The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 36: Thirty six

On one side, Yu Chidie looked at Yu Chili, wondering if her head was broken by the surname Lu, and she was so happy to give people money.

As a result, she became more curious about Liu Luoyi. There are not many people in the world who can surrender her good sister, but apart from her face, she can’t see anything special.

Liu Luoyi has always been sensitive, so she naturally sensed Yu Chidie’s probing gaze. She raised her head coldly and glanced at her, and nodded politely.

Yu Chidie snorted with her nose and looked away. She didn’t look at it, she was not rare.

If it weren’t for her father Sapo to roll, cry, make trouble, and let her come, she wouldn’t want to see Yu Chili again.

Behind the carriage, Lou Yue stared at the purse in her arms, and then towards the direction where Yuchili had left. The horseshoe raised the dust on the street, and her eyes were covered with dust.

After tidying up her messy hair, she put the purse into her arms and left in the opposite direction.

Soon after reaching the gate of the mansion, Yu Chili jumped off first, and then reached out to help Liu Luoyi, but never thought that Yu Chidie got off the car one step ahead, and accidentally rammed Liu Luoyi who was reaching out to Yuchili.

Liu Luoyi screamed. Upon seeing this, Yu Chili hurriedly stepped forward, spreading his hands, and caught Liu Luoyi.

She encircled Liu Luoyi’s waist, Liu Luoyi put his hands on her shoulders, and his feet were off the ground. The distance between the two suddenly narrowed, and they looked at each other unexpectedly.

Liu Luoyi’s face was red from his ears to the base of his neck, but he didn’t immediately break free like before. Instead, he said in a voice so small that only Yu Chili could hear, “Let me down.”

Yu Chili was stunned, and now he let go of her hand obediently. As a result, her hand was loosened too quickly, and Liu Luoyi fell to the ground unsuspectingly. She frowned slightly, feeling a pain in her heel.

“Are you okay?” Yu Chili asked hurriedly.

“It’s okay.” Liu Luoyi said, lowering his head, and then enduring the pain, strode through the door.

Yu Chili scratched his head, not knowing where he had caused Liu Luoyi.

Yu Chidie looked at Yu Chili like a fool, and said, “You hurt someone.”

What is she running? Yuchi was wondering in the centrifugal force.

Yu Chidie rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t look at me, I didn’t mean it, she was so weak that she couldn’t stand still.”

Yu Chili didn’t blame her at first, but was choked by her from the beginning. He was even more angry when he heard the words, and his tone of voice was involuntary with a hint of hostility: “She is easy to stand unstable, so I hope that my sister will stay away from her in the future. The point is.”

Yu Chidie’s face turned gloomy, she fixedly looked at Yu Chili, but suddenly she drew a soft sword from her waist, raised her hand and poured her internal strength into it. When the sword reached Yuchi’s eyes, it was already extremely hard.

The strong wind lifted the hair between Yuchili’s forehead, and she was shocked, Dangyan backed away and dodged.

Fight as you say, is it a sister or an enemy? Yuchi replied, she didn’t want to entangle her too much, so she raised her leg and ran to the house.

“Why, isn’t it usually very good? Is it possible that if you don’t practice for too long, you won’t even be able to fight?” Yu Chidie’s eyes were sharp, and she flew to catch up and landed directly in front of Yu Chili.

Yuchi Likankan stopped, her heart felt helpless, and she thought that she was her sister anyway, and couldn’t do it, so she flew up and down to escape.

However, Yu Chidie did not slow down the offensive at all, but pressed on every step of the way, as if she must force Yu Chili to take action.

Yu Chili saw that although her moves were quick, but her footsteps were very vain, he knew that her martial arts was far inferior to her, so she couldn’t fight back, so she had to hide in circles around the mansion rockery.

Xin Ran handed the carriage to the people who came to take it back. As soon as he entered the door, he saw the two of them chasing me, and hurriedly shouted: “Princess, second princess, why are you fighting again! Stop it!” “

No one listens to her.

Instead, a piece of chipped stone flew towards her like a knife. Xin Ran sucked in a cold breath and squatted down abruptly before she escaped, but the bun on the top of her head was broken up, making her a mess. Hair draped in front of his face.

“Don’t fight!” She squatted on the ground, clutching her head, and cried out.

When Yuchidie started fighting, she saw nothing but Yuchili, and regardless of whether she had cut something around, Yuchili had to hide while protecting the flowers and plants around the rockery.

This is what Liu Luoyi did when she was idle, so she might be sad for several days if she was broken.

“No, I didn’t recruit you either. Isn’t it okay if I pay you?” Yu Chili shouted dumbly.

Yu Chidie retracted the sword, held it in front of her eyes, and said sternly: “No, you usually chase after me to fight. You don’t listen to what I say, so why do you care about sisterhood?”

Before she could finish her words, she came over again holding the sword, and Yu Chili slapped her thigh, shifted the position depressedly, and ran down the corridor.

But he never thought that as soon as he turned the corner, he ran into Liu Wenshang walking slowly with his head bowed and carrying his sword tactics. Yu Chili was afraid of hitting him, and turned his body to avoid him.

