The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 24: Save her

Liu Luoyi fell on the boat. She took a breath of air and got up. Seeing Yuchili falling into the water, her heart became tight, and she rushed to the side of the boat and said loudly, “Yuchili!”

With a bang, Yu Chili came up from the bottom of the water. She wiped the water off her face, pierced it with a sharp jerky, and got on the boat three or two times.

She was soaked all over, and she was very embarrassed.

Liu Luoyi breathed a sigh of relief, then frowned and rebuked: “What are you doing!”

Yu Chili touched his head, wringing out the water on his clothes, and whispering: “I, I’m not this, tease you…”

“How cute as you are, you scared me to death!” Liu Luoyi was so angry that she was almost incoherent, so she turned her back and stopped talking to Wei Chi to leave.

Yu Chili only assumed that she was scared in the air, and quickly apologized: “I also watched you being bored all day and didn’t speak, so I wanted to tease you. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Liu Luoyi bit her lip and glanced back at her. He wanted to say something, but didn’t say anything. Instead, he gave a cold snort and strode to the other side of the canoe.

Yu Chili laughed and chased him up: “But you see, it’s the first time you have said so much. Even if it is cursing, it is better than not saying a word all day.”

“That princess really took great pains.” Liu Luoyi said coldly.

Yu Chili sighed, she took two steps forward, patted her shoulder lightly, and whispered: “I really don’t want to fix you, you believe me.”

“I was not only angry about it, I saw you fall just now, and thought…” Liu Luoyi turned around abruptly, but did not expect that Yu Chili would be standing behind her and bend over slightly. The two of them almost passed away. When they bumped into each other, Yu Chili’s straight nose and rosy lips dangled in front of her.

The smell of Yuchili rushed over his face, Liu Luoyi stepped back subconsciously, but one could not stand firmly and fell backward.

Yu Chili stood there intact, sighed, and easily reached out and took her back to her waist.

Liu Luoyi couldn’t express his temper anymore, only to keep his head down and not to speak.

Yuchi left his clothes completely wet, and had no desire to watch the house, so the group of people only briefly understood the layout, and then went back to their room separately.

Xin Ran invited a lot of maidservants to clean the house, Yu Chili changed into clean clothes, let out a long breath of relief, and slammed on the bed.

Living in your own house is indeed a thousand times better than sending someone under the fence!

In a daze, Yu Chili felt that someone was taking off her robe for her, so she grunted and twisted her body.

In the next second, she felt a little more chill on her body, and the alertness she had cultivated over the years came in handy. She suddenly opened her eyes, rolled over and sat up, her eyes were clear.

Sure enough, there was only one coat left on her body, and she was not in a hurry to pull the clothes, but looked up.

I saw a woman standing in front of her. As soon as she saw that Wei Chili woke up, her knees softened and fell to the ground: “Slaves, slaves have seen the princess.”

The figure of the woman looked very feminine, her shoulders were shaved, her waist was like a willow, and a strand of messy hair hung between her forehead, blocking her face.

“Who are you?” Yu Chili frowned and asked.

“Princess, don’t you remember the servant girl?” The woman raised her head, her pair of cut water autumn pupils were very colorful, and she was shining with brilliance. A mole with tears on her white face was indeed a stunner.

Yuchi was a little surprised in his centrifugation, people in ancient times looked so beautiful, but in the next second, she slapped her lips again, rather dispirited.

It’s just that Liu Luoyi is by her side, which must have heightened her aesthetics. The beauty of the woman in front of her is beautiful, and she can’t compare it.

“I don’t remember.” Yu Chili answered truthfully.

The woman lowered her eyes when she heard this, feeling sad.

“Is Xin Ran looking for you?” Yu Chili looked at her suspiciously.

“I went all the way south to find the princess, but I was deceived and sold it to Ren Yazi. Thanks to my sister Xin Ran accidentally bumping into it, she bought me and sent it to the princess.” The woman said, she started to cry.

Is it an old friend of the original owner? It’s a good relationship if she travels all the way to find it. If she finds out that she is not the original princess of the Northern Territory, I am afraid it will be difficult to explain.

During Yuchi’s centrifugation, he went back and forth, nodded faintly, and said, “Thank you for your hard work. Go down and rest. I don’t need someone to wait in my room. It’s enough if I have hardship.”

Upon hearing this, the woman hurriedly knelt forward for two steps and said: “Princess, since Wanji was rescued by you, she vowed to follow you forever, and I beg the princess to let me wait on her side.”

Yu Chili had a headache, and she waved her hand: “I’m just not used to having people around me. Don’t worry, just stay at ease.”


“Observe.” Yu Chili increased his tone.

When Ji Ji stopped talking, she smiled sadly, stood up, bowed, turned and left.

Why is this person so strange, I will ask Xin Ran to ask him another day, Yuchi said in a confession, she stretched again, fell on the bed, and fell asleep.

Early the next morning, she forgot what happened last night.

