The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 6: Temperature

Yu Chili frowned and snorted, just hitting a stone on her back, and now she felt a pain in her heart, and the person was still pressing on her, which made her unable to get up, and it was so painful that she was very uncomfortable.

That person should be a woman, soft, with an indescribable fragrance of flowers.

“Hey, don’t you get up quickly, do you want to crush me?” Yuchili said humbly.

The warm body in front of him hurriedly stumbled up, feeling a little overwhelmed, and whispered “Sorry”.

Yuchi was very depressed in his centrifugation. What kind of evil did she commit, and she could be smashed by someone watching the excitement. Is it possible that this is what a female partner should have?

The female partner has no human rights!

A pair of slender hands gently held her arm and tried to pull her up, but Yuchi Li was so painful that she didn’t have any energy, and after tossing for a long time, she still lay down as it was.

“Sorry, I’ll get you medicine.”

The voice was soft and glutinous, very nice, she must be a very gentle girl.

Yu Chili has a natural affection for gentle people. Her heart swayed for a while before she waved her hand quickly: “No need, I’ll do it myself.”

She lay on the grass for a while before she felt better, and then sat up slowly.

Only after she took a closer look, there was no one in front of her, leaving only a mess of leaves and a faint floral fragrance in the air.

“What are you running? I’m not a princess, and I won’t eat you.” Yu Chili muttered, regretful in his heart.

Such a tender girl should be a maid in the palace. Although she smashed her, Yu Chili didn’t feel angry, and even felt a little funny.

It’s much better than the cold heroine who doesn’t know anyhow.

“I have seen Madam.” A crisp voice sounded, and Yu Chili realized that there were two people here, and it was the sudden voice that made him smashed.

She felt a little upset at once, turned around to look, and saw a woman standing slim in front of her with an insincere smile.

The ancient backyard was full of beautiful women, and if that was the case, Yu Chi thought with distraction.

The woman’s eyes are dark and translucent, her eyebrows are crooked, and she looks only twenty-eight years old, pure and pleasant, but the smile on her mouth does not make her look as harmless as her looks.

Lou Yue. Such a name appeared in Yu Chili’s mind, it was the one who had seen him at the family dinner that day.

In the book, this is the villain second only to her vicious female partner, born in Fengyue place, good at calculating, very much loved by Lu Yunkui, but the final ending is not very happy.

After all, doing the right thing with the heroine basically has no good ending.

However, even though the two of them had the same illness, Yu Chili did not like her inexplicably. Perhaps it was her malice that was too obvious.

“You don’t need to be so distracted, just call my princess.” Yu Chili also said with a smile.

Lou Yue’s eyes changed slightly, but she still smiled brightly and said, “Yes, princess.”

“That’s a handmaid just now? Why did she climb so high, what if she fell down and died?” Yu Chili asked with a frown.

“Back to the princess, Lu Lang ordered me to look at her. She committed something that angered Lu Lang. If she really fell, she deserved the punishment.”

Yu Chili looked at her up and down, and sure enough, although she was scheming, the situation was still a little smaller.

Lu Lang shouted in front of her main house, isn’t it just to make her angry? It’s the usual routine.

“Oh, I see, let’s go down.” Yu Chili said lightly, with an expression of indifference.

But she didn’t care about it. Lu Yunkui, a man who died early, was at ease, and as for the twists and turns between the backyard women, she didn’t bother to bother about it.

Lou Yue hit the cotton with a fist this time. She felt bored in her heart, but she didn’t show up on her face. After saluting, she walked away angrily.

Yu Chili shook his head, and finally remembered the business, fumbled to find Lu Yunkui’s study, opened the door and walked in.

On the face, I saw Liu Luoyi kneeling on the ground, with messy hair. Yuchi shook his head in ecstasy, and looked intently.

Fortunately, the hair was a bit messy, and there were some small cuts on his face, like something accidentally scratched. Yu Chili relaxed and turned his head to look at Lu Yunkui.

“Why are you looking for me?” Yu Chili asked.

Lu Yunkui put on his gentlest smile and approached Yu Chili: “I am your husband. I came to you because I missed you.”

What about a liar? Yuchi replied.

“In the past few days, the emperor ordered to sort out the ancient books in the palace. I have never seen Li’er. It is really busy with official duties and no free time. Coupled with three years of hard work, I have been in my current official position for three years, and I need more Be cautious.” Lu Yunkui said, reaching out and removing the blade of grass from her head for Yu Chili.

Yu Chili stepped back subconsciously.

Lu Yunkui seemed to have not seen him, and then said: “Li’er, when I get promoted and get a higher salary, I will take you out of this small house, find a good place, and then pick up the two elders from my hometown. Live well.”

Yu Chili said indifferently, wondering what medicine Lu Yunkui sold in the gourd.

She turned to look at Liu Luoyi, and saw that she was lowering her head, as if she was isolated from the world, and could not hear the movement here.