However, Yu Chidie stabbed him with a sword. Liu Wenshang, a young man who is just a beginner in martial arts, screamed wherever he could hide, and stretched out his hands to try to block the tip of the sword.

Yu Chidie also changed her face for a while, but it was difficult to take it back. Suddenly, a hand stretched out from one side, and she violently grasped her wrist and twisted it to the other side.

Yu Chili rushed back in the emergency, stood up in front of Liu Wenchang, and controlled Yu Chidie for him.

However, because the situation was too urgent, the soft sword in Yu Chidie’s hand was longer than a normal sword, so she still slashed against her neck, leaving a shallow wound.

Yu Chidie was stunned, speechless for a while.

Yu Chili was finally relieved. She grabbed the sword from her with her other hand, threw it on the ground, and then raised her arm.

Yu Chidie closed her eyes subconsciously, and turned her head to dodge.

Unexpectedly, Wei Chili only touched his neck distressedly, and said softly, “Sister, don’t fight.”

Hearing this, Yu Chidie opened her eyes and looked at Yu Chili, feeling very unbelievable in her heart, but her nose was a little sour inexplicably.

She suspected that she had heard it wrong.

Yuchili was afraid that she would go crazy again, so he didn’t let go of her control, and said helplessly: “I’m not going to pay for it with you. I was just anxious and didn’t blame you. Don’t be angry. Besides, after playing for so long, This nameless fire should be eliminated, right?”

In the ten years before Yu Chidie was alive, she had never heard Yu Chili speak in this tone, and if she listened too much, she seemed to be coaxing her.

“Let go.” Yu Chidie said.

Yu Chili hurriedly let go of his hand, and said with a smile: “Sister, I ask Xin Ran to get more good food for you, okay?”

Yuchi Die nodded sternly, then turned and walked out, but couldn’t tell what it felt like in his heart, as if he had hit the cotton with a fist.

And when Wei Chili held her wrist just now, she could clearly feel the terrifying speed, even if she practiced hard for so long, her martial arts still couldn’t keep up with the captain’s Chili.

Who is born, just thinking about the wind and snow.

When Yu Chili saw that she had finally left, he was finally relieved, and turned back to Liu Wenshang, who was pale in fright, and said, “Don’t be afraid, she didn’t mean it, did you not get hurt?”

Liu Wenshang smiled lightly, shook his head, and whispered softly: “Wen Chang is fine, this is also Princess Yuchi, she looks really like the princess, but has a completely different temperament.”

Yu Chili smiled awkwardly, thinking, if the two princesses were actually carved out of the same mold before, and the tip of the needle was against the wheat, the King of the Northern Territory hadn’t been angered, so he had good patience.

Yu Chili told the little girl in the kitchen to cook a large table of dishes, and called all the people in the palace over, including Xin Ran, and sat around the table.

The atmosphere on the table was very strange. Everyone was sullenly eating. Only Liu Luoyi didn’t know what was going on, but she was always restrained and learned to bow her head to eat.

Yu Chili stuffed her a bag of silver from the bottom of the table, then blinked at her.

When Liu Luoyi took the purse, she felt heavy in her hand. She looked at Yu Chili in surprise, and Yu Chili motioned to her to open it.

Liu Luoyi unwrapped the big bag that was several times larger than the ordinary money bag in his hand, and then took out two smaller bags, one was filled with broken silver, and the other contained a bag of gold ingots.

She opened her eyes wide, and hurriedly stuffed the silver bag back to Yu Chili, whispering: “Princess, this, this is too much.”

“What’s more, the girls should be decorated with more money. You spend the broken silver, and the gold ingots are stored in the house. I don’t understand any rouge and gouache. You should buy more. Today, the ladies in the palace will wear them. With a head of silk flower jewelry, you can’t always wear a wooden hairpin, can you?”

After Yu Chili finished speaking, before Liu Luoyi refused, he tied the purse to her waist.

Liu Luoyi felt that her waist was heavier, and she felt a little sore, but her face couldn’t help but her lips curled up, even showing a few teeth.

“You laughed again.” Yu Chili also laughed. She didn’t know why, anyway, she was happy when she saw Liu Luoyi happy.

Although this time is not much.

Yu Chidie coughed suddenly and interrupted the conversation between the two of them. She looked at Liu Luoyi and Yu Chili again, always feeling something was wrong.

Her stupid sister is still normal. It’s this girl, how can she look so strange, especially the look in her eyes when she looks at Yu Chili.

Liu Luoyi put away his smile, restored his usual cold face, glanced at Yu Chidie, and then bowed his head to eat.

Yo, there is some hostility. Yuchidie raised her eyebrows.

The meal was over. Just as Yu Chili wanted to talk to Liu Luoyi, he saw Liu Luoyi avoiding her and pulled Liu Wenshang back to the room quickly.

Yuchili is the second monk who is confused. She looks at Xin Ran, but Xin Ran hugs her arms and stares at Yuchidie closely, as if she is afraid they will fight again.

In the end, everyone went back to each house with their own minds.

But Yu Chili had no time to think too much, she still had very important things to consider. Soon into the night, she quickly put on the night clothes, walked out the door quickly, and turned several walls.

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