The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 5: Threat

His voice is hoarse and magnetic, full of threats, especially in this atmosphere, very oppressive.

Just as Yu Chili wanted to confess, he saw Lu Yunkui passing her straightly, standing opposite Liu Luoyi, looking at her condescendingly, Liu Luoyi did not give in, and looked up at him.

Yu Chili raised her eyebrows slightly, feeling a little unhappy, just ignored her?

“You are getting more courageous. Don’t tell me about carrying a murder weapon, you dare to do it to me? Liu Luoyi, Liu Luoyi, are really the most poisonous woman’s heart. Don’t forget, your father and your brother are here. In my hand, believe it or not, I will let your brother die tonight!”

Liu Luoyi clenched her fists when she heard the words, she stared at Lu Yunkui angrily: “What do you want to do to him?”

Seeing her anxious, Lu Yunkui relaxed, and smiled: “I am a petty official, and I don’t know much about it. I just want him to experience what he has experienced again.”

Liu Luoyi’s eyes went dark, and blood surged for a while, and she almost fainted. She just stared at Lu Yunkui, her eyes cracking and she couldn’t speak.

Yu Chili looked at this and that, he was rather curious, what insidious trick Lu Yunkui used to stimulate Liu Luoyi like this?

“What are you going to do, I am up to you.” Liu Luoyi said after a period of silence.

Lu Yunkui smiled more brilliantly: “What I want, you will know if you go with me now.”

“Okay.” Liu Luoyi closed her eyes and felt bitter in her heart. This is probably her life, but Lu Yunkui held her two weaknesses in his hands, making her unable to survive or die.

At this moment, Yu Chili coughed heavily, breaking the strange atmosphere.

Lu Yunkui frowned, his expression was very impatient, but when he turned around, the spring breeze was already on his face: “Li’er, don’t be self-willed, I’m not ignoring you, it’s just that this cheap maid actually hurts people boldly in the day. , I will take a lesson.”

“Oh, in the day.” Yu Chili was not straightforward and strong, “I did it.”

“What?” Lu Yunkui’s face changed slightly.

“As a man of mine, I’m doing three tricks on the outside to provoke the grass. If it were placed in our northern region, I would have been pulled out and beaten to death with sticks. Now I only taught you a little lesson.” Wei Chili smiled. Say.

Lu Yunkui looked at her like a lunatic, for a moment he didn’t know what to say.

At this time in the past, Yu Chili should be obedient to him, and seeing her in the past two days was harder to deal with than Liu Luoyi.

This feeling of getting out of control is very bad.

“Li’er, could it be that you are wicked? You did it all?” Lu Yunkui asked as he opened his clothes, showing the wound on his body that was cut by Liu Luoyi.

“Yes.” Yu Chili admitted very happy.

Liu Luoyi on the side heard this and looked at Yu Chili in surprise, only to see that she stood there calmly, tall and not afraid.

Liu Luoyi was puzzled, why Yu Chili would help her again and again.

Lu Yunkui has always come to the city mansion very deep. Facing such a huge change of Yuchili, he quickly recovered his calm and said softly, “Li’er, you have misunderstood. I have an incomprehensible hatred with this cheap maid. Do something elusive. Besides, I have a deep affection for you, so how can I be moved by a servant?”

It’s really acting like a movie king, Yu Chi said with reluctance.

But she is not afraid of Yuchi Litian, isn’t she just thicker than anyone else, how can she admit defeat?

She stretched out a slender finger, and fiddled with her high bundled hair carelessly, and smiled: “I believe you, but this princess has never tolerated nails in her eyes. If she does nail it someday, she wants to pull it out. It’s not impossible.”

She deliberately bit out the three words “this princess” very clearly.

Unexpectedly, this life can also be mixed with power to suppress others, comfortable.

Sure enough, Lu Yunkui’s face was visibly dark with the naked eye, he slowly nodded, and suddenly reached out his hand to pull Liu Luoyi, and walked out the door without mercy.

Liu Luoyi followed numbly and almost tripped several times. She didn’t look back at Yuchili, and Yuchili did not say anything to help.

She didn’t trust her, believed in this matter, and couldn’t force it.

When the footsteps outside the door went far away, Xin Ran, who was stunned, rushed forward suddenly, hugged Yu Chili’s waist, hugged him tightly, and then wept loudly.

Yu Chili:…

“What’s the matter with you, let me go first!” Yu Chili struggled, but couldn’t get rid of it.

Grandma’s, why is a girl’s so strong?

Yu Chili gave up: “Why are you crying?”

“Princess, you are finally back. This is what the princess looked like before, galloping on a horse, arrogant and rude! Since you met your uncle, your whole person has changed, and now you have finally changed back, Xin Ran, Xin Ran Happy! Ugh…”

Yuchi is so big that he can’t use idioms well…

“But princess, when will the Northern Territory pull the man who hooked up and beat him to death?” Xin Ran raised his head and asked.

