The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 34: Thirty four

When Liu Luoyi watched Yu Chili, he was completely relieved.

Yu Chili turned her head and saw Lu Yunquina’s bloodshot eyes. She looked at him again, how she felt that there was a scent of depression.

It seemed that after she left, he had a bad life.

That’s not bad, Yu Chili nodded very satisfied.

Lu Yunkui looked at Yu Chili’s expression, as if he had a blood choking in his heart.

He always felt that some of the turning points had come too abruptly, and that life that should have been smooth sailing came to an abrupt end, and all of this was due to Wei Chili.

But she was even more energetic than before, and she didn’t seem to be affected at all. Even with Liu Luoyi, she was very different from before. Her current look was definitely not when she was by his side.

This made Lu Yunkui an inexplicable anger, he gritted his teeth to hold back and let go of his clenched palm.

He smiled at Yu Chili’s lips. He still has the last weight. He didn’t dare to act before, but now he has to try it at the risk of death.

He wants to take back what he has lost.

The expression in his eyes was ever-changing, and finally it boiled down to an incomprehensible dullness, and finally he bowed to Yu Chili and turned away.

Xin Ran looked at Lu Yunkui’s back, and at Yu Chili’s wink, he couldn’t help but looked puzzled: “Princess, what does he mean?”

Yu Chili shook her head, she always had a bad feeling in her heart. She looked down at her legs again, and secretly decided in her heart that since she could almost use her energy, she would sneak into the Lu Mansion tonight.

Although this might not be right, she couldn’t ignore this bad premonition.

She thoughtfully walked to the fork on the left, and forgot to release Liu Luoyi. Liu Luoyi didn’t say a word, just let her lead and follow her silently.

The three of them walked all the way to the Imperial Study Room in silence. An anxious Li Neishiwu ran over with Lanhuazhi and took small steps, grabbed Yu Chili, and pushed her towards the door.

“Hey, Princess Yuchi, the emperor is waiting anxiously, why are you here!” He groaned with a sharp throat, and Yuchili got goose bumps again and quickly dodged.

She desperately pulled his hand off, while being pushed, she slammed her head into the Imperial Study Room.

“You two girls are guarding at the door, don’t go in and disturb the emperor!” Li Neiji closed the door lightly, and then pointed to Xin Ran and Liu Luoyi’s nose to warn.

Liu Luoyi nodded in response, but kept staring at the exquisite mahogany door of the Imperial Study Room.

Let’s talk about Yuchili. After she stumbled and broke in, she almost slammed her head on a quaint screen. On the screen was a picture of the landscape. There was a light boat floating in the water. On the boat, there seemed to be a beautifully dressed woman. , But somehow, the man seemed to be stunned by the water, leaving only a vague outline.

Yu Chili was actually fascinated by the painting. She slowly approached and leaned over to take a closer look. She always felt that if the person on the painting hadn’t been stunned, she would have come alive.

“Why come in for so long and still stand at the door?” A man’s voice came from inside, sounding very majestic, as if he could not hold his beak.

Yu Chili tidied up his clothes, walked in strode, and said respectfully, “Yu Chili has seen the emperor.”

“You don’t need to be polite.” The voice sounded again, and Yu Chili straightened up and looked up at the Emperor of Dayan.

But it was very different from what she imagined. Most of the characters she thought of as emperors had beards and majesty that belonged to middle-aged people, but she didn’t expect to look very young and tall and strong.

He didn’t have a beard at all on his face, and he could still see a bit of handsomeness, but it was too serious and upright to make people afraid to look at it.

And there was a woman sitting on his right. Yu Chili thought it was a concubine or something, so he didn’t dare to take a closer look.

“Can you still feel sick now?” Shen Hao asked.

Upon hearing the words, Yu Chili quickly lowered his head: “It’s okay to thank the emperor for caring.”

“Don’t be cautious, I have known the king of the Northern Territory for a long time, and I called you today, just for a casual chat. By the way, I will meet with your sister.”

Yuchi moved his ears and said badly, sister?

Yu Chidie?

There is no part of this person in the original work. Only a few words are mentioned in the life experience of Yu Chili. It is said that compared with Yu Chili, who grew up in the barracks, Yuchidie only cares about the wind, the flowers and the snow, and is not favored by the king of the Northern Territory. Urine is very jealous of Wei Chi Li, and the relationship between the two is not friendly.

Yu Chili said in his heart again, she now only has some memory fragments, and some childhood stories that occasionally come out of Xin Ran’s mouth. If it is a help, how to explain it.

She had to bite the bullet and look at the woman on the other side, which was similar to the description in the book.

The front is raised and turned back, and the figure is very good. He is wearing a layered red dress, and flowers bloom with a slight movement of the skirt. The sleeves are a piece of veil, and the white arms are faintly exposed.

The attire of the same Dayan woman is simply different from the muddy ones.

Her appearance is definitely superior. Unlike Liu Luoyi’s banal and cold, her lips are bloody, her nose is high, her skin is white and snowy, but her cheeks are scattered with light freckles, and her eyes are amber and beautiful. It’s very aggressive.

