The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 31:

In recent times, she has barely appeared in the capital. The only time she was an oolong at the gate of Dali Temple, it seemed that the person who framed Liu Ru and was hiding behind could not be restrained so quickly.

“Princess, I think it is not suitable to stay here for a long time. Let’s go back to the Northern Territory as soon as possible. After all, this is the country of Yan. Once something happens, no one can help the princess. Then, I am afraid it will be more dangerous.” Xin Ran worried.

Yu Chili was silent and did not speak. She held the letter paper in her palm, pinching it tighter and tighter, again threatening.

The original book didn’t mention this plot at all. Now the person is dark and they are bright, which is really troublesome.

“Xin Ran, can you find out where this arrow and the logo come from?”

Xin Ran took the arrow and said, “I’ll try it, but…”

Yuchi Chongli also knew that there was little hope. Such signs were used for internal identification. Unless it was a large organization, it would be difficult for them to gain anything.

“I see, you go and rest first. Let me think about it.” Yu Chili put the letter on the table and waved his hand.

It was never her style to escape before battle. No matter who was behind her, Wei Chili was never afraid of threats. Since someone stopped her in such a fair manner, she had to save others.

Yu Chili picked up the letter again and observed carefully. It was a piece of paper. The surface of the paper was smooth and delicate, with light patterns printed on it. At a glance, it was obvious that it was not affordable for ordinary people.

But this is not a clue, how can a person who can frame a dignified state be an ordinary person.

It’s just that her leg injury isn’t healed, and she can’t do anything for a while, so it’s better to heal her injury first and wait for the person behind to relax before making plans.

So at noon that day, Yu Chili dragged his injured leg and moved step by step to Liu Luoyi’s yard.

Although the person didn’t want to hurt Liu Luoyi, she still felt that Liu Luoyi could not be allowed to leave her too far. After all, neither she nor Liu Wenshang had much strength, which was very worrying.

And she needs to find an opportunity to get a good understanding of Liu Luoyi’s life and her father, otherwise even if she is determined to help her, she can’t do anything.

It’s just that this leg is really boring, and Yu Chili is jumping on one foot, feeling like a colorful bird.

Suddenly, holding her with both hands, the fragrance of the woman floated from her side, and Yu Chi turned his head to look, and subconsciously hid from the side.

As a result, he accidentally pressed the wound and his face wrinkled with pain.

“Late Ji? It’s okay, don’t need to help me, I can.” She said quickly.

Wan Ji didn’t move at all. She lowered her eyes and whispered: “The princess has injuries on her body. Let Wan Ji wait for you.”

She raised her head and glanced at Yu Chili, her eyes were wet, the mole under her eyes was extremely prominent on the snow-white face, and her eyes seemed to hide a lot of affection.

Yu Chili was very unnatural in her heart by this look. She smiled alienatedly and tried to break free of her hand.

However, these legs are really not strong, they are kind to help her, and she can’t get angry and can’t do it, and the two can’t stand in a stalemate for a time.

“It’s nothing, you can help you help.” Yu Chili gave up the struggle and had to speed up the jump, trying to arrive earlier and get out of it earlier.

Wan Ji was not angry, and she still served her best. Her body was getting closer and closer to Yuchili, and Yuchili could only jump towards the other side. The two of them went more and more crooked like this, and they squeezed into the grass. Up.

“The princess is walking in the garden?” A very cold voice came from the other side, and Yu Chili looked up and saw Liu Luoyi.

Holding a food box in her arms, her eyes fell on the hand that Wan Ji was supporting Yu Chili.

“Uh, I’m going to find you…” Yu Chili realized that there was something wrong with her eyes and hurriedly explained.

Then I realized, what is there to explain?

Liu Luoyi let out a cry, and then turned to leave. Yuchili hurriedly opened his mouth and called to her. Who knows, before the voice squeezed out of her throat, Liu Luoyi turned around again, strode to Yuchili and raised his hand. He stuffed the food container into her arms.

Yu Chili was so stubborn that he almost vomited a mouthful of old blood.

Liu Luoyi turned to Wan Ji and said, “Since the princess has found me, then I will come, thank you.”

Wan Ji didn’t speak, and the two looked at each other. After a while, Wan Ji was defeated, nodded and took a step back.

Liu Luoyi pulled Yuchili away, and helped her to move forward, staying alone, Wanji stood alone, without moving, facing the direction where Yuchili left, like a sculpture.

Yuchili finally walked back to a straight line again, just feeling that his whole body was a little bit cold…

She leaned close to Liu Luoyi and said with a smile: “Are you giving me food again?”

Liu Luoyi didn’t speak.

“Did you do it this time? You are easy to get hurt when you cook, or is it called…”

“The girl did it.” Liu Luoyi said.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Yu Chili smiled.

So the two of them walked further, shifting towards Liu Luoyi, and almost squeezed into the grass.

After finally seeing a pear tree, Yu Chili finally breathed a sigh of relief. She felt that her leg was about to break.

