The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 22: Robbed

Yu Chili took two steps back and looked at it cheerfully: “It’s so beautiful.”

Liu Luoyi hurriedly turned her back to prevent Yu Chili from seeing her face.

“Then go back with me. I haven’t eaten yet and I’m starving to death.” Yu Chili coaxed Liu Luoyi and yawned easily.

Liu Luoyi let out a hum, and the two stood there for a long time, and neither of them moved.

Liu Luoyi looked at Yuchili suspiciously, and then Yuchili touched his face embarrassedly: “Well, I don’t recognize the road, you are familiar with Beijing, what is the name of the inn just now?”

Liu Luoyi:…

In the next few days, Yu Chili sorted out all the boxes and counted the gold and silver treasures softly. The land deeds and deeds were also sorted out. Some houses and fields were abandoned because no one took care of them. She had to hire someone to take care of it, and she was very busy.

For the time being, he did not consider going back to the Northern Territory.

There is also the issue of Liu Luoyi. Although Liu Luoyi didn’t mention a word, Yu Chili knew that she must be worried about her father Liu Ru’s situation. It’s just that although Lu Yunkui and others framed Liu Ru and went to jail, they didn’t. No detailed explanation.

But Yu Chili always felt that even if the original text was to be re-taught, it would not be enough to let Lu Yunkui, who had just passed the imperial examination at the time, frame Tang Xiang Guo alone.

Therefore, most of Lu Yunkui still hides big figures behind him. Maybe it is a complicated partisan dispute. If this is the case, to solve Liu Luoyi’s problem, I’m afraid I will have to spend more time in Yan Guo.

Although Liu Luoyi’s temperament would never say letting Yu Chili help her again, Yu Chili couldn’t bear to leave it like this.

But, anyway, she couldn’t stay in this small inn forever.

“Xin Ran, I asked you to choose a suitable house. Have you chosen?” Yu Chili turned his head and shouted after finishing the final account.

“Choose it, the princess said that he wants a spacious house, and the emperor rewards you with a good house. It is an old palace in the palace, noble. Just two steps away is Changqi Street, the most prosperous place in Beijing. There are all kinds of shops, especially The Cao’s meatloaf in the east is called a…”

Yu Chili covered her mouth unbearably.

“You can hire or buy a few little girls, and clean them up. Leave the largest house for me, and just pack up the rest for Liu Luoyi and Liu Wenshang.”

Xin Ran nodded with her cheeks bulging, turned around and was about to leave, and suddenly remembered something, then turned around and said: “Princess, the four princes came to pass on a message, saying that they are free today, and meet at Qinchunlou at noon.”

Although Yu Chili felt a little sudden, but thinking that he still owed Shen Chu a thank you, he didn’t think much about it and nodded in agreement.

An hour later, she dressed neatly and knocked on Liu Luoyi’s door.

The door opened, Liu Luoyi was still dressed in white, looking up at Yu Chili: “Princess, this is…”

“Today, I just thank the four princes, let’s come together, and after dinner, you can also go shopping in the street.” Yu Chili folded his hands and leaned against the door frame, and said with a smile.

She wore a red dress today, and the cuffs were neatly tied with black cloth, which was both glamorous and heroic.

Liu Luoyi looked away and nodded.

Yu Chili looked at her up and down, and stretched out his hand to grab her sleeve and looked at her. He was a little dissatisfied: “Why do you keep wearing this dress? It’s all old. I gave Liu Wenchang some silver a few days ago. Why didn’t you buy a few of the things you bought?”

“I asked Chang’er to return it to Xin Ran. The princess was able to take us in. I am already grateful, but I am ashamed of the rest.” Liu Luoyi pulled back his sleeves and put his hands behind him.

Yu Chili sighed. She knew Liu Luoyi’s temper, but it didn’t make her feel happy to see such a celestial girl always wearing an old dress.

She suddenly remembered something, turned around and went back to her room, and when she came back, she was holding a bag in her hand.

“If you don’t want to buy new ones for you, you can always wear mine. These are sorted out by Xin Ran. The colors are all too veggie. I don’t like them. Pick if you like them.”

Liu Luoyi hesitated and reached out to take the package.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t passed through.” Yu Chili said, stepping in the door, Liu Luoyi hurriedly avoided her and returned to the house.

Yu Chili closed the door with his backhand, and Liu Luoyi felt that his heart trembled.

“What does the father-in-law do?” she said, trying to hide the panic in her tone.

“Waiting for you to change your clothes, my dress may not be suitable for you, but it doesn’t matter if you wear a larger dress. When you change it, we will go out.” Yu Chili said, stretched his waist and looked at the chair. Come down.

Liu Luoyi stood on the spot, did not open the package or move.

Yu Chili looked at her, but couldn’t react for a while: “Why, what’s wrong, don’t you like it?”

She stood up as she said, took the baggage from Liu Luoyi’s hand, helped her untie the knot, and took out a white skirt with silver silk embroidered with dark flowers, which looked delicate but pure.

“Just this one, it suits you.” Yu Chili nodded, very satisfied, and then stuffed the clothes into Liu Luoyi’s hands.

Liu Luoyi clenched her hands, bit her lower lip lightly, but still did not move. Just as Yu Chili wanted to speak, Liu Luoyi suddenly moved. She pulled Yu Chili’s sleeve and pulled her to the door vigorously and pushed it. Get out.

Before Yu Chili could react, he rammed the wall head-on, and the door behind him slammed shut.

“Hi…unexplainable.” Yu Chili took a breath, and Erzhanger was still at a loss.

Before Liu Luoyi walked out of the inn, her face was full of red clouds.

