The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 21: Stay

“Leave?” Yu Chili frowned. “Where can she go, a little girl with a teenager?”

“The princess has forgotten that the servant girl is bigger than you.”

A nice voice came from the door, like a mountain spring in the morning, cold and light.

Liu Luoyi was dressed in white, standing coldly at the door, carrying a small food box in her hand, with her white hands resting on it, very pleasing to the eye.

Yu Chili suddenly felt a bit dry in his mouth.

Liu Luoyi glanced at her, then quickly moved his eyes away, took a few steps and stuffed the food container into her arms, and said hard, “Hey, eat.”

Not gentle at all, Yuchi replied.

“Listen to Xin Ran, you want to go?” Yu Chili put the food box aside and did not open it.

Liu Luoyi’s expression was a little unnatural. She fiddled with the straps on her clothes with her slender fingers, and made a low hmm.

“Why?” Wei Chili was puzzled.

“Will the princess keep me as a slave girl?” Liu Luoyi asked in a low voice.

“How is that possible?” Yu Chili slapped the bed.

Liu Luoyi nodded clearly, but looked even more lonely: “Since the princess has left the Lu Mansion, she must return to the Northern Territory. I am just a slave, and following the princess is also a burden.”

When Yu Chili heard it, he knew she had misunderstood, and hurriedly explained: “No, I mean you…”

“The princess doesn’t need to say any more, the servants understand, and I will leave here tomorrow morning.” Liu Luoyi stood up and bowed politely, and then walked out the door quickly, her back cold and thin.

“I said! Cough, cough, cough…” Yu Chili didn’t know whether it was because of being too eager or what. After talking, he got stuck in his throat and coughed at the foot of the bed for a while, which was better.

When he raised his head, Liu Luoyi was already gone.

“Tell you little girls, what are you thinking about in your mind!” Yuchi was frustrated in his ecstasy, turned around and pointed at Xin Ran.

Xin Ran held the food box, dumbfounded.

She handed the food box to Yu Chili, stuttering: “Princess, eat, eat something.”

“Stop eating, you can help me.” Yu Chili sighed heavily and put on his shoes casually.

When she found Liu Luoyi’s room, she saw Liu Wenchang carrying a small package on her back and stepping out the door with one foot sadly.

After seeing Yuchili, he hurriedly greeted him, and almost fell to his knees. Fortunately, Yuchili’s eyesight was quick and his hands were quick and he grabbed his back neck and picked him up.

“What are your sisters and brothers doing.”

Liu Wenshang lowered her head, her eyes were slightly red, and she said softly: “Please also ask the princess to keep Auntie. She has been weak since she was a child, and she has suffered so much in Lu Mansion. It is really pitiful. Now we are still slaves. This is an order from the emperor himself. Even if you get the paperwork, it is useless. Her appearance is hard to avoid being coveted. I can’t protect her now.”

“The princess keeps her, you can be a girl beside the princess, Wen Chang begs you.”

After that, his knee was bent again, and Yu Chili again hurriedly lifted him up again, and said angrily: “When will I say not to keep her! Come on, your sister!”

“I just went out, saying it was a relief.”

Yu Chili sighed hastily, ran away, ran a few steps and then backed up, stuck his head at the door frame: “You stay here honestly for me, too. I saved both of you. How can you just leave!”

Yan Guo has a vast territory, and a capital city can change three or four dialects from east to west. Yu Chili got lost just after passing through a few alleys and stood in the middle of the street and started scratching his head.

“Hey, why are you here?” A clear and somewhat proud voice sounded.

Yu Chili turned her head to see that it was Qiu Wujin. She also wore a white dress today, but her lips were dyed red like cherries, making her look very wanton.

“Why, your house in Beijing?” Yu Chili had no time to talk to her, and turned to ask the uncle who was passing by, “Did you see a beautiful woman in white clothes?”

The uncle grabbed his beard and thought for a while, and pointed to Yu Chili behind him: “That’s not it.”

Yu Chili turned around and looked at Qiu Wujin’s gaze. She was silent for a moment, and then said, “The girl I’m looking for is much better than her. Do you still have an impression?”

“Weichi is away from you!” Qiu Wujin pointed at Yuchili and shouted.

The uncle thought about it again, and said, “A girl has just gone over there. Would you like to see?”

After Yu Chili thanked the uncle, he ran towards the direction he pointed, Qiu Wujin followed her anxiously.

“What’s not good about this girl! Yuchili, tell me clearly!”

“Also, it’s spread all over the capital, saying that you have left with you, is it true?”

Yuchi was worried about Liu Luoyi in his centrifugation. Wherever he could care to talk to her, he casually said: “I didn’t say you are not good-looking, you are good-looking, the world is most beautiful.

