The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 19: And away

Yu Chili was not surprised when she guessed that she was going to say this, and said kindly: “Grandma laughed, and Lu Yunkui did something wrong and designed to frame other secretaries and supervisors. They are fourth-grade officials, how can they tolerate others? Framed him? Not to mention that I went, even if my father went to this matter, I am afraid there is no way.”

“No matter how old you are, Quer and your husband and wife are both prosperous and damaged. You must handle this matter well.” The old woman slapped the table with her hand and cut the railway.

Yu Chili raised her eyebrows, thinking that this old woman was really Lu Yunkui’s grandmother, she was really shameless.

“Grandma’s statement is reasonable, but I am also powerless about this matter. It is said that that person has a strange temperament and has to give some valuables or something he likes…” Yu Chili’s expression was very embarrassed.

“Then take the silver, and you won’t lack gold and silver treasures,” the old woman said.

Yuchili was about to laugh at the way she was supposed to be, and she didn’t stop taking all of her property. Is this to squeeze her whole person?

She tried to suppress the anger in her heart, calmly said: “But grandmother, how can I have any silver in my body now, haven’t you all taken it away? What’s more, Li Shang usually lives in extravagant life. He must not lack silver, but he loves it very much. Celebrity calligraphy and painting. I just remembered that among the things I brought that day there was a “Lotus Picture”, which was made by a famous painter in the past. If it were taken out, the matter would be simple.”

The old woman stared at her with small eyes, didn’t speak, and didn’t know what abacus was in her heart.

Yuchi was also very anxious during his centrifugation. If the four princes didn’t come again, she would really not be able to perform this play.

Thinking of Cao Cao Cao Cao’s arrival, a few “see the four princes” suddenly heard outside the door, and then the door was pushed open. Shen Chu, dressed in a light blue robe, strode in, bringing a sense of belonging The fresh breath of the outdoors.

Anyway, the decayed smell in this room was diminished a bit, and Yu Chili was able to breathe out. Fortunately, this brother still kept his promise.

The old woman was startled by the sudden arrival, and saw that the four princes came again. She was so scared that she almost didn’t lose her breath, and hurriedly stumbled and knelt to the ground: “The old man has seen the four princes.”

“You don’t need to be polite.” Shen Chu stretched out his hand and gave Liu Luoyi a slanted eye.

Yu Chili coughed and pushed Liu Luoyi behind him. Only then did Shen Chu smile at her as if he had seen Yu Chili.

“Grandma doesn’t need to give such a big gift. The four princes came to me to talk about business between the two countries, but you called me halfway and he followed. Isn’t it, the four princes?”

Shen Chu was stunned for a moment, and then smiled heartily: “Yes, yes, I couldn’t find Princess Yuchi, so I found it here. It’s so disturbing.”

The old woman came from a small town in the border area. She was sweating nervously when she saw the royal family of Yan Guo for the first time, which caused a trace of fear in her eyes when she looked at Yu Chili.

“Where did we just say? Oh, yes, please grandma take me to find the calligraphy and painting, which is in the box I carried.”

The old woman looked at Shen Chu, and then at Yuchili, her small eyes turned quickly, for fear that Yuchili might have any conspiracy.

“If you can’t find something suitable, then Lu Yunkui will have to wait another three years.” Yu Chili said, she lowered her voice, with a threat.

“The old man, go and fetch it.” The old woman compromised, dragging a pair of small feet towards the door.

She hid those things strictly, and kept the keys with her at all times, just to prevent others from coveting them, how could it be so simple to let that Mandi know the location.

Yu Chili saw what she was thinking at a glance, smiled in her heart, and said again: “The troubled grandmother brought the box directly over. The box is locked, and only I can open it. If the grandmother can’t carry it alone, call something. A small servant is with you.”

The old woman stopped quickly, panicking in her heart. How could she dare to let the people in the family know where the belongings were?

Quer did not know how long it would take to come back, what should she do.

The old woman couldn’t help cursing Yu Chili in her heart. If she didn’t want some lotus image, and invited the four princes to come, how could she be so sad!

“The four princes are still waiting for me. Grandmother won’t let the four princes wait too long. The list recommended these two days will have to be submitted to the emperor for review. If today is past, there will be no chance.” Wei Chili said.

The old woman panicked suddenly. She had never thought about any major events. She was forced to lose everything when she was forced by Yu Chili, and she compromised and said, “Follow me.”

Yu Chili turned his head and blinked at Liu Luoyi. Liu Luoyi suddenly breathed again and looked away.

The group followed the old woman and walked along the small road in the Fuzhong for a long time, only then saw a dirty wood room. The old woman got in with the help of the woman and lit candles.

Because she was afraid that other people would see it, she only brought her close wife.

Yu Chili followed in, only to see the woman panting and pulling a big jar open, revealing a chubby hole.

Yuchi twitched away from the corner of her mouth. This was the first time she saw gold and silver treasures hidden in such a place. She was indeed a small householder. With money, she didn’t even dare to spend, so she could only hide it everywhere like a mouse.

But fortunately, she hid everything, so it’s much easier to get it back.

Shen Chu had never seen such a scene before. Standing at the entrance of the cave, he watched the old woman slowly move into the entrance, with an unnatural expression.

“Four princes, help me take good care of her.” Yu Chili gave a fist to Shen Chu, then directly supported the ground with one hand and jumped easily.

Hearing this, Shen Chu nodded happily, then blushed and leaned against Liu Luoyi, but Liu Luoyi didn’t even look at him. He just stared at the place where Yuchi left without saying a word.

The cellar is very cramped, but it is cleaned up, and the mahogany boxes are stacked one by one, neatly arranged.