“I made it.” Yu Chili was confident.

“You just said that I changed, where did it change?” Yu Chili asked. She could just take advantage of this opportunity to make idioms and learn about the identity and background of this body.

Xin Ran released her hand and said as she wiped her tears, “Everything has changed. The princess used to have lofty ambitions. Since she was young, she has followed Wang Changyu in the military camp. She is not a man in martial arts, but now she is willing to live in this deep house for her uncle In the courtyard, my uncle explicitly forbids you to practice martial arts, let alone riding and shooting.”

“In Xin Ran’s opinion, the princess is by no means a woman willing to be raised in captivity, but an indomitable princess of the Northern Territory. It is a pity that the king’s cultivation has been in vain.”

When she said the last sentence, Xin Ran lowered her voice. She deliberately mentioned Wei Chili, but according to her princess’s temperament, she would lose her temper when she heard such words.

But now the tense is different, and her princess is holding her cheek in thought.

Yu Chili didn’t care about Xin Ran’s words at all. She was immersed in shock at her identity.

According to Xin Ran, she is more than just a princess. After some cultivation and standing upright, is it possible that she originally had the opportunity to inherit the country?

There was a burst of ecstasy in Yuchi’s centrifugation, oh my god, the female prince, can she sit on the world like the emperor in the film and television drama, dominate the world?

But immediately, the fire of ecstasy was extinguished by the cold water. In this deep house, under the control and use of Lu Yunkui everywhere, she was just a tool that could not even survive.

Xin Ran watched her princess’s expression change from excitement to sadness.

“Then me, father, how is it now?” Yu Chili asked tentatively.

“Since the princess severed the relationship with the king, the king has never asked the princess again, but occasionally sent someone to give some gold and silver, and never said a word. Princess, forgive me, the king treats you so well, you But it really hurts his heart to say that Lu Yunkui swears at him so badly.”

Xin Ran was going to give up today, and vomited quickly to Yu Chili. She held back these words for too long and never dared to say it.

“What did I say?” Yu Chili asked.

“You said that Wang raised you just to take advantage of you and obstruct your love in every possible way. He just doesn’t want you to have a good life, you want to cut off relations with him.” Xin Ran said blankly.

Yu Chili really wanted to slap himself.

It’s so stupid to be so stupid, it’s also a talent!


In the next few days, Yu Chili did not see Liu Luoyi again, nor did he see Lu Yunkui. He was just bored in his house all day, either dragging Xinran to chat, or looking for some books to read, and finally figured it out. Current situation.

She is now in the country with the national name of Yan. She is strong and strong, and she is located in the Central Plains. Her hometown, Northern Territory, is located in the north as the name suggests. It belongs to a minority group. However, because of her bravery and good warfare, she has also won the world.

And her body is indeed capable of martial arts, and it seems that martial arts is good, presumably the king of the Northern Territory cultivated her not so easy.

The Northern Territory princes did not have many heirs, and the original owner’s mother passed away very early. The Northern Territory King never took the concubine anymore, only leaving her and her sister Yu Chidie. Yu Chidie had no intention of ruling affairs at all, let alone riding and shooting.

Therefore, the original owner’s willfulness directly led to the defeat of the Northern Territory and the destruction of the country and family.

Every time Yu Chili heard these things, his liver hurts with anger.

On this day, Yu Chili flickered Xin Ran to tell her the story of the original owner when he was a child. The two were talking about the rising point. A handmaid wandered over and said, “Princess, Master has something to look for you.”

Yu Chili waved her to retreat, and Xin Ran stepped forward and asked, “Princess, do you want to change clothes?”

“No need.” Yu Chili simply tidied up the wrinkled skirt and walked out.

In these days, Lu Yunkui hadn’t come here at all. One can imagine what life the original owner had been like before, and now suddenly calling her over is not a good thing.

Lu Yunkui’s study is in a secluded corner, and you have to walk through the garden to see it.

The garden is not big, it is planted with a variety of flowers and plants, scattered with some contiguous rockery, forming a small garden landscape.

Yuchi was far away to see a person standing on the top of the rockery, stretching his arms to trim a tree.

The man almost slipped several times, trembling and looking dangerous.

Yu Chili murmured in his heart, anyone who didn’t even need a ladder would dare to climb so high. If he fell and fell on a rock, he would lose his life.

She held her breath and walked closer, looking up, the person almost stomped on the air several times, causing Yu Chili to be frightened.

“Hey, just trim the branches, why is it so slow!” Suddenly, a shout came from nowhere, and Yu Chili was startled.

At the same time, the person above his head couldn’t stand still and fell straight down. Yu Chili couldn’t think about it, and subconsciously reached out to pick it up.

What was even more helpless was that a large piece of twigs and leaves fell along with the people, all falling on Yuchili’s face, making her unable to see anything.

After that, she only felt her body sink, and she fell on her back to the ground.

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