The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 33: hand

Yu Chili had goose bumps from her feet to her head, and she took three steps back abruptly and almost hit Liu Wenshang.

“You are…” she asked, holding back her numb scalp.

“The family’s surname is Li, a servant in the palace. Today, I was ordered by the emperor to invite Princess Yuchi into the palace and meet the emperor.” The man bent down and moved closer to Yuchi.

Yu Chili stepped back, turning his head to ask Liu Wenshang: “You eunuchs are like him?”

Liu Wenshang was also choked by the response. While rubbing the hair on his arm, he whispered in response: “Normally not, Mr. Li is a special case.”

Yu Chili nodded swiftly, then turned around with a smile on his face: “It turns out that it is Nei Shi Li, who is too slow, please sit down.”

Li Neiji slapped Yu Chili shyly, and said: “The princess laughed. The emperor is still waiting for our house to go back. There is a carriage for the princess outside. You can freshen up and enter the palace.”

Yu Chili clutched his sore shoulder, laughing very hard.

“Can you tell me, why did the emperor call me into the palace?” Yu Chili touched a jade ring on his finger and stuffed it into Li’s interior.

Li Qijiao suddenly smiled even more. He put the ring in his arms and approached Wei Chi Li. The **** mysteriously said: “It seems that someone has come from the Northern Territory and has indicated that he wants to see you. The emperor said that since you came to Dayan, he has not Enter the palace a few times, so by the way I call you into the palace chat.”

Yuchili wrinkled his nose slightly, enduring the scent of powder on his body, and said politely; “So that’s the case, thank you, Nei Li.”

The servant Li gave a greeting again, and then left with a twist and twist. When he left the door, he took out the jade ring from his arms, looked up at the color, and was very satisfied.

This princess of the Northern Territory is much smoother than when she first came, so that’s good, it’s convenient to talk, and she can also catch some good things by the way.

Yu Chili kept a decent smile until the smell of powdery powder was no longer smelt, and then he let out a sigh of relief and coughed dryly on the shoulders of the person behind him.

The choking made her head hurt. Such a wonderful person stays with the emperor every day. Isn’t the emperor of Yan State already in the late stage of rhinitis?

“What’s the matter with the princess?” A familiar voice came over his head, and Yu Chili immediately stood up straight and smiled properly.

“It’s nothing. It’s dry.” She slapped haha.

When did Liu Luoyi walk behind her?

Liu Luoyi glanced at Yu Chili faintly, frowned slightly: “The princess has changed, incense? Why is it so pungent.”

Yu Chili was stunned for a moment, and then turned to his lips: “Yes, I just changed the incense, Xin Ran bought it, greedy for cheap, especially unpleasant, I will teach her later.”

Xin Ran got used to it, and when Liu Luoyi looked over, he put on a depressed smile.

“Um, I have something to go out, you first practice sword with Wen Chang, I will go back.” Yu Chili smiled, turned and left.

“Don’t pretend, I will go into the palace with you.” Liu Luoyi said.

“Have you heard me?” Yu Chili turned around, pretending to be angry.

“Aren’t you trying to hide from me and enter the palace alone?” Liu Luoyi’s eyes were cold.

Upon hearing this, Yu Chili immediately softened his attitude, leaned close to her, and persuaded with all his heart: “You should stay at ease in the palace. If you enter the palace and be followed by someone behind it, it is too dangerous.”

“But if you are not by my side, wouldn’t I be more dangerous.” Liu Luoyi was unmoved.

“Moreover, I will worry about you.” Liu Luoyi whispered.

She lowered her eyes so that people could not see the emotions in her eyes. Yu Chili couldn’t see her the most, so he easily defeated, and sighed: “It’s fine, nothing can happen with me. It’s just you. Follow me all the time and say it’s my girl.”

So in the end, the two of them rode in the same carriage and drove slowly towards the imperial city.

The royal car is exquisite. There are cushions on the seats in the car. It is very comfortable to sit. Yuchili is leaning against the wall behind him comfortably. Recalling the plot in the original book, it may be too long and many plots. Already blurred.

I only remember Liu Luoyi in the original work. Apart from going to school, he almost never went out or entered the palace.

Later, after she was sealed off as a Ping Wife, she performed a dance at a state banquet, and was appreciated by the emperor. Even if she sealed a wife of some kind, she also gave Lu Yunkui a lot of rewards.

It also caused an uproar in the capital.

She asked Liu Luoyi cautiously: “Have you been in the palace before?”

“No, my dad is strict with me. He doesn’t allow me to enter the palace every time, even to leave the house.” Liu Luoyi said, her eyes a little sad.

Yu Chili always felt that this matter was a bit weird. Yan’s national style was more open. Although women were still low in status, they could always go out. There were also many female officials in the palace. Liu Ru was a stately country, and he did not ask his daughter to go out or let him. Why did the daughter enter the palace?

Isn’t she afraid that her daughter is too beautiful to be taken by the emperor?

When Yu Chili thought about it, he immediately felt uncomfortable. If he did not go out, he was known as the number one beauty. If he appeared in the palace no matter what, wouldn’t it be even more coveted.

“I always feel wrong, let Xin Ran send you back.” Yu Chili hesitated and said.

