The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 14: Carry you

Qingcaoxiang immediately wrapped her in strands, the arms under her body were soft and slender like a woman, but they did not lose strength.

Liu Luoyi subconsciously reached out and grabbed Wei Chili’s shirt. When she found out who was holding her, she put her hand down in a panic and tried to break off Wei Chili’s arm.

“Under the public, the princess shouldn’t be so presumptuous and let me go.” Liu Luoyi said, she tried to break free, but to no avail.

Yu Chili was a little impatient. She whispered: “Don’t move, why don’t you always know good people?”

“You are not a good person.” Liu Luoyi said, lowering his head, his voice was very soft, almost floating in the wind.

Yu Chili tilted her head, too lazy to think about what she had said. She looked down at Liu Luoyi and sighed.

It’s nothing more, who told her to ignore her own hands and get nosy again.

Yu Chili put her down as cautiously as possible, then turned around, half-kneeled on the ground, patted his shoulder, and said, “I can’t hold you. Is it okay to carry you for a while?”

Liu Luoyi looked at Yu Chili’s shoulder, and her heart jumped for some reason. She lowered her eyes to hide the panic in her heart.

I should have hated this woman, but now he is a little shaken.

She was silent for a while and said calmly: “The princess knows, what does it mean to be a slave in Dayan?”

Upon hearing this, Yu Chili frowned and scratched her head. How did she know what these feudal dross meant?

“Don’t talk nonsense, the more you hesitate, the more people will be watching.” Yu Chili was too lazy to talk to this inhumane woman, she leaned back suddenly, Liu Luoyi was pushed by her body. Stand firmly and fall on her.

Liu Luoyi let out a soft cry, looked back at Liu Wenshang who was stunned, before turning back and saying, “You, why are you such a rascal!”

Yuchi was inconsistent. She was in a bad mood now and didn’t want to speak. She just turned her head and bowed her neck to Liu Wenshang, and strode towards the carriage.

Only then did Liu Wenshang struggled out of the daze, and quickly followed up.

Wherever Yu Chili walked, the crowds were scattered like birds and beasts. They usually only heard the rumors about this princess of the Northern Territory.

I can see it now, which is quite different from what I imagined.

“The person behind the Northern Territory Princess is the daughter of the guilty courtier? It’s a pity that she has a good appearance. I heard that her previous dance was a must-see in Beijing. Now I don’t know who bought it for fun. How can I take turns after such good things? Not the old man?”

“A princess actually went to carry a slave, so she lowered her worth. This is the first time we have seen it.”

Listening to the foul language around Yu Chili, she felt uncomfortable. She turned her head to look at Liu Luoyi, only to see that she closed her eyes tightly without any reaction.

It’s just that her skirt was wrinkled by her again, and Yu Chili felt a bit of a pain in Yunjin who made her own clothes, and coupled with the chatter of the people in her ears, she suddenly became angry.

She suddenly stopped, and drew the sword from Xin Ran’s waist, and immediately pointed at the person who claimed to be an old man. She saw a cold light flashing, and the surrounding suddenly calmed down.

Yu Chili nodded in satisfaction, strode towards the carriage, and put Liu Luoyi down.

Liu Luoyi quickly avoided her and looked into the carriage warily.

Yu Chili said helplessly: “Lu Yunkui has left long ago, don’t panic.”

Yu Chili pressed Liu Luoyi into the curtain, then she leaped into the carriage, but suddenly found that Liu Wenchang was still under the carriage, clutching her large transparent sleeves and dare not speak.

A good boy, who was supposed to be so energetic, made a Lu Yunkui toss like this, and Yuchi was pitiful in his heart.

She stretched out her hand gently, as if treating a fragile doll, and whispered: “Get in the car, don’t be afraid.”

Liu Wenshang lowered his head, tears rolling in his eyes. He stretched out his hand that was as white as a green onion, and then rolled his hand into his sleeve in mid-air fearfully, only then dared to gently place it on Yuchi Li’s palm.

With the strength of Yu Chili, he got into the carriage.

“Princess, shall we still visit Guan Nanhou?” Xin Ran asked.

“That’s natural.” Yu Chili said, touching her chin, she looked at the bustling crowd in the distance, her eyes deep.

At any rate, she is also a famous explorer in modern times. It would be too embarrassing if she couldn’t even fight a small male protagonist.

In order not to make Liu Luoyi and the others afraid, Yu Chili sat outside the carriage very self-aware, without entering the curtain.

In the carriage, Liu Luoyi hugged Liu Wenshang in her arms and wept silently. She held Liu Wenshang’s hand tightly. She couldn’t believe that the younger brother who had been clamoring to learn martial arts all day on the battlefield was raised. Look like this.

Liu Wenshang also lowered his head, he endured not crying, sister A was so sad that he couldn’t cry anymore.

“Sister, don’t worry, I’m fine.” Liu Wenshang gently curled the corners of his lips to comfort Liu Luoyi.

Liu Luoyi wiped away the tears from her face. She hugged Liu Wenshang, who was so slender and unremarkable, and whispered, “This time, A sister will definitely protect you.”

