The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 8: Is it a dream

Yuchili tiptoed and jumped down, barely making a sound. The cat walked to Lu Yunkui’s door with his waist, and then stepped in.

The room was dark, and Yu Chili walked cautiously. As he walked, he took out a bundle of rope from his arms. The snoring sound was strong and weak, and it sounded like Lu Yunkui was sleeping deeply.

There was a naked woman beside him. Yu Chili didn’t even see who it was. She stepped forward with a hand knife. The woman fainted before she woke up.

Yu Chili stepped forward and patted Lu Yunkui’s face vigorously. He just mumbled a few times before turning over to sleep again.

Yu Chili covered her mouth and snickered, the medicine Xin Ran was looking for really worked.

She dragged Lu Yunkui off the bed, dragged him roughly to the foot of the bed, and then unrolled the twine to tie him firmly to the leg of the bed.

Finally, he tied a beautiful bow on his face.

Perfect, Yu Chili clapped his hands, so there is no need to worry about him waking up midway.

Under the dim light of the sky, Lu Yunkui was like a big face lying on his stomach, with his upper body naked. Yu Chili was squeezing a smile and his belly hurt. After she finally admired her “masterpiece”, she crept over again. Going out the door, in two steps to the room.

It’s like never been here.

Liu Luoyi was locked up in a small yard in the corner. The yard was originally used for piles of debris, so it was very messy, and Yu Chili frowned just as he turned over the courtyard wall.

The ground is full of miscellaneous things, and you can step on firewood and water scoops with a little movement.

Can people live in this place?

Yuchili gently avoided the “trap” on the ground, moved to the door, and looked inside. It was dark inside, and because there were no windows, he could hardly see anything.

Presumably Lu Yunkui didn’t worry that Liu Luoyi could run out, there was not even a guarding person.

Yu Chili watched for a long time, without looking at anything, she scratched her head and decided to break in boldly.

Unexpectedly, just stepping into one foot, there was a sudden gust of wind above her head. Yuchi Lizhang saw that it was a big vase. She hurriedly raised her head and backed away, hugging the vase quickly with eyes and hands.

At the same time, her thigh was kicked violently, and Yu Chili almost screamed, fearing that someone would be invited, so he resisted the pain, grinned and pushed the attacker into the house with force, and backhanded the door. close.

The world was suddenly dark.

“I’m going to kill you!” Suddenly screamed feebly, the man let go of the vase, not knowing what to do next.

Yu Chili subconsciously bent over and held her wrists. Because it was too dark to see clearly, she felt that her lips had touched something soft.

Her heartbeat stopped suddenly.

The body in the arms was warm and trembling.

But before Yu Chili could think about it, the man fell straight, and Yu Chili quickly reached out to catch it. She only felt that the woman in her arms was too soft, as if she was lifeless.

“Liu Luoyi, Liu Luoyi!” She yelled softly, no one answered.

Yuchi said in a bad voice, he hurriedly got up and fumbled, and almost tripped to the ground several times. Only then did he touch the candlestick and the fire fold in the corner and obtain the light source.

Rudou’s fire illuminates this small room anyway, and there are debris everywhere on the ground, there are discarded vases, chairs and stools, and some cloth piled in the corners. It is almost impossible to get down.

And Liu Luoyi curled up in the middle of these debris, looking very petite.

Yu Chili sighed, strode forward, and dragged her from the ground to the bed.

The so-called bed looks more like a small pile of debris with some fabric piled on it. Presumably Liu Luoyi has used them as quilts these days.

There was some uncomfortable feeling in Yuchi’s centrifugation, she reached out a hand to dig out a flat space, and then put Liu Luoyi down.

Under the light, Liu Luoyi’s face became paler, and the original ruddy lips were already bloodless, almost transparent, like a porcelain doll.

Lu Yunkui was simply a bastard, and he really didn’t give anything to others to eat, Yu Chi secretly cursed in his renunciation.

She sneaked out again, stole a bowl of porridge and some snacks from the kitchen, carried it in her arms, and brought it back all the way. When she came back, Liu Luoyi was already awake.

The two happened to look at each other. Yu Chili was holding a pile of food, scratching his head, a little embarrassed.

Liu Luoyi stared at her with misty eyes for a while, and said softly: “You are…”

Yu Chili only breathed a sigh of relief. She almost forgot, her face was covered with a black cloth, and she was afraid of being exposed, so she even wrapped a big headscarf on her head.

I don’t even know my mother.

Yu Chili coughed twice, concealed his embarrassment, closed the door and walked in.

She didn’t dare to speak, and she was sure to reveal everything when she opened her mouth.

She planed from the pile of debris, turned around, pulled out a small wooden table, put it on the bed, and brushed the dust with her sleeves.

Liu Luoyi didn’t speak, but watched her busy with sweating profusely, and then arranged the food neatly.

The scent of food penetrated her nostrils, and Liu Luoyi only felt that she was going to lose consciousness from being hungry. She couldn’t bear it when she saw something to eat.

“I’m dreaming.” Liu Luoyi’s eyelashes trembled slightly, then the corners of her lips curled up.

It was the first time that Yu Chili saw her smiling, he couldn’t help being a little dazed.

She smiled beautifully, like the morning light on the snow-capped hillside, pure, white and shining.

It’s not the same at all in normal times. Perhaps, this is what she really looks like, a pure and charming lady of the big family.

Only then did Yu Chili realize that her gaze was a little sluggish, she hurriedly lowered her head and handed her the porridge bowl.

“You have to help me get up.” Liu Luoyi said softly. She looked at Yu Chili with a pair of eyes, clear, charming, and a little bit coquettish.

Yu Chili felt that she had never been so busy in her life. She put down the porridge bowl, then gently lifted Liu Luo’s hanger, and then handed her the porridge bowl.

Liu Luoyi was really hungry. After a while, she drank a bowl of porridge cleanly. Yu Chili gave her snacks and water again, and she ate nothing left.

“I must have hallucinations, otherwise it is a dream.” Liu Luoyi said.

She smiled, tears streaming down her eyes.

“This is the best thing I have ever eaten after my father and brother were taken away by him. Thank you.”

Liu Luoyi looked at Yuchili, her eyes became timid for an instant, and the next second, she suddenly reached out and grabbed Yuchili’s hand. Her hand was cold, like a piece of jade placed outside in winter.

Liu Luoyi closed her eyes in peace. After all, this was her own dream, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

Now Yu Chili was in a panic. She sat on the head of the bed and tensed her body, not daring to move. The place where Liu Luoyi had just kicked was probably already bruised, swollen and painful.

Just facing Liu Luoyi in front of her, she couldn’t get away from her hand for a while.

Weak and boneless, fingers like onion roots, but covered with small scars.

Liu Luoyi hadn’t eaten for several days and nights, and was on guard all day. Now she suddenly relaxed and fell asleep after a while.

After she didn’t move, Yu Chili moved the already stiff muscles and bones, and tiptoed away.

The next morning, Liu Luoyi opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was the roof covered with dust and cobwebs.

She sighed and smiled bitterly. She knew it was a dream a long time ago, but the touch of her hand was so real that it made her dream.

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