The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 3: Dazzling

She used to see Yu Chili thoroughly. She was paranoid, coquettish, and cruel, and loved Lu Yunkui to the death, but now looking at Yu Chili’s eyes, she only felt that it was deep water and could not see anything.

How she wanted to insult her now, Liu Luoyi sneered in her heart, and forced herself to shake off Yu Chili’s hand, without looking at her, standing numbly.

For her, serving the old man and serving Wei Chili are the same results.

The old man saw the flower-like girl in his arms being pulled away, and was about to get angry, helplessly Xin Ran stood in front of him with his sword in a dark face, he choked and couldn’t say a word.

Yuchi said that she was too lazy. She turned around and sat back in her position. Liu Luoyi lowered her head and followed behind, standing behind her.

Lu Yunkui stared at Liu Luoyi closely, the aggressiveness in his eyes did not hide at all, Liu Luoyi only felt that if there was a knife on her body, the fear that the man brought her was too deep, she closed her eyes tightly, no Would like to see more.

The atmosphere on the court was very subtle, and Xin Ran stood there with a sullen expression on his face. The old man’s eyebrows were so pleasing that he didn’t even dare to let go, and here was still strangely quiet.

Only Yu Chili was eating out. She has been in the mountains for more than ten days. She can only eat flowers, birds, fish and insects. She is often hungry. Now there are delicacies and delicacies in front of her. Naturally, she doesn’t care about the atmosphere.

Lu Yunkui suddenly raised his arm to get the wine, and Liu Luoyi’s body trembled violently, and then Yu Chili was pulled out of his selfless eating and drinking.

“You, come and pour me wine.” Yu Chili’s mouth was stuffed to the ground, but his speech was extremely clear.

Liu Luoyi was stunned for a moment, then slowly knelt down, picked up the hip flask on one side, and filled it with Yuchi, his movements were very mechanical.

Yuchili seemed to inadvertently stretched out her hand, grabbed her ankle and tugged, Liu Luoyi couldn’t hold her back, and fell to Yuchili’s side obliquely. She was startled and hurriedly stretched out her hand to help, and the flask was thrown away. .

Yu Chili calmly grabbed the hip flask and placed it firmly on the corner of the table, but did not go to help Liu Luoyi, let her wave a sigh like an octopus, and then fell heavily on Yuchili’s body. .

The faint fragrance of green grass surrounded Liu Luoyi, and Liu Luoyi also somehow, her heart stopped beating twice, she was angry, anxious and afraid, and immediately blushed and sat up without daring to lift her eyes.

I don’t know if Yu Chili is thinking of new tricks to fix her.

“The body is so soft that I haven’t eaten for a few days?” Yu Chili asked.

Liu Luoyi didn’t want to care about her.

“It seems a long time, really a scumbag.” Yu Chili smacked his lips, took a piece of meatloaf from the table and stuffed it into Liu Luoyi’s hand.

Yuchili’s guess was really right. Liu Luoyi hadn’t eaten anything serious for three days before dancing again. Now that she was so hungry and dizzy, she looked suspiciously at Yuchili, really touching. I don’t know the thoughts of Wei Chili.

“Don’t worry, it’s not poisonous.” Looking at her cautious look, Yu Chili really wanted to laugh.

Liu Luoyi naturally didn’t believe her, but she was also really hungry, thinking that she would die, so she simply kept doing it and ate her head down.

The soft hair fell down her cheeks, her facial features were very soft, like the blurred lines of ink painting, not a bit aggressive, her lips were a little pale, and they looked cold and weak, unlike mortals.

She deserves to be a young lady from a big family, she still looks very good when she eats like this, and Yu Chili is a little embarrassed to look at her with her face in her arms.

It was just when the wine was hot, the guests were still pushing the cups and changing the cups, which was very harmonious, especially when Lu Yunkui was dragged aside by some of his relatives to play the wine order, and Yuchili suddenly felt a lot more relaxed.

Liu Luoyi’s movements are very elegant, but his speed is very fast. When Yu Chili looked around and then lowered his head, the huge pie was gone.

Yuchi wanted to laugh in his centrifugation, but he was still calm on his face. He then stuffed her again and poured a glass of water. Liu Luoyi remained silent, giving her what to eat and sips like a Rodent.

The singing **** the field changed to “Huang Ying Yin” and sang lazily, and Yu Chili also listened lazily. Although the life of the ancients was precarious, there should be no leisure.

Orioles, Orioles, gold-robed clusters, bilingual. In the depths of the peach and apricot blossoms, they traveled with the smoke to the peak, singing and dancing wildly.

Liu Luoyi looked up to see Yu Chili, only to see that she was dozing off with squinting eyes. After a while, she simply lowered her head and fell asleep completely.

Liu Luoyi was a little strange, and Yu Chili had always looked vicious and domineering in front of her. Looking at it this way, she found that she was actually very beautiful.

Compared with a woman from the Central Plains, she does not have the frailty, but a sassy youthful spirit. At the same time, she has a natural intrigue.

But just for a moment, Liu Luoyi withdrew her eyes, and sneered in her heart. How could Yu Chili suddenly change her personality? When she woke up, she would be endlessly making things difficult.

The birthday banquet soon ended. The guests were drunk one by one, and under the support of the people, they fell and stumbled, and broke up in a loud noise.

Only then did Yu Chili woke up with Harazi leisurely, she stretched her feet and pulled Xin Ran to her feet.

