The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 32: Same

Liu Luoyi slipped her hand and poured half of the bottle of medicine on the bed.

Yu Chili put down his hands, looked at the powder on the bed, and shook his head regretfully, “This medicine is precious.”

“Princess, good medicine, should you go back.” Liu Luoyi hurriedly cleaned up, stood up and said.

“I just said that you can’t leave my sight. By the way, Liu Wenshang’s house is also nearby, right? I asked Xin Ran to guard his door.” After Yu Chili finished speaking, he slid down the wall onto the bed. Lie down.

Liu Luoyi saw her look like she was going to live here, and she didn’t know what to say for a while, and finally had to bit her lip, regardless of her, and turned to do other things.

Yu Chili secretly opened his eyes to look at the back of her leaving, then smiled triumphantly, closing his eyes to calm down.

Time passed unconsciously, and soon it was evening. The girl in the kitchen brought food to eat. As soon as she opened the door, Yu Chili was frightened and put down the food container in a panic.

She bowed her head and saluted, then looked at Yu Chili curiously, and then at Liu Luoyi. Although she was just a flat-headed citizen, she had heard of the princess and Liu Luoyi in the palace.

It’s just that the relationship between them has always been a mystery. It stands to reason that the two should be incompatible with fire and water, but Princess Yuchi actually let her live with her in the mansion. That’s all, now she is sleeping in the same room?

“Thank you.” Liu Luoyi walked in from the yard and said, looking at her.

The girl quickly put away her curiosity in her eyes, turned around and walked away. When she went out, she bumped against the door frame and ran out of the yard, clutching her forehead.

She had always been a little afraid of this girl Liu, who told her to always look unsmiling, and she knew it was very difficult to get along with.

Lying on the bed, Yu Chili couldn’t help laughing. She teased: “Look at you, there is no smile on your face. It looks like this scared the little girl.”

“It wasn’t me who scared her, it was the princess and me.” Liu Luoyi gave Yu Chili a faint look.

“Oh?” Yu Chili raised an eyebrow.

Liu Luoyi knew that there was an ambiguity in what she said, so she paused, and then said: “The princess should go back. I’m going to take a shower.”

Yu Chili nodded, and then looked at her with scorching eyes.

Liu Luoyi felt that her face was hot again, and she hurriedly walked outside the door: “I’ll call Xin Ranlai and take the princess back.”

Yu Chili didn’t rush to reply. When the ignorant Xin Ran was dragged by Liu Luoyi, she smiled at her: “Xin Ran, go and bring my bathing things, and my good ones. Spices, bring some to Miss Liu.”

The ignorant Xin Ran became even more ignorant, and she nodded and took things obediently.

Liu Luoyi couldn’t hold Xin Ran on this side, and didn’t know what to say there. He stood there for a while, looking at Yu Chili’s eyes with more complaints.

“You go out,” she said.

“My leg is still hurt, besides, I have to ask you to wipe my body.” Yu Chili looked innocent.

“Princess!” Liu Luoyi didn’t even notice, her tone was no longer cold, but with a hint of anger.

“You go out, okay?” She said again, her tone softer, and a pair of apricot eyes looked at Yu Chili with wet eyes.

Originally, Yu Chili wanted to tease her for a while, but he didn’t expect to be trembling with her like this. When he reacted, he was already holding the food box and standing alone in the evening wind. Xin Ran, who came back holding the wooden kerchief, faced each other.

“Princess, have you been kicked out?” Xin Ran smiled.

“Shut up.” Yu Chili said grimly.

So Yu Chili gave up just like that, and finished his meal with the cool summer night wind and tyrannical mosquitoes.

When Yu Chili entered the door again, the fragrance of Liu Luoyi’s body was floating all over the room, and Yu Chili limped back to the bed and sat down pitifully.

“I did it to save you from your injury. You just need to take a shower and don’t let me look at you. You have to take off your clothes. You can’t sleep in your clothes.” Yu Chili said helplessly.

Liu Luoyi hesitated for a moment, and walked over obediently, reaching out to untie Yuchili’s robe, and when he took it off, he inevitably moved his body close to Yuchili.

Yu Chili didn’t care at first, and enjoyed it comfortably, but when she accidentally opened her eyes, she suddenly felt like her cheeks were scorched by a flame, and it was scary.

Liu Luoyi had just washed her body, and there were still some tiny drops of water on her neck and arms, and her whole body was filled with a scent of moisture.

She might be a little anxious when she was getting dressed, and the skirts of her clothes were a little loose. As soon as she raised her hand, her white and tender shoulders were exposed to Yu Chili’s eyes.

Yu Chili moved his eyes down without death.

She immediately said to me, and then closed her eyes abruptly, feeling that her entire face seemed to have been scorched by fire.

Liu Luoyi didn’t notice Yu Chili’s reaction. She respectfully helped Yu Chili to take off her coat, and then folded it neatly. Then she stood up and said, “Princess rest.”

Only then did Yu Chili dared to open her eyes. She breathed a sigh of relief and quickly asked, “Aren’t you sleeping?”

