The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 28: Injured

Although it is still a busy city, it is located on the corner. The shops on both sides are not open. There is a deep alley in the middle, which is obviously much more remote than other places.

Yu Chili knocked herself hard, she thought there would be no danger in the capital, she was too careless!

There was no one in the shops on either side. She hurriedly pulled the uncle across the street who seemed to have never moved, and asked: “Have you just seen a girl in white? Just stand here.”

The uncle shook his head, and then avoided Yu Chili like a plague god.

Yu Chili panicked for a while, she took a deep breath, warned herself, and calmed down. If Liu Luoyi was really taken away, she wouldn’t panic.

Liu Luoyi has no enemies in the capital, who will arrest her, Lu Yunkui.

However, she immediately denied this idea. Those who can take people away in the downtown area without attracting attention are definitely the masters of the masters. A mere Lu Yunkui should not have this ability.

But this capital is so big, where would she go to find it.

Yu Chili forced herself to calm down and observe in place. It was impossible to escape from the street. The alley, at the end, was the back door of a bun shop. It opened in another street and the roof was still smoking. Walking from here would definitely attract people’s attention. It’s impossible.

Only the courtyard walls on both sides of the alley can be easily passed by carrying a girl if the effort is good enough. She took two steps forward and just noticed a drop of fresh blood at the corner of the wall.

Liu Luoyi must have stayed, she was injured! Yu Chili only felt that her heart had been severely pinched twice, and she hurried forward. Fortunately, the amount of bleeding was not large.

At least Xue pointed out the direction for her, and Yu Chili bit her lip tightly, directly set up light work, and flew over.

There are stone tables and graphite inkstones on the yard. This place is a county school, but today, no one seems to be studying.

Yu Chili took a few steps forward and saw another blood stain on the ground sharply.

She opened her eyes wide and walked all the way in the direction of the dripping blood. When she turned over another wall, the blood stains were obviously reduced after she got out of this street, and she followed for a while, but it was completely gone. Something that can give directions.

Damn, she kicked the wall on the side fiercely. The strength of this kick was so strong that the whole courtyard wall swayed, and even half of a stone brick fell.

Yu Chili reacted immediately and looked around. Here are all residential buildings. Although the bricks and tiles in the rest of the area are old, they are not broken to the point of kicking a brick away, and the wall beside it is almost crumbling.

There must be no one living there. She didn’t think much about it. She raised her leg and turned in. Who knows that she just crossed the wall and shot two dark arrows from nowhere, and in a blink of an eye she reached Yu Chili’s eyes.

Yu Chili hardly had time to think, his body reacted before his brain, and he suddenly escaped the two arrows in midair.

This time the brain finally caught up, and Yu Chili quickly rolled on the ground and hid behind a big tank in the courtyard.

It was quiet all around.

It seemed that there was nothing wrong, Yu Chili took a deep breath and calmed his pounding heart.

Fortunately, she had extremely high adaptability and psychological qualities in her previous life, and now she can accept this life-and-death situation suddenly.

Thanks to the physical reaction that the princess has cultivated over the years, otherwise her life would be lost faster than Liu Luoyi.

The yard hadn’t been inhabited for a long time. The ground was full of dust and fallen leaves. The house in front was even more dilapidated. The windows were roughly cut in half. The dark inside seemed to hide endless danger.

Yu Chili picked up a stone from the ground and threw it out.

There was still silence.

She feels that her heart is about to jump out of her throat. Since ancient times, she has tried almost everything she had never thought of before, and now she has hit the scenes that are unique to TV shows like kidnapping. It just happened.


When Liu Luoyi woke up, there was darkness all around, and there was no one. She was lying on her back on the ground with a twine tightly wrapped around her wrist.

Before the coma, the blood on the arm that had been scratched in a hurry was crusted.

For an instant, she almost felt that she was about to fall back into the once dark days, when huge despair engulfed her, and her eyes were instantly hot and humid.

No, no, she is no longer alone now. Yuchili will save her.

Like many, many times before.

Will she?

Liu Luoyi lay quietly on the ground for a while, and when she felt her strength was restored, she twisted her body desperately to get up, then lowered her head and rubbed the only wetness in her eyes on her knees.

She must be strong, just like Yu Chili.

It seemed that the place where she was imprisoned was an empty room. When she moved, there were rats running around on the ground. Liu Luoyi endured his nausea and fear, and stood up with the help of the wall beside him.

She couldn’t hear any voices, Liu Luoyi clenched his fists tightly, and walked the house bit by bit, only to breathe a sigh of relief. There was no one in the room.

The door seemed to be locked outside, Liu Luoyi gently pushed twice with his body, as expected.

Knowing that she was safe for the time being, she did not move anymore. Instead, she found a corner in the house and hid herself. At this moment, a rustling sound came from outside the door, and a light came in. It actually opened.

Liu Luoyi tightened, but after a long time, no one came in.

She didn’t want to sit and wait for death, so she moved slowly, always beware of someone suddenly rushing in and hit her hard, or simply killed her.

But none of this happened, and she moved safely to the door.

Liu Luoyi felt relieved for a while. Did they find that they had caught the wrong person and wanted to let her go? She walked forward slowly, but suddenly stopped.


This is too weird. I caught her and released her again. If I caught the wrong person, why did I lock the door?

