The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 15: Falling into the water

“Jin’er, don’t be rude!” a tall and mighty middle-aged man with a long beard sternly, striding from a distance, his legs and feet blowing wind, he stood opposite Yuchili almost in the blink of an eye, and grabbed him. Qiu Wujin’s back neck dragged her to her side.

“I have seen General Guannan.” Yu Chili lowered his head slightly.

“I have seen the princess.” Guan Nanhou hurriedly clasped his fists, and when he stood up straight, he said sternly, “Jin’er, please apologize, you are treating guests like this, it’s rude!”

“She was the one who bullied the child first, and the child didn’t want it.” Qiu Wujin said with a pouting mouth.

“No, it’s just a joke between people of the same generation, don’t need to be held accountable.” Yu Chili smiled and said, she waved again and took a box from Xin Ran, “This is a gift I specially prepared for you. I wish you longevity than Nanshan.”

“Thank you princess, hahaha.” Guan Nanhou was born as a military commander. Without those twists and turns, he believed it. He received the gift and his beard trembled with a smile.

Qiu Wujin was already ready to accept her father’s punishment, but she didn’t expect that Yu Chili would take the initiative to help her out. She couldn’t help but secretly go to see Yu Chili.

“What an Ann,” she mumbled.

Guan Nanhou exchanged greetings with Yuchili again, and went to greet the guests again. Qiu Wujin stepped forward and said with a stubborn neck: “Why are you saying that? I was punished by my father. You should be more Happy.”

Yu Chili glanced at her with a look of love for a fool, somewhat inexplicably: “I have no grievances or enemies with you, so why should I harm you.”

She looked into the depths of the house again. For some reason, she was always not at ease, so she no longer wasted time, nodded at Qiu Wujin, turned and left.

A girl with a child’s character, she doesn’t bother to care about it.

Qiu Wujin yelled a few times behind her, but Yuchi didn’t hear her from the right, and she disappeared for a while.

It was obvious that she was the first to humiliate her, but now she does not recognize herself! Qiu Wujin waved his whip on the spot, furious.

Yu Chili strode towards the place where the female relatives gathered. She was striding very fast, and Xin Ran had to trot all the way behind, looking back while she ran.

“Princess, that young lady is not only rude, but also dared to do something with you, why don’t you just teach her a lesson?” Xin Ran was embarrassed for Yu Chili.

Yu Chili sneered: “I’m just showing face to both sides. Everyone knows that Guan Nanhou is very fond of his only daughter, how can he really teach my beloved daughter for a princess from another country.”

“Don’t you think they all seem to give me a face, but in fact, few people really look down on me. Lu Yunkui’s words are not unreasonable. I don’t have a father to rely on, no money, no land, and I have a name and I’m everywhere. I am stupidly rumored. If it weren’t for the increasing strength of the Northern Territory, I’m afraid that even the ceremony just now won’t go against me.

Xin Ran scratched his head, as if he understood, and didn’t seem to understand.

Yu Chili glanced at her contemptuously and shook her head. She had been married all the way, and how could she bring such a silly girl by her side. Fortunately, she was loyal and still able to fight.

“Then princess, what should we do?” Xin Ran asked worriedly, “Otherwise, you go and apologize to the King of the Northern Territory? Although the King of the Northern Territory said such annoying words that day, he would love you when he urinates. Not yours.”

Yu Chili did not speak.

Of course she had thought about this issue. This is undoubtedly the best way to do it today, but what she worries about is that she is not the real Yu Chili after all, and the original author in the original book is only a supporting role, and she has never written about her previous experience.

She didn’t know anything, and couldn’t learn to pass through the predecessors collectively pretending to be amnesia, she was also panicked!

“This matter, take a long-term view… You must first tell me about my childhood, you must be fine!” said Yu Chili.

Xin Ran smiled embarrassedly: “Princess, I only talked to you two years ago. Your previous girl was beaten away by you, so I am more resistant to beating.”