There are people coming and going on the street, rubbing shoulders and shoulders. It’s not easy to find someone. Yu Chili gets more and more anxious. Liu Luoyi’s unlucky physique is easy to encounter unlucky things. What if something happens to it? Is good.

I finally decided to save her, and it would be too uneconomical to wipe out people like this.

At this moment, Yu Chili passed an alleyway and caught a glimpse of a group of shirtless men in a circle. She suddenly stopped and looked inside.

Qiu Wujin followed closely and bumped her head on her back.

When she was about to speak, Yu Chili covered her mouth.

With a warm hand lightly pressed against her face, Qiu Wujin’s body tightened instantly, facing the captain’s late eyes, no longer the immature provocations of the previous confrontation with her, replaced by a completely stranger Fierce.

Coexist with mildness.

In the next second, the palm of his face suddenly disappeared. Before Qiu Wujin could figure out what was happening in front of him, he saw the figure of Yu Chili shot out like an arrow. Several blurred shadows shook, and the big guys hummed. Chirp lay on the ground.

Yu Chili was also surprised at the sudden fit of this body, as if it belonged to her completely.

She hurriedly looked at the woman in white who was surrounded by it, but was stunned for a moment.

That is a lady who still has the charm.

She was anxious just now, so she didn’t take a closer look, only seeing a back that looked quite similar to Liu Luoyi, thinking she was being bullied.

“Princess?” A familiar voice came from behind. Yu Chili turned around and saw Liu Luoyi with an unidentified face. She was standing there coldly, all dressed in plain clothes, but she was amazing.

“Help! Someone! Someone robbed in the street, you are not happy, catch me this daring fanatic!” The lady suddenly screamed, covering her face.

Yu Chili reacted very quickly, subconsciously stepped back a few steps, and ran away. When passing by Liu Luoyi, he grabbed her hand and ran with her.

I don’t know how long they ran, and finally there was no one behind him. Yu Chili stopped panting. Liu Luoyi was panting more violently than her. She blushed slightly, holding on to one side of the wall.

“The princess is so poor now, robbed in the street.” Liu Luoyi panted slightly.

“It’s not to find you. Although the lady is scribbled, she is as good as you. She looks thin but bulges forward and backwards. I only consider you to be trapped by those gangsters.” Wei Chili said. , Wiped off the sweat from his face, feeling a little regretful when he became so reckless.

“Princess carefully!” Liu Luoyi’s face turned redder, but his eyes flickered.

“Hey, why are you so awkward, you just leave, just like me who is overwhelmed with compassion, is willing to take care of you, and when you go somewhere else and get bullied, no one will help you again.” Yu Chili stretched out his hand. She wanted to pat Liu Luoyi on the shoulder, but she suddenly avoided him.

“I have nothing to do, so why bother to be boring. The princess can save my life, I am very grateful.” Liu Luoyi said, when she raised her head again, her expression was very calm.

Yuchili had never been so helpless before, she turned around in anguish, with a thought, threw a buckle into the hands of a vendor not far away and exchanged it for a wooden hairpin carved with lotus flowers.

She has hardly made any friends, but as a girl, she knows that most women may like small things like hairpins. Anyway, leave people behind.

To be honest, she was really reluctant to bear Liu Luoyi.

“I just wanted to say, how can you be a servant, no one should be inferior to others, let alone you are an arrogant woman, by no means a woman willing to be trapped in one world.”

Liu Luoyi’s eyelashes trembled lightly.

Since she fell into the dust, she has almost recognized her humble facts, the so-called cold and arrogant, and the so-called loneliness, all of them disappearing day by day with care and fear.

The rest is just a layer of protective color.

She raised her eyes to look at Yuchili, her eye sockets slightly moist.

Yu Chili’s whole body became hot with the look in her eyes, she coughed a few times, took out the hairpin from behind, and poked Liu Luoyi’s head, no matter whether it looked good or not.

“This hairpin is an apologize. I said I would protect you, so I won’t break my promise. I want you to stay is not a charity, but I want you to stay with me.”

Liu Luoyi reached out and took the hairpin off and rubbed the pattern on it. She suppressed her urge to cry and didn’t want to cry too many times in front of Yu Chili.

Yu Chili was a little worried about whether she said something wrong, she had never considered language so carefully.

“Oh.” Liu Luoyi said, and she held the hairpin tightly in her palm until she felt pain.

“I’ll do it for you.” Yu Chili pulled the hairpin back from her hand, took two steps forward, and gently inserted it between her black hair.

Liu Luoyi stared at Yuchili’s clothes blankly, and finally the tears slipped down, quietly dripping on the upper of Yuchili’s shoes.

Although she still doesn’t know why Yuchili will change, even if it is a dream created by others, she wants to do it so silly.

Yu Chili, even if you lied to me, I would admit it. She thought to herself.

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