Upon hearing this, Liu Luoyi suddenly grabbed Yu Chili’s sleeves, raised his eyes and said, “I’m afraid.”

She didn’t dare to leave Yuchi too far away, it seemed that as long as there was a place where Yuchi was away, whether it was a knife mountain or a disaster, it was safe.

She was terrified of such dependence, and could not get rid of it.

Yu Chili looked at the slender, white fingers that were pulling on his sleeves, a strange feeling rushed into his heart, and then he said in his heart, she is rarely willful once, so let her alone.

It’s better to be able to look at her willful than to watch her carefully every day.

The two did not talk about it anymore, and went into the imperial city silently all the way, the carriage stopped abruptly, and Xin Ran’s head stuck out: “Princess, here it is.”

Yuchili leaped down lightly, and then reached out to Liu Luoyi. Liu Luoyi jumped down and inevitably fell into Yuchili’s arms. She blushed and stepped back, concealing her uncomfortableness.

Yuchili didn’t notice anything. She stuck her waist and looked up at the majestic palace gate that was red in front of her. She slapped her lips and exclaimed, “It’s worth seeing the palace that is not a cultural relic once in my life.”

The two guards at the door drew out their swords with a shriek, and said loudly, “Who is here!”

Yu Chili was startled, thinking that the sound still surrounds three-dimensionally in all directions. She raised her head and saw that five heads were protruding from the city gate at the same time, and they shouted together.

“Who is the one here!” They shouted again, and Yu Chili looked at the scene of the ghost animal without smiling, took out his badge and shook it in front of them.

“Congratulations on Princess Yuchi!” There was another sound, and then the palace gate burst open, revealing a high arched passage. Yuchi turned his head and stretched out his sleeves. After Liu Luoyi pulled him up, he walked in.

Xin Ran grieved Baba to follow behind, and said in his heart that he was not treated like a slave and maid.

She also entered the palace for the first time, and she was also panicked!

The imperial palace is the imperial palace. As soon as Yu Chili entered, he lost his way. After dragging a few palace ladies in succession, he asked for the direction, and went all the way to the imperial study room. .

Yuchili rolled his eyes in full anger, saying that the emperor was really a waste of money, and designed a palace like a labyrinth.

She looked back at Liu Luoyi, who was obviously unable to walk but did not say a word, and said softly: “No one is passing by here, you wait here first, I will explore the way first. Xin Ran, protect her.”

Xin Ran hugged the sword with a dark face, and uttered angrily.

Liu Luoyi watched Yu Chili strode away, then bit her lip, lowered her head and hammered the hammer’s sore legs, but was suddenly pulled up by Xin Ran’s arm, dragged her to the side of the road, and pressed her. On a stone used as a decoration.

“No one saw it anyway, sit down for a while.” Xin Ran said fiercely.

Although she listened to the princess and treated Liu Luoyi as good, but secretly, she still wanted to hate her.

Liu Luoyi sat down and finally felt better on her legs. She raised her head and looked at Xin Ran gratefully, curled her lips, smiled at her, and said, “Thank you, Miss Xin Ran.”

Xin Ran only felt that the sky was a little bright for an instant, she turned her head and stammered: “No thanks.”

But Miss Liu, really, pretty…

At this moment, a person suddenly came to face him from the corner. When Liu Luoyi saw that person’s face, her heart suddenly tightened, and sweat came out of her palms. She suddenly stood up and stepped back.

Lu Yunkui, why is he here?

At this time, Lu Yunkui has lost his former spirit, his hair is messy, looks very sloppy, there is no cover between his eyebrows, and a terrible gloom is even more revealing.

After seeing Liu Luoyi, he also stopped, although he stared at her closely, and walked quickly.

Liu Luoyi couldn’t retreat, but Xin Ran suddenly stood in front of her, drew the sword out, and pointed it at Lu Yunkui.

“If you go one step further, I will do it!” she said sharply.

Lu Yunkui turned his head to look at Liu Luoyi blankly, his lips moved, and finally he said, “Are you okay?”

There was disgust in Liu Luoyi’s heart. She turned her head to ignore him, but couldn’t help the fear in her heart.

Lu Yunkui ignored Xin Ran’s sword and walked straight in. Xin Ran knew that he couldn’t hurt people in the palace and could only step back slowly, but he kept blocking Liu Luoyi’s front and glared at Lu Yunkui.

Lu Yunkui was about to say something, but suddenly he slapped his face. When he turned around, he saw Liu Luoyi staring at him, glaring at him.

“I warn you, stay away from me.” Liu Luoyi said word by word.

She has escaped now, and she is guarded, so she will no longer be afraid of him.

Lu Yunkui couldn’t believe that Liu Luoyi actually did something to him. He took two steps forward, so the other half of his face was slapped.

Although Liu Luoyi’s hand trembled, he did not retreat at all.

“You really hate me so?” Lu Yunkui’s eyes were blood red, and there was a trace of sadness in his tone.

Suddenly, he received another slap on the forehead. This slap was much stronger. He had to stagger back two steps. He raised his head hurriedly, but he saw Yu Chili standing in front of him with contempt, and said, “Hate you What a big face, so big that he takes himself so seriously?”

Yu Chili turned around and took Liu Luoyi’s hand, with a sly smile on his face: “I’m really obedient, knowing that I will wait until I come.”

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