The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 7: Counterattack

Liu Luoyi didn’t say a word, just stood blankly.

“Pour another cup.” Lu Yunkui said.

Liu Luoyi did not wipe the water off her face. She walked to the side of the teapot, poured the water again, and walked to Lu Yunkui.

Lu Yunkui was about to take the tea cup from her hand when Liu Luoyi suddenly stepped back, raised his arm, and splashed all the water in the cup on Lu Yunkui’s face.

Lu Yunkui never expected Liu Luoyi to have such guts, he was stunned, and even forgot to wipe the tea sticks on his face.

Seeing this scene, Yu Chili, who was watching from the sidelines, almost choked on the light in his mouth.

This is the opposite of the female protagonist in the book.

Yu Chili took another sip of tea, swallowed the snack in his mouth, and then looked at Liu Luoyi. Her appearance really made her look upright.

It’s so cool, she can’t wait to jump up and shout good job!

Liu Luoyi put his hands behind him and looked directly at Lu Yunkui without retreating.

However, Yu Chili saw her hands trembling slightly behind her back.

When Lu Yunkui suffered such insults, he was still in front of his two women. He was so angry for a while that he slammed Liu Luoyi’s soft and slender neck and raised his hand to hit him.

Liu Luoyi did not hide, but closed his eyes.

Upon seeing this, Yu Chili hurriedly threw down the half-eaten snack in his hand, rushed forward at the moment of his death, and firmly held Lu Yunkui’s hand.

Liu Luoyi only felt a strong wind in his ear, but the pain he expected did not come, and there was a little familiar green grass fragrance around him.

She was a little surprised, slowly opened her eyes, and was stunned, only to see that Yu Chili did not know when to stand in front of her, holding Lu Yunkui’s wrist with one hand and lightly wrapping her waist with the other.

The hand at the waist is soft, but it seems strong.

Somehow, she felt a little hot on her cheeks.

“Wei Chili, what are you doing?” Lu Yunkui frowned. He tried to get away from her hand, but found that Yu Chili’s strength was so great that he couldn’t get away anyway.

“If you hit someone at every turn, or hit a little girl, you are not afraid to tell a joke?” Yu Chili raised his eyebrows.

Lu Yunkui tried his best to break free, but when Wei Chili let go, he staggered, tripped over the corner of the table behind him, fell onto the chair, and was very embarrassed.

When Lu Yunkui was so embarrassed, he was so angry that he stood up and furiously said: “I discipline my subordinates, you, as my insider, take care of your internal affairs!”

Yu Chili looked around innocently, and said with a smile: “My husband calms down his anger. Since he is a servant of Lu Mansion, it is naturally my own business.”

Lu Yunkui was choked, his face flushed with anger, but he didn’t know what to say.

He is such a person who must report to him. Naturally, he can’t swallow this bad breath. Yu Chili is still worthy of use. He didn’t dare to make a mistake, so he could only target Liu Luoyi.

Lu Yunkui stood up, forcibly calmed himself down, gently smoothed the folds of his clothes, and squeezed a smile: “Well, since the lady wants justice, then she is a little girl who dares to commit crimes, and she should be served with a stick. ! In accordance with our laws and regulations, if you violate the master’s servant, the master has the right to punish.”

“Come on, pull her out, twenty sticks!”

When Liu Luoyi heard the words, her heart sank fiercely. She was spoiled since she was a child, and she went down twenty sticks, fearing that her life would be lost.

Moreover, she is afraid of pain.

She clenched her hands, stubbornly holding back tears.

If she died like this, it would be fine, but it was a little painful, she would be able to bear it, Liu Luoyi thought secretly.

A few small servants came in from outside, reaching out to grab Liu Luoyi. How could Yu Chili see this, she stretched out her hand and took Liu Luoyi behind her, and said sharply: “I see who dares to touch her !”

Several young men were taken aback, standing still, neither moving nor walking, so tangled.

Liu Luoyi stared at Yu Chili’s back blankly. Her back was very slender, but also very tall and straight, which seemed safe.

She didn’t know how she suddenly had this illusion. However, why is Yu Chili helping himself again and again for what?

She couldn’t figure it out.

“Li’er, are you going to fight me today?” Lu Yunkui lowered his face gloomily.

“How can it be wrong? It’s just that you are not allowed to abuse lynching. The difference between punishment and punishment is huge. I just don’t want my husband to be affected because of this. After all, it will be a three-year training. Rumors spread to the top, but the husband is the one who suffers.”

Yu Chili said with a smile.

She felt that she was very good. She had only been in ancient times for a few days, and she learned all these twists and turns.

Although Lu Yunkui is an out-and-out villain, after all, his brain is still clever, he naturally read the threatening meaning in Yu Chili’s words, he nodded heavily, and showed a smile that has remained unchanged for thousands of years: “Okay, I am reckless. It’s better to be thoughtful.”