“Uh, I have seen my sister.” Yu Chili didn’t know how to call it, so he lowered his head and said in a satisfactory manner.

Yu Chidie seemed surprised, she looked at Yu Chili, looked away, and gave a cold hush.

Yu Chili looked up and sighed, only to feel that life is always putting huge problems on her head one after another.

“Since the two of your sisters have met, let’s retell the past. Yu Chidie, find someone to Chuanxin with the king of the Northern Territory, saying that I am also very concerned about the commercial exchanges between Yanbei and Yanbei. The construction of the North-South Commercial Road is worth discussing. You and Yuchi left and stayed in the capital for a few more days, until I discussed with the ministers before calling you into the palace.” Shen Hao finished speaking, took a sip of tea, and frowned.” Come here, don’t change the tea soon.”

At the same time, something went wrong outside the door.

As soon as the servant Li received the teapot from the palace lady, another **** hurried over and said something in his ear. He became anxious and yelled: “Let you take good care of him, why let him run out again? Up?”

The little **** shrank his neck, not daring to speak.

Neiji Li dragged the little **** to run out in a panic, but ran back, trying to hand the teapot to Xin Ran, but hesitated when he saw the sword in her hand, and instead stuffed Liu Luoyi into Liu Luoyi. Hands.

“How dare you enter the palace with a sword? The guards at the door are all doing what to eat! Don’t let others look at the sword. You little girl, go and show the tea to the emperor, don’t Many words, there are secretly guarding guards inside. If something goes wrong, your master can’t keep you!”

Servant Li quickly finished speaking, pointed Lanhua and ran away without a trace in a blink of an eye.

Liu Luoyi just wanted to say something, but he heard Shen Hao’s impatient urging again. Although she was flustered, she had to step in boldly.

It’s just to help bring tea.

She walked in quickly, lowered her head to pour tea, and then stepped backwards to go out. Although her hands were shaking during the whole process, outsiders were not flustered and even calm.

But even this kind of shocked Yu Chili.

“Wait, you are a stranger, where did you come from?” Shen Hao suddenly frowned, and said in a low voice, with a kind of oppression from the superior.

Liu Luoyi paused, Yu Chili hurried forward when he saw this, and silently blocked Liu Luoyi behind him, and said respectfully: “Back to the emperor, she is a servant in my house.”

Yu Chili secretly pulled Laliu Luoyi, and Liu Luoyi answered, “The slave servant was waiting at the door just now. The servant Li has something to do and can’t get away, so I will send in for him.”

Shen Hao stared at Liu Luoyi closely, making people unable to distinguish his emotions: “Oh? Neiji Li has always been serious in doing things. How can I let an unknown woman into my study? You, raise your head.”

Liu Luoyi felt a panic in her heart. She never thought that the emperor would notice her and would hold her.

Yu Chili shook her hand comfortingly and replied again: “The emperor calmed down. Perhaps Li Neiji really had something important, and he was afraid that it would delay the emperor’s tea, and that she would not be threatened by a weak woman, so he was negligent. Up.”

Since it was all the trouble caused by the servant Li, then all the faults should be put on him.

There was a bit of resentment in Yuchi’s renunciation. If he hadn’t bullied Liu Luoyi’s innocent ignorance of world affairs, how could this extra branch be born?

And the emperor’s attitude is really strange, why can’t get through with a little girl.

“Wei Chi Li, get out of the way.” Shen Hao suddenly stood up, his tone a little harder.

Although Liu Luoyi was afraid in her heart, she still didn’t want Yu Chili to suffer for her, so she stretched out her hand, trying to push Yu Chili aside, who knew that Yu Chili didn’t move at all, and even held her hands in her palms with her backhand.

“Do you dare to defy me?” Shen Hao frowned. After all, he is the king of a country. Once he gets angry, his whole body is still a bit terrifying.

But Yu Chili didn’t know where the courage came from, so he just didn’t move a step.

“Wei Chili, I think it’s for the King of the Northern Territory. You don’t care about it, but you don’t want to forget whose land you are stepping on, so let me get out of here! Come!” Shen Hao increased the volume, suddenly A group of court guards jumped out of nowhere and surrounded Yu Chili.

“Princess, don’t.” Liu Luoyi struggled to get rid of Wei Chili and knelt down towards Shen Hao. “It was the servant’s fault. It disturbed the emperor. Don’t blame the princess.”

Although she was kneeling, her waist was still straight and she looked neither humble nor overbearing, but only Wei Chili could tell that she was already shaking with fear.

Yu Chili just wanted to walk forward and pull her up quickly, but saw that Shen Hao suddenly rushed to Liu Luoyi like a ghost, and reached out to her, as if to touch her cheek.

Liu Luoyi was frightened by the sudden change, unable to move for a while, and could only look at the terrifying emperor, getting closer and closer to her.

How could Yu Chili see this happening, even though she was struck by thunder for a while, she still strode forward and broke Shen Hao’s hand.

Could this so-called king of a country be a disciple?

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