The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 27: Willow-style apology (three shifts)

The next morning, Yu Chili woke up early and practiced in an open area in the courtyard. She held a soft sword in her hand and poured her internal strength into it. She danced like a tiger, and her movements brought up some fallen leaves on the ground. The courtyard is full of flying dust.

In the corner of the yard, Wan Ji held a bowl of tea in his hand and stood there all the time without moving.

Yu Chili was irritated when he was seen, and he couldn’t say anything, so he speeded up the movements of his hands, and the others could almost only see an afterimage.

“Princess, don’t practice, eat.” Xin Ran walked in at the door and put the food piece by piece on the table in the courtyard.

Only then did Yu Chili stop his movements, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and sat down, panting slightly, and hurriedly ran over in the evening and offered tea.

Yu Chili smiled awkwardly, said thank you, then winked at Xin Ran.

Xin Ran immediately understood, and stepped forward and dragged him forward and said, “Did I buy all the things I asked you to buy yesterday? No, go now. The princess is still waiting for it.”

Wan Jifu took a blessing and retired. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to give Yu Chili one last look.

Yuchi Lipi grinned at her without a smile, and then said to Xin Ran, “Why does this girl look weird?”

“I don’t know why, she was not like this before. I remember that she worked meticulously and thoughtlessly, so that she stayed.” Xin Ran touched her head.

“By the way, she said that day, I saved her, what’s the matter?” Yu Chili took a bite of the food and pretended to ask casually.

“The princess forgot? When she was in the Northern Territory before, her father lost her to someone else because of gambling. The man kidnapped her on the street. You happened to run into her and saved her. Since then, she I have been following you, counting in terms of time. I didn’t have her to serve you as long.”

“But you seem to have been reluctant to take care of her, so you didn’t tell her to be cautious. It’s normal to not remember.” Xin Ran smiled.

Yu Chili nodded, thinking there was nothing suspicious, at least there should be no bad thoughts, so he stopped trying to figure out the matter, and asked: “I asked you yesterday to find out how to get into the jail, is there any result?”

“I found the shopkeeper of our restaurant and asked him to inquire about the big men. It is said that all the prisoners in the jail were important criminals, and since Lord Liu’s accident a year ago, the emperor sent a hundred people to guard. I don’t know what to guard against.”

“Moreover, since then, if you want to visit prisoners, you must have a document written by the emperor himself. Ordinary people can’t even think about it. Princess, I advise you to give up. The four princes are the sons of the emperor and there is no way, you are an outsider. , How can there be such a big face to let the emperor personally write a document for you.” Xin Ran persuaded with all his heart.

Yu Chili also knew that this matter was as difficult as the sky, so she nodded, feeling a little frustrated.

It’s impossible, Liu Luoyi really can’t see her father, alas, that’s a bit miserable, and Yu Chili’s face is full of sadness.

After eating, Yu Chili wandered to find Liu Luoyi and wanted to discuss the matter with her. When she got to her door, she found that she was holding a rope that was originally thrown on the ground, leaping onto a tree branch. throw.

The tree was too high and she was too short. She didn’t throw it up for a long time. Liu Luoyi kicked the trunk angrily, then lifted her skirt up without thinking about the image, and tied a knot in her thigh.

Yo, hot little skirt! Yu Chili exclaimed.

I saw Liu Luoyi actually hugging the trunk, stepping on the raised branches of the trunk, and climbing up.

Yu Chili was taken aback by her sudden behavior, and for fear that she would fall off, he hurried forward and stood behind her.

Liu Luoyi didn’t expect that Yuchi would come to the meeting. She looked at her attire, and then thought about her current actions. Her face flushed when she hung on the tree, and she didn’t know what to do.

She hadn’t been so embarrassed in front of Yu Chili.

“You, what are you doing here!” she shouted, burying her head on her arm, forgetting her honorific title.

“I still want to ask, what are you doing up there?” Yu Chili was very sincere in doubt.

Liu Luoyi didn’t want to talk to Yu Chili at this time. She found her position and jumped down from the tree. Yu Chili stepped forward to help.

“You want to make a swing?” Yu Chili looked up at the tall tree branches and said clearly.

“I originally had a swing in my home, and my father disciplined me strictly. I was not allowed to go out except for my husband’s lectures, so I could only play by myself. I thought this tree grew just right, so I wanted to make one.” Liu Luoyi whispered, and then He hurriedly untied the skirt wrapped around his legs, and then he was secretly relieved in a place that Yuchili could not see.

“Then you can call me to help you, or Xin Ran, if you don’t want to find a small servant in the house. If you climb so high and do anything, if you fall, your small body may be difficult to get better.” Yu Chili shook his head. Tao.

“I think I can do it myself.” Liu Luoyi lowered his head and twisted the oval leaves that fell on the ground with his feet.

