The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 17:

Li Shang bowed his head for a while for a while, and then became furious again, and repeatedly cursed: “Good boy, good boy! He also wanted me to be his promotion, dreaming!”

The silhouette and the voice were getting closer, and Li Shang was afraid of being discovered, and hurriedly pushed Yuchili away, clutching his robe and staggering through the rockery, running away without the shadow.

Yu Chili succeeded, and she sighed in relief. She stretched out her hand to pull Liu Luoyi up, and said, “Let’s go quickly, too, Xin Ran will solve it here.”

Liu Luoyi wiped away the tears on her face and nodded. She turned around to support Liu Wenshang, and the three quickly left the place.

While walking, Liu Luoyi turned her head to see Yu Chili from time to time. She was thinking about something and frowned.

She helped herself in the end, Liu Luoyi thought.

But isn’t Yu Chili like Lu Yunkui, why is he not only facing him everywhere, but also secretly making tricks, preventing Lu Yunkui from being promoted?

She didn’t understand, so she stopped thinking about it, as long as Chang’er is intact.

The two have their own concerns. Only Liu Wenshang looked at this and that, and felt that the atmosphere was very strange, but he did not dare to speak. The three were speechless all the way.

The birthday banquet began. Due to the large number of guests, Guan Nanhou directly placed seats in the courtyard. When the lanterns first came on, a group of dancers appeared in the center of the courtyard, curlingly swinging willow-like waists.

Yu Chili was supposed to enter the arena with Lu Yunkui, but for some reason, Lu Yunkui never showed up. Yu Chili ignored it and sat down and feasted on it.

Liu Luoyi supported the swaying Liu Wenshang, so that he could stand more relaxed, only then did Yu Chili remember that poor Liu Wenshang was still barefoot at this time.

She looked down and saw that the two feet hidden under the tulle had begun to ooze.

On one side, Liu Luoyi was already distressed, but Liu Wenshang didn’t seem to feel normal. He smiled slightly and comforted his sister in a low voice.

Yu Chili sighed, she beckoned, called a maid, and ordered her to bring a pair of shoes that fit her feet.

“The feet are all like that, why don’t you say?” Yu Chili asked.

“My status is humble. I trouble the princess to rescue me and dare not say anything else. Moreover, if he blames him later, I beg the princess to protect my sister.” Liu Wenshang lowered his head and said softly.

Yu Chili pretended to take a sip of tea casually, and said, “How did you know that I would agree? She begged me to save you, and I did it, but I have no relatives with her, so why do I help her repeatedly?”

When Liu Luoyi heard the words, her shoulders trembled slightly, and she gently pulled Liu Wenshang, not allowing him to speak any more.

“I don’t know, I’m just begging you. I’m willing to do anything for the sake of my sister.” Liu Wenshang said. Although his eyes were drooping, if you look closely, you will find the light of lights reflected in his eyes.

“Fate, are you willing?” Yu Chili put down his teacup and turned to look at him.

“Shang’er!” Liu Luoyi said nervously.

“Yes.” Liu Wenshang categorically said.

Yu Chili looked at them for a while, nodded, then gently raised his hand, his inner strength gathered in his palm. Seeing this, Liu Luoyi hurriedly opened his arms and stopped in front of Liu Wenshang, watching Yu Chili angrily.

“You promised me, save Changer, and I will give you my life!”

Yu Chili received the joke, she flipped her palms abruptly, pulled Liu Luoyi’s sleeves, and pulled her over.

“What’s the use of I want your life? It’s enough to ask people.”

Liu Luoyi was so dragged that she pounced directly on Yu Chili. Just as she wanted to move back, her body was held firmly by someone again, and the sweet pastry came to her lips.

The faint Qingcaoxiang wrapped her once again. At this moment, she was half leaning over Yuchili’s body, her arm was grasped by her, and one hand was still resting on her soft shoulder.

Liu Luoyi was startled, panting lightly, trying to suppress the momentary heart palpitations.

“No, no, no, I didn’t mean that, I mean, you just follow me, it’s useless to kill you!” Yu Chili realized what he had just said, and quickly explained.

God knows she really didn’t mean that, why does it sound so strange?

“I mean, don’t be afraid, just follow me, Lu Yunkui dare not do anything to you.” Yu Chili sighed, stuffed the pastry into Liu Luoyi’s hand, and lost another piece to Liu Wenshang.

For some reason, once faced with Liu Luoyi, she couldn’t help but become softened. From the beginning, it had nothing to do with herself, but now she has a passion to save them.

When did this mentality change? Is it possible to achieve the one from the past, pray?

Liu Luoyi took a few steps back with the pastry, her expression was cold, as if she hadn’t heard what Yu Chili said, but in fact, there was already a stormy sea in her heart, which almost made her tremble so much that she could not hold the small and delicate jujube cake in her hand.

“Sister, what’s wrong with you?” Liu Wenshang stepped forward and asked softly.

Liu Luoyi shook his head, secretly raised his eyes to look at Yu Chili’s back, and suppressed the thoughts in his heart that had turned thousands of times in an instant.