“Eh, why are you all gone?” Yu Chili tried to open his eyes.

“Back to the princess, it’s over, shall we go back to the house?”

Yu Chili just nodded, and then he seemed to think of something again, and his whole body was agitated: “Where is Liu Luoyi?”

“She, huh, I’ve been with Lu Yun a long time ago, no, my aunt went out with a frown.” Xin Ran looked contemptuous.

Yu Chili slapped her thigh abruptly, and Sa Yazi ran away. Xin Ran chased after two steps in a hurry, but did not catch up. Only a piece of crimson hem disappeared by the door.

“Princess, what is so good about Lu Yunkui!” Xin Ran exclaimed, stomping his feet with anger.

Yu Chili rushed to Liu Luoyi’s house with memory, but not for Lu Yunkui, but for his own life.

If Lu Yunkui succeeds today, even if the hostess is completely determined, and she can’t escape, she can’t live without it. Then when it comes to the finale, she will definitely die!

The life that was finally recovered, can’t just give that scumbag to that scumbag.

Finally ran to the door in his memory. Yu Chili didn’t say a word, and kicked his leg. He only heard a bang, the latch flew out abruptly, and the door opened wide.

Yu Chili was also taken aback. She had never thought about it. It turned out that this body not only grew up on horseback and hunting, but also had martial arts.

Of course, it was Liu Luoyi who was most frightened. The dress she was wearing just now when she was dancing, her clothes half untied, her shoulders half exposed…

Before she screamed, Yu Chili stepped in, and then tightly covered her mouth.

Liu Luoyi was terrified at this time. She didn’t know what Yu Chili would do, so she had to struggle hard. After panic, she reached out and took out a piece of broken porcelain from her waist.

This was originally intended to be hidden and used by herself.

Naturally, Yu Chili saw it, she let go of her left hand, held Liu Luoyi’s wrist, and then slammed her onto the bed.

“Weichili, what do you want! Yuchili…” Liu Luoyi whispered her hand in a crying voice, and tears flowed down the corner of her eyes into the misty temples.

Yu Chili was also very depressed. She thought that since Lu Yunkui had taken Liu Luoyi away, he should have been in the room at this time. She was too careless and she should give it a look in advance.

“Why didn’t you commit suicide or cried,” Yu Chili muttered.

However, Liu Luoyi suddenly pushed her away hard, holding her knees and retracting into the corner of the wall, only a pair of tears appeared, and hysterically said: “What can I do, my family is still in his hands, I can’t die, and I can’t live!”

This should be the first time she vented in a long time. She was shaking like a sieve, looking very pitiful.

Yu Chili regretted her words a little, she scratched her head, but she didn’t know how to comfort her. After moving her hand in the air for a long time, she gently fell on her head and touched it.

She was deserted and grouped together, looking very affectionate.

Liu Luoyi raised her head dimly with teary eyes, and the temperature of the palms on top of her head made her a little trance for a moment.

It’s been a long time, no one has been so gentle to her for a long time, it’s been like a lifetime.

There was footsteps outside the door, and Yu Chi was taken aback. He hurriedly put his finger on his lips to signal her not to make a noise, then jumped out of the bed and hid behind a side screen.

Before figuring out the situation, she was going to look at the situation first and then make a decision.

Before Liu Luoyi could react, the door opened with a creak, and then fell to the ground with a bang.

Yu Chili: … Is she so strong?

Lu Yunkui walked in with some surprise, looked at the door on the ground, and then at Liu Luoyi who was shrinking on the bed, his mouth twitched: “You are so afraid of me?”

Liu Luoyi didn’t speak, she numbly watched Lu Yunkui walk in slowly, as if looking at an ecstatic ghost.

“Liu Luoyi, even if your status is low, you are still mine. I want you to forget me in this life.”

He suddenly rushed forward and stretched out his hand to drag Liu Luoyi out of the corner. Liu Luoyi almost gave up struggling and let him drag him like a dead body.

“Talk, talk!” Lu Yunkui’s eyes were very gloomy. He stretched out his hand to cover Liu Luoyi’s neck, lifted her up, threw her on the bed, and then deceived him.

Liu Luoyi seemed to be awake now, her eyes widened, and she screamed desperately while struggling.

Lu Yunkui seemed very excited when he saw this situation and this scene. No matter whether the door was still wide open, he threw himself on Liu Luoyi and reached out to pull at her belt.

“I look down on your eldest lady’s manners, she is already a lowly slave, and she pretends to be high all day, well, today I will ruin you!” Lu Yunkui used the most vicious tone, desperately humiliating Liu Luo Yi.

Yu Chili, who was hiding behind, opened his eyes wide in surprise. The original description was only a brief stroke. She thought that the so-called determination was just cuddling and developing a line of affection. Who knows…

She hated this kind of plot the most in her life, she couldn’t help clenching her fists, and her anger surged.

With only a “stab” sound, Liu Luoyi suddenly felt cool on her shoulders. She stopped struggling and she didn’t cry anymore, just looking desperately at the tattered gauze book above her head.

She has been struggling in **** long enough, for her father to bear the burden of humiliation, and recalling the carefree days before, it is almost like a lifetime.

She can’t live anymore, her father is still alive and dead, and her brother is missing. She is too incompetent to save them.

She closed her eyes and touched the broken piece of porcelain.

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