“The princess sleeps first, I can sleep on the ground later.” She bowed her head.

“How do you do that.” Wei Chi was anxious. “Even though it is summer, the ground is also very cold. If you are caught in the cold, who will take care of me?”

“Xin Ran.”

Yu Chili waved his hand when he heard the words: “That fellow Xin Ran is clumsy, so meticulous than you.”

Xin Ran, who was lying with a gun inexplicably outside the window, kicked the wall angrily.

“Come on. I’m not a disciple, and I won’t do anything to you. Your house is simple, and there is no other place to sleep. Just one night, tomorrow I will let Xin Ran get another bed, so Is it okay?” Wei Chili persuaded with pain.

Liu Luoyi knew that she had already refused Yuchili once, she didn’t want to make Yuchili too embarrassed, so she hummed softly, and then lay down beside the bed.

The action was cautious, as if lying on a cliff.

Yu Chili sighed, stretched out his hand to grab her clothes, and immediately dragged her to his side, and then he lay flat and closed his eyes.

Liu Luoyi was caught off guard against Yu Chili’s arm, his heart trembled, and he grabbed the edge of the bed and moved himself out.

“I won’t eat you again.” Yu Chili muttered.

“Don’t you take your clothes off? You don’t blow the candles?” After a while, Yu Chili couldn’t help it and spoke again.

After hearing this, Liu Luoyi sat up in a panic, blew out the candle, and sat back on the bed. She clenched her sleeves tightly and felt her body was so stiff that she seemed to be out of her control.

Contrast and Yu Chili lay on a bed, and now she wants to sleep on the street even more.

“The coat is taken off.” Yu Chili said with eyes closed.

There was a rustling sound around him. After a while, the bed shook slightly and Liu Luoyi lay down.

The clothes inside were very thin, and as she moved to the back, a small piece of back was exposed, and then the faint light of the sky outside the window, Yu Chili saw a small section of reddish scar faintly exposed on Liu Luoyi’s back.

Very shallow and light, but very eye-catching.

Yu Chili stretched out his hand, but didn’t touch it, frowned and said, “Which **** did it?” Could it be Lu Yunkui, which bastard? It seems that he has been punished too lightly, and she will have to beat him another day. After a meal, this was relieved.

Liu Luoyi said: “The princess forgot, this was the first day I entered Lu Mansion, the princess gave me.”

The **** named Yuchi fell silent.

What a perfect back, just like this, there was a wound, and I don’t know if there is any place covered by clothes, Yu Chili felt distressed.

She gently covered the scar with her hand, suffocating a sentence: “I’m sorry. You, don’t you hate me?”

“How can you not hate,” she said softly.

“Then I want to tell you, this is not my intention, or, it’s not me, would you believe it?” Yu Chili asked tentatively.

“Yes.” Unexpectedly, Liu Luoyi answered very simply.

She suddenly turned towards Yu Chili, opened her eyes and said, “Will the princess still hurt me?”

“Yu Chi will not hurt you if you leave this life.” Yu Chili blurted out.

Liu Luoyi looked at Yuchili and suddenly smiled. The light was very dark. Yuchili couldn’t see her face clearly, but still felt that this was the most beautiful smile in the world.

Liu Luoyi turned over again, Yu Chili covered his heart and sighed secretly.

What a silly girl. Too stupid to want people to protect her all the time.

Time passed flatly, and Yu Chili’s life after wearing the book did not cause any splashes. The only thing that changed was Liu Luoyi’s attitude towards her. Although she still looked cold, she occasionally smiled.

Moreover, Jing Wei Chili observed that she had never smiled at anyone other than him and Liu Wenshang, which made her feel a little bit happy.

Perhaps because of her internal strength, her leg injury healed so quickly that she was able to practice in the yard within half a month.

The person in the dark did not appear again, but Yu Chili never took it lightly. She could feel that both of them were creating an illusion that they were no longer entangled in this matter.

In fact, the undercurrent is raging.

Those who knew the inside story of Liu Ru, besides Liu Ru himself, was the person who was secretly manipulating, and maybe he also added a Lu Yunkui, but Yu Chili always felt that the guy was just acting on orders. And there must be nothing to ask, and it is possible to startle the snake.

With her being an outsider, if she wants to know the truth, she can only make a roundabout investigation first. She can’t find physical evidence. If the person is really completely invisible, she can only venture to visit Dali Temple at night.

Although she didn’t want that day, she wanted to keep this little life for now.

On this day, she dragged her right leg to instruct Liu Wenshang to practice the sword in the courtyard, and she heard a sound of footsteps. She vigilantly pressed the sword in Liu Wenshang’s hand and strode towards the door.

Unexpectedly, just after leaving the hospital, he saw Xin Ran with a dark face, leading a man to her side.

The man was dressed in a brown robe, but his face was shiny white, his figure was thin, his cheeks were sunken, and he wore a significantly larger silver crown, and walked in front of Yu Chili in three swaying steps.

Before Yuchili could speak, the man turned his orchid finger up, leaning over Yuchili charmingly, and said with a sharp voice: “Princess Yuchi, the emperor declares that you are seeing that!”

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