The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 30: caveat

When Wei Chili woke up, it was the willow shoots on the moon, and the faint sky light poured into the room through the window lattice, dim and peaceful.

She touched her belly, only feeling hungry, and just wanted to call Xin Ran, only then did she remember that Xin Ran was mad at her.

That’s all, I can only drag one injured leg and get something to eat myself.

She sat up slowly, put her good leg on the ground, and then stood up with the table by the window. At this moment, the door suddenly opened and a white figure walked in.

It was Liu Luoyi with a bowl of soup medicine in her hand. Now that she saw Yuchili standing there, she hurried over, put down the medicine, and reached out to help.

“It’s okay, you’re so late, why haven’t you slept?” With her strength, Yu Chili sat back on the bed again.

“I’m not sleepy, princess, you should take the medicine. The doctor said that taking the medicine can make you heal faster.” Liu Luoyi said softly, then walked quickly to the window and reached out to light the candle.

The room suddenly became brighter.

When Yu Chili looked at the soup medicine, her mouth squashed. When she was young, she was in poor health and often fell ill. Her mother always took her to the Chinese medicine doctor to drink some terribly bitter soup medicine.

As soon as she saw the brownish-yellow soup, her mouth became dry unconsciously.

“Well, I’m in good health, can I not drink it?” Yu Chili said flatly, and moved back unconsciously.

“No.” Liu Luoyi said lightly.

Yu Chili sighed and made the last struggle: “Then can I eat something first, or else just drink like this, I’m afraid it will be very uncomfortable.”

Liu Luoyi looked up at her, nodded, then turned to open the door, and Yu Chili hurriedly said: “You go call the girl in the kitchen, don’t do it yourself!”

The last time I added salt to the sweet-scented osmanthus cake, the acid water in my stomach has been refluxed until now.

Liu Luoyi blushed and tilted his head and said, “The girl has fallen asleep long ago, and Xin Ran is not here. Either I will do it or be hungry.”

Yu Chili hummed twice and stopped talking.

Liu Luoyi curled her lips slightly, strode out, and returned after half an hour. She closed the door, holding a bowl of broth and watery noodles in her hand.

The unique aroma of pasta filled the room, and Yu Chili drooled when she smelled it. She moved to the table with great anticipation.

It smells good, I don’t know how it tastes.

Liu Luoyi seemed to see her concerns, she put down the noodle bowl, then put the chopsticks into her hand, and said, “Don’t worry.”

Yu Chili glanced at her suspiciously, then clipped a piece of face like a bio-chemical weapon, and put it carefully into his mouth.

Hey, unexpectedly it was delicious.

She was relieved, bowed her head comfortably and ate a bowl of noodles. Finally, she raised her head and drank the soup cleanly, and then put down her chopsticks with all her face.

Liu Luoyi stepped forward to tidy up the table that was messed up by her, and then walked out carrying the bowl.

It seems that the injury is also good for Yuchi. It’s rare to be taken care of by Liu Luoyi. Who knows that Liu Luoyi came back not long after she was happy. She picked up the soup medicine she put aside and stunned. On Yu Chili’s mouth.

“Drink medicine,” she said.

Yuchi wailed in his heart and lay down on his back.

Liu Luoyi didn’t speak, but just stood there, raised the bowl in his hand, and fixedly watched Yu Chili.

Yu Chili was so stared at her that she had to sit up and obediently reached out to take the medicine bowl.

“Tons, tons…”

It’s nothing more, she is also doing her own good, and Yu Chili smacked her mouth that was about to cramp due to suffering, very depressed.

When Liu Luoyi took the medicine bowl, she accidentally exposed her hand to the outside. She covered her sleeves calmly, turned around to leave, but was suddenly held by Yu Chili.

“What is it in your hand?” Yu Chili asked with a frown.

Liu Luoyi wanted to withdraw her hand, but Yu Chili didn’t force her, but suddenly bent over to cover the wound and took a breath of cold air.

Even if Liu Luo Yidang took the initiative to get closer, anxiously wanted to squat down to help her check her injuries.

“Don’t hide, there is a wound on such a beautiful hand, how can I not see it?” Yu Chili succeeded in calculating, holding her wrist again, and dragging her towards him. Of course Liu Luoyi couldn’t resist it and had to let it go. She pulled.

Her hands are slender and white, very beautiful, but if you look closely, you can still see some of the wounds left in the Lu Mansion.

There is a scar across the index finger, and the blood on it has just solidified.

“I don’t know how to cook, so don’t do it. I’m hungry for a night. Even though I hurt my leg, I can’t move at all. Just do it myself.” Yu Chili said as he stretched out his hand from the bed. He took the medicine from his head, bit the cork with his mouth and pulled it out.

The powder was sprinkled on the wound, and Liu Luoyi turned his head away without saying a word.

In the silent atmosphere, Yu Chili quickly bandaged her wound.

“You also suffered a leg injury for me.” Liu Luoyi raised his eyes, “twice.”

