The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 18: Take care of

When Yu Chili woke up again, lying on his bed, the candles on the jade candlestick were lit overnight, and the turbid wax oil was hanging upside down like a frozen waterfall, condensing into a small stall on the table.

The pain in his heart has disappeared, but his body is still a little weak, Yu Chili sighed lightly, moved his body, and wanted to sit up.

A cold hand slipped from her body, and the owner of the hand was kneeling on the bed, sleeping soundly.

The woman’s delicate and pale face rested on the same pale wrists, and the fragments of hair hanging down, falling down with her breath, like a fairy who accidentally fell into the mortal world, out of the dust and vulgar, not tolerant of profanity.

Could it be that she just stayed here all night? Yu Chili was a little surprised, but in his heart it seemed that something had melted, like that spread of wax oil, muddy and gentle.

Xin Ran, who was also guarding, opened his eyes and saw that Yu Chili was awake and jumped up in surprise. Just when he wanted to speak, he was blocked by Yu Chili’s eyes.

Xin Ran came over lightly and helped Yu Chili to stand up slowly.

“Why is she here?” Yu Chili said with his lips.

“The princess fainted inexplicably yesterday, but Liu Luoyi begged someone from the hospital to take you to the hospital. Unfortunately, nothing was diagnosed. Fortunately, he met me and brought you back.”

“Princess, you are scaring me to death, I thought you were going to die!” Xin Ran said with a slumped mouth.

Yu Chili gave her a thump: “What nonsense!”

Liu Luoyi on one side moved slightly, as if sleeping uncomfortably, Yu Chili shook his head, stepped forward, leaned down, and wanted to hug her onto the bed.

At this moment, Liu Luoyi woke up, the two of them looked at each other, and Yu Chili hurriedly bounced back, just because he was weak just after waking up, the world was spinning.

She frowned tightly and half-kneeled on the ground, which eased a bit.

“Hey!” Liu Luoyi hurriedly stepped forward to support her, his expression unnatural for a moment, but he immediately returned to its original state.

“Lie back.” Liu Luoyi said lightly.

“Huh?” Wei Chili was stunned.

“The body is still not well, lie back.” Liu Luoyi’s face was expressionless, and her apricot eyes were neither sad nor happy, making it impossible to see her emotions.

Yu Chili was a little dazed. When she reacted, she could not help but lay down on the bed. She obediently covered the little quilt, showing only her eyes.


The corner of Liu Luoyi’s mouth was loose, and her eyes drooped slightly, and she reached out and pulled the quilt off her face.

So fierce, Yu Chili was a little wronged, and I blamed this body, but now she has stopped the male protagonist from being promoted, and her heartache is like this. After she has really retired the male protagonist after two days, why not directly hurt her?

She is too difficult.

Liu Luoyi looked at her expression, but her heart seemed to be blown by the breeze, itchy, as if something was growing densely.

At this time, Yuchili seemed to have lost his usual strength and sassiness. Instead, the natural instinct in his bones had the upper hand. The corners of his eyes were not much or less, with thick eyelashes, high eyebrows, and the bottom of his eyes seemed to be hidden in the deep sea. Can’t see to the end.

Liu Luoyi looked away, not daring to look again.

“The princess rests, I retire.” Liu Luoyi lowered his head and said, turning around and leaving.

“Hold on, I’m hungry.” Yu Chili said, she stretched out her well-knotted hand, rubbed her belly, and smiled.

Liu Luoyi started breathing quickly. She was silent for a while, then turned and walked away. After a stick of incense, she opened the door and came in again, holding a bowl of hot porridge in her hand.

She stiffly handed the porridge bowl to Yu Chili.

Yu Chili started to tease her again. She rolled her eyes and stretched out her hand to her, saying, “I am weak and can’t get up.”

Xin Ran stretched out a hand in a naive manner, and was glared back by Yu Chili’s sudden sharp eyes.