They were leading her out. As for why they did this, she didn’t know, but she knew that she would never follow their wishes.

Liu Luoyi stood there, waiting quietly for her legs to stop shaking so violently before moving back to her original position. She stopped running, she just waited.

She no longer looked forward to Yu Chili’s coming to rescue her, these people arrested her and released her, there must be a conspiracy, maybe it was for Yu Chili.

If this is the case, she would rather she be sleeping in the house now.

At the same time, Yu Chili was hiding behind the water tank, greatly relieved.

She just watched as a man in black swayed out of another house, and then quietly unlocked the door.

She was certain that Liu Luoyi was inside, and if Liu Luoyi walked out eagerly for help, the arrow would have gone towards Liu Luoyi, and she would never leave it alone.

At that time, she could not be prevented because of saving people, and she was almost dead or injured. Everyone in the design was so cruel, she saw her white clothes swaying at the door. Fortunately, Liu Luoyi was smart and not fooled.

However, there are many doubts here. If you are really coming towards you, and you tie Liu Luoyi directly to threaten her, isn’t it faster, why is it so troublesome?

Unless they don’t want to hurt Liu Luoyi at all, and they are not sure that they can catch him in one fell swoop, Yu Chi said in disbelief.

She immediately relaxed, sat down on the spot, took out a meatloaf from her arms, and bit it down. The aroma of Cao’s meatloaf quickly filled the entire yard.

On the other side, a group of masked people rubbing their shoulders and squeezing into the abandoned woodshed began to feel restless.

“Big brother, why did she still eat it?” one person asked very quietly.

“Shut up, how did I know!” the man called the big brother said viciously. He didn’t expect these two little girls to be smarter than the other, and calmer than him.

Now two people are eating meatloaf and the other is sleeping in it. On the contrary, it is their group of big guys crowded together.

“Fourth old man, if you don’t wash your feet tonight, I will press your head into the ditch when I go back!” The masked boss kicked the man who had just spoken.

With the smell of stinky feet mixed with sweat and the aroma of meatloaf, he felt that he was about to evolve.

“Big Brother, I can’t bear it anymore, let’s rush directly, just a little girl, I’m hungry…” The fourth sullen mouth said.

“Shut up, that’s the princess of the Northern Territory. It is said that martial arts is extremely high. You and I can’t afford the bad things, and you will be punished by the adults when you go back!”


“Shut up! Your lord has specifically told you not to hurt the little white girl’s hair.”

Time passed for a long time, and Yu Chili had finished eating a meatloaf. She patted her stomach contentedly, and took out another fragrant roasted sweet potato from her arms.

A crowd of kidnappers:…

The belly of the masked boss finally groaned. He couldn’t bear it, and pushed the fourth one away and turned out the window. After the others reacted, they quickly followed.

As soon as Yuchi moved away from her ears, even if she rolled on the spot, the water tank exploded in front of her eyes in the next second, suddenly raising a cloud of dust.

A long knife stabbed out of the dust, and the sound of piercing the air came from all directions. Yu Chili tightened the strings in his head, controlled his body to avoid one by one, and then moved his work.

A violent air current burst from her palm, mixed with broken pottery, and rushed to those people like a violent storm. She took advantage of the momentum and smashed the roasted sweet potatoes to the boss’s eyes.

The attack that a group of people gathered momentum was cracked, and it seemed that the backbone was gone for a while, and it was full of flaws.

At this moment, the fourth child, who was hiding behind his head, ran around the yard in a hurry, and then rushed into the house with an idea, and pulled Liu Luoyi over.

Although Liu Luoyi wanted to hide, she didn’t have the power to bind a chicken, and her hands were still tied, and she couldn’t reach a man. She was torn out without pity and smashed to the ground.

The fourth old man raised his hand happily when he had done the merits. At the same time, an arrow from the string was flying at Liu Luoyi without knowing whose sword was being picked up.

Liu Luoyi opened her eyes wide, and subconsciously drew aside, but she was slow, and the arrow still went towards her body.

What Yu Chili saw when she raised her head was such a scene, so her body reaction surpassed her mind again. When she was completely unaware, her body had already rushed out, holding Liu Luoyi in her arms. Inside, roll aside with the last momentum.

The feeling of the sharp arrow piercing the skin and flesh made her groan. Liu Luoyi was stunned. She struggled to get rid of Yu Chili, and crawled to block the ground before Yu Chi left.

He stretched out his hand to try to cover Yu Chili’s wound and stop her bleeding.

Yu Chili had a pale face, looked at her amused, stretched out his hand to pull her over, and whispered, “What is it? It was the leg, not the heart. I can still move.”

The pain is of course painful, but fortunately there is nothing serious, so she stood up on the wall and tried her best to put the center of gravity on the other foot. Use your strong endurance.

Then with a palm, he flew the masked fourth child who had been slow to react for a while, hitting his boss in the face, and then reached out his hand to carry Liu Luoyi, set up light work and turned over the wall.

The group of people was stunned. After a while, the boss struggled to get up from the ground and kicked the fourth child who was still rolling on the ground.

“Grandma’s, let you not touch her, you don’t listen, you don’t listen to you wash your feet, I really want to kill you!”

He covered his face with the shoe prints that had just been stepped on by the fourth child when he fell, and he bent over and retched.

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