Yu Chili opened a box casually, and the yellow gold ingots almost blinded her. She picked it up and touched it in surprise, and she felt very good.

So much money! Yuchi couldn’t close his mouth.

Seeing her like this, the old woman stumbling over hurriedly, took the gold ingot from her hand and put it in her arms, and said with a stunned look: “Where is the painting?”

Yu Chili shrugged noncommittal, and suddenly raised his head and shouted outside the cave entrance: “Xin Ran, please call the master, come down and move things!”

There was chaotic footsteps outside, and Xin Ran led a group of court guards, jumping down with excitement, rolling up his sleeves and carrying it.

The old woman almost turned her back. She put one hand on her chest, and the other hand came to catch Yu Chili: “You bitch, Mandi! You will grab it in broad daylight, and count your old body, you! You!”

Yu Chili took a step back and made her jump into the air, staggering and falling to the ground, rolling into a ball.

“Don’t touch me, I don’t do anything to the old man. You fell yourself.” Yu Chili quickly raised his hand and flashed to the corner.

The people Shen Chu brought were all court guards. The martial arts was already extremely high. It was easy to move a few boxes. After a while, the entire cellar was emptied, leaving only a small sandalwood box, which was placed quietly. in the corner.

Yu Chili stepped forward, picked up the box and opened it. There was a thick pile of land deeds inside. Yu Chili took a look at it, and laughed happily. It was really easy, Lu Yunkui and The old woman was too cautious, so even small things like title deeds were hidden here.

It really reduced her workload.

Yuchi left and happily carried the small box, and flew out of the cave. The old woman saw that all the property she had worked so hard to hide for a long time had been lost. She became angry and fainted directly on the ground.

“These are all your stuff?” Shen Chu also looked surprised as he watched one big box sway past him, his mouth grew wide.

“That’s natural. It’s finally returned to the original owner. Today, thanks to the help of the four princes, I will settle down another day. I invite you to drink and the four princes to enjoy their faces.” Wei Chili smiled.

“Yes, it should.” Shen Chu scratched his head.

At this moment, the door was kicked open, and Lu Yunkui walked in panting. He saw the opened hole at a glance, clenched his fist, and glared at Yu Chili.

“Wei Chili, you are so bold!”

Yuchili couldn’t help laughing. She dusted the sleeves of her clothes, and found a place to sit down casually: “I’m just taking back my own things. Is there any problem? Da Yan doesn’t have the reason that all married women’s dowries belong to men. , My Northern Territory is even more absent. After all, not every man in the world is as shameless as you.”

Lu Yunkui pointed at Yu Chili, flushed with anger, but did not know how to refute.

“Oh, by the way, today, while the four princes are here, let’s do all the things that should be done.” Yu Chili took out a piece of paper from his sleeve and put it on the table flatly, “He Li .”

“What!?” Lu Yunkui rushed over after hearing the words, and wanted to reach out and grab Yuchili’s arm. Naturally, Yuchili would not give him this opportunity. She even leaned back and kicked Lu Yunkui out.

Lu Yunkui staggered back two steps and sat down on the ground.

Shen Chu slapped the dust, and walked away with disgust.

“Don’t get excited, I have prepared the Lishu, you only need to press a handprint, and the four princes will be witnesses, and it is easy to talk to the outside world.” Yu Chili smiled kindly and handed him the inkpad.

“Wei Chili, don’t think about it! In Dayan and Li must be agreed by the man, I will never let you succeed!” Lu Yunkui got up from the ground, gritted his teeth and said.

Yu Chili looked at him mockingly, and then watched Xin Ran tilt his head. Xin Ran walked to the door with a compelling heart, closed the door of the wood shed tightly, and left the lock by the way.

“What are you going to do with Yuchili? How dare you, let me go! Let go!” Lu Yunkui struggled angrily, trying to break free from Yuchili’s restraint.

Yu Chili was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, slashed a hand knife on his shoulder, and then flew up, Lu Yunkui screamed and knelt on his knees.

“I can’t help you today. Don’t even think about calling someone. There are four princes guarding outside the door.” Yu Chili grinned, smiling very happy.

“You don’t obey women’s way, so you dare to have an affair with others, you…” Before he could finish his words, he was kicked by Yu Chili and fell to the ground.

“Four princes, he scolds you for intrigue.” Yu Chili raised his head and looked at Shen Chu with an innocent look.

Shen Chu was frightened in a cold sweat by Yu Chili’s series of operations, and he couldn’t help taking two steps back, watching Yu Chili vigilantly.

“Look, now you have offended even the fourth prince.” Yu Chili said with a smile, then forcibly grabbed his hand and pressed it down on the book.

“No, no, Yu Chili! You are going to ruin me!” Lu Yunkui shouted angrily. He supported his body and wanted to get up, but was stepped on by Yu Chili again.

Everything he planned with painstaking efforts is gone, money is gone, people are gone, and opportunities for promotion are gone.

Lu Yunkui yelled for a while, then stopped making a sound, but stared at the wall in front of him with hollow eyes.

Yu Chili looked at him coldly and snorted, she leaned close to Lu Yunkui’s ear and whispered softly, “I just wanted to make peace. You didn’t need to be beaten.”

“But who made you bully Liu Luoyi like that? What does it mean to love someone, do you understand? You don’t understand. You deserve it if you want to possess someone as an object.”

When Lu Yunkui heard the words, his body trembled and looked at Liu Luoyi.

He slowly reached out his hand.

Liu Luoyi looked at him coldly, with hatred in his eyes, and took a step back. Seeing this opportunity, Shen Chu immediately blocked Liu Luoyi with joy.

Yu Chili rolled his eyes, stepped forward and squeezed him away, gently hugging Liu Luoyi behind him.

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