Liu Luoyi stood in place, neither leaving nor staying. She hesitated for a moment, and simply put down the porridge bowl and walked to Yuchili’s side, but refused to start for a long time.

Yuchi smiled angrily, she said depressed: “Is there a thorn on my body?”

Liu Luoyi tried her best to keep her face unchanged, still cold, stretched out her hand to support Yu Chili’s arm, and tried to pull her up.

Yuchili could not move.

When Liu Luoyi tried harder, Yu Chili still didn’t move.

“If you do this, I will leave.” Liu Luoyi frowned and looked at her.

“The temperament is really big…” Yu Chili murmured, and a carp sat up, and easily reached out and took the porridge bowl.

Liu Luoyi stood there, seemingly indifferent, but in fact blushed secretly. She clenched her fists and warned herself not to think too much, she was just amused by herself.

But she did help herself.

Her heart is very confused, and she can’t think of a reason, but now standing here, she feels at ease inexplicably. Although, Yu Chili’s appearance of eating a lot of food was really ugly.

“Don’t you hate me? Why don’t you just throw me on the street? Is it because you are grateful to me?” Yu Chili suddenly raised his eyes and asked.

I don’t understand, as if something has changed, Liu Luoyi thought in her heart.

But what came out was: “The princess laughed. I said that if you help me save Chang’er, I will give you everything. Now it’s just fulfilling my promise.”

Yuchi said, and continued to lift his neck to drink porridge.

Liu Luoyi clenched her sleeves tightly, covering up the moment of sadness in her eyes.

The door was knocked suddenly, and Yu Chili frowned and put down the bowl in his hand.

A very old lady came in. She had triangular eyes and two thin lips, and she looked a bit insidious.

“Old lady, please come over.” She saw Liu Luoyi again, and said again, “Ms. Liu happened to be there, so let’s go together.”

Although she speaks respectfully, the expression on her face is full of disdain and loftyness, which makes her heart uncomfortable.

“Understood, let’s go down.” Yu Chili said coldly.

After the man left, Xin Ran leaned over in a panic: “Princess, the old lady has always looked at you unpleasantly, and now I must be looking for your fault again. It’s better to just say that you are unwell, and forget it. .”

Yuchili smiled and said, “How can you push it away? Just wait for her to come. Now you enter the palace in my name, go directly to the Fourth Prince and bring him here.”

“Four, fourth prince?” Xin Ran scratched his head.

Yu Chili nodded. Now that he has a life-saving grace, there is no need to use it in vain. Originally, it would be extremely difficult to **** his own flesh from the mouth of the wolves, but now that the four princes, the great Buddha, is sitting in town, it must be easy.

Thanks to Liu Luoyi falling into the water, it was all effortless. Yu Chili was very satisfied.

Liu Luoyi didn’t know what Yuchi was thinking during his renunciation, she was a little worried, her knuckles turned white.

“Don’t be afraid, they don’t dare to move you with me.” Yu Chili noticed her uncomfortableness, and wiping her face, tilted her head towards him.

Liu Luoyi’s heartbeat stagnated again, and she quickly stepped back away from Yuchili.

Yu Chili only thought she didn’t believe it, so she didn’t say much, just changed into clean clothes while humming a little song, tidyed herself up, and strode out.

The two walked one after the other, and soon reached the door of the yard. The old woman’s yard looked lifeless, there was not a single flower or grass in the yard, and several maidservants stood sullenly at the door. After seeing Wei Chi leave, Bend down.

After entering the house, a scent of corruption hits his face, as if something is moldy, which is extremely depressing, and the room is not well lit and gloomy.

“As a slave, I often don’t say anything about the crime, and dare to disturb the important matter of Queer’s promotion, so I don’t want to kneel down!” The hoarse voice of the old woman sounded, and people’s hearts were stunned.

Yu Chili frowned.

Liu Luoyi hung her head and knelt down without saying a word. From the moment she rescued Queer, she was ready to be punished.

The old woman stretched out her withered hand, stood up with the help of the woman just now, walked to Liu Luoyi and looked at her condescendingly.