“That sister just now seems to be a good person.” Liu Wenshang was silent for a while and said.

“Don’t believe her.” Liu Luoyi’s hands suddenly pressed harder, and her tone became uncertain, “She can’t believe…”

The carriage swayed all the way to Guannan Mansion outside the imperial city gate. Only then did Yu Chili wake up from his sleep, she grunted and got up from Xin Ran.

“Princess, it’s already here, we need to greet Guan Nanhou first, please pay attention to your appearance…” Xin Ran said depressed.

Only then did Yu Chili jump out of the car, tidy up his clothes, turn around and lift the curtain, and said, “You two, if you are afraid, why don’t you follow me?”

“No need, inconvenience to disturb the princess.” Liu Luoyi said lightly. She helped Liu Wen’s suit to get out of the carriage, avoiding Yu Chili’s hand.

“The slave servant thanked the princess for her great kindness.” Liu Luoyi said, bending over.

Liu Wenshang also saluted.

Yu Chili felt uncomfortable when she saw her retreating appearance. Liu Luoyi had always been afraid of her, so she didn’t bother with her, so she nodded and accepted it. After that, she ignored them and entered the door by herself.

Because according to the original story, Liu Luoyi won’t have a big deal in this scene, so she didn’t think much about it.

Compared with the small house of Lu Yunquina, the mansion of Guannanhou is much more magnificent. As a military commander who has made outstanding achievements, the decoration of the whole mansion is very magnificent. When you enter the door, the four characters “loyalty, filial piety and justice” are engraved on the front Huge stone sculpture.

Walking along the veranda on the right hand side, within a few steps, you can see the maidservant who moves lightly by Lianbu. She smiles and is slightly blessed. The pillars are painted with gorgeous red paint, and the flowers, birds, fish and insects are engraved with flowers, birds, fish, and insects.

There are people coming and going on the road, which is worthy of a birthday banquet for Guan Nanhou. There are many high-ranking officials and royal families in Beijing, but Wei Chili doesn’t recognize any of them, and he can’t lose his manners. He had to look at the side road and turn up. .

The small road was paved with round pebbles, neatly surrounded by flowers and plants, row upon row of rockery, with pavilions and pavilions on it, Yu Chili was dazzled.

This is the wisdom of the ancients.

Suddenly a strong wind hit, and Yu Chili relied on the reaction power he had usually trained in the wild, and swiftly avoided a long whip.

The long whip fell on the rockery, and a white mark appeared on the hard rock surface. Xin Ran on one side screamed and drew out the sword.

Yuchili patted her chest in shock, frowning and looked at the whip-whipping man. She was a woman, not tall and pretty, wearing a goose-yellow water-printed shirt and skirt, standing on the opposite rockery. Looking condescendingly at Yu Chili.

“Who told you to come!” The woman was pretty and pretty, but her speech was stubborn and savage. She jumped, jumped off, and landed firmly on the ground.

Before Yu Chili could think about who she was, she backhanded the whip and swiped the whip towards Yu Chili, and Yu Chili hurriedly leaned back and avoided.

“Girl, when did I provoke you, why are you always chasing me?” Yu Chili kept hiding in Tibet, and finally simply hugged the tree trunk as a shield. He couldn’t bear it.

“When did you provoke me? You embarrassed me on the street that day, and now you have forgotten it? Now no one supports you anymore. Don’t think that you are a princess in the Northern Territory and can bully people at will. I will let you come back today! “

The whip rubbed her shoulder again, and Yu Chili took a gap, grabbed the whip in his palm with his backhand, rolled it a few times in a thunderous manner, and held it firmly.

The woman tugged hard, but didn’t pull it out.

She blushed with anger, and simply dropped the whip, and came towards Yu Chili with her bare hands. Upon seeing this, Yu Chili hurriedly avoided sideways, then spread the whip and wrapped it around her arm a few times.

At the same time, the woman’s left arm tightened. She looked down and exclaimed. It was Yu Chili who had wrapped her hands around her hands for some time, and then pulled hard, and she couldn’t move anything.

“You, you cheated, let me go!” The woman couldn’t get away, her eyes were red with anger.

Yu Chili looked at her for a while, and then remembered that there seems to be such a character in the original work, named Qiu Wujin, the only daughter of Guan Nanhou, who has learned some martial arts since she was a child and is very self-willed.

However, this person is just a very small supporting role, not important, so the book does not go into details. It must have been the same savage and willful original owner who met on the street before, and the friction between the two had formed the beam.

Yu Chili sighed, how many thunders the original owner had buried her.

Since it was the former Liangzi, Yu Chili couldn’t bully others anymore. She let go of her hand and took two steps back.

Who knows that before speaking, the woman punched again, and Yu Chili subconsciously clenched her fist, and yanked her to her side.

The original intention is to defuse the offensive, who knows that too much force, coupled with inertia, people directly fly into the air.

Seeing that the flowery and jade face of a 28-year-old girl was about to be printed on the rockery, Yu Chi Limong wrapped her backhand around her waist and took her back again.

Qiu Wujin looked at the rock in front of her, and before she could scream, she stood firmly on the ground again. She was stunned, her heart pounding.

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