She didn’t want to trouble Yu Chili all the time, she couldn’t always be like this, everything would depend on Yu Chili.

Just don’t want to.

Although Yu Chili didn’t understand the careful thinking in her heart, she could see that she was stronger, so he didn’t insist on helping her. Instead, he walked around the tree trunk and nodded and said: “This tree grows tall. You can indeed make a swing, so I will teach you to climb a tree.”

“Climbing a tree?” Liu Luoyi raised his head, a little surprised.

Yu Chili blinked at her, climbing trees is what she is best at.

Fortunately, the tree was not smooth. There were many pitted scars on it. It was easier to get up. Yuchili jumped up easily to reach the trunk, and squatted on the branches in twos or twos.

“You step on the place you just stepped on, and then I will pull you up.” Yu Chili stretched out his hand.

Liu Luoyi slowly stretched her hand into Yuchili’s hand, her warm palm wrapped her cold fingers, Liu Luoyi felt her body tremble, and then a huge force pulled her upwards. .

She felt light, and before she could exert any force, she was lifted into the air by Yu Chili and stood firmly on the tree. Her heart jumped sharply, and she subconsciously grasped Wei Chili.

“This knot should be tied in this way, so that the swing can swing freely and is very strong. The following is called a knot, I will teach you later, you will tie this one now.” Yu Chili showed her the other side, and then put the rope Pass it to her hand.

Liu Luoyi just wanted to stretch out her hand to tie it, but Yu Chili stretched out her hand to wrap her waist. She only felt that she was stiff all over, and she stammered: “You, what are you doing?”

“If I don’t grab you a little, you won’t fall.” Yu Chili said.

Liu Luoyi felt that everything that followed was like a dream, and under the guidance of Yu Chili, she really made the swing.

But her mind was not on the incomprehensible rope buckles in front of her eyes, but on the arms that touched her waist from time to time. From her point of view, Yu Chili had almost embraced her except for her hands.

She could also feel that Yu Chili had no other thoughts, nor was it intentional, but every place she touched seemed to have been electrified.

Her heart was completely confused, so confused that she didn’t know what to do.

After finishing the swing, Yu Chili went out with Liu Luoyi, planning to take her to buy some clothes. Liu Luoyi seemed a little absent-minded along the way.

The two went away for a long time before Yu Chili found a chance to speak: “I want to talk to you about your father.”

“I know, the princess doesn’t need to bother. I heard those guards say that they can’t get in without the emperor’s autograph.” Liu Luoyi said lightly, not seeming to care too much.

But Yu Chili saw her clenched hands at a glance.

Yu Chili sighed and leaned slightly to break her hand away. In fact, she didn’t expect to help her rescue Liu Ru. After all, she was really helpless as an outsider.

But when the words came to the lips, it became: “Don’t worry, I will definitely find a way to rescue your father.”

In the original work, Liu Ru was imprisoned by the emperor because he had fornicated with foreign enemies, but he did not describe this in detail. Yu Chili only probably remembered that Liu Ru died in prison and never saw the sun.

If this ending still happens, Liu Luoyi doesn’t know what the heartache will be like.

She couldn’t control Liu Luoyi in the original book, but Liu Luoyi, who was standing next to her, didn’t want her to feel the pain. A beautiful person is to always be beautiful.

“Okay, we don’t want to anymore, leave it to me. You wait here first, I just saw there is a candied haws seller over there, I’ll go buy some for you.”

Liu Luoyi nodded, and then suddenly reached out and grabbed Yu Chili who had just turned around.

“What’s the matter?” Yu Chili turned his head, smiling gently.

Liu Luoyi also smiled, like the wind in March has melted the snow in winter, and the sweet and humid snow flowed into people’s hearts with the spring breeze.

It’s been a long time since Yu Chili saw her smile. He was stunned for a while, then he reached out and touched her forehead: “You have a fever?”

Liu Luoyi blushed, stretched out her hand to knock her hand off, restored her cold expression, and said, “No.”

“That’s good, you wait.” Yu Chili patted her on the head and strode away.

Liu Luoyi looked at the direction she was leaving, her eyes seemed to have emotions that others could not understand. She lowered her head and said to herself: “I am not sick. I will only smile at you.”

She didn’t notice the people coming and going on the street. Two people slowly walked behind her. Then there was a sharp pain in the back of her neck. Then, the world gradually became gray.

At the last second while retaining consciousness, Liu Luoyi took the hairpin off his head and severely cut his palm.

“Wei Chili…” she murmured.

When Yu Chili came back with two bunches of candied haws in her hand, Liu Luoyi could not be found in the same place, her heart suddenly grabbed, and the candied haws in her hand fell to the ground.

Liu Luoyi would never go away by herself, could she have something wrong?

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