The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 35: Thirty-five

When many guards saw that someone dared to break their emperor, they immediately drew out their swords and swish all over the room.

Shen Hao knew that he had lost his temper, and said quickly: “Stop it, go down.”

The guards looked at each other, and then took their swords together, and stepped back respectfully.

Upon seeing this, Yu Chili also let go of his hand and knelt down on one knee: “Please forgive the emperor.”

In fact, she was a little panicked. After all, she was facing an emperor of a country. If she was really to blame, she would have nothing to eat.

Shen Hao touched his wrist, but kept staring at Liu Luoyi’s face. It was so alike, so alike, how could there be such a person in this world.

As soon as this girl came in, he felt familiar, and the moment he saw her face, he thought that the person was back again.

It’s just that the Sri Lankan is dead and it is hard to find.

Shen Hao suddenly sighed and raised his hand: “Get up, I am too anxious. Go down.”

Liu Luoyi turned his face to look at Yu Chili. Yu Chili patted her hand, then pulled her up and saluted Shen Hao: “Yi Chili will leave.”

Shen Hao didn’t speak any more, he kept looking at Liu Luoyi until Yu Chili stood guard behind Liu Luoyi and guarded her when he walked out the door.

Yuchidie finally watched enough of the good show. She put away the playful look on her face, and bowed to Shen Hao, turned and walked out the door, the red hem of the dress turned into a petal-like arc.

The room calmed down and lost its popularity. Shen Hao stood alone by the window, looking at the unchanging scenery outside the window, feeling that the world was overwhelming and suffocating him.

After all, things are right and wrong.

Yu Chili dragged Liu Luoyi out of the imperial study room and walked to a place where there was no one in the palace. Then he stopped, frowning and asked her: “Have you really never been in the palace?”

Liu Luoyi shook her head, and she felt her heartbeat stabilized now.

“It’s like this for no reason, but it really scares me to death.” Yu Chili also covered his chest, “In the future, I might as well shut you up like your father, so I can save my fear all day.”

Liu Luoyi looked up at her.

“Okay, okay, I’m kidding, you can go anywhere you want.” Yu Chili patted her shoulder comfortingly.

It’s just that the doubt in his heart was not let go, and the emperor’s reaction was too big, could it be that Liu Luoyi looked like someone? If that is the case, that person would be a strange person to make the prince of a country gaffe like this.

“Then your father said, why didn’t you let you go out?” Yu Chili asked again. She always felt that she didn’t figure out the matter, and she was always worried.

“Daddy said, I am a woman, so I should stay home.”

“Isn’t this self-contradictory, if your father is really an old antique, he won’t let you go to school at all.” Yu Chili touched his chin and thought, “Where is Liu Wenshang, does your father let him go out? Why is the emperor like this?”

Liu Luoyi thought about it seriously and replied, “Daddy doesn’t care about Chang’er. He can do anything outside at will. I have been very envious since I was a child. As for the emperor, I don’t know.”

Yu Chili nodded thoughtfully, she suddenly thought of the quaint screen with the figure of the woman on it, and she had been engraved in people’s minds.

Presumably, there is a story in it. No matter, let’s talk about it later, as long as you avoid letting Liu Luoyi enter the palace, you won’t see this weird emperor.

“What are you doing so fast? You have a day of fear for Wei Chili?” A careless voice came from behind them, and Yu Chili turned around and saw that Yu Chidie twisted her slender waist and walked, and her lotus arms were looming.

She didn’t know how to behave for a while, and since the two of them had a bad relationship, she was also a little colder, so as not to wear help.

“Sister,” she said sternly.

Yu Chidie’s eyes were still surprised. She sneered, her eyes, which were as light and clear as colored glaze, looked up and down at her: “I have lived for more than ten years before finally learning to call my sister?”

“Why? At that time, I vowed to say something about life and death, and grow old together, and I will leave without death. The old man talks about you in the Northern Territory every day, but you don’t even look back at it. It’s really the good daughter he has always loved.”

Yu Chili was so shocked by her words that she reluctantly smiled, thinking that Yu Chidie looked at Renmei and choked people like she ate garlic.

But thinking of the proprietor’s willful and reckless temperament, this attitude is normal.

“I got caught up in something.” Yu Chili smiled kindly, “Sister, do you want to come to my house for a while.”

“That’s what I meant.” Yuchi Diepi smiled and raised red lips at her, then stopped looking at her, and walked forward on his own, “Hurry up and lead the way.”

Behind her, Liu Luoyi frowned, and she gently tugged at Yu Chili, a little distressed in her eyes.

Yuchili knew that she, this silly girl, might have simulated the scene of her being bullied by her sister at home to the big in her mind. She leaned into her ear and said: “It’s okay, she can’t beat me, I’ve been beaten by me since I was a child .”

There was a smile in Liu Luoyi’s eyes.

It’s so cute, Yu Chili screamed in his heart, but his face remained unmoved, and he followed Captain Chidie a few steps forward.

The four people left the palace gate and returned to the downtown in a carriage.

