The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 16: Act like

What are you doing if you don’t know the water! Do you eat tofu?

Yu Chili cursed dad a few times in anger, and ran towards the shore. Every time in such an emergency, she couldn’t really ignore it.

The last time, Yu Chili! She said to herself in her heart.

The water splashed everywhere on the shore, and the tall four princes were thumping in it, but Liu Luoyi was nowhere to be seen. Several people panicked holding a very thin bamboo pole and were rushing to the face of the fourth prince. Poke desperately.

“Four princes, you caught it!”

Fourth prince: “Gududududu…”

Yu Chili took a breath and jumped directly into the water, without seeing Shen Chu, he dived down.

The lake water was very clear and the visibility was high. Yu Chili endured the pain and opened his eyes, only to see a soft and thin body moving slowly along the water in the depths of the lake.

Yu Chili didn’t have time to think about it, and hurriedly swam towards the figure, stretched his hand over her waist, and drew him towards him.

Liu Luoyi suddenly moved and tried to break away from Yuchili. Yuchili only regarded her as a stress response, so he tried to pinch her hands, and then kicked her feet and swam towards the sky above her head.

With a bang, and finally seeing the sky, Yu Chili breathed heavily, and then simply set up light work and flew directly to the shore.

Liu Luoyi knelt on the ground, coughing violently. In order to be elegant, the maidservant’s clothes were already thin, and now they are all attached to her body. Yu Chili was a little farther away from her in an instant, so she didn’t dare to look any more.

Yu Chili touched his drenched self, raised his head and said to Xin Ran: “Quickly, take off your coat!”

Xin Ran quickly followed suit.

Only then did Yu Chili wrap Liu Luoyi to cover her graceful body curve.

“What are you doing when you jump down?” Liu Luoyi suddenly turned his head and whispered, with a faint sweet breath blowing on Yuchili’s face, and Yuchili suddenly coughed and turned his face away.

“I can swim.” Liu Luoyi said.

Yu Chili was stunned, her eyes met each other, and she was a little embarrassed for a while.

“That person was Wen Qiong, and he didn’t get along with me in the school. I don’t know why.” Liu Luoyi said, “I’m still in a hurry to find Chang’er.”

This was the first time Liu Luoyi had spoken so much to her who was not wearing a veil, and Yu Chili was inexplicably flattered.

“Then you, deliberately, want to take the opportunity to slip away?” Yu Chili touched her head with depression, she felt that her IQ was despised.

Liu Luoyi nodded.

“Four princes are drowning!” A scream came, and both eyes were attracted by Shen Chu who was still struggling with the bamboo pole.

Yu Chili rolled his eyes silently, got up and jumped into the water again, pulling Shen Chu back to the shore in a round trip.

A group of people immediately gathered around, crying and screaming for warmth. Shen Chu coughed fiercely, then pointed at Wen Qiong who was sobbing, gritted his teeth and said: “How can you treat Miss Liu like this? Her mind is pure and fragile. In the end, you actually dealt a murderous hand to her!”

Wen Qiong opened his eyes wide, and hurriedly argued: “It’s herself…”

“Shut up! If there is something wrong with Miss Liu’s body, the prince will ask you for it!”

Wen Qiong had liked Shen Chu, but now she was wronged. She was naturally angry. She suddenly turned her head and rushed towards Liu Luoyi, wanting to do it. Unexpectedly, someone on the side blocked her hand in the air.

Yu Chili held her wrist tightly and looked at her coldly: “What are you doing?”

“I teach a vicious-minded person, who are you?”

Yu Chili stretched out and pulled Liu Luoyi up and pressed her behind him: “How can people in my family be bullied by you at will! You Da Yan’s so-called famous ladies, is it possible that Chengdu is like you who can’t make it to the table?”

Liu Luoyi was caught off guard by her, and her face started to feel hot again. She looked at Yu Chili’s dripping sleeves with a strange expression in her eyes.

Otherwise, just gamble? Betting she would help herself, now she has no choice.

After hearing this, the people next to each other whispered.

“It turns out that this is the princess of the Northern Territory. It really is completely different from our Da Yan’s girl. It will be easy.”

“They look different, and the nose is so tall and straight, it looks very nice.”

Wen Qiong suddenly seemed to be choked. She looked at Liu Luoyi, then at Yu Chili, and finally said, “Princess, what about the princess! It’s just Barbary, this servant, I will teach you a lesson.” deal!”

Yu Chili sneered, she turned her head lazily, took the jade pendant from Liu Luoyi’s hand that had just been thrown into the water, and stretched out her hand to pull her clothes tightly.

The action was very gentle, which made Liu Luoyi’s eyes moist for a while, and also made Qiu Wujin who had just arrived on the scene stunned.

“Mandi? That’s how your father taught you, so small or small?” Yu Chili walked slowly to Wen Qiong, hooked Yu Pei with two fingers, and stretched out in front of her.

Wen Qiong subconsciously wanted to reach out and pick it up, and Yu Chili closed his palms together, and used his internal force to instantly crush the jade pendant.

Everyone present was shocked.

“This is a bit of retribution for your insulting words and insulting others.” Yu Chili took the prestige and felt very comfortable in her heart. She turned around and pulled Liu Luoyi away and strode away.

There was a mess behind her, and Wen Qiong’s cries and screams drifted away. Liu Luoyi finally stopped and broke away from Yu Chili’s hand. She didn’t speak, but looked down at Liu Wenshang before changing back. Own shoes.

Although Yuchi couldn’t bear it, he turned around and wanted to leave after thinking about it.

Suddenly heard a low sob, she hurriedly turned her head and just reached out her hand to catch Liu Luoyi, who was almost kneeling on the ground.