Liu Luoyi assisted her and walked to the stone table in the courtyard. Yu Chili sat down. Just about to speak, she saw Liu Luoyi turned and walked into the house, closing the door tightly.

Yu Chili scratched her head, what did she do wrong?

Monk Yuchili Erzhang couldn’t figure it out. She looked at her legs and gave up the possibility of standing up, so she slowly opened the food container and ate with her head down.

Let’s fill up the stomach first.

It’s just that the girl in this kitchen is always sweet when cooking, but today it tastes very salty, but the overall taste is not much different, so Yu Chili didn’t care.

Until she ate a small piece of eggshell.

No, when I was recruiting the cook, I picked up that girl’s care and good craftsmanship. Why didn’t I even pick out the eggshell now?

Yu Chili looked at the door of Liu Luoyi’s tightly closed room and curled up his mouth.

How can Liu Luoyi always say one thing and do another thing.

After the meal, Yu Chili stretched out her sore legs and felt that she should be more suitable for lying down now, instead of sitting, so she jumped to the door of Liu Luoyi.

Knocked on the door.

Liu Luoyi’s voice came from inside: “Since the princess has eaten, please go back.”

“Will you drive me away like this? I’m tired, open the door.” Yu Chili leaned lazily against the door and yawned.

“The princess has a lot of her own house, so why come to me.”

“No, I didn’t provoke you today. It’s too tired to walk back. I will stay overnight with you tonight.” Yu Chili was very depressed.

There was silence.

Yu Chili sighed, and said that Liu Luoyi was okay everywhere, and that this was a terribly weird temper. It was really hard to blame.

She held the door with her hand, intending to turn around, and wait for Liu Luoyi’s inexplicable anger to subside before telling her what happened today.

Who knew that the door was opened at this moment, and Yu Chili was unsteady and fell straight down, hitting Liu Luoyi who came to open the door.

How could Liu Luoyi be able to support her, the two of them pressed one by one and fell to the ground.

Fortunately, Yu Chili subconsciously supported the ground with one hand, and put the other hand behind Liu Luoyi’s shoulder, raising her whole body a bit, which saved her from falling directly on her back and hurting her head.

Liu Luoyi opened her tightly closed eyes, and at first glance she saw Yuchili’s slender neck. She was held tightly in her arms, her hands wrapped around her shoulders, and her whole body was full of belonging to Yuchili. The unique taste, this feeling almost made her faint on the spot.

All the anger at seeing her being intimate with others disappeared, leaving only a despair.

Yu Chili looked down at her and smiled helplessly: “When you are nervous, you love to hold on to other people’s clothes.”

Liu Luoyi woke up and looked at her hands. Sure enough, they were clutching Yu Chili’s collar tightly. She blushed and quickly retracted her hands, but she didn’t know where to put them, so she could only shrink her chest.

“My good Yunjin, I don’t know how many have been crumpled by you.” Yu Chili shook his head.

It was just as cold as ice, and now she turned into a cowering white rabbit, curled up into a ball and hiding in her arms, Yu Chili only felt that her heart was going to be cute.

Because she didn’t understand why she was angry and depressed, the same disappeared.

“You can help me re-bandage, the wound on my leg is cracked again.” Yu Chili gently put her on the ground, then rolled to the side and lay down, hurting her to death, alas.

Liu Luoyi wasted no effort to help Yu Chili onto her bed, and bowed her head without saying a word to help her bandage.

Yu Chili leaned against the hard wall behind him, always feeling a little uncomfortable in his neck, but he didn’t say anything, but raised his eyes and looked at Liu Luoyi.

Beautiful, there is always such a good-looking person around, and my mood will change as expected.

“You are not allowed to leave my sight for a few days.” Yu Chili said suddenly.

Liu Luoyi glanced at her, and immediately dropped her eyes again: “Why?”

“Because you are such a beauty walking alone, I don’t worry.” Yu Chili teased her.

Liu Luoyi used a little bit of force on his hands, and Yu Chili let out a cry, and said honestly: “It’s dangerous.”

“Because of the person who hurt you that day?” Liu Luoyi asked while gently spraying medicine on the wound.

Yu Chili nodded, and said: “I suspect that this matter is related to your father. Someone secretly knew that we were going to investigate the internal situation of Master Liu’s imprisonment, and did not want this matter to come to light.”

Liu Luoyi stopped the movement in her hand. She hesitated and said softly: “Princess, you have been injured because of me.”

“I don’t want to involve the princess anymore, that person is too dangerous, the princess should not know about this matter.”

Looking at Yu Chili’s injury, her eyes were a little red. Of course, she wanted to rescue her father in her dreams and go back to the days before, but also, she was also greedy for the time when Yu Chili was there, and she would never watch her accident again. “

If there is such a day, she will go crazy.

There was a sudden warmth over her head, and Yu Chili’s palm was gently placed on top of her head, and she smiled brightly: “Since you have lived in my house, then you are my friend of Yu Chili.”

“My people, must not let others bully.”

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