The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 26: Willow-style apology (two more)

The next morning, Yu Chili stretched his waist to open the door, but rushed forward, almost giving the earth a passionate kiss.

Yu Chili cursed secretly, clutching his painful foot and jumping back to the place, looking down at the culprit who almost caused her to fall, a delicate food box.

Is Xin Ran so considerate now? Afraid to wake her up, put the meal at the door?

Yu Chili reluctantly picked up the food box and took it into the house, thinking that he must tell Xin Ran later that next time I change it to another place, people will be confused early in the morning, so it is easy to kill people.

She yawned, opened the box, took a snack and threw it into her mouth, her expression suddenly becoming frightened.

Then there was a terrifying cough. Yu Chili was holding on to Shiqian, her face flushed, she hurriedly touched the tea cup and poured her saliva, which made her feel better.

“Xin Ran! Who made this breakfast today, do you want to put salt in your sweet-scented osmanthus cake!?”

Hearing the shout, Xin Ran rushed in and could stop the car, and said in surprise: “No, no, isn’t the sweet-scented osmanthus cake, sweet?”

Yu Chili didn’t want to speak anymore, she picked up a piece of sweet-scented osmanthus cake and put it into Xin Ran’s mouth.

Xin Ran chewed twice without knowing it, the tiger’s body was shocked, and he went around the place two times with his mouth covered, but he couldn’t find a place, so he rushed out.

The sound of vomiting came from outside the door, and Yu Chili patted his belly, feeling more comfortable.

After a while, Xin Ran walked in by supporting the wall and said weakly: “Princess, the **** duty in the kitchen today has eaten her stomach and is lying in the room without cooking.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Chili frowned and picked up the food container on the table: “Then who made this?”

“I don’t know.” Xin Ran shook his head.

Yu Chili took Xin Ran out and had breakfast at the Cao’s meat pie shop she was talking about. When she left, she bought some more, thinking about giving Liu Luoyi and the others to eat.

Liu Luoyi’s yard was in the most remote part of the house. It was not Yuchili who treated her wrongly, but there was a small pear tree there, although at this time, there were neither pears nor flowers on the tree.

The stone road that was originally overgrown with weeds was cleaned by Liu Luoyi himself. He also planted unknown small wild flowers on the side of the road, both white and blue, which looked very refreshing.

Under the largest pear tree, there are a few thick hemp ropes and a few wooden boards scattered around, I don’t know what I’m doing.

Yu Chili suddenly felt very interesting. He felt like peeping into other people’s lives. He just didn’t know if Liu Luoyi was so ingenious when he was at home.

Still be obedient to be a lady of everyone, all day to face the piano and chess calligraphy and painting.

But at this time Yu Chili still didn’t know that her misunderstanding of Liu Luoyi was a bit big.

Liu Luoyi was not in the room, so she must have gone out. Yu Chili stretched out her hand nervously and patted the wall. After making Liu Luoyi angry yesterday, she hadn’t figured out how to apologize.

What’s more, she didn’t do it a few times when she was a kid. Thinking about it, since ancient times, many things that have never been done before seem to have been tried.

Sometimes she almost forgets, which Wei Chili she is.

There was footsteps outside the door, and Liu Luoyi came back. Yu Chili suddenly had an idea, raised his head and looked around, then set up light work, went on the roof in three steps, squatted down, and hid himself behind the tiles.

She suddenly wanted to see what Liu Luoyi, who is usually tight, was like in private.

Liu Luoyi straddled a basket on her arm with some tools that she didn’t know what it was. She placed the basket on the ground and took out the contents one by one.

A dagger, a piece of wood, a millstone, and a dry cake wrapped in a handkerchief.

Yuchi felt a sudden pain, before he was still grinning and couldn’t smile anymore.

Could it be that she just eats this stuff these days? He obviously gave her money, and told Liu Wenshang to go to the kitchen to get food every day, and even sent her to her maid, but she drove them out.

Liu Luoyi sat down, holding a dagger in one hand and a wood in the other, and began to cut. Her movements were very laborious and awkward, and she even scratched her hands from time to time.

She didn’t cry or stop, as if she didn’t feel any, she lowered her head and dealt with the piece of wood seriously.

There was a place in the middle, and she threw the dagger out angrily. After a while, she got up again and picked it up dingy.

Yu Chili’s lips curled up.

I don’t know how long it took, Liu Luoyi seemed to be tired. She put down the wood, stood up and yawned, then bounced on the spot and hugged the pear tree beside her.

Time seemed to stand still, Liu Luoyi’s head began to move little by little, and after a while, she fell asleep holding the tree and slowly fell to the ground.

Suddenly, Yu Chili felt a little grateful. Fortunately, he was hiding so that he could see Liu Luoyi in private. She was not the same as her usually cold.

Yuchili quietly jumped back to the ground along the wall, and walked to Liu Luoyi’s side. He reached out and picked up the wood on the ground. It was a good piece of red sandalwood with a very light smell and some good smell.