Yu Chili:…

According to the matter, Yu Chili finally decided to take things back from Lu Yunkui according to the original plan, and talk about it after Heli.

While they were talking, they had already detoured the small intestines path, and suddenly their eyes suddenly opened up. A clear lake stretched into the layers of emerald green, and the graceful figure of the woman on the lake was rippling with the waves on the boat, and the pleasant sound of pipa suddenly disappeared. near.

There is an elegant little pavilion by the lake, and there are a few women gathered in them, all dressed in gorgeous clothes, presumably all the ladies, who are facing the side, sneer.

Several men by the lake were talking about something. One of them was extremely prominent, tall and handsome, glaring at the women.

Judging from this appearance, the second man, Shen Chu, and the four princes of Yan Guo dignified, Yu Chi said in a reluctant manner.

She almost forgot that this scene should be the male second. The so-called male lead is the female lead, and the male second belongs to everyone. Since ancient times, the male second has been affectionate, but generally there is no good result.

Yu Chili let out a sigh, and suddenly felt sympathy for the same illness.

“You cheap maid, I drank the tea again, don’t you want to fill this young lady!” A woman shook Luo’s fan and blinked a pair of water-cut autumn eyes. It was just her movements that matched these beautiful eyes. Mismatch.

It also makes the whole person look more mean.

She splashed the hot tea in her hand at the feet of a maidservant clean, then pinched the teacup with her white and tender hands, and reached out to the woman.

Yuchi knew that this was a trick often played by the big family, and didn’t care about it. Who knows that he just turned around and saw the woman’s face.

Liu Luoyi? ?

Yu Chili couldn’t move anymore. She secretly warned herself not to be nosy. Since she has decided to take risks and directly deal with Lu Yunkui, she should ignore Liu Luoyi.

She is naturally pitiful, but isn’t she pitiful? She was the one who died in the end, but she was killed by Liu Luoyi.

That kind of pain, I have already experienced it in my dream.

Moreover, her strategy to deal with Lu Yunkui may involve Liu Wenshang, and maybe the two will be enemies at that time.

She has never felt that she is a good old person, as long as she can live, not actively hurting others is her limit.

While she was doing ideological struggles over here, Liu Luoyi was still pouring tea to the woman over and over again.

“Aren’t you known as the number one talented woman in Beijing? Didn’t you let the master of the school praise every day? My father is in jail, and the daughter of a criminal minister. I see how you look down on others.” The woman smiled and poured out the tea in her hand again.

Liu Luoyi lowered his head, without saying a word, with a cold expression.

“Do you really only have such an expression? It’s all this time, do you think you are incomparably innocent?” The woman was irritated by her plainness and stood up suddenly.

“I didn’t.” Liu Luoyi said, she was still neither humble nor humble.

“You haven’t, okay, I want to see if you have it!” The woman suddenly reached out and pulled Liu Luoyi and dragged her towards the lake. Some of the women behind followed grinningly, and some frowned. , But no one stopped.

Yu Chili took a few steps forward subconsciously, while Shen Chu on the other side left his companion directly and ran over.

As the woman walked, she took out a piece of jade pendant from her arms, threw her hand into the lake, and shot out a few small splashes.

“This is the jade pendant my father gave me. It’s invaluable. You can pick it up for me.” The woman arrogantly said.

Liu Luoyi took two steps back and looked at her directly: “Miss Wen, I am not a servant of Guannan Houfu, you can find them to salvage.”

“There are no other servants here. I don’t care who you are in, you are a little maid. Don’t talk nonsense.”

Liu Luoyi wanted to say something, but suddenly she slipped and fell directly into the water. On one side, Shen Chu roared, pushed the stunned woman away, and jumped down with her arms open.

Yu Chili’s tense heartstring loosened again. Fortunately, there was a male second, who should be able to protect her.

At this time, there was another commotion over there, and some people cried out: “Help, help, the fourth prince can’t get water!”

Yu Chili gave himself a crisp slap on the forehead.

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