“Go down.” He grinned while grinning.

A group of young men rushed out of the door in a daze.

Yuchi Qili was relieved. Although it seemed that Liu Luoyi’s punishment would not affect the relationship line of the male and female protagonist, but seeing such a beautiful woman being tortured, she really couldn’t bear it.

But now, she can only do that. As for the other things, it can only be based on Liu Luoyi’s good fortune.

Although this Liu Luoyi was cold when he was awake, he was not likable at all.

She turned around and met Liu Luoyi’s gaze. Liu Luoyi hurriedly lowered her head, not going to see Yu Chili, but her heart was pounding.

It might be because of fear, she guessed.

The woman’s white and slender neck was exposed in front of Yu Chili. When she lowered her head, her eyelashes trembled slightly, very fragile and beautiful.

Yu Chili stretched out her hand, gently lifted her chin, and then wiped the tea on her face with his sleeve.

“It’s okay to hit people, but you have to pick when I’m there.” She said in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

Liu Luoyi felt that her heart was about to jump out, and Yu Chili’s breath seemed to be able to spray on her face, and the fragrance of grass that belonged to the grassland enveloped her inside.

Deep and shallow, a piece of fascinating.

But before she could reflect, Yu Chili had already withdrawn and left. She twisted her waist and rolled her eyes at him when she passed by Lu Yunkui.

Lu Yunkui almost passed away with anger.

The smell of her still remained in the air, and there was still temperature on the chin, it was warm, long-lost.

Liu Luoyi was a little lost.

Can a person make such a big change in a short time? She didn’t know and couldn’t understand.

Yu Chili strode out the door until she was far from Lu Yunkui’s study, and then took a breath. As long as she stayed next to the male lead, she would have the urge to beat others all the time.

After all, I had lived for more than 20 years in my previous life, and I had never seen such a beating person.

With this kind of person, the book can make him and the heroine live happily together? Is it true that the heroine is a masochist? ?

She walked along the garden path back to the room, listening to the crisp and sweet birdsong, the early summer light passed through the treetops, imprinting the mottled shadows of the trees, slowly climbing up the wall, and the years were peaceful.

A small white flower bloomed on the green grass, trying to face the breeze, weak and pure.

Yuchili walked lazily, and then thought about what to do next. According to the original emotional line, after the teacup incident, the male lead will shut the female lead into a small courtyard in the house, without water and food.

Then the male protagonist will wear a mask, dress up as a man in black, go over the wall in the middle of the night to take care of the sick female protagonist, and the two will slowly cultivate their relationship.

The female protagonist naturally didn’t know that this was the male lead, so she fell in love with the man in black dressed as the male lead. Finally, after the male lead fell off the horse, the female lead also had enough reasons to forgive the male lead.

She was very late, and naturally wouldn’t let this happen!

Just what to do, Yu Chili was thinking, while jumping at a two-person rockery, he jumped directly to the top of the rockery.

She almost couldn’t stand firmly, and quickly held the stone on one side, craned her neck and looked down.

Qinggong is really a good thing! If she had been this kind of fascination in her previous life, she would not fall to death under the cliff.

I don’t know if anyone will collect his body.

It was still buried under the cliff by ash, and finally merged with flowers and trees.

Yu Chili thought of her modern family and felt a little depressed. She sat down and said to a bird with colorful patterns beside her: “I feel a little homesick.”

The bird twisted its ass.

Yu Chili scratched her head, she was so shocked that she was actually talking to a bird.

Wait, poisoning? There was a flash of light in Yu Chili’s mind.

She was in ancient times, and it was not easy to want a medicine that would make people sleepy. As long as Lu Yunkui sleeps soundly every night and he has no time during the day, how can there be time to take care of the hostess?

Just do it, Yu Chili jumped down with open arms, landed steadily on the ground, and ran away.

Three days later.

It was dead at night outside, and the lights in the yards were all turned off, and the fingers could not be seen, as if ink was splashed, and there were not even a few stars.

Yu Chili got up from the bed and took the night clothes that Xin Ran had prepared.

“Princess, where are you going?” Xin Ran looked puzzled. She is now more and more incomprehensible about her princess’s temperament. She thinks that when she comes out, she never talks to her. Confused.

Yu Chili stretched out a slender finger, placed it on Zhu’s lips, and blinked at her: “Go out.”

Before Xin Ran could reply, Yu Chili turned through the window and melted into the dark night.

Don’t ask her why she doesn’t leave because she is more handsome.

Wei Chili, who thought she was very handsome, walked through the night. She gestured at the wall, and jumped to the roof in three or two steps, like a light cat.

Under the eaves, the servants who watched the night were sleeping soundly.

This is Lu Yunkui’s yard.

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