“Didn’t I tell you that you don’t have to be guilty, I will save you…” Yu Chili paused, and looked up at her in surprise.

Two, twice? How did she find out!

Liu Luoyi’s eyes suddenly glanced unnaturally on Yu Chili’s leg, and Yu Chili understood, and slapped her forehead.

I missed Jingzhou!

Both of them were a little embarrassed at once. Yu Chili didn’t expect that something he had forgotten could be turned out so quickly. Liu Luoyi’s thoughts turned back and forth, and suddenly remembered that he was acting like a baby at her. Ashamed, I felt like my mind was covered with a veil for a while, I couldn’t figure it out.

“Princess, take a rest, I, I’m leaving.” Liu Luoyi blessed her body, walking in a panic.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to lie to you. I will explain these things to you after I think about how to say them. You don’t want to run, do you?” Yu Chili raised his voice.

Liu Luoyi squatted and said softly, “No, as long as the princess doesn’t drive me away, I will never leave.”

“No matter what, I believe you.” As soon as she finished her words, she opened the door and ran out. The last words were overwhelmed by the creak of opening the door, and Yu Chili only heard the beginning and the end.

She scratched her head and lay down again, staring at the bed net.

On the other side, Liu Luoyi ran all the way back to her yard, and then stopped, holding the swing that Ri Yuchili had made with her, breathing slightly.

She sat down, let the wind sway her gently, and watched her skirt flutter.

She has never felt that her heart has been so messed up, so messed up that she has almost no ability to think. There are too many puzzles about Yuchili to explain, but she chooses not to worry too much. Since she wants to believe, she believes in the end.

However, why does her heart beat so fast? Seeing her beating, being touched by her will make her heart palpitations. In her more than ten years of life, almost no one has been so tender to her.

Especially after experiencing such a dark period, she even more did not understand whether she was dependent, grateful, or…

Something else.

Compared with her, Yu Chili seemed to have a much bigger heart, and soon fell asleep again, and fell asleep until dawn.

The next morning, as soon as she opened her eyes, a cold veil fell on her face, and she screamed, completely awake.

“Xin Ran, what are you doing?” Yu Chili pulled the veil off his face, staring at Xin Ran and asked, but suddenly reacted, wasn’t she ran away yesterday?

Why, this is back?

“The princess really can’t take care of me, no one even wipes her body.” Xin Ran said in a frantic tone, then put the kerchief into the basin, wringed it out, and came up again, carefully wiping Wei Chili’s face.

Yu Chili laughed dumbfounded. She originally thought that if Xin Ran hadn’t calmed down today, she would send someone to find her. Unexpectedly, this guy would become angry, but still ran back by herself in a desperate manner.

Kind of cute.

“What did you say yesterday that you want to leave the house?” Yu Chili laughed and teased her.

“Yes, who told the princess to only look at outsiders? Xin Ran took care of the princess for so long, but he still couldn’t reach one, a surname Liu who often hurt the princess.” Xin Ran muttered.

Yu Chili reluctantly reached out and took the kerchief in her hand, sat up, and said seriously: “Xin Ran, I want to help Liu Luoyi, not her forcing me, so this matter has nothing to do with her. You can’t because If you feel sorry for me, you will anger at irrelevant people, you know?”

“Also, Liu Luoyi, although she is not easy to get along with on the surface, she is really passionate in her heart and treats people with sincerity. Sometimes she is terribly shrewd and sometimes foolishly trusting others. It’s rare for me to meet such a friend.” Yu Chili hesitated and said.

“Xin Ran knows, princess, don’t worry, I will not trouble her.” Xin Ran said with her head lowered. Although she was still a little unconvinced in her heart, she knew that what the princess said was always right.

She only needs to listen to the princess.

Seeing that the contradiction had been resolved, Yu Chili felt more relaxed, and wanted to turn over and get out of bed to eat something, but was suddenly held back by Xin Ran.

“Princess, I just forgot to say it. When I came back this morning, I suddenly heard footsteps and wanted to catch up. But that person is a master and has a very good skill. He only left an arrow on the tree. Nailed a letter.”

Xin Ran’s expression suddenly became serious, took out the letter from his arms and handed it to Yu Chili.

Yu Chili also frowned, and broke into the mansion in broad daylight. How dangerous it was.

She checked the envelope carefully, and confirmed that there was nothing unusual. Then she opened it. There was only a piece of letter paper in it, with four big characters written on it: Nosy Nosy.

She had a sharp look in her eyes, and said to Xin Ran, “What about the arrow?”

Xin Ran hurriedly handed the arrow to Yuchili. Yuchili picked it up and compared it, and he knew it in his heart. The arrow was engraved with a small symbol, exactly the same as the one that shot her.

It seemed that her guess was not wrong. The person didn’t want to hurt Liu Luoyi at all, but he didn’t care about her, and the so-called kidnapping this time was just a warning.

Yu Chili suddenly felt cold on his back and his hair was terrified. It seems that someone is staring at their every move in secret.

This nosy must be related to Liu Luoyi.

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