Xin Ran had already prepared breakfast. After Yu Chili freshened up, she sat at the table lazily drinking porridge. She suddenly remembered something, and asked Xin Ran standing by: “Liu Luoyi have they eaten yet?”

“Ms. Liu didn’t see anyone anymore this morning. I asked people to look around but couldn’t find it.” Xin Ran said with a frown.

“The person is gone? Why don’t you say it differently!” Yu Chili put down the porridge bowl and stood up. “Did you find it outside the house?”

“No, Miss Liu is not a child. She knows her well in this capital city. There will be nothing wrong with the princess.” Xin Ran persuaded.

Yu Chili nodded, and sat down. After mixing the spoon in the bowl for a long time, he didn’t feed it into his mouth, always feeling very restless.

“Fine, I’ll go find her, anyway, there is nothing to do now.” Yu Chili threw the bowl away and strode out the door.

“Princess, you finish your meal first!” Xin Ran shouted from behind holding the bowl.

As soon as Yu Chili left the house, he looked at the crowded streets and fell into contemplation. The capital is so big, where can she find Liu Luoyi?

“Is the princess looking for someone?” A soft voice rang behind her, and Yu Chili was startled, and turned around quickly. It was the same woman named Wan Ji last night.

Yu Chili nodded.

“When the slave and maid was cleaning the yard this morning, I heard Miss Liu say that she is going to see her father. Presumably, she is going to do this, and the princess should not worry.”

“Look at her father?” Yu Chili patted his thigh, “It’s broken, how can she be a little girl in such a place!”

What else did Wan Ji want to say, but Yu Chili was no longer a shadow. She stretched out her hands and stood there with a very lonely expression.

“Princess, do you really, never remember me anymore.”

Naturally, Yu Chili couldn’t hear her. After a few seconds of effort, she ran and turned twice.

Yan Guo Tianlao is directly affiliated to Dali Temple. It is located in the more gentle west of the city. The garrison and training camp are located here. The military defenses are tight, and few people dare to visit such a place.

There is always a place like Tianjao, but although Yu Chili is willing to help Liu Luoyi, he doesn’t know where to start. Who knows that Liu Luoyi ran directly by himself without telling her.

Yuchili flies all the way down the wall, sulking all the way.

When approaching here, there are officers and soldiers coming and going all the way. When you see Yuchili, you will inevitably have to look at it. Yuchili is not very polite, grabbing one hand and asking: “Excuse me, have you ever seen a woman in white come here? Where?”

“Who are you? This is Dali Temple, stay away from idlers!” The man frowned and shouted, very imposing.

Yu Chili calmly took out the emperor’s gift card from his sleeve.

“The princess is looking for someone? I’ll take you there!” The man smiled like a black face with flowers.

“The little one didn’t see any women, but I can show you in.”

“Where is the prison?” Yu Chili asked.

The man scratched his head, embarrassed: “The prison, outsiders have to order from the emperor to enter, I’m afraid…”

“It’s okay, I won’t go in.” Yu Chili said, took out a coin and threw it to him.

The man suddenly smiled, “Princess please!”

Walking along the main road, it was Dali Temple. After walking around Dali Temple for a while, the guards became stricter. Wei Chi’s brows wrinkled and tightened. How could Liu Luoyi come in alone.

She doesn’t look like that kind of reckless person either.

Turning another turn, there was a tumult in front of him. I saw a man standing at the door, yelling with several guards. Next to the man stood a woman in a snow-white dress. Look at the back, it was Liu Luoyi. .

As soon as Yu Chili saw that Shen Chu was here, her heart suddenly became furious. She held her anger and stood still. She didn’t immediately go forward, so she wanted to see what they were going to do.

“The prince asked you to step out, don’t you understand!” Shen Chu raised the token in his hand and said sharply.

“The four princes calm down, but the prisoners here are all criminals. Ordinary tokens don’t work. You need a document stamped by the emperor himself to get in. The small ones also act according to the rules.” Knife, the words are earnest.

“Just be accommodating, and when I go back, I will talk to my father in person.” Shen Chu said as he walked in, but was pushed back by the guard with his chest.

“Four princes, please come back.” The guard looked firm.

“Why are you so clueless!”

“Fine, let’s go back.” Liu Luoyi said.

“Miss Liu, wait a minute.” Shen Chu was anxious. He took two steps forward. Unexpectedly, the guard was also a tiger, and he stretched out his hand to push him, and Pu Daozhen in his hand fell to the ground with a bang.

The defense has always been tight, but nowadays, the guards from all quarters gathered and quickly surrounded them.

“Bold, dare to do something to this prince!” Shen Chu said sternly. The group of guards naturally did not dare to touch him, so they stretched out their hands to Liu Luoyi, who had no power to bind the chicken.

Liu Luoyi was taken aback, when even she backed up and tried to avoid, but she was surrounded by people, and there was no way to hide. At this moment, the crowd behind her was suddenly evacuated, and she staggered into someone’s arms. in.

A familiar voice sounded above her head: “A group of big men bullied a little girl, get out of here!”

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