The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 29: Fall off

At the same time, Yu Chili was running along the street. After she ran out of two streets with light work, she made sure that no one was chasing her. Then she stopped, released Liu Luoyi, and sat down along the root of the wall, quickly. Tear off a cloth strip from the clothes and tie it firmly to the base of the thigh.

People who came and went stopped to look at her from time to time, but Liu Luoyi stared back fiercely.

Liu Luoyi wiped away the tears that had flowed from her face at some point. She squatted beside Yu Chili, stretched out her hand, but did not dare to touch it.

Although Yu Chili said that the injury was not serious, but now he saw it with his own eyes, he was still very shocked. The broken arrow was stuck in the flesh, and the blood had flowed down the leg into the shoes and socks, dyeing the shoes and socks. red.

Even the place where she ran just now was dotted with blood.

“What to do, Yu Chili, you are seriously injured, I, I will go to the doctor.” She wiped away her tears, stood up and ran to the hospital.

Yu Chili grabbed her and smiled weakly: “No, I stopped the bleeding myself, and I didn’t hurt my bones or skin injuries. I’ll go with you. What if those people make a comeback. “

Liu Luoyi couldn’t hold her back on her own, so she didn’t say much, she suddenly bent over to put Yu Chili’s arm on her shoulder, and then squeezed her up.

Although Yu Chili was slim, she was half a head taller than her. Liu Luoyi struggled to help her, but she still didn’t say a word and exhausted all her strength, dragging Yu Chili forward.

Looking at her with tears on her face and crying so hard that she could hardly see the way, Yu Chili still tried her best not to let go, smiled helplessly, and let her go.

The two moved all the way to the hospital. As soon as the old man with gray beard greeted him out, he was frightened and pulled his beard straight at the injury on his leg.

“What a terrible female doll, she can still come here if she is so injured. The old man admires it.” The doctor stared.

“Doctor, please help her stop the bleeding!” Liu Luoyi hurriedly said. She dragged Yu Chili into the hospital, and her free hand grabbed the doctor’s arm and directly dragged him over.

“Eh, eh, why is your little baby so vigorous and calm, her blood is almost stopped, and she can’t die.” The old man was pulled by Liu Luoyi, and his mouth was still chattering.

“The blood is still flowing, the arrow is still on it, hurry up!” Liu Luoyi pressed the doctor to Yu Chili’s side. When the doctor wanted to speak, she grabbed the box on the table and stuffed it in. In his hands.

The doctor saw her face full of tears in anxiousness, so he stopped teasing her, and instead bowed his head seriously to treat Wei Chili’s injuries.

Although Yu Chili looked okay on the surface, in fact, his body was trembling with pain a long time ago, and he was unwilling to listen to them. He just closed his eyes and gritted his teeth.

“The hemostatic medicine is ready, girl, the old man is about to draw an arrow.” The doctor raised his eyes and said to Wei Chili.

Yuchili’s face was sweating with pain, and she nodded, suddenly a cold and smooth hand came in the palm of her palm, and then held her tightly.

She looked sideways, Liu Luoyi lowered her head, but did not let go.

Yu Chili only thought that she had never seen such a scene, and was afraid in her heart, so she shook her hand weakly, and said softly, “It’s okay, don’t be afraid. I have suffered more injuries than this. It’s not a big deal.”

In fact, she was panicked. She had indeed suffered more serious injuries than this, but the situation at that time was using the best medicine, surrounded by advanced disinfection equipment in the 21st century.

It’s like now, just an old doctor with a gray beard and dim eyes, and a bunch of bottles and cans that don’t know what it is.

Then, before she could react, there was a sudden pain in her leg, and Yu Chili screamed in a low voice, almost crushing her teeth, leaving her eyes completely dark.

Damn, it hurts so fucking.

When she woke up again, the doctor had already treated the wound and patted her **** to welcome the next person, but the hand holding her had not been released yet.

Liu Luoyi looked at Yu Chili’s linen cloth wrapped around his pants, feeling lost.

“What are you thinking? I’m not dead yet.” Yu Chili said, raising her hand and looking at her with a smile.

Liu Luoyi was stunned for a moment before realizing that she was still holding her hand firmly, and quickly let go of her hand, put her back behind her, her face was red with naked eyes again.

It was just as fierce as that, now her face turned red again, and Yuchi wanted to laugh while she was distracted, but her mouth was so painful that she had to give up, and said bitterly: “Let’s go, let’s hire a carriage, Back home.

After she finally returned to the mansion, she spread out on the bed and started groaning.

“Ahhh, Xin Ran, it hurts me to death!”

Xin Ran looked more anxious than her. With tears in her eyes, she kept spinning around Yuchili: “I said, princess, why didn’t you go out, why are you injured again? Is it because of that girl Liu again? I said that you have saved her so many times, which is interesting enough, so let her go.”

Yu Chili covered her ears: “You told me to keep her.”

Xin Ran was even more anxious. She set her legs carefully for Yu Chili, and then wiped away the tears: “I told you to keep her, thinking that she would not cause any trouble if she was a girl, but it’s different now. Almost all your injuries are because of her!”

