The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 2: Save beauty

When I was child, the room was brightly lit.

Yu Chili leaned on the bed to rest, and fell asleep by accident.

In the dream, her limbs were tied, tied to a corner like a dog, and the ground was sticky. I don’t know if it was blood from her body or something else. The pain on my body is real, and there is boundless hatred, which fills the cramped house.

A figure appeared in front of her, it was Liu Luoyi, she was dressed in white, cold and noble, as if she was banal, and she was just an ugly, dying waste.

“Wei Chili, I hate you, you have today, you deserve it.” Liu Luoyi was crying.

The sharp object pierced her heart, and the violent pain crazily invaded her, and Yu Chili screamed and suddenly sat up.

“Princess, what’s wrong with you?” Xin Ran hurried in and wiped the cold sweat from her head.

“It’s okay.” Yu Chili covered his heart and gasped, surprised at how this dream could be so real.

When the mood calmed down, she began to look at the surrounding environment. The wooden tables and chairs were engraved with unknown patterns, the candlelight was swaying, and the candlestick below was slender and transparent, which was actually made of suet jade.

This house, compared with Liu Luoyi’s house with only one broken bed, is simply a difference.

If she remembers correctly, tomorrow should be the 60th birthday of the old lady of the Lu family. At the birthday banquet, Lu Yunkui will force Liu Luoyi to dance and wait for the people. After the birthday banquet, it is time for the host and the host to make love for the first time.

Fangcai’s dream is creepy. She must leave here as soon as possible. As a princess, it shouldn’t be a difficult task to write and leave a book.

Unexpectedly, this thought just came out, and a sudden sharp pain hit his heart. Yu Chili suddenly clenched his fists, covered his heart, and bent down in pain. The pain seemed to kill her soon.

Seeing this, Xin Ran hurriedly stepped forward to help: “Princess, what’s the matter with you? I’ll call the doctor!”

“Hold on.” Yuchili stretched out his hand to hold her, and muttered in his heart, “Damn, my old lady will stay there anymore, can’t you leave it!”

Miraculously, the heartache suddenly disappeared, and Yu Chili let out a sigh of relief, stretched out his hand to wipe off the sweat, and kicked angrily on the leg of the bed.

An invisible force is preventing her from making some choices. Yu Chili frowned. Was it the original trajectory of the world, or this body’s obsession with Lu Yunkui, or something else…

The story between Liu Luoyi and Lu Yunkui will affect many things later, including the death of Yu Chili.

Under the shackles of this body, she cannot completely escape the plot for the time being. Now she can only try to prevent the development of the plot of the original book first, and then make plans when she is temporarily safe.

In other words, prevent the heroine from falling in love with the hero.

Yuchili is a big-hearted lord, who was able to set up a camp next to the bear’s den to eat barbecue. Now that she has a goal, there is nothing to stop her from sleeping.

So, when I fell into the bed, I just fell asleep until dawn.


Early the next morning, Yu Chili was dragged out of the quilt by Xin Ran. She yawned and watched Xin Ran run across the room in a daze.

“Princess, this is the first time you have faced so many men, women, and children in the Lu family. You must be dignified and decent. Don’t let go of your handle. You will be angry with those people in the future. They never regard you as a princess or a wife. , It’s just that you are a blood-sucking bag.”

Yu Chili’s eyes were cold for a moment, and he nodded.

The original owner is from the Northern Territory and grew up on horseback since he was a child. It’s a pity that with such a good life experience, he abandoned his hometown and freedom and came to a small ruined house to guard such a man.

That’s stupid.

After she was freshened and dressed, Yu Chili looked at herself with satisfaction. She was wearing a crimson dress, which was very flamboyant, but there was no fancy cumbersomeness. Even the sleeves were tied neatly and neatly.

She likes this kind of publicity very much.

Compared with the old houses of celebrities I have seen before, Lu Yunkui’s house is a big slap. Lu Yunkui has only walked two steps before he arrives in the banquet hall.

