The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 37: Thirty-seventh

It doesn’t mean that the front entrance cannot be walked, but since Yuchili’s trivial effort, I feel that this way of walking along the wall is far more handsome than walking through the door properly.

But as soon as she climbed over a wall, she happened to see Yu Chidie standing under a tree, raising her hand to send a bird away.

Under the moonlight, Yu Chili could clearly see the colorful feathers on the bird, and he felt very familiar.

She was shocked and quickly wanted to hide, but even though Yu Chidie said that martial arts was not as good as hers, it was not bad. Naturally, she noticed the movement here. She turned her face and glanced at it, humming softly, “It’s fast. It’s time, where are you going in this black suit?”

Yu Chili gave up the struggle, coughed lightly, walked over openly, and said casually: “The moonlight is good today, so I will go out and stroll around.”

Yu Chidie’s movements softly slapped off the gray on her palms, twisted her waist and walked towards Yu Chili, eyebrows crooked: “Frankly explain, otherwise you don’t want to come out of this door today. The old man asked me to look at you well, If you take it back to the Northern Territory, if you have any moths, I will definitely be nagged to death by him when I go back.”

Yu Chili rolled her eyes, how could she stand up to such a sister.

“I’m really in a hurry, I’ll explain to you when I come back tomorrow.” Yu Chili dodged aside, but Yu Chidie stepped a step to stop her again.

After that, she suddenly blew a whistle to the sky. The colorful bird was not far away, and when she heard the command, she walked around and landed firmly on her shoulder.

“If you don’t tell me, I will send a letter back now. Do you believe it or not that the old man will put down the government in a few days and come and tie you back personally?” She said while stroking the bird’s feathers.

“Can this bird send a letter?” Yu Chili questioned, and the bird immediately flapped its wings and jumped onto her shoulder, throwing her face ashen.

“This bird is called Xuege. It is more precious than you. It can not only spread letters, but also learn to speak. Otherwise, why do you think the old man is so eager to call me over.” Yu Chidie looked contemptuous.

Yu Chili finally remembered why she felt so familiar. When she first wore it, she had seen it in the garden of Lu Mansion.

At that time, she was so emotional, she seemed to have mentioned homesickness. Although, this home is not the other home.

“Could it be the King of the Northern Territory, isn’t it, my father has been staring at me secretly?” Yu Chili was shocked.

“He not only released the snow pigeons, but also sent various spies to inquire about you. Whenever he has time, he will scold the grandson to make you angry, but he has resisted not coming to you and saying that he will make you delicious. Suffer hardships, wait until you bow your head, and then castrate the grandson again.”

As soon as the voice fell, Yu Chidie looked regretful. She didn’t want to tell Yu Chili, it would be okay for them to have more suspicion between the father and daughter. Who knew that the mouth was bald, and she said everything.

Yu Chili suddenly felt a little sour in his heart.

Such a good father and king, but the original book not only failed to find his daughter, but also fell into the end of the country, life and death uncertain.

But even so, it was undesirable to be pulled back to the Northern Territory at this time, not to mention whether the issue would be exposed, but Liu Luoyi alone was not over yet, so she couldn’t leave.

So, Yu Chili had an idea, raised his hand to catch the bird, threw it out, and then rushed directly in front of Yu Chidie.

Yu Chidie was startled, and subconsciously wanted to hide, but she couldn’t move her hands far behind Yu Chili’s speed.

“Sister, believe me, I’m really in a hurry, I can’t delay it!” Wei Chili wailed.

Yu Chidie:…

“What are you going crazy? Get out!” Yu Chidie tried to struggle, but it was useless. She wanted to reach out and summon the snow pigeon back, but Yu Chili held her hand and couldn’t blow the whistle.

“You should do me a favor, don’t tell father, what do you want, I will definitely thank you!”

“Who wants your thanks!” Yu Chidie stomped her feet anxiously, but Yu Chili kept on, until Xuege had become a small spot, she let out a long sigh of relief.

Yu Chidie felt anxious, and backhanded her internal force, shaking off Yuchili, who did not resist, let go.

“Sister, just believe me once, okay, I’m really not going to do bad things, but to save people.” Yu Chili suddenly became serious, looking down at Yu Chidie’s eyes and said.

“If I really cause some trouble today, you can tell Father, I will never stop it.” Yu Chili said every word.

Yu Chidie looked at Yu Chili’s eyes, always feeling that everything in those eyes was different from before, like an invisible pool of water, which made people want to believe.

She blinked, and when she was about to speak, she saw Yu Chili raising her head to look at the sky, frowned, and said quickly: “It’s too late, I’ll go back.”

After that, she no longer entangled with Yu Chidie, turned around and passed her, set up light work, and rushed out quietly.

Yu Chidie shouted that she couldn’t, and slapped the tree trunk beside her with anger, then hit the ground on her toes, and in a blink of an eye she crossed the courtyard wall, chasing Yuchi away.

She still doesn’t believe her, she has to follow to rest assured.

Yu Chili knew that she had followed, but didn’t say much, but slowed down, and after the two were side by side, he quickened his pace.

The two quickly jumped across a few long streets and came to the front of an old house. Yu Chidie looked up and the plaque read two characters, Lu Mansion.

The look on her face instantly became very disgusting, and she turned her head and said, “You don’t still think about this grandson, do you?”

Yu Chili didn’t talk to her, but pulled her clothes back in his backhand, pulled her into the side of the alley, bent over and walked quietly, and then whispered: “If you want to follow, be quiet and don’t make any noise.”


“Shhh, shut up.” Yu Chili suddenly turned his head, and Yu Chidie fell silent immediately.

But I was so angry that I would one day listen to Wei Chili’s words!

Yu Chili grabbed the head of the wall with one hand and poked out a head. He didn’t notice anything unusual, so he leaped over gently and walked slowly into Lu Yunkui’s room.

There was no light in the mansion, and it looked very strange and gloomy, and Yu Chidie felt a little hairy in her heart, so she had to walk a few steps quickly and closely behind Yu Chili.

Suddenly, there was a strange movement in front of him, as well as a stuffy scream in his throat, Yu Chili’s eyes drenched, and he flashed over, then squatted in the corner and looked inside.

She pressed the following Yu Chidie to the ground, preventing her head from showing.

A strong smell of blood hit his face, and a group of black shadows surrounded a person, saying something, Yu Chili only heard the words “Master” and “Sir” intermittently.

But she could perceive that the people inside were all masters who were not easy to deal with. In order not to stun them, she did not make any movement, but waited patiently.

The voices of two people were very familiar, and Yu Chili remembered them as soon as they were the ones who tied Liu Luoyi that day.

She took a risk and moved in.

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