The wood is already in a rudimentary form, as if it is about to be made into a wooden stick. Yu Chili is very curious. Liu Luoyi has worked so hard to cut the stick.

Liu Luoyi slept very sweetly on the side, the shade of the trees enveloped her, and the woman in white against the backdrop of the greenery was breathtakingly beautiful.

Yu Chili sighed, squatted down, fanned away the mosquitoes around her, then stretched out his hand and hugged her up, only feeling that she was thinner than he had imagined.

This girl is really, too strong.

After holding Liu Luoyi into the house, she strolled all the way back to her room, and Xin Ran greeted her: “Princess, how is it, do you apologize?”

Yu Chili shook his head in frustration, then pondered for a while, and said, “Go and ask for me. How can Yan Guo enter the prison where he is detaining the felon?”

Xin Ran nodded, just turned around and took a step, and immediately turned around and exclaimed: “What? What did the princess do in the jail? That’s not a good place. You forgot that you sneaked into the cell in the Northern Territory when you were young, and you were scared. After crying for days and nights, the King of the Northern Territory was frightened. Since then, the King of the Northern Territory has issued an order prohibiting the use of torture on the prisoner.”

Yu Chili smiled, a little strange in his heart.

“Go ahead, rest assured,” she said lightly.

Is this really the world in the book? The plots and characters that were originally piled up indifferently with words are becoming real day by day with her life.

She was a little confused for a while, this world was originally like this, or everything started from her and changed because of her.

I didn’t want to think about it. Yu Chili sat on the chair, and while waiting for Xin Ran to return, he picked up a book and read it boredly.

Well, she couldn’t understand a single word of the piles of ancient prose.

Time flies, and it soon arrives in the evening, the door is knocked suddenly, and it stands out in the silent room.

Yu Chili suddenly woke up, she got up from the table, wiped the drool from her face, and swayed to open the door. There was no one outside, and a small box was placed at the door.

She looked around suspiciously, her ears moved, and she understood it in her heart, and then pretended not to know anything, went forward to pick up the package and opened it at the door.

A small stick rolled into her palm, crooked, and it seemed to be engraved on it, but the gestures were very messy.

“This thing is too ugly.” She said loudly on purpose.

The grass rustled.

“Hey, it’s really ugly. Give it to Xin Ran later, and let her throw it away for me.” Yu Chili coughed twice before raising the volume.

There was movement in the grass, and a person rushed out from inside, with blades of grass hanging on the snow-white dress, she walked angrily, snatched the small wooden stick from Yuchili’s hand, turned and left.

Yu Chili hurriedly stepped forward to pull her, but never thought that Liu Luoyi would get very vigorous and pushed her abruptly. Yu Chili was unprepared, stepped back two steps, and tripped over the little wooden box just now. He fell on all fours directly.

Yu Chili looked at the dark blue sky and sighed. She was too difficult. It seems that today’s fall is doomed.

Liu Luoyi stopped, and she turned around hurriedly and reached out to pull Yuchili, but she never thought that she didn’t pull up Yuchili. Instead, she was pulled backhand by Yuchili and fell to her knees.

Leaning towards her uncontrollably, Liu Luoyi hurriedly sat upright and threw away Yu Chili’s hand.

“I’m teasing you, don’t be angry. What is this? Ugly is a bit ugly, but it’s quite unique.” Yu Chili took the small wooden stick back from her hand, held it in front of him, and put his hand on his head. Under the back spoon, Erlang’s legs were raised by the way.

Not to mention, it’s very comfortable to lie down like this.

“Wooden hairpin.” Liu Luoyi said dully.

“What the hell? Is this a hairpin?” Yu Chili couldn’t help but laughed.

Liu Luoyi was angry again, and reached out to grab it back.

Yu Chili stretched his hand aside and avoided her, and then a carp sat up and touched Liu Luoyi’s head: “Thank you, I like it very much.”

After all, she did it all day with the small dagger herself.

Liu Luoyi was so abruptly tricked by her that her anger just dropped by half in an instant. She lowered her head, blushing, and said, “I’m sorry.”

Yu Chili raised his eyes to look at her.

Liu Luoyi stood up with a frown, turned his back to Yu Chili, and said fiercely, “I’m sorry! What happened yesterday was my own opinion.”

Yu Chili felt that he must have hallucinations, but Liu Luoyi would take the initiative to apologize to her? Although this attitude of apology is not much different from cursing others.

In her impression, she lost her temper, and she should want to chop herself off.

This world is magical!

“I just don’t dare. You obviously helped me so much. I am afraid that if I still find you often, you will be annoying.” Liu Luoyi’s voice gradually became smaller.

“I’ve never coaxed anyone. I don’t know what to do. I just listened to Chang’er’s making you a sweet-scented osmanthus cake and a whole steamer, but only three of them could watch.”

Yuchili couldn’t laugh or cry when he heard this. She made the fatal osmanthus cake that morning.

That’s no wonder…

So unpalatable.

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