“I heard that you made Queer fascinated. Now when I saw it, it was really a fascinating thing. I must have seduced our family. Now that Queer is not there, I will teach you a lesson and look for it. The place is sold, so that you don’t want to harm others.”

“Come on…”

Before she could finish her words, Yu Chili reached out and took Liu Luoyi’s arm, pulling her up abruptly.

“You laughed. What does this matter have to do with Miss Liu? Your grandson has no abilities on her own. It is all on other girls. How can there be such a reason? Another day when Lu Yunkui fell while walking, you will have to lay the floor tiles all over Beijing. Can it be demolished?”

The old woman didn’t expect that she would dare to talk like this, her old face wrinkled even more with anger, and she stomped on her crutches and said: “You still have a little bit of dignity and inferiority in your heart. Queer married you such a shameless savage. Shame our whole Lu family!”

She said anxiously, coughing dryly, and the woman next to her yelled at the sight: “What are you doing to eat, don’t you hurry in! Pull out that shameless thing, so that the old lady won’t be an eyesore!”

Several maidservants broke in. Although Liu Luoyi’s face was not visible, his body moved to the side of Yu Chili subconsciously, and his body tightened.

Since Yu Chili had decided to help her, how could she have seen this kind of scene? Even if she reached out and patted the table, she could only hear a click, and the room was silent.

Then, the bright and heavy mahogany square table split from the middle and crashed to the ground.

A few maidservants had never seen this kind of scene, they turned pale in fright, some even screamed, and no one dared to step forward.

“Rebellion, rebellion! You still want to beat the old man! My Queer, look at what you married, it’s a ruin, and I want to cut off my Lu family’s children and grandchildren!” The old woman was shocked, and then He began to slap his chest and shout.

Yu Chili clapped his hands, kicked the rotten table aside, then flung his sleeves and sat down on the chair drastically, falsely persuading: “Grandma don’t want to be angry. I just got a little stronger. Uncontrollable, it’s definitely not disrespectful to you.”

“Old lady, the young master told you today that there is something serious to say.” The woman on the side hurriedly said in the ear of the old woman.

When the old woman heard the words, she calmed down forcibly, but she was still angry in her heart, and she said: “The Mandi woman really does not have the virtuous and virtuous virtue of a woman. Then since you didn’t mean it, come, first drag this fox Meizi!”

The maidservants looked at each other and slowly moved a few steps towards Liu Luoyi. Yu Chili coughed slightly and waved at Liu Luoyi, “I have a sore back and a sore back. Come and press for me.”

Liu Luoyi looked up at her, walked slowly over, put his hand on her shoulder, and lightly hammered the hammer.

The maidservants dare not approach Yuchili for a while, so they looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

“Is your strength so small?” Yu Chili closed his eyes and groaned.

Liu Luoyi pursed his lips and added some strength.

“I still don’t feel it, that’s how you take care of patients…”

Liu Luoyi frowned, raised his fist and hammered Yuchili’s shoulder. Yuchili took a breath, almost screaming in pain.

“Hey, I’m helping you, be gentle.” Yu Chili whispered through gritted teeth.

Liu Luoyi squeezed hard.

Yu Chili almost didn’t lose his breath. Liu Luoyi looked soft and weak, but his hand strength was no less than his own.

Seeing Yu Chili’s grin, Liu Luoyi slightly curled the corners of her lips, but in an instant, she regained a cold face: “The princess must not be too tight.”

Yu Chili narrowed his mouth and stopped teasing her. He went to see the old woman, “I wonder if my grandmother called me today, what’s the matter?”

The old woman was already going to be overwhelmed by the innocence of the two of them.

She slowed down for a while before she spoke: “As a wife of Quer, you naturally have to fully support his official career. After two days, you will prepare a gift and go to the secretary’s house to pay for Quer. Apologize. Your identity is here, and the Secretary Supervisor will never embarrass you.”

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