“Princess, you have done your kindness and righteousness enough. How many times have you saved her, but how many times she has caused you unnecessary troubles. Why don’t you give her more money. If you feel guilty, give her some shops, princess, really Enough, let her go, Xin Ran is really scared…”

“Hush.” ​​Yu Chili seemed to see a white figure flashing past the door, hurriedly said, frowning at Xin Ran and making a gesture.

Although Xin Ran was angry, she closed her mouth obediently.

After a while, the door was knocked, and Yu Chi left and said, “Please come in”, but he sighed in his heart.

Liu Luoyi must have heard it, she was so delicate in her mind, she might be sad at this moment.

Holding a medicine box in his hand, Liu Luoyi walked in slowly. There was no expression on her face, and Yu Chili couldn’t tell if she had heard it. For a while, she was a little flustered.

She asked tentatively: “You, just came?”

“Yeah.” Liu Luoyi said. She sat down next to Yuchili, opened the medicine box, took out the medicine bottle and the silk cloth for dressing, “The doctor told me that it is inconvenient for him to bandage you well, so she returned to the house. The dressing will be changed again later.”

Yu Chili let out a cry, touched the back of his head and smiled.

At this time, the gauze and medicine bottle in Liu Luoyi’s hands were suddenly snatched away. Xin Ran pulled Liu Luoyi up and pushed her out with a sullen face.

“Thank you Ms. Liu, the princess is waiting for me, so don’t bother you.”

Liu Luoyi was caught off guard by such a push by her and almost fell. Yu Chili subconsciously wanted to go to the ground, but screamed and fell back on the bed.

At this time, both of them ran over and hurriedly helped her up.

“Xin Ran, let me go out!” Yu Chili sat up with a grin, and slammed her with a horror, “If you do this again, be careful that I beat you.”

“But the princess…”

“Get out!” Yu Chili repeated.

Xin Ran was so angry that she bulged her cheeks like a frog with a bulging belly, then turned and strode out the door.

“Princess, you always turn to her. Have you already thought that I was not doing well? Xin Ran will leave the house now!” She shouted as she walked, her voice drifting away.

“My mother.” Yu Chili slapped her forehead, then fell on her back again. What kind of evil she has done.

Liu Luoyi lowered her head and did not speak. After a while, she reorganized the medicine box in silence, and then said softly: “Princess, I will bandage for you.”

“Don’t care, you also know that Xin Ran is not malicious, just straight-hearted…”

“Princess don’t worry, I understand.” She said lightly.

Yu Chili didn’t know what to say, she sighed again, then stretched out her hand to untie the linen cloth wrapped around her leg, and carefully rolled the trousers onto it.

Showing a long white leg.

Liu Luoyi’s mood hadn’t escaped from the frustration just now, he was caught off guard to see such a scene, and hurriedly covered his eyes, his heart beating continuously.

Yu Chili looked at her suspiciously, then looked at himself, there is nothing inappropriate? In modern times, she wears shorts more than this.

“If you don’t dress up, my wound will start to bleed again.” Yu Chili said helplessly.

Liu Luoyi hurriedly put her hand down, then took out the medicine bottle, and sprinkled it on the wound of Yuchili. There was no clothing to cover it. When she looked closer, the wound was even more hideous. She looked at it and only felt that she was herself. His heart hurts.

“Sorry, if it wasn’t me…”

“What are you talking about? You didn’t kidnap yourself. We have experienced so much together. If I don’t save you, I can’t get through.” Yu Chili said lazily.

Liu Luoyi’s movements are extremely gentle, so it doesn’t hurt, and she feels a little comfortable to be touched by her cold hands occasionally.

“Also, don’t listen to Xin Ran’s nonsense, I’m happy with Yuchili, even if you don’t let me help, I will go, so this matter has nothing to do with you.” Yu Chili yawned while lying on the bed.

Liu Luoyi’s eyes were gloomy, she didn’t speak, but her heart was as uncomfortable as being strangled by a knife.

She had a strong self-esteem, and she was almost shocked when she heard Xin Ran’s merciless words. Thinking about it now, he has indeed caused too much trouble to Yu Chili.

If she was a bit more sensible, she should have left by herself. Yuchili belonged to the princess in the wilderness, an eagle soaring in the sky. If it was because she was trapped in one corner, she would have committed a great sin.

Thinking about it, the wound has been bandaged, but because Yu Chili has only consumed too much energy, he has snore comfortably.

Liu Luoyi glanced at her almost greedily, and wanted to stand up, taking advantage of this moment to go back to pack up.

At this moment, Yu Chili suddenly rolled over and put the uninjured leg on her body, then reached out and grabbed her waist.

Also touched it up.

Liu Luoyi’s face flushed immediately, and her heart was extremely ashamed. She pushed Yuchi away and stood up like fleeing.

Damn it, it’s so dishonest after falling asleep!

She grabbed her body and wanted to go, but stopped abruptly and froze in place.

She had just seen a shallow scar on Yu Chili’s calf.

Liu Luoyi reached out to hold his fast beating heart, turned around, and looked intently. As expected, the place where Yuchili’s scar was located was exactly the same as the place where the masked man was injured before.

It turned out that she had been protecting her since so early.

Liu Luoyi walked back slowly, trying to reach out to touch, but finally stopped in mid-air.

She suddenly gave up the idea of ​​leaving, even if everyone wanted her to go, even if everyone called her a disaster, she wanted to be willful once.

Even if she can only stay with her for a short period of time, she is satisfied.

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