Perhaps because there was a Yuchidie in the car, it was extremely quiet along the way. Yuchili didn’t dare to speak, for fear of saying something wrong, Liu Luoyi said little, and Yuchidie didn’t bother to talk to Yuchili.

Only Xin Ran, who was driving outside, poked his head in from time to time, trying to say something, but he wanted to say something, but backed away.

“Father, is your father’s health okay?” Wei Chili hesitated for a long time, feeling that no matter how unfilial he was, he should always greet him.

“Very well, I can’t eat and sleep well. I think about his second daughter all day long, saying that the second daughter is homesick, and I sent the eldest daughter over with an excuse, and I have experienced what it means to be tired.” Die sneered.

Yu Chili endured and continued to reply: “Sister hard work.”

“It’s not hard, I can see you asking for trouble, and you are all tired.” Yu Chidie lazily raised her legs.

No matter, it’s better for her not to speak, and Yu Chili rolled his eyes.

At this moment, there was a sudden commotion outside the window, and the carriage stopped unexpectedly. Yu Chili barely stabilized his body, but Liu Luoyi and Yu Chidie couldn’t help but slid towards the door.

Yu Chili quickly pulled them back one by one, and asked in a loud voice, “Xin Ran, what happened?”

“Back to the princess, someone stopped the car, she is a woman!” Xin Ran replied.

Hearing the words, Yu Chili looked back at Liu Luoyi and said softly: “You stay in the car, don’t go out.”

Liu Luoyi behaved very well at this time, sitting honestly, then gently pulled her sleeves and whispered: “Be careful.”

“Don’t worry.” Yu Chili blinked at her, then bent over and got out.

Yu Chidie looked at Yu Chili with a puzzled look, and then at Liu Luoyi, wondering when her always domineering sister became so considerate, and what kind of character is this girl?

Unexpectedly, Wei Chili turned his head and said to her: “You are also careful.”

Before Yu Chidie could react, Yu Chili had no shadow. She poked her head out of the window and looked at Yu Chili’s back.

After Yu Chili jumped out of the carriage, she found that many people were already surrounded, and there was a woman kneeling in front of the carriage. Her hair was messy, her clothes were ripped apart, but she could still see the charm of her figure.

She was resisting the pull of several men and women around her, while loudly shouting: “We are robbing people’s girls! Please help!”

Next to her, a woman with pleated faces but frowning and fanning covered her mouth, and then smiled at Yuchi Lixi: “This noble man, this is my slave and maid, who stole something, but now I just grab her and go back and disturb I’m sorry, sorry. I will punish you when I go back.”

With that, she motioned to the brawny men around to drag the woman away.

Yuchi realized that there was something hidden in it, she said slowly, then stepped forward, and pushed the woman who was covering the woman’s mouth with one hand.

The woman on the ground was no longer bound, and hurriedly rushed towards Yu Chili, kowtow and said: “Please help me.”

She raised her face, but she was stunned. Yu Chili was too calm. She took a step back and was shocked. This person is Lou Yue?

Didn’t she stay in Lu Mansion well, now she and Liu Luoyi are no longer there, she should have mixed up well.

Even if it was the original work, she was sold to Ren Yazi by Lu Yunkui until a long time ago.

“Come here, don’t hesitate to pull her away!” the woman who was pushed away angrily said. She laughed with her, and pulled Lou Yue’s clothes and dragged her back.

The light in Lou Yue’s eyes dimmed in an instant, she lowered her head and stopped struggling.

Unexpectedly, Yu Chili’s voice suddenly came over his head: “Let go of her.”

“Well, even if you are a noble person, you can’t rob it in the street, isn’t it, this servant is…”

“How much money to redeem?” Yu Chili was too lazy to talk nonsense, took off the purse from his waist and threw it into her hand, “is enough.”

The woman eagerly opened the purse and glanced at it, and her eyes seemed to shine for a moment. She smiled and said, “Enough, naturally it is enough, she will take it, we will go, we will go!”

After a while, the people dispersed cleanly, and Yu Chili stretched out his hand to lift Lou Yue, but Lou Yue lowered his head and drew back.

“Those people are human teeth, right? Lu Yunkui sold you?” Yu Chili asked.

Lou Yue shrank her neck and replied in a low voice, “No, Lu Lang drove me out. My purse was stolen again, and I could only sleep on the street, and then I was taken captive by them.”

There was a burst of despair in her heart, and Yu Chili would definitely not let her go.

Unexpectedly again, Yu Chili waved his hand: “You go, you can rely on your own skills from now on.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she walked to the side of the carriage again and said to Liu Luoyi through the window: “Is there any money on her body?”

Liu Luoyi didn’t hesitate, untied her purse from her waist and said softly, “All you gave me are here.”

Yu Chili smiled at her, then threw the purse to Lou Yue.

She didn’t say anything, turned around and jumped into the carriage, leaning against Liu Luoyi: “Thank you, I will give you more when I go back.”

Liu Luoyi didn’t refuse this time. She nodded and said, “You can give me some broken silver. Those are too big for me to spend.”

Yu Chili was stunned, then smiled happily: “Okay, how much silver do you want!”

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