The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 13:

“Li’er, you were not so ruthless before, why have you changed?” Lu Yunkui said in a hoarse voice, his eyes were very affectionate, but if you look closely, you can see a trace of disdain.

As soon as the voice fell, he leaned down and approached Wei Chi Li.

Then he let out a cry.

Lu Yunkui didn’t think that Yu Chili was so shameless, he squatted down, breathing in pain.

Yu Chili shook her fist that was a little numb from the heavy blow, her stomach regurgitated, and she pushed her knee up, kicked Lu Yunkui off the seat with her foot, and then also bent down and retched.

When Lu Yunkui saw that she disliked herself in this way, he couldn’t help but furiously said: “Wei Chili! You don’t want to toast or eat fine wine! Now I treat you so well, but you don’t appreciate it. You offend your husband again and again. Aren’t you afraid that I will sue the court to expose you as a woman and your morals!”

Finally unable to pretend, Yu Chili stroked his chest, pressing down the tumbling in his stomach.

“To be a woman and not to be virtuous? You know that my Northern Territory has never been like your Central Plains. What kind of female commandment has been developed?” Yu Chili glanced at him.

Lu Yunkui supported the swaying carriage and stumbled to his feet. His tall body couldn’t stand upright, so he could only bend over, looking a little embarrassed.

“Your Northern Territory? Wei Chili, you have already broken with the Northern Territory in order to marry me. Are you so stupid that you think you are still the most honorable princess?”

“Now you just have a name, no power, no power, no one to help, the princess of the Northern Territory, in my Da Yan is nothing! And as long as I disagree, you absolutely have no chance to reconcile, die this Be mindful. If you want to live well, try your best to support me. When I become famous, I will not treat you badly!”

Snatching her fiefdom and money to pave the way for yourself, in the end dare to threaten her like this? Yu Chili clenched his fists, his eyes darkened.

She has never had such a strong killing intent like now.

She originally just wanted to separate the male and female protagonist and keep herself alive until the end, but now this method seems to be a little unworkable. Even if the female protagonist does not turn black in the end, it will definitely not be as sinister and cunning as Lu Yunkui is. Keep her alive.

That ghastly and desperate nightmare, and the lingering and struggling herself like a dog, she couldn’t leave it behind.

But once this body thinks of hurting the male lead, it will be heartbroken. This is probably the last obsession left by the original owner. If she really kills Lu Yunkui, she might be heartbroken and die together.

She has died once, and now she just wants to live by all means.

“Li’er, the only thing you can do now is to support me. You and I will always be a husband and wife, and we will be both prosperous and ruined. You have to think carefully.”

“Also, don’t think about finding someone to save you. From today on, I will stare at you. Once I find that you are missing, I will catch you back no matter you run to the end of the world or the corner.” Lu Yunkui sat down reluctantly , Licked the corners of his lips, smiled so hard to win.

In just a few seconds, Yuchi turned nine bends and eighteen bends in the middle of her centrifugation. She suddenly laughed and leaned against the cushion behind her with amorous feelings: “What are you talking about, why should I run? “

“That’s right, be good, to anyone…”

Before Lu Yunkui finished speaking, he rolled off the carriage, only to hear the horse neigh, and then there was a riot.

Yu Chili put his feet down and patted the clothes casually.

Afterwards, her gloomy gaze fell, and she turned to look outside the carriage, with a strong killing intent, and after a click, she actually crushed the window frame of the carriage.

If you dare to threaten her Wei Chili, you have to wait to accept the price!

The streets were full of traffic and various vendors shouted one after another. This is a beautiful and luxurious prosperous scene that belongs to the capital alone.

“Everything is glorious, every loss is nothing, a joke.” She muttered to herself and snorted.

Behind the carriage, two lonely figures staggered and followed, out of place with the soft red incense soil. If you look closely, the woman didn’t even wear shoes, and the snow-white clothes on her feet had been worn out torn.

Outside the carriage, Lu Yunkui didn’t know what was yelling furiously, Yu Chili didn’t bother to listen, she just stared at Liu Luoyi intently.

Although she was so painful that she could hardly walk, she still held Liu Wenshang beside her without saying a word.

After a while, there was no sound outside, and the carriage started to move again, dispersing the crowds on both sides of the street. Several men and women stood on the side of the road with their arms folded and pointed at Yu Chili.

“This is the princess of the Northern Territory? You can’t see her face.”

“The public drove her husband out of the carriage. The Mandi woman is fierce. The man looked very gentle and well-bred. It was a bad luck for eight years to marry her.”

The curtain of the carriage was suddenly opened, and Yu Chili jumped down from above, and met the men and women who were chewing their tongues, and the few people suddenly fell silent.

Yu Chili glanced at them lightly, then strode towards the back of the carriage.

The few people breathed a sigh of relief, and they covered their chests, staring at each other, not daring to say anything, who would have expected that the princess in that barren land could be born in such a pose.

And when the pair of phoenix eyes were swept across, a layer of cold sweat formed on his back.

Something seemed to have happened before, but Liu Luoyi didn’t have time to look up. She was gritting her teeth and walking step by step on the road full of stones.

“Sister, you should put on your shoes, I am a man, I don’t hurt.” Liu Wenshang on one side reached out and held Liu Luoyi with tears in his eyes.

“Don’t, you are weak now, how can you be barefoot, my sister works day by day, the body is stronger, it’s not in the way.” Liu Luoyi reluctantly smiled.

Liu Wenshang suddenly stopped, trying to carry Liu Luoyi on his back, but he could hardly try it out with almost a trace of strength, and was too anxious to know what to do.

Since the day when Dad’s accident happened, he and his sister had become slaves, slaves in Lu Yunkui’s mansion, a little lower than ordinary servants. Today, Lu Yunquiken released him in order to give him as a gift to others. For this reason, he hardly gave him food and forced him to dance with his feet. Therefore, he is very weak now, and even backs his sister’s strength. nothing.

Liu Luoyi stretched out his hand to pull him up, and said softly: “Sister A is fine, as long as you and Daddy are alive, A sister can do anything.”

“Sister, I’m sorry…” Liu Wenshang lowered his head, crying so hard that he couldn’t help herself. His thin body was trembling. Liu Luoyi felt pity even more when he saw it, and stretched out his arm to hold him in his arms.

“Sister Sister I’m sorry to you, if it’s not Sister A…”

“Okay, don’t cry. If you walk on this foot like this, you will have to crawl later!” A lazy voice sounded above his head, and Liu Luoyi subconsciously raised his head to face the eyes of Captain Wei Lili.

Before she could say anything, she suddenly felt lighter and was hugged up by her waist.

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