A group of maidservants have filled the room with food tables, leaving only a space in the middle for Kauki to babble and sing.

Suddenly, an old woman’s voice sounded: “As the mistress of the house, you are not diligent and take care of you, and you have come so late, so how proper!”

When Yu Chili heard the words, she turned her head and saw that it was an old lady wearing a dark green silk shirt with a wooden hairpin studded with emeralds on her head. She was always strong and domineering.

“I have seen my grandmother.” Wei Chili lowered his head, but frowned slightly.

According to what is written in the book, this person has suffered from the original owner, and even forced her to drink a lot of decoctions that are harmful to the body in order to force the original owner to have children.

This also led to the fact that the original owner’s body has been very poor in the later stage, almost lingering, and having to endure Lu Yunkui’s inhuman torture, unable to escape.

I was really hurt by the man’s family!

The old woman looked at Yu Chili and said contemptuously: “Since you have married into our Lu family, you are Queer’s wife. Don’t assume your identity as a princess. Just now, many juniors have come to the room to kneel down to celebrate the old man’s birthday. Your figure?”

Hearing this, Yu Chili sneered in her heart. She was also a princess anyway, and she was not such a way to drop her status, right?

She decided to ignore it, turned and left.

The old woman became anxious at once, ignoring the guests present, holding her crutches and pointing to Yu Chili: “The old man said earlier, don’t marry a Mandi and enter the door. I don’t know the manners, and I have to beat him. Come, tell her to kneel in person!”

A group of maidservants swarmed up after hearing this, and surrounded Wei Chi from the group.

The surrounding guests circled around, pointing at here to watch the excitement, and from time to time there were a few laughs, chanting, “The princess of the Northern Territory is nothing more than this, she doesn’t have to be disciplined by her husband.”

The frowning of Yuchili’s brows became deeper and deeper. She has always been tired of such chattering scenes, especially the brave old lady, which is really hateful. Is she still the original owner of the love brain?

Someone even grabbed her arm and tried to press her to the ground.

She couldn’t bear it. She raised her hand suddenly, and Xin Ran flashed out from nowhere. In a blink of an eye, several maids were kicked and rolled, crying and crying.

The old woman didn’t expect that she would dare to do it, she was stunned for a while, her blood surged, and she almost backed her breath: “How dare you…”

The former Yu Chili loved Lu Yunkui so much that he never resisted even if he was abused.

Yu Chili patted the crumpled sleeves and said in a low voice: “For this princess is hungry, I will spare you once. If you dare to commit the crime again next time, beware that this princess will make your birthday change your death.”

After that, Yu Chili swaggered into the hall with her back, and the old woman behind her was still shouting dumbly.

Fortunately, her appearance seemed to have some deterrent effect, and no one dared to talk to her anymore, and Yu Chili also stole leisurely, drinking tea and listening to music leisurely.

There was another group of kuki in front of him, and the talents in the seats were all present. Lu Yunkui with a smile on his face, gracefully sat at the table beside Yu Chili.

A woman stood behind Lu Yunkui. The woman’s jet-black eyes were staring at Yuchili. After looking at the captain’s gaze, she rolled her eyes arrogantly.

Yu Chili scratched her head, she couldn’t remember who was coming.

At this time, Yu Chili saw a slender figure with sharp eyes, dressed in a white coat hiding in the corner, with sorrow all over his body, as if it did not fit into the surrounding scenes.

You deserve to be a heroine, just like a snow-white lone geese lost on a cloudy day. It was still eye-catching without the powder. Yu Chili couldn’t think of anything for a while. After holding back for a long time, he said in his heart and looked good.

But thinking of that dream made her heart palpitations again.

At this time, the kabuki on the field stopped. I don’t know where to find the pipa and the piano. The delicate and subtle music sounded, and Yu Chili immediately got rid of the laziness of the talent and straightened his waist.

Liu Luoyi came out.

