The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 4: She is soft

“Battle of the bastard!” Yu Chi turned around and got out, she really couldn’t listen. How could this kind of peerless scum be mixed into the position of the hero?

It’s a pity that Lu Yunkui was in the mood, and didn’t even realize that there was another person behind him.

Yuchi left the place and turned around, picked up the latch that had fallen from the door, raised his hand and turned to Lu Yunkui’s head.

With a muffled sound, Lu Yunkui was discouraged and collapsed on Liu Luoyi’s body.

The whole process is very neat, without any muddles.

Liu Luoyi was frightened again. She desperately tried to push Lu Yunkui away. In a hurry, the broken porcelain in her hand made several cuts in Lu Yunkui’s arm.

Yu Chili hurriedly stepped forward, dragged Lu Yunkui down from the bed, and threw it on the ground, muttering as he dragged, “It’s dead, like a pig.”

Hearing the movement outside the door, the young man yelled anxiously: “Big man! The little one is in!”

Yu Chili yelled: “Shut up, this princess has something important to discuss with your son, keep the door guarded!”

The original owner’s tricky temperament was really powerful, and a row of small servants immediately looked at each other and did not dare to say anything.

Liu Luoyi got up slowly, panting, and looked at Yu Chili helplessly. Her clothes were torn off in half, her red lips were bloody, her delicate white shoulders and the appearance of tearful eyes wandering. .

Yu Chili felt her inexplicable heartbeat speed up, she hurriedly closed her eyes, then bent down and roughly tore off Lu Yunkui’s coat, covering Liu Luoyi tightly.

She dared to open her eyes, but even if she laughed at herself in her heart, she was all women, so why?

Liu Luoyi’s eyes were still loose, she reached out and tore off her clothes, just got out of the bed and walked out slowly, as if she had been caught in an evil spirit.

Yu Chili didn’t care about anything else, and hurriedly stepped forward to stop him. If she was allowed to go out like this, would it be okay?

“Hey, stay awake!” Yu Chili shouted in her ear with a sharp throat.

The little servants outside the door heard that there was another commotion, and they frowned at each other to guess what was going on inside. Because of this dull guess, they even dare not enter the door.

Liu Luoyi was just a sharp spirit, her eyes focused, and before she could see who was in front of her, she rushed forward, holding Yu Chili tightly and not letting go.

The Wen Yu Ruanxiang that was suddenly thrown in her arms also made Yu Chili a little at a loss. She didn’t have many friends before, and she had never acted so intimately with anyone.

“Mother, save me, save me, the child is so scared…” Liu Luoyi choked and said, she retracted her body into the arms of the person in front of her as much as possible, as if she could find a sense of security in this way.

Yu Chili was very helpless, and he was afraid that Lu Yunkui would wake up at this time, so he had to pat Liu Luoyi’s back softly, and said softly, “Hey, you are safe with me.”

Liu Luoyi seemed to feel relieved. She rubbed her head on Yu Chili’s shoulder and muttered softly, “Mother, don’t go.”

Yu Chili didn’t dare to look down at all. Liu Luoyi’s figure can be said to be very good. Although she looks thin and weak, but there is no shortage of places. Although both are women, she always feels weird.

But as soon as she grew up in a Northeast girl in a public bathhouse, how could she be afraid of this?

Can’t understand.

Lu Yunkui on the ground moved slightly, and Yu Chili knew that if he continued to spend it here, neither of them would want to run today, so they simply did nothing, and slashed Liu Luoyi’s neck with a hand knife.

Liu Luoyi couldn’t move.

Yuchi thought about his sins and sins, then took off his large outer jacket and put it on Liu Luo’s clothes, and then dragged Lu Yunkui back to the bed with great effort and put them in order.

Or, kill him now? Looking at the unsuspecting Lu Yunkui, Yu Chili moved his mind.

Suddenly, a sudden burst of pain rushed to his heart, and Yu Chili snorted and almost knocked on Lu Yunkui on the spot.

“I won’t kill, I won’t kill!” She frowned and meditated, and after a few seconds, she returned to normal.

Sure enough, Yu Chili exhaled and gave Lu Yunkui a fierce kick, then turned to help Liu Luoyi up and put it on her shoulders, but she was so dizzy that she couldn’t drag her away.

Yu Chili thought for a while, but could only bend down and hugged Liu Luoyi.

The girl’s body is soft and light, and effortless.

She strode out the door, and a group of young men gathered around in a rush of water, and Yu Chili was strong and calm: “Your son is asleep, don’t wake him up for nothing.”

The servants nodded and bowed.

Yu Chili stepped out of their sight naturally, and then ran away, ran all the way back to his yard, broke into the gate, and almost hit Xin Ran, who was pacing at the door.

As if seeing a savior, Yu Chili threw the person in his hand directly into Xin Ran’s arms, then turned to close the door, and locked it, and then sat down panting against the door.

Xin Ran looked at Yu Chili with a ignorant expression, then looked down, screamed, and almost threw Liu Luoyi out.

“You threw her, I threw you.” Yu Chili wiped the sweat from his forehead.

