as if watching a good show. Yuchili was uncomfortable when he touched him, and he squeezed his hand out and rubbed wildly on the carriage.

Lu Yunkui seemed to have seen enough, strode over, put his hand on Liu Wenshang’s shoulder, the smile on Liu Wenshang’s face disappeared suddenly, he tensed his body in horror, and desperately hid back.

The fear visible to the naked eye.

Yu Chili watched, narrowed his eyes, and his fists were itching again.

“Will you still run with others?” Lu Yunkui looked at Liu Luoyi and said with a smile.

Liu Luoyi looked at Liu Wenshang, held back the tears, and shook his head.

“Will you be obedient in the future? If you dare to defy me again, you know what is waiting for him.” Lu Yunkui smiled happily. He put his hands on Liu Wenshang’s shoulders and gently rubbed them, Liu Wenshang lowered. Head sobbing, almost fainting.

Liu Luoyi clenched his fists, lowered his head, gritted his teeth and said, “Yes.”

“Really good. Li’er, let’s get in the car.” Lu Yunkui got a satisfactory answer, and his mood was obvious to the naked eye. As long as Liu Luoyi agreed not to run, he would be nothing to fear.

As for the idiot princess around him, he only needs to play a little trick, and then he will fall in love with him again.

Thinking of this, Lu Yunkui stretched out his hand again to hold Yu Chili, politely helped her get into the car, and said to the boy behind him: “Let the two of you run behind, be sure to watch it for me, if you lose one , Take you to ask.”

Yu Chili was so angry that she was about to crush her silver teeth. She glanced at Liu Luoyi worriedly, but unfortunately the other party didn’t give her a look.

After that, Yu Chi stepped onto the carriage and sat in.

Lu Yunkui sat next to her, suddenly stretched out his hand to embrace her shoulders, and then the wagon swayed, pushing her down on the wall of the carriage, still squeezing her ear, and encircling her in his arms.

He leaned close to Wei Chili’s face and sprayed his breath in her ears.

“Li’er, are you complaining about me? I have never looked for you these days.”

Yu Chili broke his fists.

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