Since ancient times, Yuchili was the first time to go shopping in a serious manner, sighing that Yan Guo deserves to be the overlord of the party, his national power is strong, the street is crowded with people, all kinds of shops have everything, and there are a lot of people who do business. It’s dazzling.

Even Liu Luoyi’s cold temperament couldn’t help but look around. When she used to be at home, her father would be very strict about her and would not go out privately. After her father had an accident, she would be trapped in Lu Mansion every day. There is no chance to go out.

Now that she saw this lively scene, the expression on her face finally loosened.

Qinchun Tower is located in the center of the capital and is the largest restaurant in the capital. It is full of seats from morning to night, and Yuchi heard the melodious piano sound from a long distance away.

As soon as you enter the door, there is a huge table on which several beautiful women stand and dance to cheer up the guests.

Yuchili was led to a private room on the third floor. When Shen Chuyi saw Liu Luoyi, he stood up, greeted him, and said diligently: “Come on, Miss Liu, today this table is specially ordered for you, tired. Come on, sit down, sit down!”

Liu Luoyi quietly avoided his hand, turned to leaning against Yuchili, and said coldly: “No need, thank you four princes for showing your love, I just stand still.”

Yuchili slumped, no wonder Shen Chu took the initiative to invite him today, it turned out to be for Liu Luoyi.

She laughed and sat down swaggeringly, separating Shen Chu and Liu Luoyi, and then stretched out her hand: “How uncomfortable it is to stand. I have a treat today. There are no rules on the table. Sit down.”

Liu Luoyi hesitated, passed over Yu Chili’s hand, and sat down straight.

Shen Chu didn’t give up and said: “Princess Yuchi, you will return to the Northern Territory in the future. You and I will be separated as soon as we met. It’s really embarrassing. But Miss Liu grew up in Yan State, and she must not get used to the north. Girl follow me?”

Yu Chili rolled his eyes, this turning point was really too blunt.

Suddenly, she felt that there was more weight on her arm, and looked down. It was Liu Luoyi who had pulled her sleeves for some unknown time and pulled slightly.

Even if Yuchi Lidang knew it, she put on a very deep expression and sighed: “I miss my hometown day and night, but there are still some things I haven’t dealt with in Yan Guo, so I won’t go back temporarily. Alas, it’s a pity.”

“Yes, what a pity.” Shen Chu sighed, the expression on his face very disappointed.

After eating and drinking, Yu Chili bid farewell to Shen Chu, left the restaurant, walked all the way south along the street, and looked at the juggling on the side of the road from time to time, which was very pleasant.

When passing by a treasure shop, Liu Luoyi suddenly stopped. Yu Chili noticed something was wrong with her and turned around and asked her, “What’s wrong with you?”

Liu Luoyi walked straight into the store, and Yu Chili didn’t care if she was fancying a certain piece of jewelry, and followed her in.

“Two girls, some new products arrived today. You two have a look?” A kind-eyed lady greeted her with a box.

Liu Luoyi shook her head politely, walked to the corner, and looked down at an old-looking bracelet.

The bracelet is made of silver, with incomprehensible patterns and words all over it. It is not pretty, but it gives a sense of simplicity and tranquility.

“How do you sell this bracelet?” Liu Luoyi suddenly became excited, and the volume increased.

The aunt glanced at the bracelet, and her diligence faded a little earlier: “This is mortgaged by someone else, and no one bought it after a long time. If you want it, you can give it a couple of silver.”

Liu Luoyi subconsciously touched her waist, but she didn’t touch anything. The excitement in her heart was instantly replaced by despair. She is now penniless, let alone two or two, even one or two can’t be taken out.

Upon seeing this, Yu Chili was about to take out his silver, but suddenly a white hand stretched out in front of him and snatched the bracelet away: “I’ll give you three and two, this lady bought it.”

The voice was somewhat familiar, and Yu Chili frowned and saw that it was Wen Qiong.

“Liu Luoyi, such an ugly bracelet, I am afraid that only you would like it.” Wen Qiong pinched the bracelet with **** and looked at it over and over again, with a very contemptuous expression.

“If you don’t disdain, why buy it!” Liu Luoyi saw the bracelet being taken away by her, anxiously not knowing what to do, she reached out to get the bracelet back, but Wen Qiong swiftly avoided it.

She smiled and put the bracelet into her sleeve, and said triumphantly: “Last time I broke my jade pendant because of you, now I just spent money to buy the bracelet you wanted, why not?”

“Your jade pendant was crushed by this princess. You didn’t dare to yell at me and bullied Liu Luoyi, and soon bring the bracelet!” Yu Chili was too lazy to talk to her, reached out and grabbed it, but was held by Liu Luoyi Up.

“Princess! Don’t, it’s just a small object, it’s not important.” Liu Luoyi said, and when Yu Chili turned her head, she hurriedly let go of her hand.

“She said so, Princess Yuchi, don’t be nosy. Say goodbye.” Wen Qiong got to Liu Luoyi, in a good mood, humming a little song, and bringing a group of Wuyangyang people, and there was no shadow for a while. .

Liu Luoyi was depressed all the way. Although she was the same on weekdays, today, Yu Chili clearly felt her sadness.

The bracelet must be very important to her, but Liu Luoyi has been accustomed to it, unwilling to let herself help her out. Yuchi sighed in ecstasy.

“There is a pit ahead.” Yu Chili reluctantly stretched out his hand to hold Liu Luoyi, and took her to a safe place.

“Thank you princess,” Liu Luoyi said softly.

“Fine, you go back by yourself first, I have something to deal with, go and come.” Yu Chili couldn’t bear to look at her like this. After speaking, he turned and squeezed into the crowd.

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