Her body is like a willow tree, her figure is very good, soft and resilient, and her white clothes floated up like a cloud following the wind. A miserable “Han Palace Autumn Moon”, but jumped out of the sky of sadness. sense.

Don’t ask how she knew it was “Autumn Moon in the Han Palace”, written in the novel.

The people who had been noisy quieted down and watched intently. Lu Yunkui played with the wine glass, his expression unchanged.

Yu Chili noticed that there was a man with a big belly and creases opposite her. He was staring at Liu Luoyi with a squinted face, and his saliva was almost dripping into the wine glass with the oil on his face.

After a dance, the whole hall cheered.

Liu Luoyi was a little panting, sweat sticking to her hair and sticking to her face, and her clothes were very thin, almost sticking to her skin when wet, adding a bit of temptation to her loneliness.

Yu Chili frowned and turned to look at Lu Yunkui. He was looking at Liu Luoyi appreciatively with an unpredictable smile.

Letting her own women dance like this, not to mention that Liu Luoyi was once a big lady, a scholarly family, and now she is like a phoenix who has fallen into the mortal world. It is really and extremely insulting.

Yu Chili’s heart suddenly softened, especially after seeing Liu Luoyi’s eyes.

“Okay, okay, not only has the nephew become a high-ranking official, but also good things in this family! Come on, uncle respects you!” The old man on the other side smiled from ear to ear, his eyes still in Liu Luoyi Spin around.

Lu Yunkui politely picked up the wine glass and was very modest: “Uncle joked. This was once the daughter of Liu Xiangguo. Now that Xiangguo is in jail with the enemy, she has also been demoted as a slave. If uncle likes it, she will be given to you.”

When the man heard the words, his eyes were even more blatantly, and his molars were revealed with a smile: “Women from the Liu family? It’s rare to see it, good, good!”

When Liu Luoyi heard the words, she gripped her sleeves tightly, making her joints turn white. She hung her head, and Yu Chili couldn’t see her expression clearly.

“Where do you go to your uncle, it is good to serve, if it is not good to serve…” Lu Yunkui smiled and stopped talking.

Liu Luoyi’s body trembled, and Yu Chili could feel that she was shaking and shaking. After a while, she walked to the man obediently.

The man stretched out his fatty arm and pulled Liu Luoyi over. In front of so many people, his hand almost reached inside Liu Luoyi’s shirt.

Liu Luoyi’s heart was dead ashes at this time. She knew exactly what would happen. The old man’s hand was walking on her shoulder, and the smell made her almost faint.

She had seen too many scenes like this when she ransacked her home that day. It was a **** she had never seen in her life, and she would never forget it.

She closed her eyes, and a clear tear dripped.

“Huh, really a natural fox Meizi.” The woman behind Lu Yunkui mumbled.

Yu Chili couldn’t help it anymore. She suddenly murmured, “Husband, that woman is clean and meticulous. Xin Ran is clumsy and can’t even pour water. It’s better to let Xin Ran serve her uncle. You can use her for me, how about?”

Xin Ran, who was suddenly sold by her own princess: “?”

Lu Yunkui didn’t expect that she played the card so unreasonably, frowned, and didn’t know how to reply for a while, and the room suddenly became extremely quiet. Everyone stared at this side.

The killing intent in Lu Yunkui’s eyes gradually rose, and he had long wanted to get rid of Yu Chili.

It’s a pity that now there is only one step left to get promoted, and he still needs the help of Wei Chili, so, at least in the public, he must play the “deep love between his wife”.

So Lu Yunkui curled his lips and said with a face of affection: “What Li’er said is what.”

Yu Chili stood up abruptly, and the wind flashed to Liu Luoyi’s side. She grabbed Liu Luoyi’s arm and literally pulled her out of the old man’s arms.

Liu Luo Yicang opened her eyes and met the sight of Wei Chili with tears in her eyes. She was stunned, but her body was still shaking.

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