In her previous life, she was a good law-abiding citizen. She had killed a lot of birds and beasts. This was the first time she had beaten people. Although she seemed calm on the surface, she was panicked in her heart.

“Princess, what did you do just now? Why did you bring her back? Also, she was still dressed like this…” Xin Ran looked at Liu Luo’s messy clothes with a weird expression.

“Don’t think too much, find a house to settle her first, and change her to clean clothes. I’m going to take a rest.” Yu Chili clutched his heart, and hobbled through the luxurious inner courtyard and the corridor full of bonsai. , Went back to the room.

She fell on the bed, and when she woke up, it was sunset.

Yu Chili opened his eyes and looked at the clear blue mixed with fiery red sky outside the window and the fuzzy silhouette of the treetops. A huge sense of loss immediately surrounded her.

She came to an unfamiliar era, all alone.

However, Yu Chili’s character would never be sad for too long. She took a deep breath and sat up with a carp. Now that a lot of things have not been resolved, she has to live first before she is sad.

Yu Chili stretched his waist and strolled to the wing, Liu Luoyi was still asleep.

Yuchili had to sit down and drink tea while watching quietly the glorious sunset as molten gold was gradually concealed by the mountains. In the end, only the dim sky light came in through the window, and everything seemed to be covered. Layer gray yarn.

Only then did Liu Luoyi woke up. She looked at the fuzzy plum paper tent in front of her in a daze. The faint fragrance of sandalwood wafted from the incense burner on the incense table, making her a little dazed.

“Finally woke up.” Yu Chili yawned.

Liu Luoyi suddenly heard the voices, moved backwards abruptly, watching Yu Chili vigilantly.

Yu Chili was a little depressed about her diametrically opposite attitude. She walked over, picked up the fire fold on the side and blew it, then lit the candles one by one, and the room suddenly lit up a lot.

“I saved you once, so you repay me?”

Liu Luoyi’s eyes flashed, and she looked down at her body.

“Don’t worry, he didn’t succeed and was knocked out by me.” Yu Chili smiled.

Liu Luoyi’s eyes looking at Yu Chili were still full of defense, and after a while, she bowed her head and said thanks.

“That’s it?” Yu Chili was a little disappointed. She thought she could win over the heroine by this action. Who knew that the girl was still full of thorns.

The road is long and long.

“What else do you want, I have nothing to use, and he doesn’t really like me. I only have a fate. If you want it, come and get it.” Liu Luoyi said flatly, her lips twitched. It was ironic.

It seems that Liu Luoyi is really not a silly white sweet, but a little hedgehog covered with thorns. No wonder he will kill the female partner in anger in the end, Yu Chi said in disbelief.

It’s just that, why not kill the male lead with this kind of encouragement!

I don’t know what the original owner did to her, which made her so defensive.

“I won’t do anything to you, I will help you. Will you believe me?” Yu Chili decided to struggle again.

Liu Luoyi sat with her knees in her arms, without replying, only her eyelashes trembled slightly, and they were printed on the wall by candlelight, like black, fluffy feather wings.

Yu Chili sighed. Since she didn’t want to believe her, that’s it. After all, it was the original book who killed Yu Chili’s people, and keeping a distance is a good thing.

“I don’t force you, I ask Xin Ran to send you back.”

Liu Luoyi nodded and got out of bed slowly, but the process was a bit difficult.

The clothes she wears are from Yuchili, which is a bit longer for her, plus Yuchili’s clothes… She is very angry, and there is a circle of colorful feathers on the cuffs of her waist. Embedded with round jade beads.

Liu Luoyi bent over to find the shoes, but the cuffs and the tassels around the waist got entangled, and she almost didn’t roll off the bed straight.

Yu Chili hurriedly stepped forward to help her, scolding Xin Ran several times in his heart, it must be that girl deliberately trimming Liu Luoyi, otherwise so many clothes and skirts, so he chose such an expensive one?

Obviously Liu Luoyi also saw that this was intentional, but the pot smashed firmly on Yu Chili’s head.

She glanced at Yu Chili and did not speak.

When it was over, the misunderstanding was even greater, and Yu Chili wanted to cry without tears.

“Thanks for taking in.” Liu Luoyi saluted.

There was a girl in the yard who had hung a lantern long ago, and the lights were brightly lit. Yu Chili strode ahead and Liu Luoyi followed in shattered steps. He couldn’t find any mistakes in etiquette, but Yu Chili was inexplicably upset.

Perhaps it was Liu Luoyi’s cold, repellent attitude that made her a little unhappy.

It was the first time that Yu Chili had empathy with the male lead.

At this time, Xin Ran suddenly hurried to face him: “Princess, my uncle is here.”

Then a well-knotted hand stretched out from behind Xin Ran and forcibly pushed her aside. Lu Yunquina’s face appeared under the lantern, and at first glance it looked like a human or a ghost.

Yuchili was fine, but Liu Luoyi behind was so frightened that he took a breath of air and stopped quickly.

“Who is it during the day that hurt me?” Lu Yunkui said in a low voice.

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