“Please, help me.” Liu Luoyi said.

She lowered her head and choked. Asking Yu Chili for help is undoubtedly stepping into the dust with the little dignity that she has left, leaving nothing left.

“He wants to give Chang’er to Li Shang, the secretary and supervisor. He loves beauty and becomes sexually obscene. I’m afraid Chang’er…”

Looking at her appearance, Yu Chili felt a pain in her heart, and she squatted down hurriedly, keeping a level with Liu Luoyi.

Since ancient times, power struggles have been a battlefield without gunpowder. Especially for people like Lu Yunkui, political achievements are sometimes not so important. As long as they are enough to do what they want, they can always get what he wants.

This is also the reason why he can finally climb to a high position.

I don’t know how many people have stepped on their blood.

Yu Chili thought she was very hard-hearted, but she suddenly hesitated. The pride and loftyness Liu Luoyi was so proud of all collapsed in the face of her at this moment.

It takes so much courage to ask someone who has hurt her in such a humble way.

“I have nothing, only one life. As long as you help me this time, no matter if you want me to die or be a horse, or whatever, I can give it to you.” Liu Luoyi said, she suddenly He raised his head with tears in his eyes and a firm look in his eyes.

“Please.” Liu Luoyi stretched out his hand, gently grabbed Yu Chili’s sleeve, carefully pinched a corner, and shook it.

Yu Chili buzzed his head, three-hundred-sixty-degree surrounds.

“Can you give me anything?” Yu Chili asked through gritted teeth.

Liu Luoyi was taken aback for a moment and nodded.

That’s it, Yu Chili knocked her head annoyedly. She didn’t expect Liu Luoyi to show her weakness, and she didn’t expect that she would eat it like this.

“Get up, I’ll help you.” Yu Chili said.

After the incense stick time passed, Yu Chili curled up a pair of long legs even more annoyed, and squeezed into an extremely narrow artificial cave with Liu Luoyi.

Her plan! Soaked! She originally planned to get Xin Ran to bring people over when Lu Yunkui offered bribes. Yan Guo strictly forbids bribery in private. Once reported to the higher level, she will be directly demoted as a general and retake the imperial examination.

If the time is well grasped and she avoids doing some tricks, Liu Wenshang will not suffer any substantial harm.

But now Liu Luoyi is there, if I see that scene again, I will definitely be crazy.

“How did the princess know they would come here?” Liu Luoyi poked his head and looked into the garden.

“I’ve read the script.” Yu Chili said bitterly, and pulled Liu Luoyi back.

There was the sound of footsteps, and three figures appeared. The tall one was Lu Yunkui. Liu Wenshang was staggering and looked very pitiful. In addition, the man was touching his beard and talking and laughing with Lu Yunkui, but his eyes were constantly looking towards him. Liu Wenshang on one side.

It’s so wretched, such a person can be a fourth-grade secretary, it is really disgusting, Yu Chili gritted his teeth.

Liu Luoyi’s hand gripping Yu Chili’s sleeve became tighter and tighter, and Yu Chili didn’t care about her, letting her hold it.

“It’s okay, when Lu Yunkui is gone, you will say that.” Yuchi leaned close to Liu Luoyi’s ear and settled with her, Liu Luoyi’s eyes brightened.

As expected of the heroine, Yu Chili nodded in satisfaction.

This was the strategy she had just figured out just now, try it, a dead horse is a living horse doctor.

Lu Yunkui left soon, leaving only the secretarial supervisor Li Shang and Liu Wenshang.

Li Shang couldn’t help it immediately, and rushed straight towards Liu Wenshang. Between the electric light and flint, Yu Chili had wrapped his face towel, rushed out, and kicked him into the air.

Li Shang, a literati who lingered on Huajie and Liuxiang all the year round, couldn’t stand this foot. Even if he kneeled on the ground, he couldn’t get up.

“Who are you, dare to commit murder in Guannanhou Mansion! Come here!”

“No one is here in this secluded place, save it.” Yu Chili said, stepping on his bulging belly.

Liu Luoyi rushed out at the right time, and rushed to the body of Liu Wenchang, crying like a pear flower with rain: “Chang’er! What happened to him? Thanks to sister A to get the news first, otherwise, Otherwise you…”

Liu Wen Chang was stunned. His sister had always tolerated and indifferently, when did she cry so unrestrainedly.

“Who are you guys! Where are you guys from Lu Yunquina!” Li Shang yelled angrily as he looked at all the mess in front of him.

“My lord, you have to call the shots for the girl, Lord Lu, he took my brother away, and then he ordered a lot of people to come in private, and the girl accidentally heard them talking, so I knew that Changer was Bring it here, and ask the adults to be fair to the people!”

“Many people, what do many people mean?” Li Shang frowned.

“I, I…” Liu Luoyi hid his face and sobbed.

“Say it quickly, otherwise this officer…” Before Li Shang could finish his sentence, he was stepped back to the ground by Yu Chili.

“Master Lu said to others that you openly accepted bribes at the birthday banquet of the Guannanhou, and the ladies don’t know why…”

When Li Shang heard this, he was immediately furious, and he bounced off the ground suddenly: “What a good Lu Yunkui, he was going to frame me, take me!”

But in the next second, he fell into deep thought again, and turned to look at Yu Chili: “But there are a lot of doubts about this matter. Who are you? What kind of evidence do you say?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am, they are the evidence.” Yu Chili pointed his hand, and saw that the shadowy figure could already be seen in the distance. “Since there is no one here, only Lu Yunkui and you know it, if it wasn’t him. Spread the news, how will we know?”

Li Shang bowed his head for a while for a while, and then became furious again, and repeatedly cursed: “Good boy, good boy! He also wanted me to be his promotion, dreaming!”

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