The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 20: Feed medicine

Liu Luoyi lowered his head and looked at Yu Chili’s hand gently grasping her wrist, and his heart jumped for a moment.

She said she wanted to protect her, then she could leave here.

No longer need to be locked up in the wood room day and night, no longer need to be afraid?

“Keep her here.” Lu Yunkui stared at Yu Chili with a pair of blood-red eyes, “She stayed, you take away all your things.”

Liu Luoyi tensed her body suddenly, and the fear of returning to the nightmare once again surrounded her.

Yes, why did Yu Chili help her? She has now taken back everything that belongs to her. She is the most noble princess in the Northern Territory, and she is just a slave.

The light in Liu Luoyi’s eyes dimmed, and she lowered her eyes, laughing at her own overpower in the bottom of her heart.

“I want to be beautiful, with me here, I will never let you touch her again.” Yu Chili said with a smile, her hand hiding behind her gently grabbed Liu Luoyi and squeezed it hard.

“Don’t be afraid.” She whispered.

Liu Luoyi only felt that his nose was sour, and everything in front of him became blurred, full of steaming water vapor.

“Wei Chili, do you want to take everything from me?” Lu Yunkui supported the wall and stood up, like a bereaved dog.

“Neither, nor, but just take my things back. And Liu Luoyi has never belonged to anyone, she is herself.” Yu Chili was too lazy to break with him again, waved, and pulled Liu Luoyi up. Go outside the door.

Liu Luoyi kept staring at Yu Chili, letting her pull herself.

“No!” Lu Yunkui stumbled over and grabbed Liu Luoyi’s hand. Liu Luoyi was shocked and almost screamed.

At the same time, when the two people moved at the same time, Lu Yunkui flew back, hit the wall hard, and fell to the ground again, coughing deafeningly.

Yu Chili looked at Shen Chu in surprise. Shen Chu smiled and touched his head: “This prince can’t help it a long time ago.”

Yu Chili smiled sharply at him, then strode to Lu Yunkui’s side, fumbled for him, and as expected, he found out the neatly folded slave book.

“Thanks to your shouting, otherwise I would have forgotten it.” Yu Chili patted his head, “Really good.”

After that, she ignored Lu Yunkui, turned around and stuffed the slave document into Liu Luoyi’s hands.

Liu Luoyi gripped the thin piece of paper, and only felt that it seemed to be heavy. She bit her lower lip lightly and whispered, “Thank you princess.”

“What about me?” Shen Chu leaned forward happily.

Liu Luoyi moved his eyes away and said lightly: “Thank you four princes.”

The group soon left the cramped small house and walked to the garden outside.

After Yu Chili got the He Li Shu, he felt a lot more comfortable, so looking at this courtyard that he didn’t really like before, it looked much better than usual.

“Since Princess Yuchi has nothing else to do, I will go back to the palace. I have ordered your belongings to be kept in a safe place. Girl Xin Ran knows where it is.”

“Thank you for the fourth prince’s help.” Yu Chili said with a smile, “Xin Ran, send the fourth prince.”

Liu Luoyi didn’t say a word for the rest of the way. Yu Chili watched her not speak, and didn’t dare to say more, scratching his head all the way.

After a while, she couldn’t help it anymore, and said with a frown, “I said grandma, you can say something, then you really like the surname Lu, don’t you want to go?”

Liu Luoyi stopped abruptly, turned around, and looked up at Wei Chili slightly.

“Naturally not, I hate him.” She said word by word.

Yu Chili was stunned, and said puzzled: “Then why are you doing this?”

Liu Luoyi looked away and blushed slightly, looking a lot more popular.

Because, I am afraid, this is just a illusory dream, I am afraid, you will push me into the abyss again. Liu Luoyi thought.

She didn’t look at Yu Chili again, turned and walked forward.

Yu Chili was even more confused. Although she was not stupid, because she used to be alone in her previous life, she lacked the ability to see through others.

Especially for someone like Liu Luoyi with a delicate mind, it was even more difficult for her to understand.

Yu Chili scratched his head helplessly and followed her.

Suddenly, Yu Chili felt a little strange, and she hurriedly supported the rockery on one side, breathing heavily.

Sure enough, what should come is always coming.

Liu Luoyi noticed that the footsteps behind her disappeared. She turned around and saw Yu Chili leaning against the stone wall with a painful expression on her face.

“What’s the matter with you.” Liu Luoyi frowned, and she ran over subconsciously, with tension in her tone that she had never noticed.

Yuchi was sweating coldly on her forehead, she clenched her fist, gritted her teeth to prevent herself from making a sound.

Liu Luoyi hesitated for a while, still stretched out her hand, trying to hold Yu Chili, but she was holding it tightly with her backhand.

Liu Luoyi’s body seemed to be electrocuted, and he wanted to withdraw his hand, but Wei Chili was so strong that he was clenched tightly.

This body seemed to be taking revenge, and the revenge Wei Chili betrayed it.

Yu Chili only felt that she wanted to be thrown into the fire and burned. The boundless pain was overwhelming her. She was shaking her hands. Yun Gong tried to suppress the pain, but it was almost useless.

Liu Luoyi panicked when she saw her appearance. She forcibly calmed down: “You wait, I will go to the doctor now.”

She turned around and wanted to leave, but was suddenly dragged back by a force and pressed hard against the stone wall behind her. She took a breath of air and looked at Yu Chili in horror.

“Sorry, I, I didn’t control it…” Yu Chili explained through gritted teeth. She softened and suddenly leaned directly on Liu Luoyi.