“Li’er.” Lu Yunkui increased his tone slightly, with a threatening tone.

Yu Chili turned around, took a look at him, and smiled: “Well, you continue to work hard. Ollie here.”

“What do you give?” Lu Yunkui frowned.

“Nothing.” Wei Chili said casually.

Lu Yunkui seemed to be a little impatient. He reached out and grabbed Yu Chili’s arm and pulled her into his arms, his voice lowered, “I’m talking to you, you listen carefully.”

“In the past few days, you will go to the palace a few more times to make more arrangements for me. In addition, you can also borrow the name of the King of the Northern Territory. Understand?”

Finally unable to pretend, Yu Chili snorted to herself, and she shook off Lu Yunkui’s hand, tidying up the folds of her sleeves impatiently.

“I don’t have that idle time. Besides, when I married you, I almost broke off with my father. Now you let me borrow his name to do things for you. How could it be possible?”

“Or, did you marry me just for promotion?” Yu Chi turned away from the front, raised his eyes slightly, and looked directly at Lu Yunkui’s eyes.

Lu Yunkui was startled and his eyes flickered. He never thought that Yuchi Lihui would be so difficult to control. If it were in the past, she would definitely not refuse if he said a word.

Moreover, looking at Yu Chili’s eyes now, his back felt cold. Those pupils, which were originally pure and simple, turned out to be like an abyss, unable to see anything.

Lu Yunkui lowered his eyes and smiled softly: “How could it be, I marry you, naturally I want to grow old with you.”

Fuck your shit, Yu Chi said in disregard.

“I don’t have that ability, let alone you are not a rare young talent in the capital, the emperor is wise and martial, and he is aware of the details. If you are really talented, why should I go to manage?”

Lu Yunkui’s eyes changed.

Yu Chili suddenly turned around, and his tone became lighter: “So, since Lu Lang is full of economics and good academics, he won’t worry about getting promoted. I love you so much and naturally trust you.”

“You’re right?” Yu Chili asked with a smile.

Lu Yunkui clenched his fists and barely hooked his lips.

“That’s it, don’t worry.” Yu Chili stretched out his hand, fanning the wind in his ear, curled up and found a place to sit down, picked up a snack, and tasted it.

On the other side, Lu Yunkui still clenched his fists, his eyes raging.

He has a strong self-esteem, and he is the most resistant in his life. Others look down on him, and he will repay him. This can be seen from how he treated Liu Luoyi’s father.

Typical villain psychology.

Lu Yunkui looked at Yu Chili, his eyes getting more murderous. But Yuchili is a princess of a country anyway, and it is still useful to keep it, and she cannot be moved for the time being. After she has no use value, it will not be too late to settle the account.

Yu Chili was naturally aware of his killing intent, but she knew that she was safe at present, so she didn’t care at all.

To be able to make this disgusting male protagonist so angry, she really has a sense of accomplishment in her heart!

“You, go and pour tea for the princess.” Lu Yunkui said in a low voice, trying to hide his hostility.

Liu Luoyi’s body trembled, and then slowly stood up, picked up the teapot on the side, poured a tea cup of water, and gave it to Yu Chili.

Upon hearing this, Yu Chili raised his head and just noticed that Liu Luoyi’s right foot was a little lame.

The girl just now, could it be her? It’s just that she is also wearing the clothes of the next person, and she really can’t tell.

“Princess, please.” Liu Luoyi said, with a cold tone and no emotion.

Yu Chili reached out to pick it up, but Liu Luoyi skipped her hand directly, put the tea cup on the table, and poured some tea.

Yuchili immediately dismissed the idea, and curled his lips. The girl just now was so soft and sweet, she was like Liu Luoyi, cold and unkind.

“That’s how you serve the princess?” Lu Yunkui raised his eyebrows.

“Pour me another glass,” he said.

Liu Luoyi ignored him, poured another cup of tea, and handed it to Lu Yukui. Lu Yunkui suddenly grabbed the teacup with his hand and poured all the tea on Liu Luoyi’s face.

Yu Chili was taken aback, frowned and looked at Lu Yunkui.

What garbage man is this? If he didn’t dare to fight her, he went to bully Liu Luoyi who could not fight back?

Liu Luoyi subconsciously tilted her head slightly, and the water wetted her hair and clothes, and hung it on her eyelashes, like a layer of tulle, shiny.

Liu Luoyi closed her eyes bitterly, and when she turned around again, her expression was as calm as before.

Fortunately, the tea has been left for a while, it’s not as hot as it was when it was first soaked, otherwise this flowery and jade face would have to be disfigured, Yu Chili sighed.

“You are no longer the eldest lady, you are now my subordinate, what I say is nothing, you are not allowed to defy!” Lu Yunkui said word by word, full of hostility.

He is tall, standing in front of Liu Luoyi, full of coercion.

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