No matter what Wei Chili meant, she just resigned to her fate. Since she chose to show her weakness at the beginning, she is no longer afraid of anything.

Liu Luoyi took a bite of the cake in his hand, ignoring the momentary loss in his heart, as if nothing had happened.

Suddenly, a figure rushed out without knowing where, and went straight towards Liu Luoyi. Fortunately, Liu Wenshang had some martial arts skills. He noticed it earlier and stopped behind Liu Luoyi.

There was only a muffled sound, Liu Wenchang didn’t say a word, his weak body was punched hard, and he fell to the ground on his knees.

Liu Luoyi heard the movement, and as soon as she turned around, a dark shadow flashed in front of her. Her heart was tense. Before she could react, someone put her arms around her waist from behind and brought her back. go with.

Yu Chili embraced Liu Luoyi with one hand and took her away from Lu Yunkui. With the other hand, he blocked Lu Yunkui’s block. Then he lifted his foot and kicked. Lu Yunkui was in pain and took a few steps back.

A strong scent of alcohol filled the surroundings, and Yu Chili frowned and slapped the tip of his nose.

“Liu Luoyi, and your stinky boy.” Lu Yunkui said with a gloomy face, “You know how important this time is to my career. I have been busy for so long. This is my last chance for promotion. Two are ruined!”

“Your chance of promotion is for my younger brother? Lu Yunkui, do you still have humanity!” Liu Luoyi said word by word, without flinching.

The movement here attracted a lot of attention, and everyone gathered around. Lu Yunkui saw the dignitaries full of the yard, and the wine was a little awake. He suddenly lost his arrogance and reached out to pull Liu Luoyi.

But Yu Chili kicked back again.

“Wei Chi Li!”

“If you still want to save yourself a little bit of face, get out of it honestly. Now these two people, I am sure!” Yu Chili released Liu Luoyi and walked towards Lu Yunkui with a smile.

“What kind of protection do you take, you…”

“You’d better converge, don’t forget, I am a princess without real power anymore. Now you have no chance of being promoted. You will still be a rank five junior official for the next three years. I still have two people in your hands. This talent.” Wei Chili smiled, but his eyes were cruel.

However, she was extremely excited in her heart, and she avenged her revenge in the morning! Feng Shui turns around!

Lu Yunkui was inexplicably cold behind him.

He had a bad premonition, it seemed that something was about to be completely lost, and the feeling of powerlessness that would never be controlled, slowly wrapped him up.

No, even if Yu Chili really no longer loves him suddenly, but her things are in her own hands, she can’t do anything.

It’s just two people, it’s not too late to settle accounts with them in the future!

There were more and more onlookers, and Lu Yunkui hurriedly covered his face with his sleeves, stepped back, and fled from the small road very embarrassed.

Liu Luoyi hurriedly helped Liu Wenshang up and dusted him distressedly.

A tall figure suddenly rushed out of the crowd, and anxiously said to Liu Luoyi: “Miss Liu, I am late, are you hurt?”

It is the fourth prince Shen Chu.

Liu Luoyi glanced at Yuchili and didn’t reply. Shen Chu only saw Yuchili and hurriedly clasped his fists and saluted: “Thank you, Princess Yuchi, for saving Shen today.”

“Four princes don’t need to be polite, just go with it.” Yu Chili replied, and she suddenly had a flash of inspiration, “but since the fourth princes came to thank you personally, I have a merciless request.”

“What’s the matter? I decided to do so. However, I also beg the princess to take care of Miss Liu. Although I am a prince, I am a man.

“That’s natural.” Yu Chili blinked at him.

Everything that belongs to her should be taken back.


Time gradually passed, unknowingly, the willow shoots were already on the moon, and the breeze of summer night mixed with the aroma of rice wine, making everyone present feel a little drunk. There was chirping insects in the grass, and there was already a mess on the table.

Yuchili was still sane, she stood up, bid farewell to Guan Nanhou, and left the mansion.

She was walking in front alone, with Liu Luoyi and Liu Wenshang following behind. Xin Ran was sent to do something by her and was not there at this time.

She felt a little palpitations just now in the Hou Mansion, so she left early, but now, this palpitations seem to have spread to her entire chest.

Damn, could it be the original owner again…

Suddenly, Yu Chili let out a very subtle bang, and fell to her knees abruptly. The sudden sharp pain made her almost unconscious.

She pressed her chest hard, trying to relieve some of the pain, but to no avail.

Seeing this, Liu Luoyi was taken aback for a moment, and said softly, “Wei Chili?”

“Wei Chili? What’s wrong with you.” Her voice began to tremble, and she hurried forward and knelt down.

Yu Chili was curled up on the ground, sweat ran down her cheeks, panting, the pain tore her nerves, almost corroding her whole body from the heart.

In the confusion, a pair of soft hands held her hands, and the nice voice was no longer indifferent, but called her name in a panic.

The faint fragrance lingered on the tip of his nose, the pain was slowly peeled off, and Yu Chili finally lost consciousness.

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