Liu Luoyi tensed her body, the faint fragrance of green grass made her head a little dizzy, and Yu Chili’s warm body was leaning against her, and her hot breath made her body tremble.

The posture of her two at this time made her nervous.

Yu Chili pressed her shoulder with one hand and supported the stone wall with the other, almost enclosing her in his arms.

Yu Chili breathed quickly, put his lips close to her ear, and said, “Don’t make any noise, take me out, wherever you want, the inn or the hospital, the money is in my pocket.”

Liu Luoyi looked at her, pursing her lips and nodding.

Yu Chili suddenly curled her lips and smiled weakly. In a daze, she gently raised her hand and flicked it on Liu Luoyi’s face, brushing away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

“You said you were cold all day, but why do you like to cry so much. If I really die, you will halve those things with Xin Ran and find a place that Lu Yunkui can’t find.”

Although very unwilling, money is something outside of the body, and Liu Luoyi can be regarded as a person who can be trusted.

If she really died, she might be able to go home.

Thinking like this, Yu Chili closed his eyes and stopped moving.

Vaguely, she heard someone crying in her ear, it seemed, very sad.

This feeling was really long. Yu Chili felt that he was floating in a void from time to time, and from time to time he repeated the process of falling off the cliff, but sometimes he appeared in that terrifying dream again, watching Liu Luoyi once and again. The tip of the knife pierced her heart.

Later, a large section of memory flooded into her mind like a tide, or she was riding a horse in the boundless wilderness, or she was sitting on a campfire and eating roast lamb, or she was a strong and kind. The young man lifted her high to the jewel-clear sky.

This is not her memory, she thought dazedly.

It seemed that someone lifted her up from the bed, and then a hard spoon was placed on her mouth. Wei Chili felt very uncomfortable, so he turned to avoid.

After a while, the spoon leaned in again, and Yu Chili simply closed his mouth and didn’t move.

As if nothing happened, Yu Chili relaxed again, intending to sleep again.

At this moment, another soft thing came over and touched her lightly, and Yuchi shook violently in his ecstasy. At this moment, the cold spoon was stuffed straight into her mouth.

The bitter and spicy medicinal soup flowed into her throat. Yu Chili was smelt by the smell and suddenly opened his eyes.

“Cough cough cough…” She coughed on the side of the bed for a while before she felt a little more comfortable in her throat.

“Princess, princess, you finally woke up, you don’t know, you slept for three days and three nights this time, but it scared me to death, I thought you were dead!” Xin Ran screamed and rushed over.

Yu Chili only felt weak, unable to speak, and could only stretch out his hand to block Xin Ran’s face.

She turned her head to look aside, and saw Liu Luoyi sitting there coldly, holding the medicine bowl in her hand, and the spoon stirring uncomfortably in it.

Her face was pale and ruddy, and she looked a little strange.

Yu Chili thought of the soft touch just now, and her heart was startled. She looked at Liu Luoyi with wide-eyed eyes, and thought, could it be…

Liu Luoyi naturally saw Yu Chili’s suspicion, and her face turned red, and she looked away and said, “The princess has misunderstood, it was Xin Ran just now.”

Xin Ran on one side immediately happily came over to ask for credit: “I am me, I plan to give the princess medicine like this, but…”

Before she could finish her words, Yu Chili suddenly lay on the edge of the bed and retched.

Xin Ran:…

Liu Luoyi turned her head back to her, the expression on her face was disgusting, but the corners of her lips curled up involuntarily.

Maybe it was a long time without food, and Yu Chili couldn’t spit out anything. After the uncomfortable tension passed, she turned over and lay down on the bed again.

“I’ll get something to eat.” Liu Luoyi said. She gently put the medicine bowl down, stood up and went out.

Yu Chili looked at the ceiling. They should be in an inn at this time. The layout around them was relatively simple, with wooden tables, wooden chairs and wooden beds. She shook her head, always feeling that something was different.

There were a lot of memories that should have belonged to the original owner suddenly in his mind, and the body seemed to fit better. This feeling was very strange.

It’s like a novice who has just passed the driver’s license and becomes an old driver overnight.

“How is my condition in the past few days when I am in a coma?” Yu Chili asked with a cough.

“The capital has exploded, and now there are rumors everywhere that you, princess, are unruly and willful, and forced Lu Yunkui to write and leave the book. Also, although you said you don’t want to tell anyone about your news, this is after all people’s territory. The emperor personally sent someone a few days ago, but seeing that the princess was unconscious and didn’t say anything, he rewarded some supplements or something, saying that he would rest assured to recuperate.”

Yu Chili nodded. Fortunately, Emperor Yan never blamed her for not causing any major disturbances.

Presumably it still depends on the face of the Northern Territory.

“Princess, let me be fair. I really think Ms. Liu is pretty good. If she hadn’t gone to the most famous genius doctor in Beijing, you might really have died this time.” Xin Ran suddenly spoke earnestly. Say.

“Huh?” Yu Chili didn’t react for a while.

“It is said that the genius doctor is someone whom the emperor can’t invite. Miss Liu didn’t know where she had magical powers, so she invited someone here. Or else, leave Miss Liu. Although I hated her before, Now I find her face is cold and warm, although she doesn’t speak well, but…”

“Stop it.” Yu Chili blocked her mouth, “Who said I was going to drive her away?”

Xin Ran was stunned and blinked: “Why is Miss Liu always packing her luggage and saying she wants to leave?”

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